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Reebok The Pump

25 years ago, Reebok used a small pump to create a "tongue" on the wonderful, Reebok this great and interesting invention called PUMP. Reebok's 19-year ReebokPump Fury OG version of the first re-engraved, Reebok with 25 years time to prove Pump technology beyond the boundaries of time. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the advent of PUMP technology, Reebok Reebok Beijing's well-known tide shoe store DEAL held a bustling boutique shoe exhibition activities.

Not into the exhibition, the door of the huge inflatable column and bright orange jumping people already feel PUMP burst "infinite energy." This section will showcase the seven important shoes in the PUMP family, including PumpOmni Lite basketball shoes, Pump Graphite running shoes, Pump Omni Zone basketball shoes, Pump Court Victory tennis Shoes, dual running shoes, Blacktop Battleground basketball shoes, InstaPump Fury retro running shoes ... ... from the PUMP airbag deconstruction structure, to the relevant legend posters, a comprehensive review of PUMP 25 years of extraordinary experience, those memories of the past So one by one was aroused. At the same time, 2014 is also the PUMP family of the youngest avant-garde, the most recognized Insta Pump Fury shoes 20 birthday, Reebok for its birthday launched the "special joint planning" is also the first time in China, Called not small. Is the memory, is sigh, is excited, all the emotions are gathered in this, an orange air is surging.

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Reebok The Pump 25th Anniversary - Fine Shoes Show

Location: DEAL Beijing Drum Tower (No. 39-1, Drum Tower East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing)

Time: July 26, 2014 to August 5, 2014, Monday to Sunday 10:00 - 22:00

With the "PUMP25 anniversary celebration" getting better, many of its series of classic models from the summer one by one return to everyone's vision. Pump Omni Lite, as one of the flagship star of the PUMP series, this time will debut. Activities on the same day immediately released "black and white with" two new color: white models fresh and beautiful, very suitable for hot summer; black Zeyi calm atmosphere, with rose and fluorescent yellow for the embellishment, a short time to quickly catch people's attention.

Whether in 1989 or 2014, ReebokPump series is undoubtedly one of the important milestones in the history of shoe technology. In recent years, often released by the cooperation of many fans and innovative fans sought after, but also won the favor of many individuals, can be described as the ultimate representative of the avant-garde. Yong moving fresh people have the desire to wear it, more people want to touch the tongue of the Pump pump, touch the "tongue" on the wonderful.

PUMP series development brief introduction:

In 1898, Reebok launched his first Pump series of sports shoes ReebokThe Pump. The arrival of ReebokThe Pump will undoubtedly give athletes new options. The towering upper can be inflated with the Pump technology system, giving your feet an unprecedented reliable protection. With Paul Litchfield's words: "Every pair of shoes can not be tailor-made for your feet, but with the emergence of Pump technology, it will make up for the shoe itself is not suitable for your feet, by pressing Pump pump, Let the air go a little bit to fill those parts that are not for your feet.

In 1990, ReebokPump series of shoes in the field of basketball cut a striking figure at the same time, will also pump technology into more shoes. On the tennis court Reebok Pump Court Victory and the Chinese tennis player Zhang Depei combination has left a very deep impression. The middle of the upper leather reinforcement design makes this double Court Victory Pump more focused on support and stability. And in this pair of shoes after the palm part of the use of Hexalite honeycomb cushioning technology. Dura Trac Plus rubber outsole is more wear-resistant to ensure the performance on the tennis court.

In 1990, Reebok launched the shot, launched Pump Omni Zone basketball shoes, combined with Pump Inflatable technology and ERS (Energy Return System) seismic soles, giving its powerful functionality, while the texture of the leather upper, tall ankle Excellent protection of the performance, became recognized as the highest technical content of basketball shoes.

1991, PUMP series can be described as the history of the most exciting year, in one fell swoop launched PUMPOMNI Lite and BattlegroundPump two pairs of basketball shoes. The Celtics Dee Brown (Dee Brown) through No Look Style (with his right arm blindfolded, left arm round to fly a note deduction) defeated, including "rain man" Camp and many other experts, in one fell swoop The slam dunk contest champion, but also let people remember his feet PUMP OMNI LITE, so PUMP technology into the people's attention.

In 1992, Reebok wins, Pump Dual Running, Pump II Hi, TransitZone Pump and theDouble Pump and other shoes have sprung up. Basketball shoes have signed a large shark O'Neill, and launched a special signature for the Shaq One ​​Pump.

In 1994, the Reebok Pump series launched Insta Pump Fury running shoes that still resided in the world. This shoe because the pump technology of the whole shoe body use, than the previous running shoes lighter, more affixed feet. ReebokInsta Pump Fury in the global market has made a surprising boom, the young Fujiwara Hiroshi, Bjork and Jackie Chan Big Brother have a soft spot for this shoe, Jackie Chan and even customize their signature style. 2014 is the birth of Pump Technology 25 years, but also InstaPump Fury this shoe born 20 years of the year. In order to celebrate and commemorate the 20th anniversary, Reebok in addition to 20 years ago, InstaPump Fury 1994 original engraved, but also with the world's leading shoe store and shoe organization to cooperate for a total of 27 to bring you a distinctive Pump Fury joint shoes.

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