Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Nike SB Dunk High Summit White

Nike Nike high-top casual shoes look good? Recently, what are the new models?
Sports Brand Nike is a favorite brand for many sports enthusiasts. Its design is not only attractive in style, but also recognized by function. So Nike Nike high-top casual shoes look good Nike to today, is no longer the influence of their shoes, Nike's products have developed into a cultural symbol of fashion sports, products are favored by people around the world, Nike High-top casual shoes have also been introduced in the new, then a quick look, look at Nike high-top shoes have what style?

Nike high-top shoes new one:
Speaking of street fashion shoes, can not but mention is from Dunk shoes Nike Sportswear shoes, derived from the skateboard shoes has become the first choice of major brands joint blessing, the classic design is also contributed to the end of 2011 launched a new Nike Sportswear Dunk dark gray high to help casual shoes, with a simple dark gray with the focus of leather revealed, like this high-top casual shoes friends can go to the major stores or log into the official website to see Oh.
Nike high-top shoes new two:
Nike SB Dunk High 'Summit White' sports brand nike's new shoes, selected high-end Nike SB shoes play, as his name, the all-white design is the most prominent feature, take advantage of the classic design, However, with the previous all-white high-top casual shoes is different from the material mix and match applications, network cloth and suede material is also very fresh at the same time, the white is the classic style, like it, do not miss it.
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Nike high-top shoes new three:
Nike just launched in April this year, the new release, Nike Dunk High LR, I believe it will arouse the interest of many of my friends. Nike Dunk High this style, has always been one of NIKE's classic shoes. Such high-top shoes style, the audience has been very stable. And white with red, is definitely a summer choice. Nike once again play Dunk classic shoes flip design. This time of the launch of the Dunk High LR has a stunning design, the body of the original Dunk High has a classic design figure, and the other equipped with the Vulc midsole design and top comfort Lunarlon insoles, definitely double double praise A new quiz. First published color to Las Vegas first UNLV University representative color for the call, suede shoes with canvas material is even more admirable. This double Dunk High LR has been in the Nike Sportswear stores shelves, shoes fans want to start, beware.
Whether last year or this year's Nike high-top casual shoes, each style has its own unique design, are very good choice yet.

Extreme roller skates? Evening park, is not always to see a group of cheerful children playing roller skates? Now many parents in order to train children's ability, guts and endurance will choose some exercise to their children to try, play roller skates is one A! So what are the characteristics of the roller skates? Extreme roller skates how to use and care of shoes?
The company is located in:

This double limit roller skate shape a bit similar to Nike basketball shoes, people have the general feeling of flying! Extreme roller skates is a use of special skates for the race tools competitions, but also a daily leisure stuff. There are two types of extreme roller skates: First: shoes and wheels sold separately or only roller skates wheels and brackets, bought by the athletes themselves installed. In addition, the wheel arrangement from the point of view there is a double row of wheels and single row of different wheels, from the wheel diameter, can be divided into pattern roller skating shoes and speed roller skating in the current speed skating competition, the more used Roller skates with single-row wheels and shoes inlaid. Second: the rivets will be set on the tray at the bottom of the skates, the wheels screwed into the tray bearing, with a full set of shoelaces for sale.
And the limit skating also has the same maintenance method with the Nike basketball shoes, bearing over a period of time, there is easy to have dirt, affecting taxiing, and bearing damage easily, then how to maintain it? First: Do not to water Local taxiing, if you accidentally splashed water, the bearings should be removed, wipe clean with a dry towel to prevent rust. Second: do not slippery on the road with gravel, once there are small sand into the bearing and the ball will soon be destroyed within the internal, leading to the normal use of the bearing Third: every day glide is completed, the bearings will be removed and then wipe, keep Bearing surface clean and dry Fourth: After using the bearings in a month found a vision must be professional maintenance, to the designated stores, by professionals for maintenance. First of all professionals to open the bearing cover, the bearing and bearing cover boiled in boiling water, the dirt boiled, the bearings and bearing cover rinse with water, and then drying, and then add special bearing oil until the oil bearing particles Between the uniform, and then closed well. Bearing such maintenance methods often follow, you can greatly extend the service life of bearings.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Nike Air shoes

Nike air cushion running shoes good? This problem like Nike sports equipment friends will not hesitate to put up a thumb, whether it is often need physical education students, or we like outdoor sports workers, prepare for themselves a pair of Running shoes is very necessary to buy running shoes, of course, to choose Nike, Nike cushioning running shoes so good can only be clearer.
Buy a pair of sports shoes and outdoor activities for the running shoes, can make our feet more comfortable, our physical activity and the quality of amateur activities will be improved accordingly, Nike air cushioning running shoes have a lot of good choices, because Nike This brand long time to let a lot of friends trust, Nike brand is a big brand, Nike brand shoes quality and style are often loved by everyone.

Nike air cushion running shoes, the key lies in the air cushion in the shoes, many lay friends do not understand the air cushion in the end what is the use, in fact, running shoes in the air cushion design is very unique, and air cushion good running shoes to wear will make people more comfortable, Looks more like a grade.
Friends like to wear running shoes for the pursuit of the cushion is very high, no matter whether Nike air cushion running shoes, there are still many like Nike friends to buy air running shoes, because we are buying this brand, but also the quality of the brand , While Nike air cushion running shoes has also been known for its brand name.
Often participate in physical activity is conducive to the health of our body, to participate in physical exercise when wearing a pair of air-cushion running shoes will make us more comfortable, Nike air cushioning running shoes Well, we wear it will feel that kind of by-pass Comfortable to the whole body is refreshing.

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Nike as a well-known sports brand, its quality is self-evident. But perhaps many people do not know best, in fact, Nike is also the production of canvas shoes, but because of its sports brand reputation is too large, so we are more focused on its sportswear and shoes above. So Nike canvas shoes expensive it?

Nike canvas shoes want to answer your expensive This problem is really benevolent see benevolent wise things, a pair of canvas shoes three or four hundred dollars for different stages of people of different ages, expensive and not expensive is only a relative problem . So, we should not directly ask Nike canvas expensive, but rather should be considered from the overall cost of Nike canvas shoes. First of all, Nike as a well-known brand, the quality of natural Needless to say, under a good quality as a guarantee, then the Nike canvas shoes expensive expensive such issues naturally involve the cost. If you want to buy a pair of long-term wear shoes, do not want to pursue the trend, then Nike canvas expensive expensive this problem will not bother you, because of its quality enough to ensure that you no longer in canvas within a few years Expenditure above any shoes. But if you are the pursuit of fashion, hoping to catch up with the trend of fashion, Nike canvas shoes, you are not expensive such problems naturally placed in front of you, because its price is relatively Converse is slightly higher, style The change is also less, after all, not a professional canvas shoes maker.
So, if you like Nike's brand, and want to buy canvas shoes, then you first have to consider is not the price, but what you want to achieve a result.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Sublimation of exquisite elements of the people crossing more energetically

Men like to refer to the men's shoes brand list when buying shoes. The purpose of the reference to these data is not simply to know which brands are more popular, but also to know what brand of shoes better quality, which shoes are more optimistic consumers. However, at this time we must consider the question, that is, the authenticity of the brand list. In other words, the list is only valid if the number of consumers is large enough.
   Nike NIKE2013 new shoes men's shoes sports shoes 599081-001's picture
In view of this situation, we need to go to a professional shopping site to understand the relevant issues. Name shoes store is mainly selling a variety of brand clothing shoes and hats, because the site above the shopping group is very large, so these people recommend the brand must be more reference. This is also a lot of people in the choice of shoes specifically to the name of the shoe store to see the recent list of brand shoes problem. It can also be used as a sports and leisure shoes, because this shoe is not like business shoes as all the use of leather production, but in the vamp above the rational use of a combination of two layers of leather and leather. On the basis of the use of leather, the shoes also have a casual effect. This series of shoes also belong to the Nike shoes in the air cushion shoes, and shoes inside the gas as much space as possible.
This name shoes store from nike flagship store to buy this series of shoes will be very good. For campus students and teachers speaking, if usually usually related to basketball games, football matches, etc., to wear such shoes can better protect their feet, to avoid the two feet just touch the ground when receiving a huge ground impact , Because at this time the cushion has a protection for both feet.

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Many fashion men and women, get together, the most proud of is their own dress, stylish and beautiful dress, let us look more spirit, more youthful vitality, in the crowd can naturally become the focus. A perfect costume with, let us in the crowd, you can be more dazzling, but also more confident. Among the many clothing styles, casual sportswear is the most enjoyable place to wear in our sports arenas and is suitable for people of all ages. Is a very popular, but they can fully demonstrate our personal style with clothing types.
   Nike Nike men's sweater football clothing new sportswear round neck dry comfortable 544958-060's picture
Casual sportswear, this stylish sports dress, but also nowadays, many of our young people, one of the very popular dress. Casual sportswear, not only allows us to look full of youthful vitality, but also allows us to wear more comfortable, exercise and more convenient. Attended accredited venues, can be very decent, Nike as a good sports brand, has been the favorite of many consumers. Nike authentic shop, became the young people most patronize one of the brand stores.
Year-over-year, some brands of physical stores, our consumers want more economical style more rich and diverse clothing, consumers, through professional sportswear website for an all-around understanding of this high-quality purchase Platform, consumers can buy more excellent value for money Nike products, quality assured, the price is more affordable, to meet the many consumers shopping needs. Let our consumers, easy to spend less price, buy more stylish, new, high-quality Nike products.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

nike dunk high premium id

Born in 1999, Nike ID is a service provided by Nike that lets customers customize and design their own Nike products. NIKEid allows consumers to be their own designers, to design their own clothes and shoes. This is also NikeID shoes fans love the most important reason, shoes fans can be favorite shoes, clothing and sports accessories for personal design, through the choice of a variety of color and color materials, and add personalized symbols, design A Nike ID exclusive to their own products.
Nikeid only opened up the design of boys shoes at first, and now also opened for girls girls design, girls design special series, there are basketball, running, football, sports life, skateboarding, tennis, training, extreme sports, etc. Look at these series are very professional, but now these redesigned shoes after their own well-designed shoes can be used as a tide to wear to match their clothes. After each element into each nikeid shoes have their own personality.

Now for everyone to introduce a very distinctive nike dunk high premium id basketball shoes, the introduction of burst models, nike dunk since the basketball court in 1990, after emerging, it has become a sign of individuality, nike dunk high premium id sneakers Now launched nike one of the most classic design features - burst crack pattern, can be added to the upper, lace, swoosh logo and other parts, while custom different multiple colors, so you become the focus of shine. The new explosion crack pattern originated in 1988 air Jordan 3 sneakers, so similar to the leopard pattern can be used with neutral or bright colors. Personalized design mainly embroidered your name on the heel, lucky numbers or love quotes. Such a super-personality and very bright shoes, with a short paragraph female models down jacket is very cool. Let's quickly join the personality nikeid girls design it.

Spring Festival approaching, many people will choose to buy a New Year's gift for themselves and their families, placed a variety of auspicious New Year. Can buy a pair of practical low-key camel shoes for my father to buy a warm down jacket for the mother, of course, can not be missing, like sports and leisure people, you can go to Nike Hong Kong official website to see the new season Oh new fashion sense , Creative, beautiful young and very suitable for young people. Let's take a look at Nike New Year's products, to a big bottoming.

Nike New Year's most talked about is the Nike Ma series, Nike Sportswear launched on January 9, 2014 a group of special products including Nike Air Flightposite Exposed, Lunar Force 1 and Destroyer Jacket. To create refined, elegant way, in the details of the treatment excellence. In addition, Nike Sportswear also for girls exclusive launch of a group of shoes to celebrate the New Year; Nike Air Force 1 to Mercedes-Benz white horse for inspiration, with Velcro buckle and gold Swoosh; Nike Air Max 1 YOTH is very low key, luxurious,
This year is the fourth year Nike launched the "black history of the month" theme series, to this extraordinary group of athletes, and their unswerving pursuit of victory to pay high tribute to the spirit. This series of shoes is also very unique, can be used as a Chinese New Year gift for the beginning of their new year. The 2014 Nike Black History Month (BHM) Series features a total of 23 products that span professional and sporting activities, including sports shoes, apparel and gear, in purple, fuchsia, gold, black, gray and the new Blacks History Month (BHM) printed designs. The series is a tribute to the athletes' brilliant achievements and professional ethics. As the elite in their field, they have won numerous championships and awards. However, they maintain the integrity and honesty of a good athlete regardless of the pitch.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

nike lebron xi xdr

Consumers are most concerned about the clothing with a good outfit with the style of clothing can not only bring people a different feeling, but also easy to create distinctive style. Now girls like to wear high heels, feeling particularly sexy high heels, but behind the sadness of their own feet only know that one day after returning home feeling sore feet, very uncomfortable. Most think that only high heels can match the sweet feeling, it is not true, sports shoes still able to match a very good feeling Oh, Nike brand beautiful and diverse styles of fashion, by the vast number of consumers, men can choose nike lebron xi to match their own clothing.

nike lebron xi With the clothes is very simple, this sneaker is very feminine, does not look small masculinity, but also the public favorite sneaker style, not only that Nike brand after all, is a resounding brand sports shoes at home and abroad, the quality Sure on the guarantee, although for the general consumer groups, nike lebron xi may be a little expensive, but the Nike brand sports shoes cost is definitely very high, but also a brand worthy of consumers trust shoes.
nike lebron xi xdr Also a very good shoes, the reporter interviewed Nike brand sports shoes marketers understand that Nike brand sports shoes sales in recent years has been very objective, random interview passers-by, found that most consumers are very Trust Nike brand sports shoes, many consumers said Nike brand launched nike lebron xi xdr quality is very good, and wearing nike lebron xi xdr will feel very comfortable, breathable and good quality for Nike sports shoes attention .

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Nike basketball how? Nike basketball is crafted using superb technology, Nike basketball, especially the material and design concepts are based on the idea of ​​using advanced technology at home and abroad made of its particular features, especially in the rainy day When the time can be highlighted, because of rain soaked, the average basketball will become very heavy, so that people in sports in the process of playing basketball become very slow reaction is very slow. Nike basketball to ask how kind, Xiao Bian will at this point for everyone to talk about, Nike basketball's own technology can fully integrate the advantages and disadvantages of the rain, in the process of sports, not only will not be trouble for the athletes, but also to So that athletes feel light at all times, reducing the weight of athletes in the rainy day exercise.

Xiao Bian also had such a feeling! Nike basketball how? In fact, personally think it is quite good ah, the most annoying before is the rainy day, because the rainy day to go play basketball very tired, like we train or when the usual sports It feels very disappointing when it rains, but after Nike basketball appeared in our lives, we played basketball without a hitch. Compared with other brands, Nike basketball how to do? With other brands of basketball are very tired, the name of the name do not feel at all, but with Nike basketball will feel very light, I really like Nike basketball You ask me how Nike basketball, I can only tell you that Nike basketball is really good. "
Nike basketball, in short, can be said that the most popular section, Nike basketball is so popular because Nike basketball made of waterproof material, not only wear-resistant but also waterproof, which is why Nike basketball in the Rainy day can play the main reason for fun.

Friday, December 8, 2017

nike air pegasus 83

Nike sports brand is a well-known to our consumers a well-known brand, Nike brand has many styles, of which nike air pegasus is one of this is a long history of development, but also very much by the vast number of consumer friends Like their brand, and now active in the market, there are many styles of sports shoes, the most famous, most people like the nike air pegasus 83 and nike pegasus 30 these two sports shoes, and for most People, these two shoes are people know, because there are many love sports, like running friends, will be the principle of such sports shoes.

nike air pegasus 83 is a very classic running sneakers, its retro silhouette and lightweight comfort as its main feature, precisely because of these better features of his market after entering the hobby run by the majority of hobby Friends of all ages, it has always been a very popular style. nike pegasus 30 is a very modern fashion sneakers, this sneaker is the classic design and people's pursuit of fashion clever blend together, to adapt to the people in the modern society of the various needs, so prepare Favored by consumers, in the case of the market just appeared on the empty shelf out of stock crazy phenomenon.
nike air pegasus This series of sports shoes, is by now the vast number of consumers sought after by the fashion shoes, one of his infinite charm, has always been to attract people's main motivation, coupled with his excellent design and very suitable for sports Running features, it is to let people love not to mention. Dear friends, if you are a love running, love sports people, this shoe you deserve.

Jordan shoes Oreo each generation in its color has its own characteristics, such as Jordan 6 generation Oreo color is very classic, the color of the shoes to black and white as the main color, white lace, upper color design to black and white miscellaneous With help basketball shoes style design, the appearance of the style at first glance very ordinary, but the basketball shoes Oreo color quite good-looking, there is no big red big blue color participation, only the most classic black and white, From the trend of the times, almost certainly, this is a color that will never be out of date, the classic resistance to see tacky.

And Jordan basketball shoes Oreo 5 generation in the color is also very unique, upper black deerskin material, low profile and atmosphere, the basketball shoes tongue is still black, but the midsole is white basketball shoes The end of the rubber soles, quite new ideas in the end of the design, the use of basketball shoes Oreo's Spitfire Mission, so that the overall low-key basketball shoes on behalf of Jordan 5 gorgeous Embellishment, basketball shoes at the end of the crystal bottom, The same is the end of the blue crystal basketball shoes Jordan 5 crowning touch.
     In addition to the color of the wonderful decent, basketball shoes Oreo also in the same performance excellence, Jordan Oliver basketball shoes Jordan shoes consistently adhere to the professional quality, from the cushioning performance design, wear large rubber sole to basketball shoes At the end of non-slip design, and then to the good basketball shoes wrapped and protective, are perfect. According to practitioners reflect the Jordan basketball shoes with sturdy wear resistance, not only in the rubber arena as a boot weapon, but also capable of training the strength of cement basketball court, because of this, not only by professional basketball players welcome, Also popular with casual sports enthusiasts.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

nike lebron 11 gator king nike lebron 11 all star

Nike Jordan family members are many, including lebron is one of the series, many of the shoes released are for many basketball fans to become hardcore fans, today we introduce three lebron 11 shoes, including nike lebron 11 graffiti , Nike lebron 11 gator king and nike lebron 11 all starnike.

Lebron 11 gator king, launched on February 15 this year, is inspired by New Orleans culture and spirit and is the NBA boots for the All-Star Game in New Orleans. In combat boots, we will soon find these shoes have a lot of crocodile pattern elements, this is because the alligator in the New Orleans culture has been regarded as the guardian, so add alligator elements in the shoes, so short kiss Crocodile has been guarding the players. In addition, the design of the shoes, Nike also put a large number of totemic patterns in the shoes Hyperposite part of these patterns are invisible to the naked eye, but when the night falls, these totem patterns will quietly appear. In addition, the shoes of the body also uses purple, green and white, these color elements come from the carnival celebration of Rex king.

Nike LeBron 11 Graffiti known as the doodle shoes, this sneaker in the vamp using a lot of splattering graffiti elements, this design is inspired by street elements, the design of bold street art graffiti sneakers used in the color matching is similar to the Heat Team black, white, red, mainly black and white tone, lined with red color and color label, which makes the shoes look very domineering, Nike LeBron 11 lines let us feel James that indestructible body and Unparalleled explosive power,

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Finally introduced is the nike lebron 11 all star, this emperor star boots in the February 15-17 NBA2014 All-Star Game officially available before and after the name can be seen, this boots are designed for the All-Star Game Designed. All star shoes is a symbol of New Orleans's purple Yao color matching, dark blue Hyperfuse material as the upper design, Hyperposite site, we can see the chic figure pattern decoration, very unique. The shoe body is made of white foam material, foam material has irregular lines, and with luminous effects. Outsole, tongue and lining are used mottled pattern embellishment.

Summer coming, if your shoes appear a touch of fresh Tiffany mint green, will bring you a touch of refreshing summer cool it? I believe next to recommend this air force 1 air force mint mint Green can be you One of the options.

First of all, Nike air force has been to Nike technology exquisite workmanship as a fundamental. It is for this reason that the "First Six" footwear and apparel will follow the general guidelines set by the Air Force 1 Series. This section Nike air force1 Air Force One black laser silver mint green, the overall black, Nike LOGO Peugeot is presented in bright silver, you look at it from different angles will reflect a different glorious, reflecting a like Light sense of speed. The soles, shoelaces (in addition with replaceable mint color lace), the tongue part is decorated with fresh mint green, so that this pair had a slightly boring shoes added a lot of light feeling. In addition, there is a nike Air Force mint green designed for girls, and the male models on the contrary, this is the use of all-white color and the same dotted with fresh mint, so put on her sister Like mint gives a sweet feeling.

nike air force 1 low Mint green as the name suggests is to help Nike air force1 mint green how to match it? For mint green this fresh color, we can choose with shorts, or white gray light-colored pants, or you You can also choose the same color of clothing is the safest way to do this look at the picture with this is not better?

This time you know how to look good? Come pick a Nike af1 mint green to embellish your summer ~

Sunday, December 3, 2017

nike free 5 v4 nike free 3

What is the difference between Nike 3.0 and 5.0 Nike shoes can be divided according to the series. nike free series is a very classic series of running shoes. This series of shoes is very necessary for those who love long-distance running or long-distance running as a professional. What is the difference between Nike 3.0 and 5.0? The shoes have a coefficient of difference. Among them, 3.0, 5.0, 7.0 and so are the series of well-known shoes. The division of coefficients is also related standards.

So what is the difference between 3.0 and 5.0? What is the standard in the end? The closer the coefficient is to the closer it is to barefoot feeling. In other words Nike 3.0 and Nike 5.0 more barefoot. What is the difference between Nike 3.0 and 5.0? In addition to this method to distinguish between these two kinds of shoes there is another argument is that the quality of 3.0 shoes lighter, while the 5.0 weight heavier.
Nike 3.0 and 5.0 in the end where the difference? Two shoes because of different quality, thickness, so suitable for sports are not the same, of which 3.0 is a particularly suitable for wearing shoes in the sprint, and 5.0 is a pair of particularly suitable for Long-distance running shoes worn. Where is the difference between Nike 3.0 and 5.0? Some people who often wear Nike 3.0 and 5.0 shoes compared to wear 3.0 did not feel like wearing shoes.

The comfort of 5.0 may be more suitable for everyone. The price of these two pairs of shoes are generally more than 700 yuan. The above is the answer on the difference between Nike 3.0 and 5.0. In fact, nike free series is a very good shoes, wearing these shoes for everyone's leg muscles exercise has a great help. Even if it is not dedicated to long-distance running or short-running, it is comfortable to wear.

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Nike caterpillars how? Some parents because of economic strength is enough, so I hope to give babies more beautiful and quality clothes, shoes. Nike Caterpillar is one of the most hope parents can give baby's shoes. Caterpillars are very individual in Nike shoes, a very good quality class. Nike caterpillars how? Whether it is from the shoes of the design or comfort from the point of view of shoes Nike Caterpillar, which is a good product.
The color of the shoes are many children are like the color. For example, girls especially like yellow and pink, boys like blue shoes. Nike caterpillars how to? Caterpillar shoes in full accordance with the child's foot design, children wear shoes in line with the size after certainly not squeezed, there will be no part of the grinding foot situation. Shoes from all directions are wrapped children's feet.

Look at the Nike Caterpillar pictures can also see the advantages of caterpillar shoes. Caterpillar comfort so that it will not affect the development of children's feet. High quality shoes, because children grow faster feet, may be able to wear after a quarter can not wear these shoes again. However, because of the high quality of Nike caterpillars, caterpillars and shoes at this time are also similar to the new shoes, so caterpillars give away is also very good.
Nike caterpillar pictures have been able to show a lot of caterpillar details. Parents if it is from the Internet to buy Nike caterpillars, the best reference is of course these Nike caterpillar pictures. For example, from the name of the library to buy Nike shoes, the site will provide all the pictures of Nike shoes, which contains many details of the shoes, such as the upper, heels, soles and so on.

Friday, November 24, 2017

nike lebron xi lbj11 nike lebron xi miami vs akron

If you carefully observed nike lebron xi lbj11, you will find that this is the original shoes to promote the spirit of the hometown of James and the market. Akron is James's first hometown, and Miami is James's second hometown in nike lebron xi miami vs akron. James has a special feeling for both places. He believes that the spirit of blue-collar is the essence of hometown, so this is the main color of the blue shoes.

From nike lebron xi lbj11 external and internal point of view, this shoe more attention to detail. Whether it is from the color match, or accessories in the selection, nike lebron xi miami vs akron are well taken care of the needs of consumers. Even if it is a small shoe standard, this shoe should do excellence.

In appearance, nike lebron xi lbj11 through the uneven color of the upper will be divided into different sizes, shapes of different shapes, in the overall sense of a little more mysterious. The deployment of color, it is the characteristics of this shoe. In addition to dark blue, sapphire and turquoise, more pink decorated with shoes. Color richness and harmony, so that every one who saw these shoes are excited.

In function, nike lebron xi miami vs akron also no less in this series of other shoes. As long as you wear it, you can feel relaxed and comfortable, as if arms grew a pair of wings, leading you to fly to the free space. Even if you wear it for a long time, you will not feel bored and sweaty, because of its breathability enough to highlight. Of course, with the advent of this shoe, more and more people can enjoy the fruits of high-tech. Unimaginable, this shoe sales have been far ahead.

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As an outstanding representative of women's shoes, undoubtedly attracted the attention of many female friends. In the design, take full account of the characteristics of women, both in appearance, or function, are trying to meet the requirements of female friends. From an overall point of view, more light features. This, on the one hand, reflects the role of new materials and, on the other hand, meets the requirements of women when traveling long distances or fiercely. Obviously, a pair of bulky basketball shoes, is not their favor. Only to achieve the lightweight standard basketball shoes, we can let them out in the game on the sidelines.

Female friends in the foot sense of the more obvious requirements, they hope that when they put on a pair of sports shoes, you can experience unprecedented comfort. air jordan gs to meet their requirements. In breathability, the performance of these shoes is quite prominent, both to avoid the pain of sweat, but also can extend the wearing time of shoes. At the same time, these shoes are also outstanding in shock absorption function, when the female athletes need to jump high, the shoes can protect them to the greatest extent possible from damage.

In terms of cost, air jordan gs is also a very good basketball shoes. In general, the new price of women's shoes will be slightly higher, before the old shoes will be relatively cheap. If you are not chasing a fashion family, can completely pick up leaks, buy high quality, affordable Jordan shoes.

In summary, from many angles to appreciate basketball shoes, we will find that this is indeed a very reliable choice. As long as you have enough confidence in this basketball shoes, it will return you completely different wearing feelings.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

air jordan son of mars

air jordan son of mars is a new shoe that came out in recent years, this shoe is a good combination of the classic soles of the air jordan, using crack crack and reflective tongue and other elements, so that shoes are more novel and generous style, wear it More comfortable. In addition, the color, the collocation of air jordan son of mars also more and more in line with the tastes of contemporary young people. Black, blue, gray and other color splicing shoes look cool. The technology used in the soles of elements, but also full of science fiction film taste.

Exposed shoes look from the outside, the comfort of this shoe can not be underestimated. Marshal Marshal in the evaluation, people have adopted both indoor and outdoor forms, respectively, the comfort of this shoe, grip, cushioning, etc. were separately assessed. Judging from the results of the assessment, air jordan shoes, worthy of excellent shoes from Mars. Thick soles and foot support very good to reduce the vibration intensity during exercise, effectively protecting the ankle and other joint damage. At the same time, good upper breathability and comfortable insoles also allow shoes to wear more foot stickers to meet the needs of sports.

In addition, the son of Mars in the evaluation of the grip can not be overlooked. To know whether it is indoor or outdoor sports, if the shoes are not enough grip, it is easy for athletes fall, the consequences are not only injured, and may even affect the entire game. The son of Mars in this area is very prominent performance, shoes lines help shoes and ground friction, greatly enhance the grip, effectively non-slip. Of course, the high score of shoes evaluation results, but also led to the high price of its comparison. Although not new this year, but still need 100 dollars or so.

Kobe Bryant is the ninth generation of boots is what kind of shoes it? What it has the same qualities so crazy so crazy it? In fact, it is not just a pair of shoes that simple, it can be said that the richest of this era A symbol of the passionate crowd. Then we come together to understand Kobe Bryant boots 9 generations to see how it is extraordinary.
The company is located in:
Kobe9 generation of combat boots have not yet come out, but the recent online exposure of high-definition pictures have been waiting for its people excited, all hope this pair of boots in the bag the first time. First, the shoes made great changes and improvements in the external shape. From the appearance point of view, Kobe Bryant nine boots more fit the design of people's feet is a very significant progress, because the most important thing is that sports shoes must meet the sports needs, and all other shapes and colors are in comfort Resume afterwards. Even a pair of shoes look good and then dazzling, but uncomfortable to wear or cut their own feet, it can not be considered a pair of qualified sports shoes, and Bryant evaluation results of the 9th generation boots are very much the other waiting for satisfaction, comfortable light Imagination can feel it. Second, nine generations of shoes in order to better protect the athletes the most important feet, upper one-time transfer directly to the highest level, so that both feet get the most comprehensive protection.

        Kobe Bryant ninth boots always adhere to the power of science and technology cheer for all the athletes, so that they put on the brand's boots after the game can have more outstanding play. At the same time, we are not hard to see in all major basketball arena, Nike use their perfect involving the passion of the sports arena to the extreme.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

nike air max 1 prm tape

nike air max series of shoes from the advent has been for several years, but its heat is still at a high level, this series of shoes is indeed very classic in all aspects, the stability of breathable Sex and comfort continue to improve, more and more to become more perfect sports shoes. This is one of the reasons why it has gained widespread popularity because of its very good professional performance, but in addition to this, there is a very important reason that color matching is very rich.

From 2011 that a gray + green color began, nike airmax color continued to show a variety of attempts, and brought a wave of youth and colorful. Nike air max2011 that a gray + green, in a steady atmosphere of neutral ash, air cushion and logo using the shine dazzling pine green, no doubt people feel a shine, could not help but like it This design.

In 2012, the color scheme has made new breakthroughs. The designers boldly used more colors in the color design. The colors of Lake Blue + White, Blue + Orange, Gray + Purple, Bordeaux + Black, Silver + Black ... ... with the use of color matching color is similar to the color, and some are relatively color, complementary or collisions, each showing a vibrant young youth luster. The same shoes, but with a rich and colorful color, it seems that each pair is different.
Different styles of colors in the match, you need to have some differences, which requires the wearer in the wear outfit, more reference to the professional wear, and find out the most suitable match.

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 The same attention received by celebrities has always been very high. Shawn feet nike running shoes were concerned about many boys. Shawn Yue attend occasional occasions will wear Nike running shoes, so concerned about Shawn Levin information also began to wear Yu Wen Le Nike running shoes. And sought after TV series or movie is not the same, everyone chasing Shawn feet nike running shoes is not necessarily idol force, more often because of Nike's own strength.

If you do not have enough strength, the same star will not be such a high sought after. Or that if the shoe is not enough visibility and fashion, brand influence is not enough, the star may not wear such shoes. Shawn Yue foot nike running shoes to use more mesh design to enhance the permeability of shoes. Shoes look more slender, with a full sense of movement. Most shoes have blue upper part of the upper element, which is also the element of Shawn very much.

Shawn nike running shoes there are many colors to choose from. Among them, the gray section is a very good section with Shawn's sales. The overall use of gray and dark brown as the main color of the shoes, soles and check the white part of the design, the only blue is the shoelace. Shawn nike running shoes because of this blue elements so that shoes have a youthful and lively feeling, is the school boys choose Shawn with the same paragraph when the particular favorite elements.

The same price with the star is not necessarily particularly high, such as the price of this running shoes in five or six hundred or so. For people who often buy Nike shoes, Shawn nike running shoes will not give people much economic burden. In the name of the selection of Shawn shoes library with the same paragraph can also see a lot of other special fashion Nike running shoes.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

nike air force 1 asteroid

In China, and even around the world, almost every young person has a pair or desire to have a pair of Nike Star One shoes, which is the global influence of the culture of shoes, young influx of people's essential sports equipment, but also a street shoes Cultural display. nike air force 1 The asteroid is one of the most popular color palettes on the Nike Star One. We need to know more about the Nike Air Force I asteroid.

In fact, the Nike Star One can be divided into grades based on the grade can be divided into three different grades, of which SUPERME belongs to the Nike Air Force series of the most high-end products, the upper with full leather, and insoles and sneakers are high-quality high-end Made of full leather, so the foot is very comfortable, breathable performance is the best, wearing a natural longer life than the other two grades. Exquisite workmanship, the price of more than 1,000 yuan. The second grade is PREMIUM, most of the shoes made of high quality leather, shoes forefoot using AIR technology. The nike Air Force One asteroid belongs to the third grade, that is, we say the ordinary level, nike Air Force One asteroid targeted at ordinary consumers, these consumers buy Nike Air Force One asteroid is very important reason Is the trend of its style color, almost every year there will be a large number of innovative color design solutions listed, making the paragraph shoes become a model of fashion shoes.

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Currently the most popular color for the nike air force 1 asteroid, mint green color is very fresh and natural, and low to help the classic asteroid red and black classic also been touted by many influx of people. These two colors are the most fashionable shoes color today, coupled with that paragraph shoes has always been wear-resistant comfort, buy the series of the color, which means that both to enjoy the comfort of sports, but also to experience the fashion trend of style.

What is the meaning of nike gs? Nike shoes on the market must have seen GS, QS such a sign. Since we have seen this sign, of course, we all hope that we will be familiar with the meaning represented by these signs. There are also consumers think that when buying shoes, even if you do not know what is the meaning of nike gs can find the right shoes. However, for those who love Nike shoes in particular, but also want to be familiar with a lot of Nike information.

So in the end what does gs mean? It is not a series of Nike shoes? What is the meaning of nike gs? In fact it is not a series of Nike, in fact, GS spelling is Girl Style, so this is the representative The meaning of the female models. If you see the GS mark behind Nike shoes, this shows that this is a ladies' shoes. One such analogy is that WMNs are usually added to the front of Nike running shoes.

Nike qs What does it mean? According to the meaning of GS to understand QS surely will not work. QS represents the meaning is actually quick strike, Chinese translation is very popular style. This is also to say Nike shoes distribution in a way. QS is generally said that the limited sale. However, compared with NRG and TZ QS release number is relatively high. nike qs What does this mean? Compared with the latter, QS can also be said that the meaning of the limited number of sale.

Shoes that are actually sold under numbering limits will certainly be anticipated in advance, but QS does not have a specific expectation, and seldom has a public release date of sale behavior. nike qs What does this mean? It can be said that it is a form of surprise sale. QS shoes for sale at major Nike designated stores will usually be sold.