Sunday, May 28, 2017

New Balance 1080 V3

In front of this pair of bright and vivid New Balance 1080 V3 in appearance looks more like a ripe tomato. A pair of New Balance brand top jogging equipment, with a full sense of science and technology. New Balance brand running shoes products often bring to the running enthusiasts is the most powerful all-round protection, in its brand core technology after the combination will create how to wear feelings? Let us wait and see, then today Xiaobian will wear this pair of strength war will New Balance 1080 V3 running outdoors, feel its unique charm.
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Innovation of upper technology
In the hands of the naked eye can determine the integrity of this pair of New Balance 1080 V3 the overall breathable effect, mesh throughout the body, in the upper use of innovative Fantom Fit technology, and breathable mesh surface to form a three-dimensional upper system, With a high degree of comfort and a strong package feel. Xiaobian feet tied to the waist after the comfort of the shoe is very high, feet in the whole under the parcel has a just right under the shoe space, then Xiaobian will begin to test.
Core cushioning positioning
Xiaobian today selected the test site, is the city along the river corridor, stroll in the city in the river trails. This pair of New Balance 1080 V3 is the main performance of the shock performance of running shoes, concentrated in the end of the Actevalite material with this light weight and high quality anti-compression. In the New Balance 1080 V3 can be used in conjunction with other technology in the overall quality reduction, and in the comfort of the upgrade.
Strong together to create enjoy the level of cushioning experience
In the New Balance 1080 V3 after the use of the New Balance N2 and ABZEROB two core cushioning technology. Play the maximum energy efficiency of N2 and ABZEROB, the maximum absorption from the impact of the ground, strong combination of the form to bring the most high-quality overall cushioning effect, cast the most scientific and technological content of the slow shock running shoes, Xiaobian today selected road More flat but the road has a certain degree of hardness, but the overall comfort of running shoes is still very high, this pair of small training with the New Balance 1080 V3 from the back of the palm of the feedback is entitled to enjoy the level of treatment.
Integrated support performance
New Balance 1080 V3 uses T-BEAM, T-beam stabilizer, different from the traditional Stability Web, based on shoe shape and performance positioning of the T-BEAM can be created for the New Balance 1080 V3 excellent stability performance, To assist the use of the overall core cushioning technology, so that running shoes in the course of the movement to play its maximum performance, like a bridge-like stable structure, is the most powerful support during the running process.
After a period of testing, convergence technology in a New Balance 1080 V3 did not let Xiao Bian disappointed, innovative uppers technology, powerful combination of cushioning protection, stability, such as bridge support to ensure that many core technology applications. The New Balance 1080 V3, which embodies the powerful technology, comes with everyday running activities and believes it can work quite well.

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