Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Onitsuka Tiger X-Caliber GT

There are two pairs of running shoes opened the prelude of the eighties, and almost defined the next 20 years running the direction of running shoes, but also to choose the running shoes once became the same as with fine glasses learning. These two pairs of shoes is Onitsuka Tiger X Caliber GT and Brooks Chariot. They are also more familiar with your name, ASICS flagship models Kayano and Brooks flagship section Beast, this year can be bought the first 23 generations and 16th generation.
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In the last decade after the groping, running shoes brand seems to find a technical aspects of the broad road: the attitude of the correction. And the "runners of the world" timely introduction of running shoes classification, the concept of posture to quickly promote to the public runners, "buffer type (or called shock type, cushioned), stability (stability) and control ( (Hereinafter also added the "lightweight") is still a lot of runners on the running shoes of the cognitive framework, the face of a pair of running shoes, must first be attributed to one of them.
Brooks' first pair of "explosions" Vantage, by increasing the support at the arch to control the spin, sparked other brands to follow suit, Brooks own bear the brunt of the first. Chariot in the running shoes inside the bottom of the increase in the density of the bubble, the structure is like a knife into the running shoes wedge, so that the inside of the shoes slightly higher than the outside. This harder foam provides more support to the inside of the feet, correcting the angle of the ankle when landing, and reducing the pressure on the knees. Onitsuka Tiger's X-Caliber GT uses the technology called Stability Pillar at the heel and arch, and at a glance the characteristics of running shoes, and Brooks' Chariot. Now the stability of running shoes still follow this structure, although the high outside the low tilt angle is not obvious, but intuitive to see inside and outside the material or structure is not the same, specific to the running is different materials or structures to provide different support efforts Hardness is different), thus correcting posture.
If you are a street tide shoes lovers, that for the New Balance 990 series is certainly no stranger to, and even has its various versions of the emptiness of the purse. Of course, digging the purse is 990's good show, because it is the history of the first pair of pricing 100 dollars running shoes, 80's 100 dollars ah friends, that is a billion ah (I nonsense). 990 is also the famous president of running shoes, although I do not have a cold on its value, but also have to admit it is New Balance in the eighties deserved flagship, and so far New Balance marketing peak.
In the brand and the media boost, the runners are naturally running posture and injury linked together, in turn, also promote the brand to meet the public awareness, continue to dig on the classification of running shoes. Bid farewell to the earliest non-discriminatory flat running shoes, into the shoe store ordinary people began to help in the sales staff to determine their own posture, and choose the appropriate running shoes, the same process with the same glasses, and sales staff can give professional advice , Has also become a judge shoe and brand index. The Phidippides, opened in 1975, is known as the world's first professional running shoe store, and will still provide performance testing for customers entering the store and recommend the corresponding shoes.
Because the system is very self-consistent, the brand and runners are from the benefit, so in the next twenty years, there is no disruptive new technology. Material may have been evolving (ASICS Gel is the birth of this time), every year there are different called the new technology was used in the new year, but the technical foundation of each running shoes and the original Chariot and X-Caliber GT is not too Big difference. Most of the brand's energy used in marketing, one of the best is Nike.

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