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Five pairs of popcorn shoes to see who is a real shoes

Popcorn is not really popcorn, so it just because it looks like a bit in some form.
At the beginning of 2015, adidas launched UltraBOOST running shoes, full palm of the BOOST in the end brought excellent buffer and rebound performance. This piece of TPU foam made of the end of the material with the traditional EVA material has a bad day, it is this piece of the end of the opening of the popcorn running shoes prelude.
After that, each running brand has launched its own popcorn in the end, PUMA IGNITE technology, Saucony's Everun technology, Altra's Ego technology and Salomon's Opal technology. They are similar to the BOOST technology is also different, and in order to figure out the difference between the different popcorn at the end, we choose to open them to see.
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We found five pairs of popcorn shoes on the market today, PUMA Speed ​​IGNITE NETFIT, Salomon S-Lab Sonic 2, Saucony Freedom ISO, Altra Escalante and adidas UltraBOOST 3.0.
The process of shoe removal is not simple, the upper of the hard support material, the upper and the bottom of the connection in addition to the car suture in addition to glue, there are strong in the bottom of the single-layer / double net. In terms of dismantling difficulty, adidas UltraBOOST 3.0 was the most difficult, followed by PUMA Speed ​​IGNITE NETFIT, followed by Salomon S-Lab Sonic 2, Saucony Freedom ISO and Altra Escalante.
In fact, these five pairs of popcorn shoes to fake the truth after the look far beyond our imagination, and even a lot of our impression is completely different.
Such as Sonic 2 popcorn material only exists in the back palm part, similar to the past Nike in the end of the use of single air cushion design; and then, such as Escalante in the end of the box in the form of a box, completely different from the other four pairs of running shoes; Everun and BOOST do not look the difference.
If it is more obvious than their cross-section, Everun and BOOST and Salomon Opal in the form are quite close, are a single TPU foam and then stitched together, and IGNITE and Ego is with the traditional EVA The material is close to the conventional form of popcorn material.
Although the same as TPU foam material, but the five pairs of popcorn running shoes, the weight is still very different. Speed ​​IGNITE NETFIT weighs 165 grams, Sonic 2 weighs 132 grams (including midsole EVA material), Freedom ISO weighs 141 grams, Escalante weighs 136 grams, UltraBOOST 3.0 weighs 184 grams.
In terms of weight performance, Escalante's Ego weight control is the best, followed by Freedom ISO Everun, and IGNITE and BOOST these two brothers are relatively heavy material.
Of course, in the end of the weight and their thickness has a great relationship in our dismantling after the end of the thickness of the test, UltraBOOST 3.0 after the palm thickness of staggering 28.47mm, forefoot thickness of 13.14mm; ranked second Freedom ISO rear palm thickness of 20.05mm; behind the Escalante, Sonic 2, Speed ​​IGNITE NETFIT after the palm thickness of 17.65mm, 17.25mm (single Opal thickness of 5.8mm), 15.35mm.
It seems that BOOST material has 184 grams of weight is not unreasonable, after all, in the case of thicker thickness of the material it uses more. The Speed ​​IGNITE NETFIT performance is not ideal, in the end of the thickness of the five pairs of popcorn shoes is the thinnest, but the weight is second only to BOOST, of course, it is used with the double density IGNITE in the end there is Big relationship.
In contrast, Freedom ISO Everun clearly in the weight and thickness to do the best balance, both to control the overall weight of the shoe, but also to maximize the thickness of the end to ensure its cushioning performance.
In addition to measuring these objectivity data, we also tested the elasticity of a simple midsole material. The test is very simple, the same weight of the ball at the same height free fall, look at the hit in the end after the rebound height.
The results of the test are basically proportional to the previous thickness and weight tests. UltraBOOST 3.0 is still in a position to shake, and its rebound height is 17.3cm, which is the best performance in the five pairs of shoes. And in the previous test has not been dominant in the Escalante and Speed ​​IGNITE NETFIT rebound test results and Freedom ISO is not bad up and down; the weakest performance for the Sonic 2, which is only a little bit of popcorn material it is not unrelated.
The results of the rebound test can be a direct reflection of running shoes in the actual running performance, on this point with our previous evaluation of running shoes are consistent. BOOST material is the best elasticity, the actual rebound performance is quite good; Everun and Ego material buffer is excellent, rebound performance is slightly less; IGNITE material buffer and rebound in the middle level; Opal material is due to the test area is too small Can not be intuitive expression, but the integrated point of view or have a certain resilience.
The introduction of popcorn material to a large extent changed our feet experience, past the traditional EVA material hard, dead experience, have been greatly improved. In the running shoes we can also experience the efficient buffer and excellent rebound feeling, but also through the running shoes brought about by the change and enhance our running ability.
But we dismantled the five pairs of popcorn wear shoes, as the veteran of the adidas in the material is very willing to pay, whether it is thickness or very willing to use materials, which also makes UltraBOOST 3.0 comprehensive performance of the most outstanding. Brothers PUMA made IGNITE materials, in the past love of burning evaluation received a lot of praise. This is the Speed ​​IGNITE NETFIT for speed players, the double density IGNITE used in the pure IGNITE may be slightly less than a rebound in the rebound, but still showed a very good level.
From the initial trial Everun material insoles to this year's full-length Everun material, Saucony's more skilled use of Everun materials is the reason why Freedom ISO got so much praise this year. Put aside Freedom ISO running shoes on the other, Everun material may be Saucony cut off the current best in the end of the material.
And Altra, like Saucony, is the same, and Ego is the midsole material that Altra has built this year, and so far only in several running shoes, but the strength of Ego's material is not overlooked by other brands. As for Salomon's Opal material, it is still a long way to go before the test phase, looking forward to the moment it becomes the sole material.

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