Friday, June 2, 2017


In recent years, the pace of development of domestic sports brands can be described as rapid, more and more in the international arena to see their shadow, signed international sports stars, embarked on the international development track. As the ANTA brand KG series boots, now has launched the third generation of products, in the ANTA KG series of shoes to be more reflected in the whole brand of intentions, with Kevin Garnett campaign NBA, the achievements of some of the column of the king The boots.
King of the boots in the domineering
Get this pair of ANTA KG 3, law-abiding appearance, introverted through its domineering, as if Kevin - Kevin Garnett sharp striker performance, infinite power emerged from it. As we all know, Kevin - Kevin Garnett has always been on their own shoes have a strict request, not only requires the appearance of superior, but also requires the absolute guarantee of comfort, ANTA use mature design for the Green Giant escort, this simple appearance How does the ANTA KG 3 do it? Today Xiaobian feet ANTA KG 3 took to the stadium, enjoy its domineering.
Uppers hidden mystery achievements outstanding package
In the upper covered with KG pattern decoration part, is made of powerful thin TPU material. Will be placed in their feet, tighten the shoelaces, the superior sense of parcel can be said to enjoy the level of treatment. Large area of ​​ultra-thin TPU in the tightening at the same time, through the shoelace traction, forming a good TPU protection space, so that the feet can be achieved from the upper full range of parcel protection. Now the eyes aligned with the tongue, double tongue design is very novel, feet have a good package, ankle is not alone, double tongue, the same tie in the lace and the upper form of a body , While providing high quality comfort at the same time, improve its protection performance. In the parcel and the upper support on the ANTA KG 3 can be erected absolute thumb.
Dominate the performance of excellent performance
Equipped with the ANTA brand today's strongest cushioning technology A-jelly stretch plastic, Kevin - Kevin Garnett in the game on top of a flexible pace with excellent bounce. A-jelly strong injection, enough to cope with the dramatic changes in the pace of the pressure brought about by the rise from the ground to see the impact from the ground. So comfortable ANTA KG 3 is Xiaobian did not think before, for some time inside the field movement, from A-jelly's feedback is still obvious, this is a relatively thick feeling, after the palm is relatively soft in the forefoot, bring Xiao Bian absolutely full of foot feeling. I believe this is the designer's heart, for Kevin - Kevin Garnett to do a full escort work.
Robust performance comes from the support of the guarantee
ANTA KG 3 in the midsole design will be the necessary stability of the design, in the middle of the arch position implanted a large area of ​​TPU for stable support. The effective support from the midsole provides a higher level of protection against the unnecessary damage that the shoes are bent from in the high-intensity movement to the wearer. Effective support, the collection of superior support package, forming a 360-degree all-round protection.
At the foot of the ANTA KG 3 is definitely the heart of the ANTA brand, the appearance of law-abiding, with a unique surprise again and again designed. Now active international stadium ANTA brand products, so that basketball enthusiasts on the domestic brand basketball shoes, more than a look forward, today is more of a sure. Hope ANTA KG 3 can be accompanied by the Hulk in the new season, get a more brilliant record.

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