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nike air max 1 prm tape

nike air max series of shoes from the advent has been for several years, but its heat is still at a high level, this series of shoes is indeed very classic in all aspects, the stability of breathable Sex and comfort continue to improve, more and more to become more perfect sports shoes. This is one of the reasons why it has gained widespread popularity because of its very good professional performance, but in addition to this, there is a very important reason that color matching is very rich.

From 2011 that a gray + green color began, nike airmax color continued to show a variety of attempts, and brought a wave of youth and colorful. Nike air max2011 that a gray + green, in a steady atmosphere of neutral ash, air cushion and logo using the shine dazzling pine green, no doubt people feel a shine, could not help but like it This design.

In 2012, the color scheme has made new breakthroughs. The designers boldly used more colors in the color design. The colors of Lake Blue + White, Blue + Orange, Gray + Purple, Bordeaux + Black, Silver + Black ... ... with the use of color matching color is similar to the color, and some are relatively color, complementary or collisions, each showing a vibrant young youth luster. The same shoes, but with a rich and colorful color, it seems that each pair is different.
Different styles of colors in the match, you need to have some differences, which requires the wearer in the wear outfit, more reference to the professional wear, and find out the most suitable match.

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 The same attention received by celebrities has always been very high. Shawn feet nike running shoes were concerned about many boys. Shawn Yue attend occasional occasions will wear Nike running shoes, so concerned about Shawn Levin information also began to wear Yu Wen Le Nike running shoes. And sought after TV series or movie is not the same, everyone chasing Shawn feet nike running shoes is not necessarily idol force, more often because of Nike's own strength.

If you do not have enough strength, the same star will not be such a high sought after. Or that if the shoe is not enough visibility and fashion, brand influence is not enough, the star may not wear such shoes. Shawn Yue foot nike running shoes to use more mesh design to enhance the permeability of shoes. Shoes look more slender, with a full sense of movement. Most shoes have blue upper part of the upper element, which is also the element of Shawn very much.

Shawn nike running shoes there are many colors to choose from. Among them, the gray section is a very good section with Shawn's sales. The overall use of gray and dark brown as the main color of the shoes, soles and check the white part of the design, the only blue is the shoelace. Shawn nike running shoes because of this blue elements so that shoes have a youthful and lively feeling, is the school boys choose Shawn with the same paragraph when the particular favorite elements.

The same price with the star is not necessarily particularly high, such as the price of this running shoes in five or six hundred or so. For people who often buy Nike shoes, Shawn nike running shoes will not give people much economic burden. In the name of the selection of Shawn shoes library with the same paragraph can also see a lot of other special fashion Nike running shoes.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

nike air force 1 asteroid

In China, and even around the world, almost every young person has a pair or desire to have a pair of Nike Star One shoes, which is the global influence of the culture of shoes, young influx of people's essential sports equipment, but also a street shoes Cultural display. nike air force 1 The asteroid is one of the most popular color palettes on the Nike Star One. We need to know more about the Nike Air Force I asteroid.

In fact, the Nike Star One can be divided into grades based on the grade can be divided into three different grades, of which SUPERME belongs to the Nike Air Force series of the most high-end products, the upper with full leather, and insoles and sneakers are high-quality high-end Made of full leather, so the foot is very comfortable, breathable performance is the best, wearing a natural longer life than the other two grades. Exquisite workmanship, the price of more than 1,000 yuan. The second grade is PREMIUM, most of the shoes made of high quality leather, shoes forefoot using AIR technology. The nike Air Force One asteroid belongs to the third grade, that is, we say the ordinary level, nike Air Force One asteroid targeted at ordinary consumers, these consumers buy Nike Air Force One asteroid is very important reason Is the trend of its style color, almost every year there will be a large number of innovative color design solutions listed, making the paragraph shoes become a model of fashion shoes.

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Currently the most popular color for the nike air force 1 asteroid, mint green color is very fresh and natural, and low to help the classic asteroid red and black classic also been touted by many influx of people. These two colors are the most fashionable shoes color today, coupled with that paragraph shoes has always been wear-resistant comfort, buy the series of the color, which means that both to enjoy the comfort of sports, but also to experience the fashion trend of style.

What is the meaning of nike gs? Nike shoes on the market must have seen GS, QS such a sign. Since we have seen this sign, of course, we all hope that we will be familiar with the meaning represented by these signs. There are also consumers think that when buying shoes, even if you do not know what is the meaning of nike gs can find the right shoes. However, for those who love Nike shoes in particular, but also want to be familiar with a lot of Nike information.

So in the end what does gs mean? It is not a series of Nike shoes? What is the meaning of nike gs? In fact it is not a series of Nike, in fact, GS spelling is Girl Style, so this is the representative The meaning of the female models. If you see the GS mark behind Nike shoes, this shows that this is a ladies' shoes. One such analogy is that WMNs are usually added to the front of Nike running shoes.

Nike qs What does it mean? According to the meaning of GS to understand QS surely will not work. QS represents the meaning is actually quick strike, Chinese translation is very popular style. This is also to say Nike shoes distribution in a way. QS is generally said that the limited sale. However, compared with NRG and TZ QS release number is relatively high. nike qs What does this mean? Compared with the latter, QS can also be said that the meaning of the limited number of sale.

Shoes that are actually sold under numbering limits will certainly be anticipated in advance, but QS does not have a specific expectation, and seldom has a public release date of sale behavior. nike qs What does this mean? It can be said that it is a form of surprise sale. QS shoes for sale at major Nike designated stores will usually be sold.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

nike lunar hyperquickness

Nike every time a new paragraph, followed by the evaluation of the shoes. nike lunar hyperquickness is no exception. Online search on the evaluation of this shoe is indeed quite a lot. But in the end how the comfort of shoes? How durable the shoes? These problems still have to be resolved by the nike lunar hyperquickness evaluation. First of all, from a technical point of view this shoe, it uses HYPERFUSE vamp design, such an increase of breathability and fit with both feet.

When it comes to the most inviting place for shoes, you have to talk about its LUNARLON midsole design. The best advantage of a shoe so designed is that it provides a better supportive effect. nike lunar hyperquickness can achieve a very light support effect, but also did not forget the thin cushioning effect. When the cushioning and frivolity together already illustrates the success of this shoe. So, it can become a professional athlete ideal shoes.
Of course, the boot part of the design must be praised. nike lunar hyperquickness evaluation information can be seen, in fact, this is the use of the shoes of the sandwich design, this design is like a pair of socks wrapped in the same foot, this design can naturally allow athletes on the pitch free run. Judging from the nike lunar hyperquickness point of view these shoes do not have other praised the details of it?
Of course, PHYLITE midsole is also an advantage, for example. In addition to the heel and forefoot part also joined the Nike high-end shoes will be used in the groove design. Feet placed in such a groove, no matter how the movement can be very free and stable. In short, nike lunar hyperquickness2014 can be said to pay attention to all the details of the shoe production.

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How to feel on the foot? Do not think Nike shoes can only be sports shoes, but do not think that Nike shoes can only runway, basketball court, football field to show its style. If you think Nike's style can only be demonstrated in these places, it must explain that we do not know enough about Nike shoes. No matter which series, no matter what kind of style, whether it is nike roshe run on the foot or any other series of feet can have a variety of different styles.

Roshe run is not only a style, no matter which style, it is to tell people the fashion sense brought by Nike, Nike even can be said that this is the legend created. Look at the big red nike rosherun Feeling. Bid farewell to the traditional sports pants with shoes, with a pair of pants and these shoes with. Choose a navy blue pants, plus a flower shirt, with a pair of roshe run. It is such a simple mix but let nike rosherun feet have a real sense of fashion.
Nike roshe run With the shape is indeed endless possibilities. I believe we all have a soft spot for the western cowboy dress. The girls even fantasize about the guy who can dress up that way. The roshe run tells you that the western cowboy with no need to wear shoes, do not need to wear leather pants. Casual denim shirt with jeans, and then with a pair of such shoes, naturally very effective.

Nike roshe run with jeans must choose to receive foot pants. And then with a hat, if the back of a school bag, this wandering chase feeling will be displayed. Of course, in the real match with these shoes, but also must take into account the specific color of the shoes.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Air Jordan 2012 Lite

Air Jordan shoes to many basketball fans classic memories, especially in different generations of Jordan shoes give people a different impression, including Air Jordan 2012 Lite AIR JORDAN2011 in the original basis, but also added a unique The advantages. AJ 2012 Lite is dominated by well-known designer Tinker Hatfield, whose design inspiration continues the style of Jordan Brand, combining high-quality materials and innovative technology that is one of the best performing Jordan boots. Below, Xiaobian will interpret the AJ 2012 Lite boots from the aspects of color, detail, technology application and highlights.
First, the color interpretation of the rich color

AJ2012 Lite introduced a variety of colors, and uses the collision color fashion design elements, with black gold, black and green, dark gray, black and red, black and blue, light gray and other colors, simple and generous, very handsome.

(Note: Air Jordan 2012 Lite X white color version)

Most notably, AJ2012 Lite is also inspired by the US team, introducing a color scheme that matches the color of your superheroes. One Air Jordan 2012 Lite X blue / red / yellow color version is reminiscent of Superman Superman, but some people think that is Spider-Man Spider-Man. And let everyone agree that Hulk Hulk is Air Jordan 2012 Lite X green / purple color version.
In addition to the Hulk, Superman, Batman super hero three colors, there are many people like Flash version of the color, that is Air Jordan 2012 Lite X red / yellow / white color version.
Second, the details of the interpretation of the upper

AJ2012 upper leather with a carved carved leather effect, and Air Jordan 2012 Lite is directly printed on the pu pattern of the upper surface of the pu net, looks more simple and generous.
Third, the details of the shoes pumping pumping, collar

Air Jordan 2012 Lite collar is asymmetrical design, this design concept combines the protection of high-top shoes and low-sneakers for flexibility.
Fourth, the details of the toe

The AJ 2012 Lite boots shown above have the words "JUMPTOWN" printed on the toe. Not only this color, other AJ 2012 Lite shoes are also printed with this type of message. This and designer Tinker Hatfield experience all contact.
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Tinker Hatfield, an architect who joined the PORTLAND local JUMPTOWN redevelopment project, delved into the area of ​​jazz popular between the 1920s and the 1960s, influenced by the daring and creative local style. So in this AIR JORDAN 2012 shoes reference design was popular Zoot Suit, Wingtips.
Fifth, the details of interpretation in the end

As shown in the picture Air Jordan 2012 Lite X white, AJ 2012 lite use "FLY OVER" midsole, which is configured by the forefoot and heel NIKE ZOOM unit and compressible AIR cushion formed. The subversion of the two have produced a rapid response and impact protection, all-round response to the player's different skills and tactics.
In addition, the "Flight Carbon" stiffener, made of glass and carbon fiber, on the midsole, naturally fits over the foot and provides superior support.
Six, the details of the interpretation of low to help boot design
Although there is no interchangeable shoe cover system, low-profile booties allow players to move more quickly on the floor, providing greater freedom for the ankle area. In addition, the tongue and the traditional boots connected, still able to provide better sense of parcel.
Seven, the details of the interpretation of the soles

Like the AJ2012, the Air Jordan 2012 Lite's sole design is a multi-directional pattern that combines XDR abrasion resistance with good grip and abrasion resistance. In addition, the soles of the pit stretch to the inside of the forefoot, in this way to help players play movement conversion.
Eight, Applied Science and Technology interpretation of the fly line technology

One outstanding performance of the AJ2012 was the introduction of Fly Technology for the first time in the AJ Series, while the AJ 2012 Lite basketball shoe including the Air Jordan 2012 Lite X Blackstone further strengthens the technology. It is different from the original inner fly line plus outer leather upper structure, but the most simple one-piece fly-line shoe body design. Such a change, not only can still provide good locking function for both feet, and will once again reduce the weight of the shoes.
Nine, applied science and technology interpretation of the cushion
The AJ2012 Lite features a full-blown Air-Sole, which provides good support and cushioning for the shoe.
Ten, highlight the light weight of interpretation
AJ2012 Lite Jordan Brand is the lightest basketball shoes style, in the development of design process, incorporating a variety of shoes technology, to achieve a lightweight effect. For example, a piece of upper with Fuse and Flywire technology to reinforce the use of lighter in the bottom of the "FLY OVER."
In short, Air Jordan 2012 Lite is not only lightweight, but also rich and varied colors, it is worth starting. At present, the official price of the series of shoes is 1399 yuan, interested friends may wish to visit Oh!

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nike zoom hyperdisrupter

Nike Hyperfuse series of family constantly exaggerated, nike zoom hyperdisrupter is one of the members, the following we look specifically on this double actual weapon evaluation report.
nike zoom hyperdisrupter upper use of the whole Hyperfuse technology, forefoot and palm of the hollow can see Zoom Air, the end is used TPU material, some shoes may be used imitation carbon fiber lines, but wear in general, a little Is very light and very soft

Appearance score: 8 points - Nike shoes fusion of many shoes selling elements, sharp shape and lines seem neat.
Texture score: 9 points - the upper metal color with bright red, very good texture, very metallic luster, very sigh!

Weight score: 10 points - nike zoom hyperdisrupter belongs to the HF series, FUSE uppers thin and breathable Needless to say, also used the upper + shoe body design, shoe body is the boots, boots is shoes Body, the material will be compressed, but also to the point where the weight of the unparalleled. The weight can be finished with the configuration of the high-top shoes, and even have reached the level of running shoes. But the fish and bear's paw can not have both, which also led to the inside of the shoe is too thin with the toe a little tight, so it will be particularly difficult to wear a large toe, so it is recommended to buy a little bigger.

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Cushioning: 8 points - in order to reduce the weight, although the use of ZOOM before and after the configuration, but ZOOM foot feeling certainly less than HD 2011 as big and thick ZOOM, forefoot ZOOM is also relatively thin. But it should be enough, after all, can do this weight of shoes, only the former ZOOM has been good
Package: 8.5 points - wrapped very tightly, unfortunately the front end of the more foot, take time to adapt, play a few more comfortable.

Breathable: 9 points - inverted U-shaped heel support tube, not only can be a good lock heel, but also effective compression of the weight, the reaction quickly.
nike zoom hyperdisrupter is definitely a pair of real combat and wearing quite well, not too much can be pricked good shoes, we can feel it.

Nike's "WHAT THE" series has been known for the bold characteristics of shoes, and today we take a look at the series of one of James what the lbj.

First of all, let's take a look at the source of the "WHAT THE" series. In 2007, Knight was responsible for the design of Nike SB "What The Dunk" by Nike Arizumi, a designer of Nike skateboarding. This is the first pair of Nike will be a variety of iconic color mix and match shoes. It tries to associate the designer's crazy ideas with his design methods with pop art.

And what the lbj will show how the chapter? After 11 years, LeBron's signature shoes is the integration of innovation and inspiration. James's career won two league championships, four regular season MVP, two gold medals, these achievements as in his signature shoes in the same innovation as the subversion of the entire industry, extraordinary excellence. Every year LeBron will make every effort to write a heavy color for their own chapter, as he signed the innovative elements of shoes as subversive, and extraordinary extraordinary. From LEBRON VII's tongue to LEBRON V's Akron map, what the lbj mixes his previous signature shoes with eight design elements and 20 before the boots pattern and color, symbolizing each of his milestones.

So that friends say this pair of shoes what the lbj as "what are" LeBron boots, in fact, not too. At least in the elements of the show is the integration of James's many representative symbols, is definitely worthy of one of the fans worth of collection. Read the above description If you want to buy James boots, then welcome to look at the shoe library to see Oh, you can enter the input you want the shoes you want slightly, cost-effective value Oh!

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Air Jordan 18 Shoes

Jordan fans are everyone's favorite, the same boots as everyone's favorable. Today to follow Xiaobian together to review Jordan 18 generation basketball shoes to Jordan 22 generation basketball shoes, which is your favorite?

Jordan 18 generation in 2003, the last pair of gallop game design boots from beginning to end are personally involved in Jordan, Jordan 18 to our interpretation of a 40-year-old man's mature and wise. Hidden lace system, making the upper feel of the overall feel is very good, the top of the tongue and the upper surface of the skin with a strong magnet connected to ensure the integrity of the shoe body, but also to hide the lace up, design Quite innovative. Tongue and feet both sides are designed with metal mesh material, providing a good support and ventilation. Shoes have thicker design and Lycra fabric applications to bring more comfort. Technology: full control of the Zoom Air cushion with the palm of the hand after the independent Zoom Air cushion unit, light Phylon in the end, the whole palm of the TPU tray and the new C * crab technology to make the 18 generation performance to the Jordan series peak. Very memorable!

Jordan 19 generation from Africa's most poisonous snake black Mamba who learned the design concept, snake-based, filled with the spirit of the snake spirit, this pair of shoes is the most unconventional design, shoes surface imitation snakeskin weaving shoe cover, plastic weaving The design of the material borrowed from the design of the snakeskin, in the movement and will not produce more wrinkles and affect the foot feeling. And many people feel that Jordan 19 has a positive feeling of the car!

Jordan 20 generation exudes rich retro style, simple and some fashion, the whole shoe is heavy, but smooth. Sauce style (SAMPLE) is the most eye-catching place, with a laser pattern of the upper, a closer look is not difficult to find almost all of the previous series of Jordan shoes, including Jordan 45, and even four generations of Jordan on the classic Ferrari The type of logo is scanned with a laser on the shoe. Jordan 20 is really very creative!

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Jordan 22 and the general shoes is different, it gives a desire to break the impulse. AJ22 using the improved I.P.S cushioning system, the front palm of the air bag is more shocked. After the palm is still replaceable zoom air cushion and sole. Double zoom air cushion is more soft, and sole is more emphasis on flexibility!
Found that each of Jordan boots are very their own characteristics. Although the trapeze has been down the ball, but his legendary boots continue!

 Although the Jordan series of shoes are numerous, and each has its own characteristics, it can be said that each can become a legend. Air Jordan which one of the best feet to make their feet become different? So when it belongs to aj5 burst crack.

        With the development of the times, people are more and more widely used in fashion standards, Jordan shoes designers are racking their brains to launch the most representative of the era of shoes, in the popular trend of burst fashion trend, then Yu aj5 burst in a world when you can get fans, fans love. aj5 full burst is the biggest feature of the upper full of burst cracks, which is the most unique place of this shoe, burst style design is very cool wind, to bring the wearer different fashion style, is also very In line with the aesthetic needs of modern young people, it can be said to join the elements of the crack to make ordinary basketball shoes so cool, such a shoe is not red is unreasonable.

          Jordan 5 generation with a lightweight design, so aj5 burst also has such a feature, so let the players enjoy the shoe with a light experience, light battle, the performance of the game without pressure feeling, let you in basketball In the game, with impressive charm. aj5 full burst body is a one-piece design, so the need for very fine workmanship, and in the tongue and shoes lining with high-quality leather material, providing a good sense of wearing. aj5 burst there is a bright spot in the heel of the LOGO is also the use of one molding design, so the whole section of the shoes not only has a strange color design and details of the highlights, making aj5 full burst seems low-key but without losing the texture.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Nike Kobe 8 Mambacurial

Bryant is a well-known basketball star, sought after by the enthusiasm of the fans, the series of boots also attracted a lot of consumers. KOBE 8 System as Kobe Bryant's eighth generation signature boots, made a very good market response to the black Mamba as the theme of the shoes, launched a variety of snakes color, this article Xiaobian Kobe Bryant on the color of the Topic25 best Section to tell you doubled, interested friends blessed it!
1. Nike Kobe 8 "Mambacurial / Assassin"

From the design inspiration of football shoes, bright purple color with green transparent outsole, very sour, Taiwan well-known artist black Chen Jianzhou also through the foot!
2. Nike Kobe 8 "Christmas"

Christmas color is inspired by rhinoceros, which is a very colorful snake, back pattern for the complex blue, black, purple, red, yellow, both sides of the body is green and gray, to meet the theme of Christmas , NIKE designers in particular chose the red and yellow as the main colors, this pair of shoes, the overall feeling of playing the effect of Christmas wreath, but also bring out the tongue belongs to Kobe's exclusive logo. Kobe Bryant 8 evaluation believe that this section of the color is very high score!
3. Nike Kobe 8 "Area 72"

All-Star color, the color is very hot!
4. Nike Kobe 8 "Easter / Easter"

Color inspired by the Western traditional culture Easter eggs, shoes with bright glass, yellow and purple tricolor python pattern color as the main axis, the snake "Smart, mysterious" portrayed vivid, with eye-catching black ink in the end more Showing an incredible perfect visual feast. Followed by the yellow KOBE signature particularly eye-catching and domineering, a symbol of Bryant shine the audience absolutely no mercy attack capability. Kobe Bryant 8 evaluation, I believe this section also received a lot of color fans!
5. Nike Kobe 8 "BHM"

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6. Nike Kobe 8 "Fire Works"

Dazzling spark color, very cool and eye-catching, the king breath, from the beginning of the first filled with!
7. Nike Kobe 8 Black / Yellow

Black and yellow with, showing a different effect. Yellow is like painting in the appropriate place to appear, fashion yet handsome!
8. Nike Kobe 8 "Milk Snake"

Shoe body with black serpentine color-based color, at the same time with the splash of milk decorative vamps, and the shoe body SWOOSH and the background color shine, while eye-catching red lace and tongue above also with the gold Kobe personal LOGO, so that shoes are more luxurious doubled!
9. Nike Kobe 8 "Pit Viper"

The body is made of purple, with light blue lined, Swoosh and Kobe Logo. Patchwork of the pattern so that the entire uugs showing a giant python pattern, the whole pair of shoes quite a little purple python feeling.
10. NIKE Kobe 8 "Year of the Snake" Red Suede

To the mysterious "Zijin dynasty" as the inspiration, dazzling red shoes symbol of Kobe Bryant merciless destructive power, as dangerous as the red meaning of the signal, with the shoe body serpentine structure, a more perfect interpretation of the image of Kobe black Mamba!
The above is Topic10 Kobe Bryant 8 color, is not it cool? Concerned about more styles, and your unexpected surprise Oh!