Thursday, July 27, 2017

2014 NOLA GumboLeague Collection

All-Star Game is about to start, Nike Basketball to create 2014 NOLA GumboLeague Collection to the venue of the unique style of New Orleans, the series includes LEBRON 11, KOBE 9 ELITE and KD VI. A bowl of okra soup (Gumbo) reflects New Orleans is a collection of cultural atmosphere, artistic style and music literacy of the diversified city.

The so-called hurry to eat hot tofu, to cook a bowl of authentic okra soup (Gumbo) need for temperature, spices and creative grasp of the appropriate benefits. Inspired by the story of Gumbo's taste and the movie <TheBig Easy>, Nike blends boldness with innovative technology, aesthetic appreciation and the traditional retro trend of New Orleans, the world's top basketball player LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant carefully created a new New Orleans style new boots.

LEBRON 11Gator King

LEBRON 11Gator King with the estuary of the king called the terrible animal - alligator for the design inspiration, bold expression of the royal power and strength. Crocodile, has always been regarded as a symbol of the New Orleans culture guard, has become through the shoe body design. The invisible luminous hand-painted totem is applied to the surface of the Hyperposite structure, emitting light in the darkness. Deep purple, green and gold with the use of the performance of the solemn contemplation, comes from the carnival celebration of the king Rex.

KOBE 9Elite Maestro

Nike basketball also born in New Orleans born jazz music tribute. Just as the great jazz musicians are playing with instincts, Bryant will show a similar improvisation on the pitch. KOBE 9 ELITE Maestro on the upper use of brass as emphasis on the use of luminous design of the soles, accompanied by action, like a jazz club in the play generally shine in the night. In the upper, there are also design mysterious luminous totem.

KD VIIllusion

In New Orleans, not everything is the same as it looks at first. It was as if Durant had subverted the misconceptions of people about seven feet, and his unrestricted scoring range redefined the understanding of a striker. In order to showcase the magic of Kevin Durant, KD VI Illusion's hand-painted pattern on the uppers follows the flexible movement of Durant in the field. The outcry of the luminous also represents the spark of sparkling crest at Kevin Durant.

Just like this popular city like the world, the collection of basketball technology, the global attention of the All-Star Game will be held February 14 to 16 in New Orleans. Nike Basketball The leading release, with a special internal lining of the graphics shoes are: LEBRON 11 Gator King, KOBE 9 ELITEMaestro and KD VI Illusion; each pair of purchased shoes contains a commemorative version of the Tarot card, And with special edition shoe box packaging.

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