Thursday, July 13, 2017

Rose Howard Chinese Lunar Year Year Special Edition released

The footsteps of the Lunar New Year is getting closer, Adidas for the Chinese basketball fans in particular to create a series of costumes and shoes, the traditional Chinese totem - snake scales and clouds wrapped around the shoe body, accompanied by golden details to show the whole New Year is full Dynamic and dynamic, distributed trend temperament. Which Adidas Basketball Year series highlights the introduction of Derek Ross and Dwight Howard two star star series of products.

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Fit the 2013 water phase snake years, with turquoise blue-based color, and lined with gold followed by the TPU, with ubiquitous details reflect this limited edition Rose 3.5 snake years of the ultimate luxury. This limited edition version of the Rose 3.5 snake years compared to the ordinary version of the design of the toe in the use of the snake scale modeling Obscure, in the perfect combination of "snake years" of the Chinese elements at the same time, but also to consumers A stronger visual impact experience. Followed by the SPRINT FRAME also plated with a layer of golden luster,

In the course of the lighting under the lighting, sparkling with a glittering golden light. In addition, Adidas on the details of this snake is also intricate, the tongue inside the Rose LOGO outside the occasion with a pair of gossip figure, reflecting the Chinese culture in the harmony of yin and yang, LOGO outer ring there A snake around, dotted the theme of the snake years.

And Rose 3.5 is different from the New Year special section of the D Howard Light boots, these boots with traditional Chinese red as the main colors, and with black gold with a highlight of the extraordinary sense of luxury. The whole pair of upper are full of snake scales embossed, reflecting the snake years of this theme. It is worth mentioning that the shoes on the three bars are also cleverly integrated into the moire design, in providing the best vamp support at the same time, but also to reflect the Chinese elements most vividly. In the tongue, we are familiar with the Howard exclusive LOGO, tongue inside also embroidered with his signature, filling Adidas on the NBA's first center of attention.

Ross series, all the clothing this year changed the traditional red tradition, fit the 2013 water phase snake years, mainly to turquoise blue color, people shines. In addition, Adidas on the design of this series of years of dress is also quite ingenuity, Rose's personal LOGO outside the scene should be accompanied by a pair of gossip figure, reflecting the Chinese culture in the harmony of yin and yang, LOGO outer ring there is a Surrounded by the snake, dotted the snake years of this theme. I believe that wearing a Rose hood jacket with a Ross pullover or short-sleeved T-shirt, together with a Ross basketball shorts, will make you on the pitch full of personality, high-profile.

Howard series is still reflected in the Purple King of the spirit, black hoodie front to three-dimensional serpentine printing process printed red and gold Howard personal LOGO, domineering. In addition, Adidas also specifically for Howard launched a uniform style jacket, improved classic military jacket design with a lot of World of Warcraft personal details of the elements, so that the presence of the wearer also filled with tough and domineering.

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