Friday, June 23, 2017

ECCO innovation and technology new outdoor series to lead the natural movement wave

Early spring in March, turned warm again, millions of young and dynamic heart began to imagine the freedom of outdoor life. And strive to be the perfect combination of comfort and fashion Nordic Danish footwear brand ECCO, this time to bring its sports and outdoor series of new products debut in the seventh Asian international brand sporting goods and sports fashion fair (ISPO). On the same day, Nikolai Rabæk Christensen, product manager of ECCO Global Sports, shared the latest concept of ECCO brand and the trend of sports fashion in 2011. A spring full of infinite vitality is aroused in the "natural rhythm".

All along, the ECCO series of shoes in the style of adhering to the simple classic, the pursuit of excellence in the extraordinary quality of technology to the best comfort experience to enjoy outdoor sports. In the current ISPO exhibition, bright and transparent booth layout followed the brand has always been natural and Smart, open design allows consumers and the media can be intimate contact with the product, more models are vivid interpretation of a variety of sports, and leisure time , And sometimes rhythm run, also move also quietly proud of the brand will be proud of the peak technology performance no doubt.

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"It is good to see that China's outdoor sports industry is growing and more and more people are joining and enjoying outdoor sports.ECCO's commitment, as always, that every pair of ECCO shoes will continue to continue excellent quality, providing the best protection and Performance at the same time, the release of the infinite charm of feet, so you can better enjoy the wonderful feeling brought about by the movement. "ECCO global sports product manager Nikolai Rabæk Christensen said. Has a wealth of experience in the operation of outdoor sports market, the use of unique expertise and the sharp sense of the trend, the scene to share with you ECCO 2011 sports series of new technology and design concepts.
No matter when and where, free to move freely

BIOM series of sports shoes rooted in the "natural rhythm" concept, so that your feet in the most natural way to exercise. Its rich product line, from BIOM RUN, BIOM WALK to BIOM GOLF, can meet your travel, running, hiking and golf and other sports different needs. In the summer of 2011, the ECCO BIOM series also launched a new BIOM Trainer training shoe, its structural design in the BIOM series of running shoes on the basis of the adjustment and improvement. Sole structure is more flexible and lightweight, but also to reverse, so that your feet as much as possible to achieve free movement, while strengthening the strength of the foot and lower limbs, which lasted longer exercise. As a pair of multi-functional training shoes, the product will cause those who love indoor and outdoor sports people's attention. BIOM series of sports with its excellent flexibility and support, and then with a bright and brilliant color theme, so that every moment of exercise to become fun.
ECCO outdoor series of sports shoes reflects the brand has always been the design concept, exquisite workmanship, smooth lines, fashion and practical, both seductive and comfortable. 2011 ECCO sports shoes, in full consideration of market demand and modern life under the premise of the re-launch of innovative products with new products, the great outdoor life experience presented to the busy city people. Xpedition Lite expedition lightweight series of sports shoes and sports boots at the same time shocked the appearance of fine yak leather material, more than three times more tough than ordinary leather, can cope with the challenges of outdoor environment; Montagna has an impeccable fashion appearance, also set There are GORE-TEX ® lining with 100% waterproof structure, can make the feet always keep dry; of course you will fall in love with masculine full hybrid, its exceptionally comfortable direct injection molding in the end, and in line with the principles of human anatomy With a lasting damping function, to the entire foot to provide the perfect support. ECCO outdoor series of rich features, can easily meet the difficult outdoor environment in the various needs of walking, but also for no time to go to the rural people outing the daily life of the people.

ECCO adhering to the "everything from the foot of the demand", with "natural rhythm" to stimulate the infinite potential of sports enthusiasts, accompanied by all kinds of sports in the bloom endless vitality. At the same time, outdoor shoes with superior technology have become ideal for urban adventure, light footsteps and any activities between the two. Let ECCO continue to continue his consistent quality, in the extraordinary comfort in the release of feet charm, leading the new wave of movement!

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