Monday, July 31, 2017

Reebok The Pump

25 years ago, Reebok used a small pump to create a "tongue" on the wonderful, Reebok this great and interesting invention called PUMP. Reebok's 19-year ReebokPump Fury OG version of the first re-engraved, Reebok with 25 years time to prove Pump technology beyond the boundaries of time. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the advent of PUMP technology, Reebok Reebok Beijing's well-known tide shoe store DEAL held a bustling boutique shoe exhibition activities.

Not into the exhibition, the door of the huge inflatable column and bright orange jumping people already feel PUMP burst "infinite energy." This section will showcase the seven important shoes in the PUMP family, including PumpOmni Lite basketball shoes, Pump Graphite running shoes, Pump Omni Zone basketball shoes, Pump Court Victory tennis Shoes, dual running shoes, Blacktop Battleground basketball shoes, InstaPump Fury retro running shoes ... ... from the PUMP airbag deconstruction structure, to the relevant legend posters, a comprehensive review of PUMP 25 years of extraordinary experience, those memories of the past So one by one was aroused. At the same time, 2014 is also the PUMP family of the youngest avant-garde, the most recognized Insta Pump Fury shoes 20 birthday, Reebok for its birthday launched the "special joint planning" is also the first time in China, Called not small. Is the memory, is sigh, is excited, all the emotions are gathered in this, an orange air is surging.

UCaadk1791 , UCaajj1946 , UCabgc11537 , UCaadc1783 , UCaapd11096 , UCabfv11530 , UCaaxk11311 , UCaaow11089 , UCabfn11522 , UCaacn1768 , UCaaxg11307 , UCabfj11518 , UCacb180 , UCabin11600 , UCabfb11510 , UCaaod11070 , UCabif11592 , UCabhp11576 , UCabet11502 , UCaawm11287 , UCaans11059 , UCaano11055 , UCabeg11489 , UCaabi1737 , UCaaru11165 , UCabec11485 , UCaabe1733 , UCaaba1729 , UCaaiw1933 , UCaamv11036 , UCabdm11469 , UCaaik1921 , UCabdi11465 , UCaaah1710 , UCabda11457 , UCaaaa1703 , UCabct11450 , UCaauj11232 , UCaahr1902 , UCabcp11446 , UCaauf11228 , UCaeg1137 , UCabch11438 , UCabi161 , UCaec1133 , UCadz1130 , UCaatp11212 , UCaagu1879 , UCabbn11418 , UCaatc11199 , UCaamp11030 , UCadf1110 , UCaagm1871 , UCaaml11026 , UCaasr11188 , UCaamd11018 , UCaco193 , UCacj188 , UCaasf11176 , UCaasa11171 , UCaafl1844 , UCabag11385 , UCaarw11167 , UCaalk1999 , UCabab11380 , UCaarr11162 , UCaalg1995 , UCabs171
Reebok The Pump 25th Anniversary - Fine Shoes Show

Location: DEAL Beijing Drum Tower (No. 39-1, Drum Tower East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing)

Time: July 26, 2014 to August 5, 2014, Monday to Sunday 10:00 - 22:00

With the "PUMP25 anniversary celebration" getting better, many of its series of classic models from the summer one by one return to everyone's vision. Pump Omni Lite, as one of the flagship star of the PUMP series, this time will debut. Activities on the same day immediately released "black and white with" two new color: white models fresh and beautiful, very suitable for hot summer; black Zeyi calm atmosphere, with rose and fluorescent yellow for the embellishment, a short time to quickly catch people's attention.

Whether in 1989 or 2014, ReebokPump series is undoubtedly one of the important milestones in the history of shoe technology. In recent years, often released by the cooperation of many fans and innovative fans sought after, but also won the favor of many individuals, can be described as the ultimate representative of the avant-garde. Yong moving fresh people have the desire to wear it, more people want to touch the tongue of the Pump pump, touch the "tongue" on the wonderful.

PUMP series development brief introduction:

In 1898, Reebok launched his first Pump series of sports shoes ReebokThe Pump. The arrival of ReebokThe Pump will undoubtedly give athletes new options. The towering upper can be inflated with the Pump technology system, giving your feet an unprecedented reliable protection. With Paul Litchfield's words: "Every pair of shoes can not be tailor-made for your feet, but with the emergence of Pump technology, it will make up for the shoe itself is not suitable for your feet, by pressing Pump pump, Let the air go a little bit to fill those parts that are not for your feet.

In 1990, ReebokPump series of shoes in the field of basketball cut a striking figure at the same time, will also pump technology into more shoes. On the tennis court Reebok Pump Court Victory and the Chinese tennis player Zhang Depei combination has left a very deep impression. The middle of the upper leather reinforcement design makes this double Court Victory Pump more focused on support and stability. And in this pair of shoes after the palm part of the use of Hexalite honeycomb cushioning technology. Dura Trac Plus rubber outsole is more wear-resistant to ensure the performance on the tennis court.

In 1990, Reebok launched the shot, launched Pump Omni Zone basketball shoes, combined with Pump Inflatable technology and ERS (Energy Return System) seismic soles, giving its powerful functionality, while the texture of the leather upper, tall ankle Excellent protection of the performance, became recognized as the highest technical content of basketball shoes.

1991, PUMP series can be described as the history of the most exciting year, in one fell swoop launched PUMPOMNI Lite and BattlegroundPump two pairs of basketball shoes. The Celtics Dee Brown (Dee Brown) through No Look Style (with his right arm blindfolded, left arm round to fly a note deduction) defeated, including "rain man" Camp and many other experts, in one fell swoop The slam dunk contest champion, but also let people remember his feet PUMP OMNI LITE, so PUMP technology into the people's attention.

In 1992, Reebok wins, Pump Dual Running, Pump II Hi, TransitZone Pump and theDouble Pump and other shoes have sprung up. Basketball shoes have signed a large shark O'Neill, and launched a special signature for the Shaq One ​​Pump.

In 1994, the Reebok Pump series launched Insta Pump Fury running shoes that still resided in the world. This shoe because the pump technology of the whole shoe body use, than the previous running shoes lighter, more affixed feet. ReebokInsta Pump Fury in the global market has made a surprising boom, the young Fujiwara Hiroshi, Bjork and Jackie Chan Big Brother have a soft spot for this shoe, Jackie Chan and even customize their signature style. 2014 is the birth of Pump Technology 25 years, but also InstaPump Fury this shoe born 20 years of the year. In order to celebrate and commemorate the 20th anniversary, Reebok in addition to 20 years ago, InstaPump Fury 1994 original engraved, but also with the world's leading shoe store and shoe organization to cooperate for a total of 27 to bring you a distinctive Pump Fury joint shoes.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Super.Fly 2 PO X

At the crucial moment of the game, athletes usually put on black jerseys and shoes to show their determination. Inspired by this move, JORDAN BRAND launched this year's playoff series. The signature shoe series to black-based color, showing a solemn serious, shining audience determination.

JORDAN BRAND uses advanced technology and high-quality materials, launched its top basketball shoes lineup, help athletes landing basketball field shine the most shining moment. Super.Fly 2 PO X with injection TPU heel stabilizer and full grain leather shoes eye, reinforced parts more light, more solid. CP3.VII AE X is the use of dynamic fly line technology to provide super lock fit, the structure of seamless integration, bringing more outstanding comfort.

Each shoe is designed with special color splicing and flash elements, so that basketball shoes more "shine". Playoff equipment into the black reflective material, is to Air Jordan V original design of the traditional tribute to the reflective material. In addition, the playoff series of boots color also reflects the team spirit.

JORDAN BRAND today announced the new Jordan Future. This shoes inherited classic shoes Air Jordan XI, to the same type of knitwear to create this year's most worth looking forward to the new!

Equipped with carbon fiber board and full palm air cushion outsole Jordan Future light, comfortable, and has a good cushioning effect. Deconstruction of the design of the upper to abandon the heel stabilizer and toe protection, highlighting the Jordan Virgin minimalist essence. Although Jordan Future has minimized brand information because of its outstanding design elements, the delicate details of the deal still make it stand out. Reflective weave to capture the natural light, with a surprising reflection effect, enhanced knit structure, and waterproof lace with gold shoes lead more Jordan Future add a little refined.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

2014 NOLA GumboLeague Collection

All-Star Game is about to start, Nike Basketball to create 2014 NOLA GumboLeague Collection to the venue of the unique style of New Orleans, the series includes LEBRON 11, KOBE 9 ELITE and KD VI. A bowl of okra soup (Gumbo) reflects New Orleans is a collection of cultural atmosphere, artistic style and music literacy of the diversified city.

The so-called hurry to eat hot tofu, to cook a bowl of authentic okra soup (Gumbo) need for temperature, spices and creative grasp of the appropriate benefits. Inspired by the story of Gumbo's taste and the movie <TheBig Easy>, Nike blends boldness with innovative technology, aesthetic appreciation and the traditional retro trend of New Orleans, the world's top basketball player LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant carefully created a new New Orleans style new boots.

LEBRON 11Gator King

LEBRON 11Gator King with the estuary of the king called the terrible animal - alligator for the design inspiration, bold expression of the royal power and strength. Crocodile, has always been regarded as a symbol of the New Orleans culture guard, has become through the shoe body design. The invisible luminous hand-painted totem is applied to the surface of the Hyperposite structure, emitting light in the darkness. Deep purple, green and gold with the use of the performance of the solemn contemplation, comes from the carnival celebration of the king Rex.

KOBE 9Elite Maestro

Nike basketball also born in New Orleans born jazz music tribute. Just as the great jazz musicians are playing with instincts, Bryant will show a similar improvisation on the pitch. KOBE 9 ELITE Maestro on the upper use of brass as emphasis on the use of luminous design of the soles, accompanied by action, like a jazz club in the play generally shine in the night. In the upper, there are also design mysterious luminous totem.

KD VIIllusion

In New Orleans, not everything is the same as it looks at first. It was as if Durant had subverted the misconceptions of people about seven feet, and his unrestricted scoring range redefined the understanding of a striker. In order to showcase the magic of Kevin Durant, KD VI Illusion's hand-painted pattern on the uppers follows the flexible movement of Durant in the field. The outcry of the luminous also represents the spark of sparkling crest at Kevin Durant.

Just like this popular city like the world, the collection of basketball technology, the global attention of the All-Star Game will be held February 14 to 16 in New Orleans. Nike Basketball The leading release, with a special internal lining of the graphics shoes are: LEBRON 11 Gator King, KOBE 9 ELITEMaestro and KD VI Illusion; each pair of purchased shoes contains a commemorative version of the Tarot card, And with special edition shoe box packaging.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


David Obadia and Nelson Hassan's French brand Brooklyn We Go Hard started his career with well-known street brands in the early days of 2010, and the two-year-old love for PUMA contributed to this exciting collaboration. This cooperation, they will BWGH Paris style and PUMA long brand heritage perfect combination, has been popular R698 called a new look. At the same time, a classic backpack was remodeled for both BWGH exquisite design and PUMA movement elements of innovation.

Uabcemm3731 , Uabcexx4028 , Uabcenf3750 , Uabceyp4046 , Uabcfjr4334 , Uabceor3788 , Uabcepp3812 , Uabcfbx4132 , Uabcegg3569 , Uabceha3589 , Uabcfeg4193 , Uabcetl3912 , Uabcejd3644 , Uabceuu3947 , Uabcfgz4264 , Uabcevn3966 , Uabcekm3679 , Uabcewe3983 , Uabcfik4301 , Uabcfjc4319 , Uabcexo4019 , Uabcemu3739 , Uabceyd4034 , Uabcfkp4358 , Uabcenn3758 , Uabceyw4053 , Uabcefd3540 , Uabceoy3795 , Uabcego3577 , Uabcfce4139 , Uabcehk3599 , Uabceib3616 , Uabcesz3900 , Uabcfeq4203 , Uabcets3919 , Uabcekc3669 , Uabcfgi4247 , Uabceku3687 , Uabcevd3956 , Uabcfhh4272 , Uabcevv3974 , Uabcfia4291 , Uabcewm3991 , Uabcfis4309 , Uabceeq3527 , Uabcexv4026 , Uabcfkf4348 , Uabcefl3548 , Uabceyl4042 , Uabcfl168 , Uabcepk3807 , Uabcezh4064 , Uabcflw4391 , Uabceqe3827 , Uabcegy3587 , Uabceik3625 , Uabcesm3887 , Uabcfcs4153 , Uabcetj3910 , Uabceju3661 , Uabcfee4191 , Uabcffa4213 , Uabcevl3964 , Uabcewb3980
Trinomic technology was runners recognized as professional running shoes in the 90's, R698 can be described as the birth of PUMA running a great innovation. R698 is undoubtedly one of PUMA's most popular shoe type, on this basis, PUMA's design team and BWGH's David Obadia together to create this limited edition shoes.

For Obadia and Hassan, BWGH represents all of the two. Obadia has a passion for art and fashion, and since childhood it has explored the urban culture. He will own experience into the soul of BWGH, the details of the focus for this cooperation shoes to bring a little sense of the city.

David Obadia in charge of BWGH design direction, in the design is not difficult to see his obsession with heavy color and solid color. David Obadia often draws inspiration from the works of American painter Mark Rothko, who is known for his expertise in large pieces of painting. Rothko firmly believes that color is the real language, which in the dark blue tone of the BWGH x PUMA R698 get the right embodiment.

R698 can be described as Rothko's canvas came into being, it combines the essence of PUMA and BWGH elements, and make the perfect fusion of the two. Turned fur, mesh and lace material composition of the blue shoes body, blue and white shoelaces exquisite highlights the blue tone. Obadia's fine blend of PUMA aesthetics, for the R698 has given a unique character.

Limited skateboard only special channel to send, and the highly anticipated R698 will be with the backpack on December 6 at exclusive starting, December 7 global designated shops will also be sold. R698 release can be described as PUMA and BWGH in 2014 before and after the winter co-operation for the test.

Monday, July 24, 2017


Internationally renowned dynamic life brand PUMA ushered in its classic logo shoes - PUMA Suede 45 anniversary of the birth. To commemorate this landmark day, PUMA heavy show Suede Sapphire sapphire advanced custom limited edition, its name and color are from the representative of the 45th anniversary of the rare birth stone. As part of the 45th anniversary of Suede's birthday, Suede Sapphire shoes will be available on November 8, 2013 in the global limited edition 450 pairs, the mainland will be sold in the NPC shop and PUMA Sanlitun Taikoo black standard shop.

Uabcczm2717 , Uabccuf2580 , Uabcbz78 , Uabccmg2373 , Uabccja2289 , Uabcchj2246 , Uabcccl2118 , Uabccrj2506 , Uabcdjd2968 , Uabcckw2337 , Uabccjf2294 , Uabcdbv2778 , Uabcda105 , Uabccte2553 , Uabccro2511 , Uabcdaz2756 , Uabcdhm2925 , Uabcdcd2786 , Uabccep2174 , Uabccwr2644 , Uabccva2601 , Uabcbzo2043 , Uabcdlk3027 , Uabccqe2475 , Uabcegt3582 , Uabcdgb2888 , Uabcbvm1937 , Uabccgj2220 , Uabccev2180 , Uabccvf2606 , Uabccbj2090 , Uabccto2563 , Uabccry2521 , Uabccqj2480 , Uabcefn3550 , Uabcdjx2988 , Uabcetf3906 , Uabcbxf1982 , Uabccll2352 , Uabccju2309 , Uabccgo2225 , Uabccyx2702 , Uabccbo2095 , Uabcctu2569 , Uabcbzz2054 , Uabcdlv3038 , Uabccqp2486 , Uabccoy2443 , Uabcdgl2898 , Uabcclq2357 , Uabccjz2314 , Uabccfe2189 , Uabccvp2616 , Uabcctz2574 , Uabccsj2532 , Uabcewc3981 , Uabccpc2447 , Uabccnl2404 , Uabcddb2810 , Uabcdbf2762 , Uabccgz2236 , Uabccud2578 , Uabccso2537 , Uabcbyt2022 , Uabccpi2453 , Uabcdip2954 , Uabccnr2410 , Uabccdw2155 , Uabcdfc2863 , Uabcddg2815 , Uabcciv2284
PUMA Suede was born in 1968, today is still the most watched PUMA shoes. Track and field star TommieSmith and basketball master Walt 'Clyde' Frazier were his fans. In the 1970s, Hip-Hop, B-boys and Funk popular in the 1970s, PUMA Suede fame. With excellent soles craftsmanship and simple and smooth classic style, by the world-renowned B-Boy group New York City Breakers and Rock Steady Crew, including many street groups favor. When the underground music began to take the streets, PUMA Suede gradually become a microcosm of street culture, and even achievements in 1984 about the street culture of the famous film "Beat Street" in the classic shape. Towards the early 90s, Suede was still the most common style of street skateboarding and alternative rock musicians.

In order to pass the essence of PUMA Suede, PUMA carefully designed Suede Sapphire, and by the craftsmanship of the famous PUMA Japanese factory carefully polished. Sapphire uppers are made of specially tailored high quality frizzy, followed by laser engraved "Sapphire" mark. The tongue pattern is made up of PUMA Logo and symbols symbolizing early mining tools. Each pair of specially customized version of the Sapphire tongue behind the sewn "Made in Japan" leather nameplate.

PUMA Suede PUMA brand is the origin of the interpreter, is also PUMA products from the stadium swept the streets of witnesses. In the 45 years after the birth, in the introduction of hundreds of color and has millions of global sales, PUMA Suede still continue to write the history of the development of sports shoes.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

FuTure Suede LiTe

The air is still a trace of summer heat, the cool breeze has been sent to the golden autumn, even if the personality of the graffiti interesting Tee will be hidden in the thin coat, the "natural players" who will not suppress their own play cell, Whether it is with friends and friends out of the street, or close friends hanging, even commute to commute, will always be able to fight and fight color "playing" between the hands. Internationally renowned dynamic brand PUMA since the autumn and winter of 2012 launched the "natural player" slogan, have repeatedly presented a series of trendy out to the IN with and stunning design, the "Fun every day," the music of the natural excitement Most vividly.

Uabcarx1168 , Uabcbrp1836 , Uabcbip1602 , Uabcbco1445 , Uabcbtk1883 , Uabcav48 , Uabcaqr1136 , Uabcbqj1804 , Uabcayp1342 , Uabcbbk1415 , Uabcasl1182 , Uabcfgg4245 , Uabcdfe2865 , Uabcdix2962 , Uabcbgc1537 , Uabcbm65 , Uabcata1197 , Uabcbnq1733 , Uabcbpt1788 , Uabcbav1400 , Uabcbro1835 , Uabcbio1601 , Uabcdhq2929 , Uabcbh60 , Uabcauz1248 , Uabcbog1749 , Uabcazs1371 , Uabcatp1212 , Uabcbna1717 , Uabcbpd1772 , Uabcbgb1536 , Uabcavn1262 , Uabcblz1690 , Uabcdis2957 , Uabcbtv1894 , Uabcfdg4167 , Uabcbps1787 , Uabcawc1277 , Uabcarv1166 , Uabcbln1678 , Uabcbfm1521 , Uabcbqh1802 , Uabcbhi1569 , Uabcbti1881 , Uabcbsb1848 , Uabcbei1491 , Uabccza2705 , Uabcbv74 , Uabcbdb1458 , Uabcauc1225 , Uabcdfm2873 , Uabcbbx1428 , Uabchn222 , Uabcasy1195 , Uabcbsr1864 , Uabcbat1398 , Uabcbrm1833 , Uabcbdt1476 , Uabcaru1165
Autumn PUMA again "play" heart big hair, the new launch of the sports and leisure series is also unconventional to the most fashionable elements of the city into the pattern of color design to go. With full of urban pulse atmosphere of the city track and road map as a large body of printing, with a very modern city landmark landmark silhouette as a chest pattern, using a visual impact of the gradual change hit color bar, simple and changeable use of camouflage elements, PUMA has always been exposed to the brand's unique "fun" perspective to interpret the exclusive spirit of the players and players equipment.

Players City Tours Walk between city rails

Morning and the girlfriend in the Xintiandi coffee, the afternoon to the gold center shopping, the night rushed to Tongren Road, drink, the natural city of the players are full of pulsating factors, easy to cruise in the city every hot Hotspot. PUMA fully explored the player attributes, will be put into the inspiration into the new product design, the city in the horizontal twists and turns, criss-cross the rail track for the design of the blueprint to the flow of the map coordinates as a site, will wantonly shuttle spirit Swung on the body. Players City Tour series also introduced men and women of different models of different colors, including woven jackets and LOGO Tee.

Woven coat with large area criss-cross the orbital coordinates of the pattern for the body, bright elements of the lines mix and match, coupled with the same color pocket cuffs and zipper design, with a foldable collection of portable features, highly practical and collocation. Men and women with a variety of short-sleeved compassion will be the city silhouette and PUMA CAT transparent watermark combination, or with Rock In City slogan printing, as the outside with a must take a single product.

Details of the urban camouflage

As the most fashionable elements nowadays, camouflage has been integrated into a variety of designs. PUMA this time launched the urban camouflage series is unconventional, cleverly into the camouflage elements and clothing every detail, inadvertently walked in the forefront of the trend. Whether it is a long holiday holiday, or leisure time with the couple out of the way, always find a comfortable and stylish camouflage single product allows you to take leisurely mood into the green, into the nature.

City camouflage series of knitted jacket will be urban rail pattern and camouflage blend, so that the original tough lines to increase the amount of soft feeling, and with the cool weather launched by the black, dark blue, pink or cotton are easy to take inside and mashup The Has always been popular hooded sweater also in the details of the big cap pocket with wave point and camouflage color make up the article, the same section of the knitted pants are also low-key highlights the hiding in the roll on the trousers above.

As a classic shoe brand culture, PUMA naturally will not forget to camouflage elements into the shoe design. Spring and summer attention of many light shoes are invariably put on camouflage coat. Future Suede brand time machine followed by the classic Suede modeling began in 1968 basketball and B-BOY cultural heritage, camouflage pattern graffiti in the texture of the soles of the sandwich; from the classic style PUMA CLYDE GLYDE Lite, is also low-key The future of the camouflage pattern painted on the inside of the shoe; rock to love the section of Tekkies this season to introduce new, Future Suede models in the tongue on the big camouflage color; spring and summer so that "born players" are busy playing with the Archive Lite and Zanthem Lite shoes Paragraph is not falling behind, bright color and shoe body runway camouflage dotted the spirit of the player to show the most vividly.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

LI-NING WoW Encore

2012-13 season NBA playoffs, Li Ning brand for the Miami Heat star Dwyane - Wade to create a new boots - Li Ning Wade return (LI-NING WoW Encore)! Li Ning Wade return to the "Announcement", "Overtown", a total of 2 color, will be on June 25, 2013 sale.

As a result of the 1.5-generation product of Li-Ning Way of Wade, Li Ning Wade returned to Wade and Miami Heat to 66 wins and 16 losses after the end of the regular season, after a brief break, once again on stage to pursue the ultimate Goal of ambition. The upper by the leather material to build, in the end to join the carbon fiber board, forefoot with Bounse rebound technology, after the palm to join the Cushion cushioning technology, the whole pair of shoes full of strong Dwyane - Wade personal style, also contains numerous Personal elements, the price of 849 yuan, do not miss!

Function perfect support performance

Bounse technology: the front of the palm of your hand embedded Li Ning traditional Bounse technology to ensure maximum energy rebound.

Cushion Technology: Li Ning classic Cushion technology, increase heel damping.

TPU support structure: followed by the outer edge of the TPU support structure, supplemented by the shoe wrapped in the heel Femack suture technology for Wade's feet to provide a good package and stable support.

Medium carbon fiber board: for Li Ning Wade return to provide excellent foot support and toughness.

Personal style wonderful expression

The ZZDG on the inside of the heel is the name of Zaire, Zion, Zion, Dada, and Gabrielle's first letter, the central 11105 11-year-old son Zaire, 10-year-old nephew Dada, 5-year-old son Zion; soles 91, representing the age of Wade grandmother.

Personal logo is full of meaning

Wade personal logo: Wade grew up in Chicago slums, from small as Michael - Jordan as an idol, can not afford Jordan shoes, his favorite painting of the personal logo, but because too complex always painted bad. Small Wade secretly determined, looking forward to one day fame, his Logo allows children to easily draw.

After the fame, Wade and the personal team together to design Logo, and invited the famous singer Kanye - West to participate. Eventually, a just 7 pen can be painted a good logo baked, simple but not simple. Logo on the left and right around the four regions, on behalf of the letters W, A, D, E, also represents Wade's most cherished life of the four parts: family, basketball, charity, fashion. Surrounded by the outer ring, in any case flip, Wade's world has always been the same.

W-type striped shoelaces: two-color W-shaped striped lace in the toe to form a huge W-type design, not only its signature shoes important design elements, but also for the forefoot parts to provide a protective strap system.

Wade blocks logo: composed of four blocks, on behalf of the letters W, A, D, E, which is Wade as a father for the children to retain a childlike. DW font shading: soles a lot of DW font shading, resembles the shape of the bow tie, the perfect fit Wade gentleman temperament.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Super Hero Elite 2.0 Chip Edition Gorgeous Gold Playoffs playoffs

In the launch of the "Super Hero" science fiction color elite 2.0 boots series, NIKE still continued last season's elite color main colors, with NIKE + sports tracking system with Elite Series 2.0 + suit, with LeBron X PS Elite +, Kobe 8 System Elite + and KD V Elite + three stars of the elite version of the signature war boots, with the white gold on such generous color, for everyone to continue the previous generation of elite series of classic color.

The launch of the LEBRON X PS ELITE +, KOBE 8 SYSTEM ELITE + and KD V ELITE + are the championship trophy for the design inspiration, the overall gold as a rendering. The combination of cutting-edge materials and design concepts, through the lightweight structure, enhance the comfort and dynamic protection.

The design of the Nike ELITE Series 2.0+ shows the way that every stadium has to win the championship. Elegant black and white color, supplemented by golden swoosh design, distinctive details appear in each of the different shoes: athletes exclusive logo, gold embellished Kevlar Kevlar fiber shoelaces, gold dynamic fly line, in the end of black and white inkjet design The

Nike ELITE Series 2.0+ built-in support for Nike + Basketball features, all-round record the competitiveness of athletes around the world. Nike + Basketball uses Bluetooth to access the iPhone client, measuring athletes in the game jump height, against the strength and speed (to be sold separately with the Nike + Sport Kit), through the information data to reproduce their own sports performance, with friends under.

Nike + Basketball app program has recently been upgraded, including sports intensity, game data analysis, historical records, etc. are included in the data analysis range.

NIKE Basketball Elite 2.0 Series combines lightweight construction, fit comfort and dynamic protection as one. The series of shoes introduced Kevlar Kevlar fiber and carbon fiber two special materials. As a cutting-edge material, Kevlar Kevlar fiber is widely used in body armor, the material has a very high strength and weight ratio, the use of this material to the shoes, no doubt for athletes to provide effective foot locking and protection. While the carbon fiber is light and resilient with the hinge foam, bringing compact protection and comfortable wearing experience.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Barkley Posite Max

Since 1984, Charles Barkley and Nike have been committed to the transformation of shoes, and from which to gain fun. Charles Barkley's basketball career for three decades, his influence has been far beyond the stadium. In the early 1990s, basketball began to spread and promote in the world, Barkley control and enhance the ability of the game is one of the key factors, and he dared to dare to go beyond the basketball game, until today.

In 1993, Barkley was named the world's best player, his basketball wisdom and personality in the sport is unprecedented, and this is the Nike basketball team tried to pursue.

"I will never forget to sign up with Nike in 1984. It was a pleasure to have such a thriving global company be able to sign my young town in the town of Alabama Leeds," said Barkley.

Attitude and self-confidence

He was on the pitch full of impunity, the presence of the show is the impeccable charm. 6-foot-5-inch tall Barkley, on the pitch but with the 7-foot giant confrontation, but Barkley has a fearless confidence to win the game.


Over the years, Nike basketball team together with Barkley launched a special signature boots. Barkley's iconic style is injected into the design of each shoe: teeth, tights and face are inspired by the unique design details.

Eric Avar, Tinker Hatfield and Wilson Smith and other Nike top shoes designers will meet regularly with Barkley, listen to ideas and inspire inspiration. Nike clothing team from Barkley distinctive personality to draw inspiration, design clothing series.

Parents should be an example?

Thanks to the boom of the 1980s and 1990s, Nike and Barkley in the television and print ads in a fun interaction, sparking in the world. "The moderates may be able to take over the earth, but they will never grab the basketball from my hands" (The Meek Will Inherit the Earth, but they Will not Get the Ball), "I am not an example" (I Am Not a Role Model and Charles's Tokyo commercials are just a handful of classic ad representations that Barkley can easily remember.

Barkley said: "Phil Knight (Phil Knight) to create Nike's deviant spirit at that time is difficult to find today, I really admire my life in many of the most memorable experience and Nike, until today I have always been honored to be a member of Nike.

Now, Nike Barkley dare to bold style for the launch of Barkley Posite Max sneakers. The new sports life shoes is both his tribute to his previous shoes, but also joined the future sense of the aesthetic design. Designer Marc Dolce (Marc Dolce) from a museum dinosaur exhibition visit to get inspiration, and these inspiration and the ancient Barkley shoes, the combination of the iconic elements.

Nike Barkley Posite Max in the world will have four colors to choose from, before August 2013 a month for sale. Nickname "rebounding ball" Buckley is proud of his new shoes.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Big canvas Jordan28 Wei Shao All-Star Weekend Shooting Star Boots

Joining the Jordan brand one of the Thunder Gemini Westbrook in this all-star weekend to enjoy the show Jordan leather season, the highlight of the year the main charm of the AIR JORDAN XX8, simple cloth jacket design so that Jordan XX8 has a lot of in the upper Play in the Saturday night's shooting star game, Westbrook wearing a specially tailored for his Jordan XX8 "Why Not" pe version of the debut to grab everyone's attention.

The design concept of the boots is reflected in the Jordan's ultra-high to help the design, pull the zipper is a pair of boots after the shape, a simple cloth can do a lot of articles, Wei Shao this pair of Jordan XX8 shooting star on the use of beautiful Of the Thunder color, blue with orange, the upper there are too few nicknamed "Mr.Why Not" inspired to create the Why Not font, shoe shape and light the overall composition of the concept of the concept of the advanced car like Jordan XX8 2013 Jordan brand flagship is the main generation.

Jordan XX8 Technical analysis:

1. The use of stretchable synthetic material of the upper shield with high-performance zipper design not only play a supporting role, but also showing a neat and agile and a unique appearance of the times.

2. Dynamic Fit technology using the elastic band, from the midsole has been stretched package, and with the lace system integration, both light and play a supporting role, and can be automatically adjusted with the action of the feet.

3. Full length boots made of three layers of mesh, not only more breathable, but also help to reduce friction.

4. Achilles tendon slot parts placed in the cushion, while enhancing the comfort at the same time also help to ease the heel parts sliding.

5. External molding heel can play a light support role, and provide bamboo fiber and carbon fiber two kinds of materials and color options.

6. Heel parts of the pull to make shoes more convenient.

7. 8-inch shoe collar not only play a supporting role, and its unique design so that athletes look more different.

8. The innovative Flight Plate technology uses Pebax as the raw material of the shock absorber, through the compression and bending Nike Zoom unit to maximize the shock absorption feedback, and thus play the best performance.

9. The Nike Zoom unit in the heel and forefoot plays a quick response to the rapid response and provides a closer feel to the ground.

10. Phylon stent brings stability and support.

11. In the rapid change, the carbon plate in the foot to bring torsional stiffness and light support.

12. In the hardwood floor on the court, and more to the outsole pattern can bring excellent grip and wear resistance.

13. According to different colors using hard rubber or translucent rubber material outsole, are very strong wear.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Nike to the black history of the month tribute 2013 national pattern black orange series

Nike BHM series of distinctive themes, to play to their influence, so that the world more exciting athletes pay tribute, including Didier Drogba, Serena Williams and Kevin Durant ).

"Black History Month" represents a wide range, including: civic leadership, social democracy, community organizations, and so on.

In order to highlight the extraordinary significance of the black history of the month, Nike launched BHM series of products, and as a basis for expanding the sports for the community's influence. 2013 Nike BHM series to "Be Bold. Be True" as a slogan praise three athletes fearless, unremitting pursuit of the dream of sports spirit.

2013 Nike BHM series will be officially on sale on January 26, the product includes: seven sports shoes, two T-shirts, Destroyer jacket, Nike Elite socks and 5-panel hat. Each product is a unified style to create, with black, gray, brown as the tone, accompanied by orange embellishment, this bright and bold color just with the "Be Bold" slogan echoes, also revealed that Nike since its inception in 1972 The bold gene.

Now, athletes at all levels are more powerful than ever before, and they expand their influence beyond the sport through their own unique abilities. Football star Drogba, tennis legend Serena and basketball legend Kevin 尠 灧 are committed to feedback community, for Nike

BHM series brings creative inspiration.

Nike for the three athletes were built their exclusive logo. Drogba's logo is a bulb that fuses with football to show that he is constantly working to promote solar bulbs in poor areas of Africa. Serena's logo is a flash of tennis to show how she promotes the empowerment movement of young women, especially through a secondary school she finances in Kenya. Durant's logo is a cloud-shaped basketball hoop that represents the hopes and dreams of young athletes and reflects his support for his hometown of Seat Pleasant, Maryland, where he says that he has helped him realize his dream. These three icons will be integrated into the Nike BHM's unique print pattern throughout the entire series.

Nike BHM series thanks to Nike Sportswear leisure products and Nike Basketball high-performance products together. Nike Sportswear BHM includes Nike Lunar Force 1, Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite Hi, Nike Dunk Sky Hi and Nike Air Force 1 Downtown. And Nike Basketball for the BHM series provides KD V, LEBRON X and KOBE 8 SYSTEM special edition; these three versions are used in black, gray and orange, and with Nike BHM signature pattern.

All shoes will be on January 21 (Monday) Martin Luther King (Martin Luther King Jr) anniversary debut.

To admit to the good tradition of contributing to society and motivating young people, Nike will donate a part of the sales from the Nike BHM series to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

About Nike:

Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike is headquartered in the industry for the design, sale and operation of various sports and fitness sportswear, apparel, equipment and accessories. Nike's wholly-owned subsidiaries include Converse, which designs, sells and operates sports footwear, apparel and accessories, as well as footwear, apparel and accessories that primarily design, sell and operate extreme sports and meet the lifestyle of young people. Hurley International.

Jordan Melo M9

The new JORDAN MELO M9 will be officially on sale on January 9, only 13 ounces of the M9 will be JORDAN MELO series of the lightest shoes.

Nike's JORDAN BRAND has officially launched a full range of JORDAN MELO M9 series boots. The new JORDAN MELO M9 to Cameron Tony Tony on the luxury watches and super hero armor love for its unique design inspiration core, and, as always, help today's basketball one of the most versatile athletes - Cameron East Nepal, the speed and strength of the perfect combination to the limit. The weight of only 13 ounces of JORDAN MELO M9 is the history of the lightest shoes in the series. JORDAN MELO M9 earlier to full of Christmas elements of the red, green, white color in the Christmas war debut, and will be officially launched on January 9.

JORDAN MELO M9 uses Nike Zoom cushioning technology to provide light support and enhanced response capability. In addition, JORDAN MELO M9 has a complete TPU cage angle will be wrapped in foot, enhanced lateral stability and support; use of dynamic bonding technology Flywire strap wrapped from the bottom to the shoelace part, to provide the fit of the foot light Support, give athletes a full sense of the fit. The design of this band also cleverly show the shape of the "M" alphabet on behalf of the Cameron 褠 Tony, making the shape of the shoes more observable.

"I think the shoes are able to protect my ankle at the same time, do not affect and limit my ability to cut.With the JORDAN, I want the shoes to be able to protect my ankle at the same time, BRAND team of close research and development cooperation, I look forward to the perfect war boots finally able to play with me.

JORDAN MELO M9 will be available on January 9, the first batch of products with four colors to choose from, more color will be met later this year with the fans. The sale of the color, including the New York Knicks inspired by the blue / black / orange / white, black / white / blue, black / white / bright orange.

More design details


During the 2011 - 2012 season, Anthony visited the Nike global headquarters in Beaverton, Ohio, and discussed the design of JORDAN MELO M9 with JORDAN BRAND's chief shoe designer Justin Taylor. In this visit, JORDAN BRAND staff also on Anthony's body and feet were re-scanned, this is Anthony since entering the NBA since the first experience.

"Cameron's foot is relatively narrow, so the focus of this shoe is fit, not only for Anthony a person, but also to the greatest degree for a variety of basketball players." Taylor said, "Cameron said his ideal Boots like a superhero tights like fit: smooth, fit and do not affect the action to see the superhero tights, and both have multiple design, but not bloated.For shoes, This is also a very clever idea, but the shape of the shoes need to have other inspiration and ideas.

Taylor began to talk with him about his hobby outside the stadium, hoping to inspire JORDAN MELO M9 shape design inspiration, and in the end they will look on the star for the luxury watch favorite.

"With the passage of time, gravity eventually stops all the components of the watch, and the time stops running." Taylor went on to say, "The Tourbillon is the eternal battery of the watch, which is able to counteract the gravity." We used the tourbillon as the upper As the surface of the watch, the shoes of the various levels are playing their own independent functions, but together, can constitute a strong overall increase in the degree of fit shoes. "JORDAN MELO M9 the same integration of the The other elements of the watch, including the heel on the dial, the left side of a trapeze pattern, the surface of the hour pointer to 3,6,9,12 four points.
JORDAN MELO M9 forefoot and heel configuration of the largest size of the Nike Zoom air cushion, can provide the corresponding cushioning function; full palm injection Phylon midsole can provide light cushioning and comfort; heel and forefoot with exaggerated people Word pattern, for athletes to provide a strong grip, while the heel to the transition to the toes more smoothly.

JORDAN MELO M9 has a number of exclusive imprints on Anthony. Shoes outsole has his signature, a symbol of his recognition and recognition; shoe box with Anthony team on the number 15; underneath the lace has nine holes, a symbol of this is Anthony's ninth signature shoes; shoes Tongue and heel have his logo.