Monday, July 17, 2017

Barkley Posite Max

Since 1984, Charles Barkley and Nike have been committed to the transformation of shoes, and from which to gain fun. Charles Barkley's basketball career for three decades, his influence has been far beyond the stadium. In the early 1990s, basketball began to spread and promote in the world, Barkley control and enhance the ability of the game is one of the key factors, and he dared to dare to go beyond the basketball game, until today.

In 1993, Barkley was named the world's best player, his basketball wisdom and personality in the sport is unprecedented, and this is the Nike basketball team tried to pursue.

"I will never forget to sign up with Nike in 1984. It was a pleasure to have such a thriving global company be able to sign my young town in the town of Alabama Leeds," said Barkley.

Attitude and self-confidence

He was on the pitch full of impunity, the presence of the show is the impeccable charm. 6-foot-5-inch tall Barkley, on the pitch but with the 7-foot giant confrontation, but Barkley has a fearless confidence to win the game.


Over the years, Nike basketball team together with Barkley launched a special signature boots. Barkley's iconic style is injected into the design of each shoe: teeth, tights and face are inspired by the unique design details.

Eric Avar, Tinker Hatfield and Wilson Smith and other Nike top shoes designers will meet regularly with Barkley, listen to ideas and inspire inspiration. Nike clothing team from Barkley distinctive personality to draw inspiration, design clothing series.

Parents should be an example?

Thanks to the boom of the 1980s and 1990s, Nike and Barkley in the television and print ads in a fun interaction, sparking in the world. "The moderates may be able to take over the earth, but they will never grab the basketball from my hands" (The Meek Will Inherit the Earth, but they Will not Get the Ball), "I am not an example" (I Am Not a Role Model and Charles's Tokyo commercials are just a handful of classic ad representations that Barkley can easily remember.

Barkley said: "Phil Knight (Phil Knight) to create Nike's deviant spirit at that time is difficult to find today, I really admire my life in many of the most memorable experience and Nike, until today I have always been honored to be a member of Nike.

Now, Nike Barkley dare to bold style for the launch of Barkley Posite Max sneakers. The new sports life shoes is both his tribute to his previous shoes, but also joined the future sense of the aesthetic design. Designer Marc Dolce (Marc Dolce) from a museum dinosaur exhibition visit to get inspiration, and these inspiration and the ancient Barkley shoes, the combination of the iconic elements.

Nike Barkley Posite Max in the world will have four colors to choose from, before August 2013 a month for sale. Nickname "rebounding ball" Buckley is proud of his new shoes.

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