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nike zoom hyperrev 2016

nike Zoom HyperRev 2016 EP heel and forefoot carrying Nike Zoom Air cushion, to create a lightweight rebound cushioning system. Full palm mesh boots combined with a two into the taper design, plastic on the natural free movement experience. Hyperfuse structure to create an integrated outer layer, effectively covering the foot, while providing light support. HAGR (high wear-resistant rubber) outsole in the outdoor stadium can achieve excellent wear resistance. Phylon in the end of plastic on the basis of light and stable experience. This pair of shoes is also the Nike Zoom series of the trend of the stars, the following Xiaobian to give you a nike zoom hyperrev 2016 evaluation, to help you better understand this shoe.
Nike Zoom HyperRev 2016 EP low to help the body of the body to extend the high to help the hosier design, a large area around the strap with a fixed body, followed by ankle TPU stable device, and Phylon and Zoom Air with, and both are shoes Highlights the highlights.

2. grip
From the construction of this shoe soles can be seen, before and after the foot of a large area of ​​contact with the ground, a very high sense of stability, each step are firmly on the ground, you can rest assured that any force action. So the grip performance is very good.

3. Wear resistance
If it is rubber inside the field, then almost no wear, but if you want to go to the cement, then wear will be relatively poor, the general soles are not too wearable in the concrete floor.
4. wrapping
Dynamic flying line package is also very good, heel on the TPU stent can be a good lock foot is not easy to slide, and the feeling is not blunt.
5. cushioning
After the palm visible oval ZOOM, forefoot built-in ZOOM configuration so that shoes full of resilience. Nike Zoom HyperRev 2016 EP ZOOM cushion as a cushion, in the process of wearing, every step of the touch of the ground are very real, before and after the palm of the ZOOM cushion response are more agile. In the bottom part of the only thing to say is regret in the palm of the hand is not part of the use of TPU or particularly hard material to provide the inner support of shoes, just ordinary rubber material.

6. Supportive
Followed by PHO material production, adequate use of materials is very thick. Followed by a large area of ​​TPU patch which is a big highlight of this pair of shoes it, so many TPU patch brought about by the support effect is very praise.

7. breathability
In the boots outside the hollow design of the TPU patch as a heel support, the upper with a large area of ​​lightweight mesh design, a good continuation of the previous generation of light, breathability is also very good. The inside of the toe also distributed some ventilation holes.

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Read the nike zoom hyperrev 2016 evaluation, know that this shoe has a light, low to help, super package, before and after the separation of ZOOM air cushion performance, these configurations meet the actual combat shoes need all the requirements. Hurry to start a pair of nike zoom hyperrev 2016, and then go to the stadium feel some of it

In 1987 by the Tinker Hatfield design launched Air Max 1 opened a new chapter running shoes, it is the first pair of loaded MAX AIR air cushion sports shoes.
MAX AIR air cushion is improved by the AIR SOLE, with multiple intervals, multiple pressure characteristics, cushioning capacity than AIR SOLE improved a lot. Based on the strong stability, comfort, protection, Air Max Nike has become a sought after classic series, its visibility of the air cushion design (Visible Air) molded the Nike brand 25 years of legendary status.

▲ Nike Air Max 1
Over the past 29 years, Air Max has sold 23 versions, nearly 9800 pairs of slow shock running shoes, each one is Mark Parker as has been out, hard to love. Air Max trend of the design, novel technology, so many young people fascinated, as "from the stars of your" Puhai town of Airbus is Air Max's hardcore powder.

▲ Nike Air Max 90 (red)
The screen image of his handsome private fact, has been a soft spot for the shoes, Park town is located in Seoul apartment collection of nearly a thousand pairs of shoes, collections like Nike's warehouse. But the blood collector seems not satisfied, "I do not think the number of shoes represents my total collection," Park Hai said, "If I have all the shoes I want, I will think my collection is complete of."
Since the launch in 1987, the fashion circle on the blowing of a long while the Air Max trend. And this boys and girls are suitable for shoes, in the end what magic? Can people so fascinated by the street to shoot people to tell you.

▲ Nike Air Max retro treasure blue

▲ Nike Air Max temperament powder

▲ Nike Air Max light gray

▲ Nike Air Max leather black

▲ Nike Air Max black + red

▲ Nike Air Max 90 (orange)
▲ Nike Air Max black
From these highly tidal range of street shooting, you can see the popularity of Air Max, in order to meet the majority of Air powder, in addition to the above street shooting, small library home there are many star models, such as this:

▲ Nike Air Max dark gray

▲ Nike Air Max spots

▲ Nike Air Max plain white

▲ Nike Air Max gray orange

▲ Nike Air Max Black Orange

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nike air jordan l style one

For those who like basketball, to have a pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes, such as their dreams. Exquisite little bit of flawless design, high price, never a discount, never compromise, this is Air Jordan left us the impression. Today to introduce the actual combat full of Nike shoes and other models of Jordan shoes.

L'StyleOne's design inspiration from the motorcycle movement on the extreme respiration of aerodynamics, which set high-tech and trendy fashion in one, become the Jordan brand most proud of the revolutionary innovation. the back of the men's basketball shoes with a window-type air cushion, to provide the greatest cushioning, can reduce the impact of the feet when landing, greatly improving the sport comfort. Velcro protection is very good, simple and convenient. Sole bending non-slip groove, increase grip, anti-skid and wear. Side for AJ1 dark lines flying wing LOGO low-key luxury for more occasions to wear!

Sports shoes from the classic models of design elements, combined with innovative technology, to create a perfect blend of retro college style and modern fashion charm of high quality mixed shoes. The toe reinforcement design is designed to pay tribute to AJXX, both sides of the molding details to create a neat appearance.

And then introduced in the United States is also very popular, this mixed shoes is the Air Jordan series of a special darling, from the beginning to see the nondescript to understand its special meaning after the attitude change. Since Air Jordan 00 to create a different generation of Air Jordan some of the commemorative details assembled together to form a pair of shoes, Nike seems to Air Jordan shoes and found a new road of development, this pair of Air Jordan Spizike is in this case Under the birth of the product. And Air Jordan Spizike compared to its appearance on the gap is small, but some GS will reduce the number of air cushion unit. Therefore, the two are not much difference between the basic, is the difference in size. There are differences in color.

Nike Roshe One sports shoes design inspiration from the Zen concept, simple and clear, the series of shoes do not add decoration, with simple design, through the details of the shoes into life. Next Xiaobian share Nike Roshe One some outstanding color series shoes.
Nike roshe run tiffany

Nike Roshe Run spring color "tiffany", fabric upper light breathable, color is the choice of mint green way, and finally with the white Roshe outsole. Although there is no special color of the Department, but the simple shape and color suitable for daily use.
Nike roshe run yeezy

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nike roshe run yeezy full texture of the knitted material, signs of the splicing of the toe design, or similar to the ropes of the rope, to attract the eye of the red coconut, it seems to give a fresh feeling, I believe in the run away to bring The maximum breathable, so cool and cool.
Nike rosherun palmtrees

With a romantic style of tropical color shoes is nike rosherun palmtrees, shoes with a very beach style palm trees for the design ideas, the designer with a white upper as the base, and then the black palm tree covered in the shoe body On, concise and very trendy atmosphere.
Nike rosherun pr m3m reflex

nike rosherun pr m3m carrying stylish shapes and top features vividly made, excellent material and powerful technology for your feet to bring unexpected comfort and fit, nike rosherun pr m3m reflex in the Nike hook and shoelaces presented , Running at night not only improve safety performance, but also with a sense of the night running a touch of cool figure.
Nike rosherun kjcrd

Nike rosherun kjcrd color go classic style to possession of blue color as the representative of the use of bonding mesh uppers, comfortable and breathable, durable wear Whether wearing socks or not, whether simple or gorgeous clothing, this all-round shoes can help you easily cope with walking needs.
Nike roshe natural motion qs

Roshe Run Natural Motion series. Compared with the previous version and other version of the type, such as roshe run mid, Natural Motion equipped with Nike Free technology as a prototype of the lightweight outsole, but also equipped with improved lace system and more integrated shape of the streamlined shoe body , Is bound to continue to create the ideal wearing and collocation experience.
Nike rosherun slip on gpx

nike rosherun slip on gpx color relative to the Nike nike rosherun other colors, not very conspicuous, but with excellent support and cushioning characteristics, nike rosherun slip on gpx feet comfortable, running artifacts, like nike rosherun series Running shoes, this one is a suitable choice.

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nike zoom hawk flight

Over the years, many fashion elements are gradually appear in the public's attention, as the majority of women sought after elements. Ma hair, that's it. May be a lot of people will feel incredible, but, in fact, Ma hair has become a fashion element, it has been the majority of women's favorite. nike zoom hawk flight is such an example. nikezoom skyposite shoes exquisite fashion workmanship, wonderful and colorful style, high-end and personalized unique design ideas, it is to give people a lot of surprises, you can wear in life and exercise, its obvious advantages, men are female models are fashion representative.

Nike zoom crusader Easter design style simple and generous, soft and elegant horse hair, integrated in the sports sandals, more able to show the tenderness of women. take a unique material, the soles are used pine resin composition, which undoubtedly increased the wear resistance of the shoes. Moreover, this nikezoom skyposite shoes can be used with the type of clothing is more, whether it is British wind, or simple wind, can be very perfect control. Of course, wearing a comfortable and wonderful design with, which in itself is the Nike brand advantage, consumers do not have to worry about.

After the palm zoom xdr color classification is relatively small, but it will not give a monotonous feeling. In this way, its consumer groups to meet the various classes and women of all ages. Which is one of the listed on the majority of women sought after one of the important reasons. the style of sports shoes is unique, and fashion has also been recognized by the vast number of consumers, you can from the international fashion industry to a higher level of sports and leisure, which is the most representative Sex Nike works, the feeling of being fashionable, indeed became the reason people sought after.

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With the improvement of people's living standards, people are constantly pursuing the quality of life, more and more people to pursue running training, while falling in love with running, talking about running had to mention a very sporty nike air max baller shoes. Like running running friends are unfamiliar to Nike running shoes, and many consumers are the ultimate fans of Nike running shoes, not only love the collection of Nike running shoes, but also always concerned about the latest developments in Nike running shoes. the Nike shoes from the toe, shoelaces and insoles are running through the 20 this figure, only to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nike air cushioning research and development. This shoe is a high-pressure thin air cushion, can play a very good shock absorption, very suitable for summer wear, because the permeability is also very good.

is designed for running on the cement road running shoes, the design concept of advanced shock technology, to the movement of the ankle to play the role of shock protection, this shoe for long-term like running on the cement road running Friends choose. the appearance of the CB34 and Uptempo is the style of shoes, so have to get rid of the 90's style, the design of the shoe level and the design is the most popular at the time, this shoe is also followed the times The change and advancing with the times.

It is also very popular models, especially for those who love basketball, this shoe in the movement to give people a sense of light and comfortable, but also very suitable for wearing in the summer.... In addition to the appearance of good-looking, its wear resistance is very good, suitable for long-term like sports consumers, this shoe quality and reputation are very trustworthy. the running shoes are very soft, whether it is sports or usually wearing a very wild.

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nike kd8 elite paly

Nike Durant shoes every time the launch and upgrade are extremely affected by the fans and fans of concern, but also will occupy the headlines Sneaker shoes. nike kd8 elite is a new creative shoes to ultra-high to help the shoes and socks coming out, regardless of the visual or basketball shoes design, are really quite attractive eye. For such a very creative shoes, we are still very curious.
In the case of
The first point: protection
nike Durant 8 Elite Upper Material Kevlar Fiber Flywire Technology, with excellent lateral support on both sides of the forefoot, combined with the heel stability and the wings support the heel TPU stabilization system, the kd8 elite's safety factor Done enough to protect. Boots and compression socks, can be seen as its protective value-added. Can be described as a Flywire and TPU support wing, kd8 elite full of safety.
In the case of
The second point: cushioning
Nike kd8 elite uses the full palm of the visual Zoom Air technology, its design more sense of science and technology, imitation human mechanics soles cutting design is to ensure the flexibility of the cushioning system. This design makes it in the balance of the stability of shoes, cushioning, as well as to improve the brightness and flexibility of Zoom Air itself has a lot of innovation. Can be described as cushioning comfort, and quick response.
In the case of
The third point: comfort
Nike durant 8 elite shoes collar regardless of visual effects or functionality are the same and socks, regardless of your ankle thickness, play to wear socks. In actual combat, compressed socks have been close to the calf, and the traditional upper brought the oppression of different, it is more soft.
In the case of
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The fourth point: reactivity
Nike kd8 elite full palm visible Zoom Air not only paste, but also make the end more flexible. Its reactivity as a pair of defender shoes, which is the signature characteristics of Durant signature boots. In terms of responsiveness kd8 elite is very good, it is not only sensitive, and the forefoot is very wide in actual performance exceptionally sound.
In the case of
Many people first look at Nike kd8elite when it will be high to help boots, in fact, not, that high design is just compressed socks. So it is not only adequate package, and will not affect the ankle sensitive, but will make you feel shoes and feet and even legs into one. Nike kd8elite whether it is playing inside or field, have a very good performance, are people completely assured to the actual combat shoes.

Nike Wall Huashi is one of the classic series of Nike, Nike Air Huarache design to comfortable, flexible, fit and easy to wear for the sake of shoes weight Light, can make feet feel "embrace" the general sense of softness; Arthur gel v general refers to the shoes, is the appearance of Arthur's retro style shoes. Was born in 1991 Gel Lyte v has been well-known sports brand ASICS its most popular one of the shoes, but also the brand in recent years, the main signature shoes, said the foot is tampered like feeling. At the same time, Asics Gel Lyte v is known for its unique split tongue, and so far only Gel Lyte v has such a special design. Nike Wallace and gel v which is good? Temperament is not bad up and down, the same sports classic shoes, the appearance of how to look at the individual's personal aesthetic.

Nike and Arthur is also a world-class well-known sports brand, Nike in the country and is a well-known sports big, relative to Arthur in the country will be relatively unfamiliar, but the reputation of Arthur's reputation in the world, the main product is Running shoes series, launched a lot of running shoes masterpiece, in the running friend circle is very respected sports brand, Arthur's black technology though a lot, but Arthur signs GEL to cover the other, Nike Wallace and gel v Which is good? Speaking of the feeling of the feet, Xiao Bian or tend to choose the brand of gelals Lulu shoes, generally the footsteps are feeling a kind of step on the feces of the feeling.

Nike Wallace and gel v which is good? Pro who will compare these two shoes, indicating unique vision, sections are good shoes, but to say which a foot feel, Xiao Bian is more popular in the Arthur Gel Lyte v, pro who feel it?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

nike tiempo mystic v tf

Nike shoes have been sought after by the majority of fans fans fans, not only because the design of Nike shoes in line with the principles of human kinematics, so that when you can be more comfortable in the sport, more is because Nike shoes equipped with technology and shoes Type design has been fascinated by everyone, is an example.
        nike tiempo mystic v tf is the sixth generation of Nike legend Tiempo series, suitable for TF venues, its upper is made of iconic leather, and in order to get more touch, Nike traditional wiring design to a minimum, The appearance of the subversive changes, built-in skeleton can guarantee the shape of shoes, but also replace most of the alignment. So this shoe can be more natural fit the player's feet, while retaining the characteristics of the leather itself, but also to the greatest extent to prevent the soil and moisture through the suture into the leather surface, resulting in hardening of the cortex; And the leather surface behind the filling layer is vacuum compressed, this is to ensure the softness and fit.

         Color, the first release of the "platinum / black / orange" color, and later released a more retro taste color - "black / white / gold" color, black upper, plus With a golden embellishment of the white Swoosh trademark, this classic shoes designed by the players favorite; another "crimson / metal silver / orange red" color is also very bright, bright dark red upper, black hook on the white Swoosh trademark, Shoelaces, tongue and tail of the TIEMPO is black, in the tone with a very attractive;

        Of course, have to mention that made of leather, heel part of the foam and anchor the tongue to provide a comfortable and healthy wearing experience, high density EVA insoles to enhance the cushioning; in color, nike tiempox mystic v tf is made of all black upper, white Swoosh trademark with red tail composition, soles also have a fluorescent green Swoosh trademark, full of personality, like nike tiempox mystic v tf friends do not miss!

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We buy sports shoes when the most intuitive feel the shoes are good or bad. If the quality of sports shoes, if the customs is very easy to show it. For those who need to deal with the time or need to be very rigorous, because the specific process of wearing we will find that in fact the foot of the shoe is very easy to distinguish between good and bad, including the foot effect of shoes, etc. Are also more concerned about the consumer. In fact, in the specific analysis of such information in the process we can note that from a number of different aspects to analyze.

First of all, when you look at Nike Wallace good when you can start from the appearance of the shoes, a pair of good shoes in the appearance of the effect on the foot should be more stringent control, we can see some buyers show Or some pictures such as pictures in this regard for nike Wallace on the foot of a very good identification of information. In fact, this series of running shoes is still more color, in the process with a very bright spot, very worthy of everyone to choose. At the same time we look at how to look at when the nike Wallace can take such a shoe cushioning effect, anti-skid wear a shoe comfortable breathable effect, stability is very good, so this shoe from the function On the way to ensure that the foot of a guarantee, which allows everyone in the specific dressing process will have more confidence for nike Wallace, which is very important. In simple terms, it is necessary to analyze such a problem from the inside out.

For some running enthusiasts, based on the evaluation of such information on the nike huarache some of the considerations, or more recommend that you choose some of these shoes.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

nike acg air mowabb

In the selection of sports shoes in the process of such a series is very like, in the design of shoes, the appearance of the shape and the color of the shoes can also let people see the resonance. In addition the shoes of some of the details of the design is also very beautiful, with the color of the process can make people feel the brand shoes fresh effect. While the shoes are also very beautiful, not a great sense of the shoes for the restraint but can give a good package of feet, such shoes to wear or have a very good stability effect, so very comfortable.

We can also look at some of the more beautiful color, or recommend some of the entry of the brand of consumers can buy some of the more classic color, such as white-based color, etc., so wear Up we will be more like, and to ensure that shoes have a good wild effect. Everyone in the process of wearing nike acg manoa will be found in fact as a tide shoes to wear shoes, the appearance is able to competent. At the same time this series of shoes upper material to ensure a good breathable effect at the same time also has a very good light effect, shoes wear very light, so that people will feel very happy in the course of running. At the same time, the combination of zoom and air technology can also make people in the landing when the jump has a very good effect, so that the shoes in fact, for sports health is also supported. We can also choose more than a more comprehensive, the corresponding cost-effective shoes, will give people a very comfortable feeling.

Has a classic shape and color, colleagues and functional both is really want to start with the nike acg air mowabb og is really want to start.

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To the world's major brands in order to race against time to obtain the world's first Nike shoes, since his own reason, today to the low-key with a sense of luxury shoes, Some popular science and clothing with the highlights of the brightly decorated, for boys is certainly not miss Nike, because he is not only a sense of comfort, but also a fashion trend of endorsement, if you walk in On the street, careful observation will find most of the men's feet will choose a Nike sports shoes.

Although this has been worn by the public, but his fiery degree is also indecent for the initial release of this classic is a fashionable and shocking, such as you can use this nike air max torch shoes with a mix of style camouflage pants up to wear a black long sweater or windbreaker are able to create his best spiritual highlights, in fact, for this nike air max turbule shoes simple The evaluation will show that his design in the shoe body are smart-based, and whether it is based on past experience skills, or the way you usually exercise this shoe can be on your movement for all-round protection and Smart show.

The original upper of the shoe is made with a cushioning foot technology, the foot of the double-layer parts provides excellent support and stability to help you carry out the intense bounce of the movement of the buffer and equipment used in Some of the other sports shoes are mostly used in the design of the balloon or multi-storey compartment to build technology, Nike's shoes are used with a number of multi-zone pressure and two-way multi-directional design sense of the ability to cushion To strengthen and even protect your feet from the knees of the knees.

Friday, September 29, 2017

nike kd10 Kevin Durant

Unconsciously Kevin Durant ushered in his tenth pairs of signature boots, able to adhere to ten years, but also in this basketball player to achieve such a "milestone" significance of the signature shoe is also a handful, which can See Kevin Durant's great value and influence. Nike Durant 10 uppers This is the use of Flyknit fly line technology designed, the overall very flexible, heel is also very soft, relative to the heel, nike kd10 toe more hard, so that can play very Good protective effect, the stability of the shoes is very good. Xiaobian today to come to you about the Nike kd10 evaluation, together to understand this pair of perseverance for ten years running shoes it

Nike kd10 shoes, the stability of the shoes so that shoes with the foot, while Flyknit technology can play a solid grip effect and package performance, the upper braid some thick, breathable in general, but the shoes cushioning effect is very good, and Very flexible, KD10 is a sports field sports shoes, sold in May this year, Nike kd10 price is 150 US dollars, loved by the vast number of consumers. In the nike kd10 evaluation, we can understand that, compared with the previous Durant KD9, Nike Durant 10 has a high stability performance, which has a great relationship with its material improvement, plus lace design wrapped feet More stability and fixability.

Ice blue and white Nike kd10 color sports shoes are very clean and white, suitable for young men wearing, small fresh color to add more school style, although the Nike KD10 is a sports shoes in the arena, but the same There are many young consumers in the weekdays also like to use with. Nike kd10 evaluation black and white with, championship blue color is a common match with the color of the arena.

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Retro sports shoes if you do so, Nike sports shoes second no one dare to row first, even if the competitiveness is very appropriate Adidas for the only definition of the retro did not exceed the meaning of the rich expression of Nike, such as Nike Of the sports shoes nike Agassie black and white have a good sense of fashion and simple sense.

This nike Agassie black and white shoes uppers with a lightweight mesh settings, especially in the key parts of the permeability and support, this nike Agassie black and white shoes for your feet and the middle of the fit Sensuality is very stable, when your feet to bounce time can be very obvious to reduce the release of pressure, the upper asymmetry is to make your shoes look more modern fashion trend. From the color point of view of this simple and elegant style of the shoes on the pitch must be a very good landscape, although this is a high-heeled shoes, but when the feet do not have a sense of oppression and foot heavy, On the contrary this nike Agassi shoes sports shoes are very light when walking will not oppress the heel, grinding the foot of the situation is not, put on it will not be too bulky, out of the box to see this nike Agassie shoes sports Shoes will make you very amazing.

This nike Aggie shoes shoes in the clothing with the researchers better recommend, such as this nike Agassi shoes sports shoes in the summer when the upper body with a caramel colored T-shirt, lower body and then put on a black trousers , For boys are very good with the choice. The above is about today's Nike shoes this evaluation and fashion with the advice, we feel how it?