Saturday, July 8, 2017


Converse announced the launch of CONVERSE x MISSONI joint collection series. The new program, part of the Converse First String high-end line, will launch a series of 20 pairs of classic fabrics with Missoni's unique collection. And this limited 20 pairs of series will be September 28 (Friday) in the French fashion name Colette, by the artist Gary Card to create a unique installation art, in the Paris Fashion Week perfect debut.

Converse Jack Purcell and Premium brand vice president Penny Ericson said: "Converse Pro Leather and Auckland Racer two shoes in their own basketball and running in the field of sports shoes to lead the era of modern fashion into the modern fashion, so we are very excited to be able to These two classic designs are combined with Missoni, which has a rich history of fashion, and is working with Gary Card, an infinite creative artist.

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In order to celebrate the two brands of long-term cooperation in the design of planning, in this sixth of the creation of the selection of Converse Auckland Racer and Pro Leather Mid shoes and Missoni co-operation. Two classic sports shoes by the brand's long canvas into the brand provided by Missoni since 1994 to save the fashion show collection of cloth. These colorful, vibrant and eclectic street elements in the pattern of shoes showing an incredible charming texture.

This cooperation also invited the famous London artist Gary Card to participate in this series to create a ingenuity of the installation of art, presented in Paris, the most famous fashion concept store Colette. And as the designer and illustrator of the Gary Card Converse Pro Leather shoes classic star arrow logo as the inspiration, through the structure of the way three-dimensional, to create a star base, the rise of the tower-like device Sculpture art. He uses the star as the main design element, through the deconstruction of the way to highlight the extension of the characteristics of the same time to Missoni most well-known "zhi" shaped knitted fabric covering the entire installation of the art of the surface.

Special number of hardcover limited edition books will also be launched with the shoes at the same time, each will be a unique pottery red canvas wrapped with each pair of shoes together to show the overall texture and atmosphere.

Converse First String series is a focus on high-quality shoe-making process and very modern design concept of high-end limited series, but also from around the world, with a variety of backgrounds of creative cultural cooperation series. And CONVERSE x MISSONI joint collection of shoes will be in the September 28 formal in the French fashion name Colette exclusive sale. Each one is unique, only a pair of shoes priced at € 400.

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