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Pandic TS801XCR footwear appearance

Overall design and selection of materials:

No matter what kind of outdoor sports, a pair of can withstand the road wear and tear, can withstand the weather changes test light waterproof shoes are necessary. And that's what GORE-TEX (R) XCR has. Anyone who has experience on foot is aware that the sweat of the soles of the feet will make the feet slippery in the shoe, and then accelerate fatigue and easily lead to blisters. And Pandic TS801 the use of the GORE-TEX ® XCR waterproof lining, relative to GORE-TEX (R) fabric waterproof breathable performance has been greatly improved. Wearing process, GORE-TEX®XCR to prevent moisture infiltration of shoes at the same time, let the shoes sweat gas easily discharged. So that the outdoor walk to keep dry moments.

Pan Pique TS801 used matte leather and DuPont CORDURA shoes outside the material also has a commendable breathability. DuPont CORDURA to light, quick-drying, soft, durable, wear-resistant, tear-resistant and other characteristics known. The good quality of this fabric ensures that GORE-TEX (R) XCR does not affect the full play. In addition GORE-TEX (R) XCR good waterproof design, making Pan Pie TS801 in the face of shallow streams, but also easily wading, without any impact. The front part of the shoes wrapped in hard rubber, add beautiful while also protecting the toes from being hit by hard objects.

I am in the process of trying, this experience is particularly profound. Because I usually love more sweat, evaluation TS801, even wear chemical fiber socks for a long time on foot, the shoes can also keep dry no smell, it is rare.

TS801 soles selected Vibram wear-resistant rubber outsole, to ensure the wear resistance and stability. The soles of the soles of the feet are inverted with arrows and the design of the toothed lines. It is clear that there is a shadow of anti-skid and anti-slip design. The heel's "V" -shaped design also provides excellent grip and anti-skid capability. In the case of

Soles of the soles of the feet of the anti-skid, anti-slip and soles heel grip design

GORE-TEX (R) XCR fabric marked by outdoor enthusiasts


Look at the color to black, gray, brown-based, shoelaces and shoelaces with bright yellow sporadic embellishment, the whole shoe gives the first impression is deep but not rigid. Followed by the middle of the middle of the shoelace slightly hidden sewing a reflective article, and this reflective strip on both sides of the bright yellow lace hole, also designed a reflective point. Whether the light from the front or side played, these reflective points can play a reflective warning role, in order to ensure the safety of the wearer. Finally, compared with the previous appearance of a large area of ​​TS800 white, TS801 in both sides of the shoes decorated with simple and smooth transparent lines, both play a decorative role in beautification, but also to enhance the overall grade of the shoe.

In summary, my evaluation of the Pantene TS801 on the appearance that can be described as fashionable but unconventional, both outdoor style and quite urban atmosphere. Both on foot, hiking, but also suitable for sportswear and casual wear in the city wearing. Can be described as self-abuse leisure both consider the best choice.

Shoelaces and shoelaces below the unique design of reflective points

From this side of the front view, you can see in detail the decorative lines on both sides of the shoes

Shoes and small defects:

Htmiwk614 , Htminha9678 , Htminct9567 , Htmimwj9401 , Htmincu9568 , Htmiuh559 , Htminhb9679 , Htminx393 , Htmiui560 , Htminhc9680 , Htminez9625 , Htmincw9570 , Htmimyp9459 , Htmiuj561 , Htminll9793 , Htmimyq9460 , Htmiuk562 , Htmiul563 , Htmiqd451 , Htminlm9794 , Htminfb9627 , Htmium564 , Htminfc9628 , Htminav9517 , Htmimyt9463 , Htmiqf453 , Htminfd9629 , Htminhh9685 , Htminax9519 , Htmimwq9408 , Htmimwr9409 , Htminay9520 , Htmioe400 , Htminaz9521 , Htmimws9410 , Htminb371 , Htmiof401 , Htminlt9801 , Htmimwu9412 , Htmiso514 , Htmiog402 , Htminlu9802 , Htminde9578 , Htmioh403 , Htmiut571 , Htmindg9580 , Htmiuu572 , Htmisr517 , Htmiuv573 , Htminfl9637 , Htmindh9581 , Htmindi9582 , Htminfm9638 , Htmiol407 , Htmiux575 , Htminfn9639 , Htminbf9527 , Htminlz9807 , Htminjv9751 , Htmimzd9473 , Htminfo9640 , Htminbh9529 , Htmisw522 , Htmimzf9475 , Htmiv27 , Htminbi9530 , Htminjy9754 , Htmiqt467 , Htminmb9809 , Htminbj9531 , Htminhv9699 , Htminmc9810
Pandic TS801 can be described as tailored for the Asian foot shape. Comfortable tongue and fit foot-shaped insoles, making me feel better throughout the evaluation experience, comfortable feet. Coupled with ultra-light weight, walking for a long time did not feel tired, and I always ignore the existence of the shoe itself, huh, huh.

The wear, the only shortage is that the upper and ankle at the design is not perfect, the upper slightly too high to experience the evaluation process on both sides of the ankle upper friction, running for about a week after the basic adaptation. Personal advice, a low to help foot shoes, since it has been positioned in the low to help, why not let the ankle at the head and then completely lower. To accommodate all the wearer.

Overall, this Ponce had TS801 with its fine workmanship, the appearance of fashion, classic material selection and many other advantages, a short time to capture my heart love to walk the heart. Long time wearing the process, the deep feeling of ordinary walking shoes easy to weary, breathable, poor waterproof performance in this shoe has been properly resolved. Throughout the excellent features of this Ponce TS801, I found that its outdoor function is not limited to walking, but also suitable for short distance mountain climbing and mountain marathon wear. Of course, the city wearing more donkey line character.

Outdoor clothing testers personal 5F Q & A

1. (Fit) Pandic TS801 for my own foot type?
A: I usually wear 39 yards of shoes, the time to consider hiking habits, choose the 40 yards. Wearing the process feel comfortable feet. I would like to design for the Asian foot of this TS801 should be the best choice for most people.

2. (Frequently) Pandic TS801 is more suitable for what kind of environment often wear?
A: Pan Pizhi TS801 from the choice of materials, color matching and its professional design concept, suitable for wild hiking, short distance mountain climbing and mountain marathon and other outdoor environment. At the same time in the weekend leisure activities and urban wear is also quite fashionable style.

3. (Fashion) Pantys TS801 style and appearance is stylish and have a unique style?
A: It's worth it. Simple and smooth lines, eye-catching but not complicated appearance. Pandic TS801 should be considered the perfect combination of fashion and simplicity.

4. (Fabrics; materials) Pandic TS801 fabric selection is professional?
A: GORE-TEX ® XCR lining and DuPont CORDURA strong combination, Needless to say, Pan Pizhi TS801 in the fabric selection, do not want to be professional

5. (Fail or like to purchase) due to personal factors do not want (willing) to buy Pandic TS801 reasons.
A: Taking into account the excellent quality of this pair of shoes and the tempting price, if you choose hiking shoes or short-distance hiking shoes, Pandi TS801 certainly my current choice.

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HOKA ONEONE is a sports brand co-founded by outdoor sports enthusiasts Jean-Luc Diard and Nico Mermoud in 2009. "We have always been very interested in the movement against gravity - for example, how to run faster, how to bring more freedom of feeling, etc." Nico Melmer said. "Breaking down the" desire for speed "in the downhill state is one of the ideas to spawn the HOKA ONE ONE brand, and Melmer has pointed out that when they run in the French Alps and other mountains, they have sprouted the idea of ​​creating the brand.

Now that they have succeeded in integrating lightweight technology into running shoes, HOKA ONE ONE specializes in the use of unique geometrical running shoes compared to conventional running shoes. This kind of soles thicker, higher, resilience is also better. In addition to excellent cushioning performance, it can also bring a more dynamic and more stable running experience for runners of all stages. HOKA ONE ONE from the beginning of the design to realize that the foot of the natural movement for the pace of consistency is essential. Therefore, HOKA ONE ONE in addition to the soles in the soles can help reduce the toe propulsion of the balance of rolling technology, but also mixed with a minimum of geometric support column to help runners in the running step to achieve the same pace.

At the beginning of the Super Marathon athletes in the trust and respected HOKA ONE ONE, has been sought after in the triathlon three players. HOKA ONE ONE has become the official runners of the American Ironman Triathlon 2016 season. This proves that it is the best damping effect and the lightest weight of the HOKA ONE ONE running shoes is already the darling of the triad sector.

"In recent years, our running shoes have been quietly among the triathlon athletes - lightweight shock is a big sign of our brand, it is to protect the fatigue state of the triathlon athletes feet are very good "We are pleased to announce a partnership with the triathlon," said HOKA ONE ONE Global CEO Wendy Young. "We are going to know that the triathlon is particularly well known for sports, and we are going to launch the Klein in April this year. Dayton second generation, it is a light weight but strong performance of running shoes, all the triathletes should not miss the shoes.

Htmikpz7883 , Htmikqy7908 , Htmikxr8083 , Htmilan8157 , Htmildk8232 , Htmikzc8120 , Htmikzp8133 , Htmilew8270 , Htmilht8345 , Htmillc8432 , Htmilis8370 , Htmilgh8307 , Htmilgu8320 , Htmilhg8332 , Htmilpl8545 , Htmijzi7450 , Htmikcr7537 , Htmikdd7549 , Htmijyj7425 , Htmikbf7499 , Htmikgn7637 , Htmikec7574 , Htmikjx7725 , Htmikfo7612 , Htmikkw7750 , Htmikli7762 , Htmikjk7712 , Htmikmh7787 , Htmikrp7925 , Htmikta7962 , Htmikvy8038 , Htmiktn7975 , Htmikum8000 , Htmikzu8138 , Htmikxj8075 , Htmilas8162 , Htmilhy8350 , Htmilg324 , Htmiloe8512 , Htmijyb7417 , Htmijza7442 , Htmikft7617 , Htmikdi7554 , Htmikgf7629 , Htmikeh7579 , Htmikkb7729 , Htmikny7830 , Htmikm304 , Htmikmm7792 , Htmikpj7867 , Htmikpw7880 , Htmikwc8042 , Htmikwp8055 , Htmikxb8067 , Htmilcv8217 , Htmikya8092 , Htmilax8167 , Htmildu8242 , Htmilci8204 , Htmill329 , Htmilip8367 , Htmiljb8379 , Htmilpv8555 , Htmilnx8505 , Htmiloj8517 , Htmikbc7496 , Htmikgk7634

HOKA ONE ONE currently sponsors 11 triathlon athletes, including six times to win the Ironman world championships of David Scott (Dave Scott), and won the 2015 Ironman World Championship No. 5 of the Heather Jackson ( Heather Jackson). In 1993, Scott became the first person to enter the "Iron Man Hall of Fame". He is now living in Boulder, Colorado, is one of the hottest coaches of the Triathlon, and is also an expert on the training and competition of the triathlon, who provides training to the triathlon and triathlon athletes. The

"In my career, I participated in three triathlon games, there is a win, the essence of the game is nothing more than running," David Scott said. "This is why you have a pair of running shoes you can rely on the important reasons, while the HOKA running shoes in particular the integration of stability, leg protection and light damping performance, so the triathlon athletes is very ideal running shoes. I am delighted to see the partnership between the two companies I trust and love and to benefit more people.

Heather Jackson's favor with HOKA's Clifton 3: "The first time I put Clifton 3 (Clifton three generations), I felt the toe wide, the soles were softer, and I was really It is amazing! HOKA on my iron man three training to help a lot, wearing it I can almost every day to carry out rhythmic training, I can run longer and farther, it's shock design, help me keep running Rhythm, speed, it is the best running shoes I've ever seen!

On the triathlon

Triathlon (triathlon) is one of the sports, belonging to the emerging comprehensive sports competition project. Competition by the natural waters swimming, road bikes, highway long-distance running three items in order, the athletes need a drums complete the race. 2000 to become the Olympic Games project, in 2006 to become the Asian Games project.

The IRONMAN Series event is the world's largest number of sporting events. Since the birth of the Triathlon brand in 1978, countless athletes have proved that "everything is possible" (ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE) by crossing the triathlon of the most challenging race. Through the participation of well-known events, the participation of world-class athletes and the provision of quality products, it has been well received by the triathlon. It has evolved from a single game to a global event. 250 races and gave birth to five unique tournament brands: IRONMAN®, IRONMAN 70.3, 5150 Triathlon Series, Iron Girl and IRONKIDS.

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VELOCITY VST XCR is the United States outdoor shoe brand VASQUE launched in 2008 the new cross-country running shoes. Many cross-country runners or equipment enthusiasts are remembered, VASQUE VELOCITY cross-country running shoes have won the 2003 annual Outside magazine annual equipment award, it is a classic cross-country running shoes. As VELOCITY follow-up to improve the paragraph, VELOCITY VST XCR with what changes, whether it can be as VELOCITY as a classic cross-country running shoes?

VELOCITY VST XCR is still using the VASQUE famous VELOCITY shoe last. Shoe last is used to make a shoe-type solid material, is to ensure that shoes fit the key factors. The use of VELOCITY shoe last made out of the shoes to wear comfortable, good support package, but a little bit of curvature, so suitable for the higher foot of the foot, or foot control requirements of the higher cross-country runners.

Htmiiz265 , Htmiipo6520 , Htmihws6030 , Htmiihs6316 , Htmihyh6071 , Htmihow5826 , Htmiist6603 , Htmiijh6357 , Htmihzx6113 , Htmihql5867 , Htmiiui6644 , Htmiikx6399 , Htmiibl6153 , Htmihsa5908 , Htmiivy6686 , Htmiimm6440 , Htmiida6194 , Htmihtq5950 , Htmiixn6727 , Htmiiob6481 , Htmiieq6236 , Htmihvf5991 , Htmiizc6768 , Htmiipr6523 , Htmiigf6277 , Htmihwv6033 , Htmihsd5911 , Htmiirg6564 , Htmiihv6319 , Htmihyk6074 , Htmihoz5829 , Htmihtt5953 , Htmiisw6606 , Htmiijk6360 , Htmii14 , Htmihqo5870 , Htmihvi5994 , Htmiiul6647 , Htmiil251 , Htmiibo6156 , Htmiigi6280 , Htmihwy6036 , Htmiiwa6688 , Htmiidd6197 , Htmiihy6322 , Htmihyn6077 , Htmihpb5831 , Htmiioe6484 , Htmiiet6239 , Htmiijn6363 , Htmiiab6117 , Htmihqr5873 , Htmiizf6771 , Htmiipu6526 , Htmiiuo6650 , Htmiilc6404 , Htmiibr6159 , Htmihsg5914 , Htmiirj6567 , Htmiiwd6691 , Htmiims6446 , Htmiidg6200 , Htmiisz6609 , Htmiixt6733 , Htmiioh6487 , Htmihvl5997 , Htmiizi6774 , Htmiigl6283
Rocks, mud, streams, sand ... ... cross-country running in a variety of pavement, so the protection of cross-country running shoes and comfort requirements higher. VELOCITY VST XCR in the shoes perfectly wrapped feet at the same time, also used Gore special for the large amount of exercise and warm environment designed GORE-TEX? Film fabric, keep your feet dry and comfortable, enjoy the fun of running.

From the outside look carefully, the upper is multi-layer, the most inside is the nylon air mesh, covered with cortical enhancement block, and then outside the mesh, and TPU paste paste enhanced.

Cross-country running shoes than the road running shoes require higher, more functional, which is very important point is that there is a good shock and friction traction soles, people in the run to avoid injury while also effective control of footsteps. VASQUE cross-country running shoes soles by the insole, in the end, shoe plate, outsole. Insole to enhance the shock absorption, to help heat; the end of the shoe is the main damping system, the use of EVA material; TPU shoe to provide reverse bending control to prevent the damage to the soles of the feet; the outermost Mako II big bottom protection Bottom, bumps of different shoes, to improve the steep terrain in the up and down the traction.

VST technology is VELOCITY VST XCR this shoe the biggest bright spot. VST (Vasque Spine Technology) is a patented damping technique that maintains the stability of the footsteps while effectively absorbing the impact from the heel against the ground, which can be maintained during the life of the shoe. TPU skeleton and integrated SEBS gel in each heel hit the ground when the harmonious action, so that each step can be shocked and stable results. The ergonomic TPU skeleton provides a complete platform for the natural movement of the heel. Note that the VELOCITY VST XCR insole with double density EVA, the lower part of the foot density, heel parts density is higher.

VELOCITY VST XCR VST soles because there are GORE-TEX? Waterproof socks and can not directly see, but from the shoes of non-GORE-TEX version can be intuitive to see the VST. Imagine, if people directly on the same as the red jelly on the SEBS gel, the shock effect is achieved, but at the foot like a spring on the chaos that did not have the root, so VASQUE with a hard yellow TPU skeleton Constraint SEBS gel, in a limited area to play a stable damping effect. I believe that only VST technology, this shoe can become a classic cross-country running shoes.

Cross-country running is the most direct, simple one outdoor sports events, whether it is beginners or professional players, only a pair of high-quality running shoes. Also hesitate what? Out of the weekend one day, put on running shoes, leave the office, run on the mountains, enjoy cross-country sports to bring unlimited happiness it

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La sportiva

From 2000 to the outdoors now, has been 8 years. Often backpacking on foot, climbing, the last two years seems to begin to deserted, fell in love with ice, mountain bike, cross-country run, so also save a lot about these sports equipment. Cross-country run when the general are carrying less equipment, a 20 liters below the backpack with a water bag, a pair of light cross-country running shoes on the basic satisfaction. Even most of the time with cross-country running shoes instead of most of the hiking and climbing routes. La sportiva has a good product and reputation in the field of professional hiking boots and rock climbing shoes, and his cross-country running shoes are also one of the newly developed strengths.

51 before the time, due to admire for a long time, through friends to engage in a double La sportiva cross-country running shoes LYNX. This is a very suitable for mountain cross-country running use of light cross-country running shoes, but also for a variety of running routes to use. A solid upper structure with a good shock, non-slip soles, is the ideal road to run, mountain cross-country running equipment; can be used in competitive games and daily training. Specific function visible decomposition diagram.

This shoe I bought a little bit big, because some time ago bought a pair of shoes, feeling too small, so this pair of special to the big half. My toes are relatively long, relatively high foot, so many brands of shoes are not suitable for wearing, only la shoes, especially high boots are very suitable, but also for most of the Asian foot type.

Htmiggu4940 , Htmigow5150 , Htmigpo5168 , Htmigyc5390 , Htmigko5038 , Htmihld5729 , Htmigxq5378 , Htmihmi5760 , Htmigyv5409 , Htmiglg5056 , Htmighy4970 , Htmigyi5396 , Htmigwr5353 , Htmigkh5031 , Htmigfu4914 , Htmihgj5605 , Htmihho5636 , Htmigua5284 , Htmigrx5229 , Htmigrk5216 , Htmihdg5524 , Htmigly5074 , Htmigmq5092 , Htmigww5358 , Htmigve5314 , Htmighq4962 , Htmihjk5684 , Htmigvx5333 , Htmigii4980 , Htmihgb5597 , Htmigso5246 , Htmigge4924 , Htmighj4955 , Htmihbu5486 , Htmiheq5560 , Htmihbh5473 , Htmihai5448 , Htmigxa5362 , Htmihlg5732 , Htmihjp5689 , Htmihku5720 , Htmigxg5368 , Htmigjs5016 , Htmigru5226 , Htmihgm5608 , Htmigfk4904 , Htmihdd5521 , Htmigel4879 , Htmigor5145 , Htmihan5453 , Htmigyx5411 , Htmihkt5719 , Htmigyk5398 , Htmigzp5429 , Htmigxl5373 , Htmiguc5286 , Htmiggo4934 , Htmihii5656
Lynx should be the new shoes in the spring of 2008. The whole design and development of the concept is stable, natural, solid support and good non-slip performance. As a result of the use of Gore-Tex XCR fabric, LYNX cross-country running shoes permeability really good, large amount of exercise can be a good exclusion of the footsteps of sweat, nylon mesh and leather mixed structure can increase the durability. Sole pattern using dot-like features, similar to the strong grip spike, to ensure a certain terrain under the grip performance. Specially designed EVA damping outsole at each floor can be a smaller deformation to absorb a greater impact, La Sportiva named it "anti-brake system", continuous running down, knees and legs are more than imagined To be more comfortable. Even more wonderful is that every step is full of flexibility, because the soles and an arched TPU plastic plate caught there, both from the heel came the impact of the impact of the toes of the elastic, but also to prevent you in the gravel Ground Wei feet, compared to other hard support materials in terms of TPU more compact. Followed by a special design of the TPU followed by the stability of the system, holding the feet while moving to provide better stability.

The traditional toe is made of a thick rubber made of traditional toe protection, which will make the shoes look particularly heavy, but La Sportiva using a sticky note with a fine sand crystal light to produce LYNX Baotou. Plus its low upper nipple toe, even in the slippery mountains between the rapid running will be able to cope with. La Sportiva LYNX durability is really good, so long for the abuse, the rubber is still the same as the new elastic full, just a little bit of a little wear and tear. But the upper of the silver coating slightly less than after the bend is easier to tilt.

La Sportiva

MSRP suggested retail price: $ 100

Weight: 710 g / d

Size: 42

Fabric: breathable mesh + heel stabilizer

Color: Black / Red, Gray / Orange, Gray / Yellow three colors optional, personal preference for red and black or gray with.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New Balance RC1600v2

In the previous equipment evaluation room, we will recommend more types of equipment suitable for ordinary runners of the style, but with running friends of the advanced, lightweight models of running shoes also entered the range of everyone to choose. Today, we want to bring the evaluation of the protagonist is New Balance RC1600v2, this running shoes do not like the first two to bring you to reinstall the top running shoes, this is a true sense of the lightweight running shoes.

Current evaluation lead: New Balance RC1600v2 running shoes
This New Balance running shoes is also a lot of like to run the marathon, run speed game friends favorite use of a class of products, recently want to participate in the competition, want to carry out the daily speed training the following content must not miss , Many of its body design is to deal with runners faster demand to improve. Here's a look at what it is in the end.

Htmifbv4135 , Htmifgn4257 , Htmigam4776 , Htmienx3773 , Htmifgo4258 , Htmiesp3895 , Htmifby4138 , Htmienz3775 , Htmieji3654 , Htmigao4778 , Htmifli4382 , Htmiess3898 , Htmifgs4262 , Htmiejj3655 , Htmifca4140 , Htmiest3899 , Htmiflk4384 , Htmifwc4662 , Htmiflm4386 , Htmieof3781 , Htmifce4144 , Htmiesx3903 , Htmiejo3660 , Htmifcf4145 , Htmifwf4665 , Htmiesy3904 , Htmiejp3661 , Htmifwg4666 , Htmieoh3783 , Htmifch4147 , Htmiexr4027 , Htmifh169 , Htmiejr3663 , Htmifwh4667 , Htmiflr4391 , Htmifwi4668 , Htmifrr4547 , Htmietb3907 , Htmiejt3665 , Htmifck4150 , Htmietc3908 , Htmigba4790 , Htmiexw4032 , Htmieon3789 , Htmifcm4152 , Htmifwm4672 , Htmifrv4551 , Htmifhe4274 , Htmiejw3668 , Htmifcn4153 , Htmietf3911 , Htmifco4154 , Htmietg3912 , Htmigbd4793 , Htmifrx4553 , Htmifly4398 , Htmigbf4795 , Htmifcp4155 , Htmiexz4035 , Htmieth3913 , Htmieoq3792 , Htmieor3793 , Htmifwp4675 , Htmifrz4555 , Htmifhi4278 , Htmiek146 , Htmieya4036 , Htmieos3794 , Htmieka3672 , Htmiekb3673
Locate clearly! This is a run for the elite runners running shoes
This RC1600v2 Although it can not be regarded as New Balance's lightest running shoes, but it uses the technology is still relatively comprehensive, it can be called the top of the lightweight section. From the weight point of view, this pair of RC1600v2 in China when the size of 42.5, a single weight of only 156 grams, the weight of the strict say that we often say that the master shoes, full horse finish results in 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 Hour 30 minutes or less this part of the crowd will be more appropriate to use. Why not recommend the use of slower speed runners, not to wear it to run, but can not be done with the runner is more difficult to say.
Just a few shoes from the design point of view, this running shoes is more in order to improve the speed and preparation, not some of the more reliable weight of the running shoes to consider more cushioning protection, RC1600v2 is very suitable for the whole Horse last 8000 meters to continue to force a running shoes, it will not because the final stage due to physical decline in the body caused by the foot of the poor force, but to give you more is more clear when the floor of the feedback, more hard The end will let you in the final stage of the foot there is enough room for force, which is often referred to with some of the entry-level lightweight running shoes the biggest difference.

Ultra-light in the end! New material weight loss 30%
This RC1600v2 has a lot of technology from New Balance's running shoes from the body, but for the lightweight running shoes to re-create the platform, such as in the shoe body used above the FANTOMFIT technology. This is obviously different from the New Balance jogging shoes, it is more emphasis on the long distance race in the soles of the feet of the package, in order to lighter, but also used than the running shoes more lightweight breathable mesh shoes body, Good sense of wrap and stable support foot to a steady pace. In the shock absorber RC1600v2 used to naturally New Balance in the lightweight running shoes on the most commonly used REVLITE ultra-lightweight midsole, this new material than the traditional midsole light 30%, significantly reduce the weight of running shoes, as to wear the feelings , This RC1600v2 in the end, but a special modulation, not like everyone before wearing Fresh Foam so soft, but the feet feel some hard, in order to pursue the soft feet of the students may be somewhat disappointed. But it is located in the special game with the shoes point of view, made such a hard road is not wrong.
In addition to the shoes after the hand, give us the greatest feeling is the end of the grain design, in order to improve the runners of the game results, the designer not only on the upper and the end of the upgrade to adjust, in the end also specifically for speed race The optimized combination of the front palm outsole with specially designed for the road surface and specially designed DYNARIDE grain particles. This piece of the end of the block is also the RC1600v2 the most distinctive point, you run a run will feel this design more effective to enhance the grip, to know the habit of running the game is the most do not like the foot of the misty Fuzzy sense, and a clear sense of the road is the most players need to participate in the game, it can help runners according to the feedback when the landing more timely pace of the pace of adjustment, the more the latter part of the need for the more obvious The

Evaluation summary: once again remind the novice not too much try! The The
As mentioned earlier, the weight of 156 grams, such a large design of the particles, everywhere tells us that this is indeed a master with shoes, New Balance RC1600v2 is a very distinctive running shoes, if you think after the appropriate It's a variety of experiences will make you run faster, better results are not words. We finally need to remind the running hands do not have to do too much try to avoid injury.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

adidas energy boost

In 2013, adidas released its revolutionary BOOST running shoes technology. BOOST technology based on its unique cushioning material as the center. Based on the pioneering development process of the partner BASF Chemical Company, solid particulate material (TPU) is expanded into thousands of small-energy capsules to produce midsole for running shoes. Due to the uniqueness of the structure, each capsule can accumulate and release energy at each step. adidas compares Boost to standard EVA for temperature testing at a temperature of minus 20 ° C to 40 ° C. As a result, Boost's stability and durability are three times that of standard EVA. And 2014 just released several BOOST technology running shoes will give us what kind of surprise?

Sports science and technology competition, as the arms race to continue to start, from time to time to see the magic of new sports technology. adidas began in 2013, that is published research and development for many years, called the most important shock technology this year, "BOOST", and the first equipped with the technology running shoes "energy boost".

2013 adidas opened a revolution in running another revolution, the birth of Energy Boost makes running shoes technology has been a new breakthrough, the concept of structural shock again mentioned a certain height. The new material in the end of the cushion technology will not be the same as its name, really promote the energy, Xiaobian a few days on the feet of this pair of adidas Energy Boost feel this pair of continuous innovation by the birth of the new midsole technology What kind of magic.

Htmidto3244 , Htmicuj2589 , Htmidms3066 , Htmiegp3583 , Htmidou3120 , Htmicvy2630 , Htmidqi3160 , Htmicxm2670 , Htmicy108 , Htmiebh3445 , Htmidrj3187 , Htmidsy3228 , Htmiebv3459 , Htmiczo2724 , Htmidkn3009 , Htmidbb2763 , Htmiecw3486 , Htmidao2750 , Htmicss2546 , Htmicse2532 , Htmidvn3295 , Htmictf2559 , Htmidwo3322 , Htmiefl3553 , Htmieh143 , Htmieia3620 , Htmidft2885 , Htmidyc3362 , Htmicvv2627 , Htmidgg2898 , Htmicww2654 , Htmidii2952 , Htmidjj2979 , Htmidsh3211 , Htmidiw2966 , Htmicro2516 , Htmiedu3510 , Htmiedg3496 , Htmieev3537 , Htmieeh3523 , Htmidll3033 , Htmidwl3319 , Htmiddo2828 , Htmidvy3306 , Htmidmm3060 , Htmictq2570 , Htmiegx3591 , Htmidep2855 , Htmiehk3604 , Htmidy134 , Htmidoo3114 , Htmieil3631 , Htmidza3386 , Htmicwt2651 , Htmiehy3618 , Htmidpb3127 , Htmieaa3412 , Htmidqc3154 , Htmidgr2909 , Htmiebb3439 , Htmidai2744 , Htmiecc3466 , Htmidug3262 , Htmidkv3017 , Htmidbj2771 , Htmidtt3249
Techfit uppers have some seasonal limitations
In the adidas Energy Boost using Techfit material uppers, very light, very thin, and has a good flexibility, first of all Xiaobian wearing adidas Energy Boost after its parcel is very good, and even feel a little Excessive coolness, Techfit is really thin, and adidas Energy Boost has some seasonal limitations, relatively more suitable for the warmer external environment.

Not suitable for wide foot runners
Techfit material uppers, for Xiaobian this foot-shaped example is also a wide range of limitations, the overall shoe space is relatively small, feet are locked more dead, adidas Energy Boost shoe is more slender, Suitable for thin foot type [more]
In the case of
TUP thermoplastic small particles
I believe that most people have just seen adidas energy boost may have to produce essential questions, including myself, adidas with the bubble? But after understanding, it is only in appearance with the bubble is somewhat similar to carefully watch his particle size, touch it will feel the touch. It is not a bubble, it is not EVA foam material, but the material for the TUP thermoplastic small particles, such a particle structure by compression, can provide more than the original form of high-quality shock absorption performance.

The shock is somewhat soft
Xiao Bian foot, rich and full of elastic effect is indeed fascinating, even with admiration. Almost all over the bottom of the Boost damping technology for the entire foot to provide a superior shock protection, Xiao Bian weight 85KG up and down after about 30 minutes of uniform running test. adidas Energy Boost elastic so that the feet in the use of power after the operation will be very comfortable, but Boost some excessive soft, so the feet will have a little bit of sour feeling. But in terms of the overall experience, Boost comfort is definitely nostalgic. [detailed]
In the case of
Suitable for relatively flat soft road, such as playground runway
Torsion System, an excellent support system for adidas Energy Boost, can provide effective torsion resistance, and Boost shock absorbing technology can provide good performance guarantee for stable running shoes. More comprehensive protection of the wearer's feet. Xiaobian running today measured the road is relatively flat, compared to the relatively weak adidas Energy Boost outsole, it is recommended to use or to choose some of the more gentle road as well.
Stop to watch this pair of changes in the adidas Energy Boost outstanding resilience, excellent Techfit material uppers, to ensure stability of the Torsion System many technology convergence which, in the future this pair of adidas Energy Boost will become the focus of the field of running shoes First, the new Boost will also lead the running shoes technology changes, focus on the future, we will wait and see.

Monday, September 11, 2017

PEAK Fly Running IV

With the rise of running in the country, people are demanding for running shoes is getting higher and higher. But what a good pair of running shoes to meet those? First, light is the primary task, on this basis, the upper breathability and cushioning performance is not let us ignore. In accordance with these elements, Peak for us to offer this Yue run second generation running shoes, using the Yue run the family to run the inspiration for the design of the essence of the whole pair of running shoes look full of streamlined. But what performance, but also we need to verify in the run. [detailed]

1. Double-layer mesh uppers design
2. uppers easy to bend technology
3. The use of circular hollow shock absorption

Summary of evaluation:
Bright color, solid performance, the new technology, as if you want everything in this pair of wives run the second generation of body reflected. If you are like a pursuit of new technology runners, then this pair of wives run the second generation must be your most recent start to run shoes.

Htmicet2183 , Htmiayf1337 , Htmiciz2293 , Htmicg90 , Htmibue1908 , Htmiblh1677 , Htmibuv1925 , Htmibg64 , Htmibda1462 , Htmibyk2018 , Htmickw2342 , Htmicey2188 , Htmibas1402 , Htmibwb1957 , Htmibtc1880 , Htmibhg1572 , Htmiayk1342 , Htmiccp2127 , Htmibzr2051 , Htmibnv1743 , Htmibey1512 , Htmicag2066 , Htmiaza1358 , Htmicps2468 , Htmibol1759 , Htmiazr1375 , Htmibsa1852 , Htmibpb1775 , Htmibjd1621 , Htmicqi2484 , Htmicem2176 , Htmibsr1869 , Htmicib2269 , Htmibgv1561 , Htmicfc2192 , Htmibkk1654 , Htmibhl1577 , Htmibbn1423 , Htmiayp1347 , Htmicis2286 , Htmibwx1979 , Htmibo72 , Htmibfc1516 , Htmical2071 , Htmibuo1918 , Htmicea2164 , Htmibcu1456 , Htmibyd2011 , Htmibmh1703 , Htmibgj1549 , Htmibsw1874 , Htmibzk2044 , Htmibwl1967 , Htmibtm1890 , Htmibqn1813 , Htmicix2291 , Htmiccz2137 , Htmibuc1906 , Htmiboe1752 , Htmicmm2384 , Htmicjn2307 , Htmicgo2230 , Htmicaq2076 , Htmibru1846 , Htmicnc2400 , Htmibyi2016 , Htmibvj1939 , Htmicqs2494 , Htmicku2340
Breathable performance: as a pair of excellent running shoes one of the essential elements, Yue run the second generation in breathability can be described as outstanding. Double mesh design of the upper can not only guarantee its strong permeability, but also blocking the outside of the dust. In the actual run, the author can be very obvious to feel the air into the large area of ​​double-layer mesh material light breathable, like the foot of the exhaust fan, with the movement of the feet will continue to discharge the heat inside the shoe. In fact, the second generation of Hyatt open breath principle is very simple and very traditional, with the upper double mesh design so that the author in the breath of this link feel very satisfied.

Cushioning performance: as the second generation of the body of the biggest bright spot, in the end of the new multi-core elastic system in appearance is enough to attract people's attention. This new soles are made up of multiple elliptical hollow structures that can be quickly rebounded during stress deformation to achieve excellent cushioning. And Z-shaped contour design is to ensure that the cushioning system stability and support performance. In the actual evaluation process, the weight of the author deeply experienced the advantages of this new cushioning system, although the hollow structure of the cushioning technology we are no strangers, but the second generation of multi-core Elastic system The area is one of the best. First of all, the hollow structure in a timely manner in the heel position, with each step of the floor, I can feel the toughness of the strong cushioning experience. While the forefoot, although there is no hollow structure, but with Z-shaped contours, after the force can have an unparalleled flexibility foot feeling. Each location of the use of technology are just right, this is the second generation of Yue wins the most exciting cushioning performance.

Support performance: before we said that the second generation of wandering in the end of the use of a unique Z-shaped outline, this profile can not only guarantee its excellent deformation ability, but also to a certain extent, support the feet. In the run, in addition to a strong cushioning performance, you will feel your feet are always "care" to live, that is, when the feet tired action deformation, your feet can also be in a reasonable Within the range. Z-shaped outline to ensure that the second generation of the wandering in the end is not too soft, full of toughness of the foot feeling cushioning and support both.

Durability: Wyatt second generation of the outsole with a rubber (MD + R8) made of wear-resistant rubber material. This rubber has a strong durability, even in the sharp road on the line, you do not have to worry about the foot of the wandering two generations will be too much. Five kilometers of the evaluation of the distance is not long, open the second run of the outsole, the author did not find the slightest signs of wear and tear, compared to the distance for the second generation of wandering is really trivial

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Reebok ZigTech 3.0

Since the birth of running shoes, people for the shock technology has never stopped to explore, and the development of today, the major brands is to make all the stops in the running shoes of the shock technology to fight for the first. In a lot of running shoes technology, there is a technology can be described as the visual impact, practicality to achieve a perfect balance, which is ZigTech, and we are the protagonist of this technology is the best carrier - Rebb ZigTech 3.0.

Fresh and comfortable natural and comfortable
Reebok ZigTech 3.0's upper with a large area of ​​fabric material, in the early foot, the author felt a very smooth comfort, and this material has a better durability than the traditional mesh material, while in the breath also Very good, in the 6 km of the measured, Xiao Bian's feet always keep dry, but Reebok ZigTech 3.0 permeability is not as large as other shoes, because the toes of the fabric material area is larger, so this area Breathability is relatively good, and when you run, the toe area is like a "air inlet", the air inside the shoe to achieve a circular effect, and thus make the feet dry and comfortable.
Energy conversion strong cushioning
Htmiaeq828 , Htmialc996 , Htmiarp1165 , Htmiahj899 , Htmhfe161 , Htmhkh294 , Htmiacg766 , Htmiait935 , Htmhgo197 , Htmiaui1236 , Htmiakc970 , Htmiaqp1139 , Htmhok401 , Htmhtn534 , Htmiabg740 , Htmiagj873 , Htmhee135 , Htmhkr304 , Htmhpu437 , Htmiaof1077 , Htmhfo171 , Htmhxo639 , Htmiakm980 , Htmiaus1246 , Htmhsn508 , Htmhde109 , Htmhou411 , Htmiabq750 , Htmiagt883 , Htmianf1051 , Htmheo145 , Htmiavb1255 , Htmhzh684 , Htmhir252 , Htmiawl1291 , Htmhug553 , Htmhey155 , Htmiass1194 , Htmhwy623 , Htmiac34 , Htmiaet831 , Htmhod394 , Htmiab33 , Htmhzr694 , Htmhpn430 , Htmhuq563 , Htmhfh164 , Htmhlu333 , Htmhyr668 , Htmiakf973 , Htmiavv1275 , Htmhnd368 , Htmhjk271 , Htmiaxe1310 , Htmhon404 , Htmhtq537 , Htmiabj743 , Htmiatl1213 , Htmhku307 , Htmhpx440 , Htmiact779 , Htmiaoi1080 , Htmiauv1249 , Htmhmd342 , Htmhsq511 , Htmhza677 , Htmiakp983 , Htmiatv1223 , Htmiaem824
In the cushioning side, the author's feeling is particularly evident, Reebok ZigTech 3.0 used before and after the palm ZigTech technology, ZigTech unique zigzag soles not only slow down the impact on the movement of the knee, more with the wearer forward step every step , Along the horizontal direction of the jagged energy transfer, the release of energy back to the wearer itself, in the actual run, step by step feeling is particularly evident, open soles, improved structure not only reduces the weight of the shoes, but also ZigTech's function to play to the extreme, unique "Z" -shaped design to run after the palm of the palm of your hand to the excessive natural and smooth, after 6 km of running, the author's feet not only did not feel sore, but extremely easy, after The study found that ZigTech technology can reduce up to 20% of leg fatigue and muscle wear, especially for larger weight, like long run running runners.
Full support stable as Taishan
Reebok ZigTech 3.0 support is reflected in many aspects, first of all, the upper side of the seamless 3DFuseFrame support structure can be firmly in the feet of the shoe support, while seamless design also reduces the footsteps and upper friction, Enhance the comfort, can be described as two birds with one stone, and in addition to the upper, in the end of the support is also a major bright spot in the "Z" zig-shaped ZigTech central, appropriate to join the TPU support, in the end of the force, you can play support The role of the foot. Stability, Reebok ZigTech 3.0 in the slightest impact on the premise of the weight of the outsole is like a pair of basketball shoes, this large field design is very rare in running shoes, and ZigTech technology on the narrow structure of the narrow Stability to a new height.
Crawler in the end of super durable

The author of the selection of the test site is on the runway, although there is no road is so harsh road, but Reebok ZigTech 3.0 performance is like a fully armed tanks, the end of the kind of similar to the tank like the feelings of the author so unforgettable, And the outsole in the high wear area wear-resistant rubber wear degree is beyond imagination, even in the most harsh asphalt pavement, Reebok ZigTech 3.0 can still have a longer "service" period.
Perhaps because ZigTech technology is too visual impact, we first saw this pair of Reebok ZigTech 3.0, when it was always attracted by the exaggerated midsole, indeed, wavy structure makes people never forget, but in addition to the In the end, Reebok ZigTech 3.0 other performance can not be ignored, it is because of other excellent performance, ZigTech technology in Reebok ZigTech 3.0 who play the greatest potential.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


We believe in innovation, more believe in heritage, when a series into the first 24 years, we have reason to believe that its authority and flagship. 2017 summer, ASICS flagship running shoes GEL-KAYANO 24 finally came to our side, the new design concept and the overall structure makes it look very different. Really, for the people around there are recommended shoes, the first object in the brain is always ASICS GEL-KAYANO series, and the new 24 generations so I will flash, deep-rooted into a habit and faith. ASICS GEL-KAYANO 24 really so well? Read you will know.
I-SIZE MEDIA SNEAKER culture as the main content of the trend magazine
Get ASICS GEL-KAYANO 24 the first time anxiously opened the shoebox, for the ASICS GEL-KAYANO series of previous impression is complicated, heavy and stable. But the new 24 generations but in appearance has been a big change, giving the first impression is finally done to simplify. JACQUARD MESH uppers so that the shoe body is more integrated, due to the inner mesh support system to improve, so that the shoe side of the "ASICS" Logo has become a hot form and then reduce the weight. Followed by the location of the META CLUTCH parcel system is still very powerful, from the heel almost extended to the last shoe under a shoe hole, can be described as a very high dimension of the package.
HtmGbnp1737 , HtmGbyz2033 , HtmGbvl1941 , HtmGbry1850 , HtmGcv105 , HtmGbo72 , HtmGbzj2043 , HtmGbvw1952 , HtmGbok1758 , HtmGbzu2054 , HtmGbsi1860 , HtmGbov1769 , HtmGdg116 , HtmGcae2064 , HtmGbwr1973 , HtmGbst1871 , HtmGbpf1779 , HtmGcap2075 , HtmGbtd1881 , HtmGbpq1790 , HtmGbxb1983 , HtmGbto1892 , HtmGbqa1800 , HtmGcbk2096 , HtmGbxm1994 , HtmGbtz1903 , HtmGbql1811 , HtmGbxx2005 , HtmGbuj1913 , HtmGbmy1720 , HtmGcbv2107 , HtmGbyh2015 , HtmGbuu1924 , HtmGbni1730 , HtmGccf2117 , HtmGbys2026 , HtmGbve1934 , HtmGbrg1832 , HtmGbnt1741 , HtmGcd87 , HtmGbzc2036 , HtmGbrr1843 , HtmGbod1751 , HtmGco98 , HtmGbzn2047 , HtmGbsb1853 , HtmGboo1762 , HtmGcz109 , HtmGbzy2058 , HtmGbw80 , HtmGbsm1864 , HtmGbwk1966 , HtmGbsx1875 , HtmGbwv1977 , HtmGbth1885 , HtmGbpj1783 , HtmGcat2079 , HtmGbxf1987 , HtmGbpu1794 , HtmGcbd2089 , HtmGbxq1998 , HtmGbmr1713 , HtmGcbo2100 , HtmGbya2008 , HtmGbuc1906 , HtmGbqp1815 , HtmGbnb1723
I-SIZE MEDIA SNEAKER culture as the main content of the trend magazine
As the ASICS flagship version of running shoes, GEL-KAYANO series of the end of the cushion can always be unprecedented after the people, although the multi-density stack will make weight increase, but can not deny its cushioning performance of the pick. This is the same as ASICS GEL-KAYANO 24, before and after the palm of the standard GEL shock absorber, FlyteFoam midsole technology and the inside DYNAMIC DUOMAX dynamic double density support device with the bottom of which is still in the peak state.
I-SIZE MEDIA SNEAKER culture as the main content of the trend magazine
Since the performance is so tough, then ASICS GEL-KAYANO 24 actual effect in the end how? Feet into the measured. This time the road running in the outdoor asphalt road, because the cloudy body feel more than discomfort, not yet began to evaluate the legs on the feeling of the phenomenon of sinking. But when the pace, ASICS GEL-KAYANO 24 transcendental performance is still highlighted. Due to the reduction of hot posts, making the process of running to reduce the squeeze the foot of the situation, almost 3/4 of the JACQUARD MESH upper comfort can be described as a lot of improvement.
I-SIZE MEDIA SNEAKER culture as the main content of the trend magazine
In the support of the past has always been a powerful representative of the same color, the choice of asphalt road is to have a stone potholes to test, ASICS GEL-KAYANO 24 almost done a perfect response; and in the steps and other large cross-service travel , Still play a very good results. Followed by a large area of ​​the META CLUTCH parcel system will feet firmly "locked" in the shoe last, and its support position properly does not occur on the ankle extrusion.

I-SIZE MEDIA SNEAKER culture as the main content of the trend magazine
Although the brand has been in the end of the cushion of science and technology impact of the feet more and more picky, but its performance is still the main event. For the multi-level overlay in the end of science and technology from the visual is a strong impact, the actual performance is applauded, regardless of which position in the foot landing, ASICS GEL-KAYANO 24 all-round cushioning performance are played Most vividly. Slightly deep at the same time will provide a strong feedback, which should be regarded as one of the most lovable foot feeling. About 8Km in the body more and more tired, but the rebound was obvious under the foot, no step on the real signs, presumably running shoes market only ASICS can do. For the outsole, decentralized cutting and a very deep pattern so that the overall grip is also very good, in the face of some cement with cement pavement does not appear too much slip now occurs, and wear resistance worthy of recognition.

I-SIZE MEDIA SNEAKER culture as the main content of the trend magazine
Before the generation of ASICS GEL-KAYANO was criticized the most is how much weight, but this time to improve the area of ​​the MESH upper or let the weight of the number of ease, in other words, enjoy the super midsole cushioning Have to do the weight of the preparation. But I think this double ASICS GEL-KAYANO 24 biggest problem or work, from the Logo hot posts to the end of the connection are overflow plastic phenomenon occurs, as the flagship running shoes in this area or to be strengthened.

I-SIZE MEDIA SNEAKER culture as the main content of the trend magazine
ASICS GEL-KAYANO 24 is almost used with all the running crowd, of course, more emphasis on the relatively large weight of the runners wearing, so as to better experience its many in the end of the cushion brought pleasure. The official retail price of 1390 also reflects the flagship price, but look at the running shoes market in this position is still relatively competitive.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

nike training club

Fitness is a very appeal of the project, especially when we participate in fitness projects, can give people more fitness passion. Nike's nike training club is to provide a fitness platform for college women on campus, attracting girls from many cities to participate in this project.

Nike training club is a training course that helps practitioners improve the performance of the various parts of the body, full of fun, suitable for all kinds of fitness to participate. It is inspired by the professional training of world-class athletes, by the Nike master fitness coach after years of research, according to a variety of sports principles and design, is the most practical and effective training courses. No matter what kind of exercise you want to achieve, whether it is weight loss, shaping, or fitness, it can help you achieve your goals.
Nike selected this training course as the main content of training, it is also taking into account the nike training club fitness course in a short time to help girls to carry out all-round physical fitness training to improve their physical function. Girls in the training class can also log through the official website of Nike to learn more than 70 short film learning action essentials. In the area of ​​the final election activities of the scene, Nike invited from the United States the world's most charismatic fitness masters, Nike elite fitness coach led the participants to further consolidate the study of this course.
In order to facilitate the movement of sports people anytime, anywhere to participate in training, Nike iPhone and iPod Touch designed for the nike training application, a total of more than 60 custom training programs, Nike professional coach to provide voice guidance, practitioners can choose according to their own needs Of the training program. In addition to the latest fitness courses, Nike also let the girls experience the girls and tailor-made high-tech products Nike Zoom Sister One + and other Nike Sister series of shoes, so that girls under the protection of excellent equipment to feel at ease.
See here, there must be a lot of female students want to participate in the activities of it! Like sports, sports-loving male women can participate in the activities together, give yourself a whole body of the favorable exercise opportunities!

HtmGahd893 , HtmGavd1257 , HtmGbjd1621 , HtmGakr985 , HtmGayr1349 , HtmGaoe1076 , HtmGbce1440 , HtmGaac710 , HtmGars1168 , HtmGadq802 , HtmGbjf1623 , HtmGayt1351 , HtmGaog1078 , HtmGbcg1442 , HtmGaae712 , HtmGads804 , HtmGavh1261 , HtmGbjh1625 , HtmGahf895 , HtmGayv1353 , HtmGbci1444 , HtmGbfw1536 , HtmGadu806 , HtmGahh897 , HtmGayx1355 , HtmGakv989 , HtmGbck1446 , HtmGaai716 , HtmGaoi1080 , HtmGbfy1538 , HtmGadw808 , HtmGarw1172 , HtmGbjl1629 , HtmGakx991 , HtmGbcm1448 , HtmGaak718 , HtmGaok1082 , HtmGbg64 , HtmGady810 , HtmGary1174 , HtmGbjn1631 , HtmGahl901 , HtmGavl1265 , HtmGaam720 , HtmGaom1084 , HtmGae36 , HtmGbjp1633 , HtmGavn1267 , HtmGala994 , HtmGaza1358 , HtmGbco1450 , HtmGaeb813 , HtmGasb1177 , HtmGbgb1541 , HtmGahp905 , HtmGavp1269 , HtmGalc996 , HtmGazc1360 , HtmGaoq1088 , HtmGbcq1452 , HtmGasd1179 , HtmGbgd1543 , HtmGahr907 , HtmGavr1271 , HtmGbjr1635 , HtmGale998
Nike shoes logo identification of many details of the method of observation, and nike identification of shoes is not a very important one is about nike shoes logo identification Oh So if you and I like, is also a home in the home of online shopping enthusiasts, in this summer hot days, want to slimming, one is to quit the habit of the house, and is to start to learn to move up Oh
The best and easiest way to exercise is aerobics, jogging. And if we want the best sporting effect, in addition to stick to it, is to buy some comfort and protection of good performance shoes, such as Nike shoes. Online shopping Nike shoes have a lot of skills, carefully identify the authenticity of the activities of Nike identification, in order to better ensure their comfortable foot feeling Oh. Today, we followed the online shopping movement up to people to see if the nike2013 shoes show and identify it -
A shoe for a pair of shoes really played a big role, the other pair of nike shoes logo identification is very important, why is it important? Fake shoes manufacturers will be a pair of fake shoes shoes cost Hundreds of thousands, or even millions of it? Of course not!
Nike shoes logo authenticity, in which played a very important role. NIKE standard is divided into five categories: 1. Positive ring C, the current shoe standard; 2. After the shoe standard; 3. Front ring 2. After M ring C, now the shoes marked; 3. Front ring C, large The number of old shoes marked more refers to the embroidery shoes standard; 4. no circle the latest shoe standard; 5 is the standard multi-finger embroidery shoes standard; 4 no ring C, the latest shoe standard; If we want to carry out nike2013 shoes logo identification, you can use the following way:
First, we can look at the old code identified by nike - the first two digits of the color code in the item number. If the factory code is two (as in the figure above VF), then CM is in the middle of the two letters of the factory code; If the factory code is three (such as LN2, LN3), then CM's C is in the middle of the factory code that letter. Two dates are not on a horizontal line, before high and low. The first number in front of that date is half the figure above the horizontal line, and the last digit of that date is half the position below the bar code.
Second, we can look at the new standard nisk2013 shoes standard - the US S is no longer on the No. 2 and 3 of the middle of the article, but the US U in the second digit number on the left side, S In the third digit of the article number side of the right side; US code if there are decimal, such as 8.5, for the old standard, the decimal point should be in the date of the first slash extension line, but the new standard of the decimal point went to the date 2 in the middle of the figure, as shown in the figure on the new standard of 8.5 decimal places in the middle of the second 10.