Sunday, May 28, 2017

New Balance 1080 V3

In front of this pair of bright and vivid New Balance 1080 V3 in appearance looks more like a ripe tomato. A pair of New Balance brand top jogging equipment, with a full sense of science and technology. New Balance brand running shoes products often bring to the running enthusiasts is the most powerful all-round protection, in its brand core technology after the combination will create how to wear feelings? Let us wait and see, then today Xiaobian will wear this pair of strength war will New Balance 1080 V3 running outdoors, feel its unique charm.
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Innovation of upper technology
In the hands of the naked eye can determine the integrity of this pair of New Balance 1080 V3 the overall breathable effect, mesh throughout the body, in the upper use of innovative Fantom Fit technology, and breathable mesh surface to form a three-dimensional upper system, With a high degree of comfort and a strong package feel. Xiaobian feet tied to the waist after the comfort of the shoe is very high, feet in the whole under the parcel has a just right under the shoe space, then Xiaobian will begin to test.
Core cushioning positioning
Xiaobian today selected the test site, is the city along the river corridor, stroll in the city in the river trails. This pair of New Balance 1080 V3 is the main performance of the shock performance of running shoes, concentrated in the end of the Actevalite material with this light weight and high quality anti-compression. In the New Balance 1080 V3 can be used in conjunction with other technology in the overall quality reduction, and in the comfort of the upgrade.
Strong together to create enjoy the level of cushioning experience
In the New Balance 1080 V3 after the use of the New Balance N2 and ABZEROB two core cushioning technology. Play the maximum energy efficiency of N2 and ABZEROB, the maximum absorption from the impact of the ground, strong combination of the form to bring the most high-quality overall cushioning effect, cast the most scientific and technological content of the slow shock running shoes, Xiaobian today selected road More flat but the road has a certain degree of hardness, but the overall comfort of running shoes is still very high, this pair of small training with the New Balance 1080 V3 from the back of the palm of the feedback is entitled to enjoy the level of treatment.
Integrated support performance
New Balance 1080 V3 uses T-BEAM, T-beam stabilizer, different from the traditional Stability Web, based on shoe shape and performance positioning of the T-BEAM can be created for the New Balance 1080 V3 excellent stability performance, To assist the use of the overall core cushioning technology, so that running shoes in the course of the movement to play its maximum performance, like a bridge-like stable structure, is the most powerful support during the running process.
After a period of testing, convergence technology in a New Balance 1080 V3 did not let Xiao Bian disappointed, innovative uppers technology, powerful combination of cushioning protection, stability, such as bridge support to ensure that many core technology applications. The New Balance 1080 V3, which embodies the powerful technology, comes with everyday running activities and believes it can work quite well.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low

Hot summer, sweaty basketball court above, attack, defense, run is essential to the movement, sharp run, both in the offensive end or defensive end are the fundamental guarantee of your victory, with the speed in this summer to prove Own, through a flexible running shine basketball field. We remember the depths of the classic animated image of the hedgehog Sonic has extraordinary speed of ordinary people, it is so extraordinary speed in our minds left a deep imprint. The Li Ning brand designers to the hedgehog Sonic as the inspiration to create a new shoe Li Ning sonic low version (LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low) with the speed to start from it, the following Xiaobian will wear this pair of new Speed ​​boots came on the basketball court a try.
Dominate the stadium with speed
Dazzling basket of upper, as if the real Sonic possessed in the basketball court on the beginning of a battle on the speed. The LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low, which is positioned at the speed of basketball shoes, first reduces the weight throughout the shoe body, which will provide the wearer with a lighter weight and reduce the energy loss. According to the official data US9 single LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low only has a weight of 325g, Li Ning is currently low to help shoes in the lowest quality products. Reduce the weight of shoes is one of the most favorable guarantee of speed shoes, wear in the feet LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low weight is really small, by the light shoe body to bring more is running up the impulse.
Refreshing wearing feelings
We can find that the shoes in the LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low have a large area of ​​breathable mesh material, feet in the shoes, tighten the shoelaces, From the upper to the shoe body area throughout the breathable mesh, feet free breathing within the shoes, high-quality breathable performance, can bring high quality shoes in the environment, in the comfort of a good guarantee. Not only the shoe body, in the leather of the toe parts of the same breathable hole design, so this pair of LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low overall breathable performance called high quality, while the leather of the toe wrapped in the fierce course of confrontation also Can protect the toes.
Feedback from Bounse + cushioning technology
In front of the LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low uses the full palm of the Bounse + cushioning technology, which is characterized by the cushioning technology to highlight the rebound feedback, can provide an additional 27% of the energy rebound, for the start of the moment Will be out of the opponent's magic weapon. With superior resilience feedback, plus lightweight body weight, ride on the pitch, with the LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low, you will be more handy. Bounse + foot feeling is satisfactory, moderate soft and hard degree, suitable for daily combat needs.
Outstanding design
Speed ​​basketball shoes product grip requirements are also high standards, the following we will look at the LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low outsole design, with dense outsole is its biggest feature, which has three palm Groove design, this design can make shoes more fit the wearer's feet, in the running process is more flexible. Covered with full palm of the outer edge of the line makes this pair of LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low has a very excellent performance of the grip, the process of running through the outer edge of the road to the ground full feedback on the feet, feet fit shoes , Outsole fit the venue, all-round fit to bring enough to win the performance of the performance of the stadium.
Looking at this pair of Li-NING BB Lite Sonic Low, we opened the memory of the hedgehog Sonic, the littleman it is like the speed of the game on top of the players, shuttle on the pitch above, with great speed advantage dominate the basketball court. The front of the LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low is your best combat partner. Lightweight design concept, high-quality breathable performance, excellent feedback cushioning technology, as well as the design of the outer outcrop lines, the new speed magic, decisive battle this summer basketball court, the protagonist belongs to it.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

D Howard 4

In today's shoe market, we have been very difficult to see a pair of pure inside the shoes, and indeed, because of their own positioning and design is difficult to allow the average consumer to accept, but since ancient times, "the center does not buy shoes," this The conclusion seems to be in this pair of D Howard 4 body does not apply, light weight, as defender shoes design and technology configuration, have inspired our interest in this pair of shoes, let us go to the stadium, to experience this pair of seemingly Not inside shoes shoes inside the shoes.
In this pair of D Howard 4 uppers, we see the familiar Sprintweb technology, this technology does not increase the weight of shoes at the same time, to ensure its breathability and support of the excellent, just a foot, very light weight Impressive, it is difficult to imagine a pair of shoes inside the weight even so light, and the upper Sprintweb technology instead of the traditional cortex, harder features can always support the ankle, to avoid injury. In addition to the upper, D Howard 4's tongue also uses the TechFit material, this material has been found to ensure that under the premise of breathable, you can close the foot muscles, improve the level of competition, so that the wearer feel unparalleled feet Department of fit, it can be said, D Howard 4's upper performance up, gave Xiaobian surprise, different from the traditional inside shoes, people look forward to more real shot after the live.
For D Howard 4 in the end, we are no strangers, completely relying on the previous Quick in the end of the structure, Quick technology concept will be the traditional outsole is divided into 15 independent areas, forefoot partition is mainly responsible for providing the necessary mobility, In front of the palm is responsible for balancing the left and right movement, the main palm to provide stability and grip, which also let D Howard 4 in the end feel more like a pair of outside shoes, cushioning performance is not strong, like Howard this mobility, Ability super players, so in the end of the design but to maximize the release of its advantages.
In terms of protection, Xiaobian's thoughts have finally been pulled back to the category of inner shoes, D Howard 4 on both sides of the upper design of a head like a protruding structure, this design can be ankle firmly in the upper , This feeling can give the wearer a strong sense of security, when you struggling to play in the paint area rebounds, you will feel the ankle is always in a very safe range, this feeling is outside the shoes Do not have, and this also really reflects the D Howard 4 as a pair of inner shoes performance essence.
D Howard 4 outsole although also uses the adidas patented Non-Marking technology, but taking into account the outer contours shallow, so Xiaobian here more recommended to often play in the indoor stadium friends, after all, this is a pair of high-end shoes Signature shoes, indoor stadium can maximize the extension of D Howard 4 service period.
Get rid of the inner shoes curse, D Howard 4 free in the traditional, excellent and close to the people of the design, coupled with greater for the public's high performance, is the big players of the preferred boots.

Friday, May 5, 2017

LI-NING Way of Wade 2

In the NBA has an unwritten rule, that is, when a team won three consecutive NBA championship, it can be called the dynasty, experienced last season's defending, Wade and his Miami team this season The goal is very simple, that is to take a championship, the establishment of their own dynasty, even if the road leading to the dynasty thorny, difficult, but Wade never afraid, day after day hard practice, let him become The most important part of the dynasty, and his shoes with the success of last year, after this year, the new Way of Wade 2, such as about to meet with us.
Way of Wade 2 uppers with a large area of ??leather material, which is rare in today's shoe market, excellent leather not only in the texture of the outstanding, in the comfort of wearing is also worthy of our praise, in the upper The Way of Wade 2 gave the author no small surprise, the appearance looks very generous Way of Wade 2 in the package so good, careful observation, in addition to the design of the boots outside, Way of Wade 2's upper It is very thick, especially in the ankle, thick sponge is not only comfortable, but also provide excellent package performance, breathable, the use of large area of ??leather material Way of Wade 2 performance quite satisfactory, toe at the vent hole design can be rapid The Way of Wade series of iconic W-type lace design is designed on both sides of the shoelace buckle, on the basis of the original, so that the shoes tied more secure and reliable, full of beauty.
Way of Wade 2 in the end with the Phylon material with forefoot Bounse rebound technology and the back palm Cushion cushioning technology, this match not only to ensure the excellent boot speed of the shoes, but also to the heel of the cushioning is satisfactory, in addition to In addition, followed by parcel IP injection EVA cushioning structure and mold insoles to join is to make this pair of Way of Wade 2 in the end of the performance to enhance a grade. In the actual evaluation, the author whether to fight rebounds, or accelerate the break, Way of Wade 2 can always maintain high performance, forefoot Bounse rebound technology excellent resilience allows you to accelerate confidence in the acceleration, and then palm Cushion cushioning technology and IP injection EVA cushioning structure can ensure that the wearer's heel to be excellent protection, 2 hours after the end of the evaluation, the author's foot and no pain phenomenon, Way of Wade 2 in the end performance Worthy of our trust.
Before we mentioned, Way of Wade 2's upper with a large area of ??leather material, thick stuffing and boots can make your feet feel more comfortable at the same time, the same excellent protection, and in the end, the carbon fiber board Of the area is very impressive, extended to the front of the design can provide more excellent support and rebound function, and exposed part of the TPU protective shell in the protection of carbon fiber board at the same time, but also in the shoes on the bottom of the formation of a double protection, The actual wear, the large area of ??the carbon fiber board so that the anti-twisting force of the shoes outstanding, especially when the breakthrough, the strong torsion can help you in the pedal when the force is more rapid.
Way Out of Wade 2 in addition to the meaning of the text in addition to the actual performance is also commendable, first of all, the unique strip lines according to the actual exercise in the foot of the design, you can turn, break and other actions more fluid, And the front palm of the round Wade Logo is in the start to provide a strong friction, which can also be seen as the power of the whole pair of shoes source, and the texture of soft rubber material, the author here or recommend to the indoor or Is a plastic ground wearing.
Way of Wade 2 With the comfortable wearing experience and strong combat performance, has become the establishment of Wade on the road the most important helper, coupled with rich and very meaningful details, Way of Wade 2 will become the classic in our hearts , Whether Way of Wade 2 can reign, let us wait and see.