Wednesday, May 24, 2017

LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low

Hot summer, sweaty basketball court above, attack, defense, run is essential to the movement, sharp run, both in the offensive end or defensive end are the fundamental guarantee of your victory, with the speed in this summer to prove Own, through a flexible running shine basketball field. We remember the depths of the classic animated image of the hedgehog Sonic has extraordinary speed of ordinary people, it is so extraordinary speed in our minds left a deep imprint. The Li Ning brand designers to the hedgehog Sonic as the inspiration to create a new shoe Li Ning sonic low version (LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low) with the speed to start from it, the following Xiaobian will wear this pair of new Speed ​​boots came on the basketball court a try.
Dominate the stadium with speed
Dazzling basket of upper, as if the real Sonic possessed in the basketball court on the beginning of a battle on the speed. The LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low, which is positioned at the speed of basketball shoes, first reduces the weight throughout the shoe body, which will provide the wearer with a lighter weight and reduce the energy loss. According to the official data US9 single LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low only has a weight of 325g, Li Ning is currently low to help shoes in the lowest quality products. Reduce the weight of shoes is one of the most favorable guarantee of speed shoes, wear in the feet LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low weight is really small, by the light shoe body to bring more is running up the impulse.
Refreshing wearing feelings
We can find that the shoes in the LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low have a large area of ​​breathable mesh material, feet in the shoes, tighten the shoelaces, From the upper to the shoe body area throughout the breathable mesh, feet free breathing within the shoes, high-quality breathable performance, can bring high quality shoes in the environment, in the comfort of a good guarantee. Not only the shoe body, in the leather of the toe parts of the same breathable hole design, so this pair of LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low overall breathable performance called high quality, while the leather of the toe wrapped in the fierce course of confrontation also Can protect the toes.
Feedback from Bounse + cushioning technology
In front of the LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low uses the full palm of the Bounse + cushioning technology, which is characterized by the cushioning technology to highlight the rebound feedback, can provide an additional 27% of the energy rebound, for the start of the moment Will be out of the opponent's magic weapon. With superior resilience feedback, plus lightweight body weight, ride on the pitch, with the LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low, you will be more handy. Bounse + foot feeling is satisfactory, moderate soft and hard degree, suitable for daily combat needs.
Outstanding design
Speed ​​basketball shoes product grip requirements are also high standards, the following we will look at the LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low outsole design, with dense outsole is its biggest feature, which has three palm Groove design, this design can make shoes more fit the wearer's feet, in the running process is more flexible. Covered with full palm of the outer edge of the line makes this pair of LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low has a very excellent performance of the grip, the process of running through the outer edge of the road to the ground full feedback on the feet, feet fit shoes , Outsole fit the venue, all-round fit to bring enough to win the performance of the performance of the stadium.
Looking at this pair of Li-NING BB Lite Sonic Low, we opened the memory of the hedgehog Sonic, the littleman it is like the speed of the game on top of the players, shuttle on the pitch above, with great speed advantage dominate the basketball court. The front of the LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low is your best combat partner. Lightweight design concept, high-quality breathable performance, excellent feedback cushioning technology, as well as the design of the outer outcrop lines, the new speed magic, decisive battle this summer basketball court, the protagonist belongs to it.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

D Howard 4

In today's shoe market, we have been very difficult to see a pair of pure inside the shoes, and indeed, because of their own positioning and design is difficult to allow the average consumer to accept, but since ancient times, "the center does not buy shoes," this The conclusion seems to be in this pair of D Howard 4 body does not apply, light weight, as defender shoes design and technology configuration, have inspired our interest in this pair of shoes, let us go to the stadium, to experience this pair of seemingly Not inside shoes shoes inside the shoes.
In this pair of D Howard 4 uppers, we see the familiar Sprintweb technology, this technology does not increase the weight of shoes at the same time, to ensure its breathability and support of the excellent, just a foot, very light weight Impressive, it is difficult to imagine a pair of shoes inside the weight even so light, and the upper Sprintweb technology instead of the traditional cortex, harder features can always support the ankle, to avoid injury. In addition to the upper, D Howard 4's tongue also uses the TechFit material, this material has been found to ensure that under the premise of breathable, you can close the foot muscles, improve the level of competition, so that the wearer feel unparalleled feet Department of fit, it can be said, D Howard 4's upper performance up, gave Xiaobian surprise, different from the traditional inside shoes, people look forward to more real shot after the live.
For D Howard 4 in the end, we are no strangers, completely relying on the previous Quick in the end of the structure, Quick technology concept will be the traditional outsole is divided into 15 independent areas, forefoot partition is mainly responsible for providing the necessary mobility, In front of the palm is responsible for balancing the left and right movement, the main palm to provide stability and grip, which also let D Howard 4 in the end feel more like a pair of outside shoes, cushioning performance is not strong, like Howard this mobility, Ability super players, so in the end of the design but to maximize the release of its advantages.
In terms of protection, Xiaobian's thoughts have finally been pulled back to the category of inner shoes, D Howard 4 on both sides of the upper design of a head like a protruding structure, this design can be ankle firmly in the upper , This feeling can give the wearer a strong sense of security, when you struggling to play in the paint area rebounds, you will feel the ankle is always in a very safe range, this feeling is outside the shoes Do not have, and this also really reflects the D Howard 4 as a pair of inner shoes performance essence.
D Howard 4 outsole although also uses the adidas patented Non-Marking technology, but taking into account the outer contours shallow, so Xiaobian here more recommended to often play in the indoor stadium friends, after all, this is a pair of high-end shoes Signature shoes, indoor stadium can maximize the extension of D Howard 4 service period.
Get rid of the inner shoes curse, D Howard 4 free in the traditional, excellent and close to the people of the design, coupled with greater for the public's high performance, is the big players of the preferred boots.

Friday, May 5, 2017

LI-NING Way of Wade 2

In the NBA has an unwritten rule, that is, when a team won three consecutive NBA championship, it can be called the dynasty, experienced last season's defending, Wade and his Miami team this season The goal is very simple, that is to take a championship, the establishment of their own dynasty, even if the road leading to the dynasty thorny, difficult, but Wade never afraid, day after day hard practice, let him become The most important part of the dynasty, and his shoes with the success of last year, after this year, the new Way of Wade 2, such as about to meet with us.
Way of Wade 2 uppers with a large area of ??leather material, which is rare in today's shoe market, excellent leather not only in the texture of the outstanding, in the comfort of wearing is also worthy of our praise, in the upper The Way of Wade 2 gave the author no small surprise, the appearance looks very generous Way of Wade 2 in the package so good, careful observation, in addition to the design of the boots outside, Way of Wade 2's upper It is very thick, especially in the ankle, thick sponge is not only comfortable, but also provide excellent package performance, breathable, the use of large area of ??leather material Way of Wade 2 performance quite satisfactory, toe at the vent hole design can be rapid The Way of Wade series of iconic W-type lace design is designed on both sides of the shoelace buckle, on the basis of the original, so that the shoes tied more secure and reliable, full of beauty.
Way of Wade 2 in the end with the Phylon material with forefoot Bounse rebound technology and the back palm Cushion cushioning technology, this match not only to ensure the excellent boot speed of the shoes, but also to the heel of the cushioning is satisfactory, in addition to In addition, followed by parcel IP injection EVA cushioning structure and mold insoles to join is to make this pair of Way of Wade 2 in the end of the performance to enhance a grade. In the actual evaluation, the author whether to fight rebounds, or accelerate the break, Way of Wade 2 can always maintain high performance, forefoot Bounse rebound technology excellent resilience allows you to accelerate confidence in the acceleration, and then palm Cushion cushioning technology and IP injection EVA cushioning structure can ensure that the wearer's heel to be excellent protection, 2 hours after the end of the evaluation, the author's foot and no pain phenomenon, Way of Wade 2 in the end performance Worthy of our trust.
Before we mentioned, Way of Wade 2's upper with a large area of ??leather material, thick stuffing and boots can make your feet feel more comfortable at the same time, the same excellent protection, and in the end, the carbon fiber board Of the area is very impressive, extended to the front of the design can provide more excellent support and rebound function, and exposed part of the TPU protective shell in the protection of carbon fiber board at the same time, but also in the shoes on the bottom of the formation of a double protection, The actual wear, the large area of ??the carbon fiber board so that the anti-twisting force of the shoes outstanding, especially when the breakthrough, the strong torsion can help you in the pedal when the force is more rapid.
Way Out of Wade 2 in addition to the meaning of the text in addition to the actual performance is also commendable, first of all, the unique strip lines according to the actual exercise in the foot of the design, you can turn, break and other actions more fluid, And the front palm of the round Wade Logo is in the start to provide a strong friction, which can also be seen as the power of the whole pair of shoes source, and the texture of soft rubber material, the author here or recommend to the indoor or Is a plastic ground wearing.
Way of Wade 2 With the comfortable wearing experience and strong combat performance, has become the establishment of Wade on the road the most important helper, coupled with rich and very meaningful details, Way of Wade 2 will become the classic in our hearts , Whether Way of Wade 2 can reign, let us wait and see.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mizuno Frontier 8

Play a major professional running shoes
Mizuno brand since its inception in 1906, has gone through more than a hundred years, in the development of professional running shoes occupy a pivotal position. This year Mizuno launched a new professional anti-shock running shoes Frontier 8, the use of the core of the brand WAVE technology blessing, to provide superior shock experience, and in the traditional appearance of running shoes into a stronger sense of science and technology. In October the domestic friends will usher in the Beijing International Marathon, and in early November is the Shanghai Marathon, let us in the name of the marathon to test this new Frontier 8.
Adapt to common Asian foot type
Mizuno as an Asian brand, has long been the Asians as the main target groups, so the whole shoe last design is more suitable for the common Asian foot type. The palm of your hand is relatively wide, the arch is not very high, foot space is also more abundant, easy to wear for the first time to adapt. After the simple foot, you can immediately feel the end of the elastic, especially the posterior palm of the WAVE structure deformation is obvious, moving around the rebound is particularly prominent. But tighten the shoelaces, the upper sense of parcel in general, still have room for activity.
Main technology to ensure that wearing experience
Mizuno Frontier 8 of the upper is still using the brand's main DynamotionFit structure, multi-level fabric upper texture fluffy soft, in the exercise can effectively relieve the pressure on the foot when running the foot. The upper part of the filler is not a lot of wrapped feeling flat, but with the end of the package TPU material, you can still provide a more stable wearing experience. In the actual test, the upper breathability is indeed very solid, after a long time wearing a foot no fatigue, while the heel parts in the movement did not appear "swing" and other dangerous, and the overall sense of the upper is very high.
Lightweight tide under the tectonic structure
In the trend of lightweight shoes, Mizuno Frontier 8 can not be free, the standard number of orders under only a single 290 grams, the weight of the handle quite in place. In order to reduce the weight, Mizuno in the end of the building to do a lot of effort, forefoot using U4ic technology, the quality of the material than in the past 30% lighter. After the palm of the WAVE technology has a large area of ​​hollow, both to provide a deformation of the space, but also to reduce the weight made a further contribution. In the process of running the road, the forefoot of the U4ic material flexibility and not to mention excellent, but the toughness is very strong, after the palm of the WAVE structure flexibility superior, long after wearing did not feel tired, has been maintained in the movement is very impressive The sense of rebound.
Practical outsole lines effectively maintain stability
Outside the end of the lines at first glance will be more single, forefoot block of rubber particles partition is not very obvious, after the palm is simply divided into two parts, not using a special pattern. But in fact the outsole integration of two very core technology, first of all SmoothRide technology, it can be intense in the gait to adjust the range to a minimum, on the one hand can save energy, on the one hand can keep the soles and the ground smooth Smooth. Followed by X10 carbon rubber, this outsole formula wear resistance comparable to the tire, effectively extending the life of Mizuno Frontier 8.
Cost-effective high-shock boots
In general, Mizuno Frontier 8 is not the top product of the brand, but the performance gap will never have a large price gap, in the whole test always provides a smooth wearing experience, if you happen to be a The relatively large weight of the runners, this shoe will appear particularly suitable, taking into account the increasingly close to the marathon, I believe Mizuno Frontier 8 will think of a trusted partner.

Monday, April 24, 2017

New Balance M980

Hit the middle running shoes
Last year, New Balance strongly recommended FRESH FOAM technology to many people left a deep impression, this debut is the new New Balance M980. FRESH FOAM technology flagship midrange market, light and comfortable features to other brands caused no small impact. The M980 in the continuation of the original design features, modeling more agile, in the end performance is also more suitable for sports.
Comfortable light winning
New Balance M980 feet after the first feeling is still light, the movement of the process is not a sense of weight, thick in the end is full of flexibility, easy to move among the feelings can be compared to those professional running shoes slightly " Solid "foot feeling, can be regarded as an advantage. Shoe last aspect M980 is more generous, there is no obvious arch, common foot type can be adapted to the basic, but the soft feet do not recommend a person who has a taper foot type try.
Fashion vamps
The upper is the New Balance M980 change the larger part, abandoned the original large area of ​​hexagonal mesh and scattered thermoplastic stickers, changed to more fashionable geometric pattern lines and neat hot fit line , Shape more fluid. In the actual test, M980 wrapped feel quite good, the upper elasticity and parcel are more moderate, the movement of the foot there is no shaking the situation, tighten the shoelaces do not feel suffocated.
Elasticity runs through the midsole
In the end of science and technology directly determine the foot feeling, is a most important part of running shoes, New Balance M980 is no exception. FRESH FOAM technology gives the shoes a soft foot feeling, but in the actual running process, it's feet feel too soft, although the movement is comfortable but support slightly worse. M980 uses a full-chip in the end of the structure, FRESH FOAM technology through, so that the foot can be done before and after the unity.
Exclusive honeycomb outsole
Outsole is almost no change compared to the former, New Balance M980 outsole with a unique hexagonal lines, and according to the outsole of the area is divided into different sizes of particles. In the actual use of the process, M980 outsole is very flexible, offset by the midsole brought about by the lack of. Grip M980 can also be a good job, but this single pattern is not too complicated road conditions, it is recommended in the flat asphalt or plastic runway use.
Suitable for jogging training
The new test down, New Balance M980 performance is satisfactory, especially in the comfort of the sport is particularly satisfactory, New Balance century design is indeed no doubt. But frankly, the M980 uses a narrow range of jogging and in-house training for short distances, and the performance of the M980 is slightly thinner for runners who pursue professional sports experiences and high-intensity games.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

adidas ch rocket boost

Winter and then upgrade
In the hot all year of the addas ultra boost debut, rocket boost is a large volume boost technology experimental field, and were launched in winter and summer version, also made good results. This is our evaluation of the protagonist adidas ch rocket boost, is the last year's winter version of the upgrade section, a winter weather and urban exercise needs to run the running shoes, after all, it is in this particular positioning which performance, we will be in the following shallow Analysis.
From the appearance point of view, the difference between the generation and the generation of obvious, it abandoned the reflective hot posts and material uppers, and heel shoes will be higher, but the overall lines still maintain a streamlined, in the end of the huge boost technology Exceptionally fried. The first feeling after the foot is very soft, which is undoubtedly the end of the credit, in addition to the upper is also very soft, lined with a piece of material, and has a good ductility, so that this shoe can adapt to more Foot type.
Adidas ch rocket boost which "ch" on behalf of Climaheat concept, but also applied to the core concept of the upper. The upper with a waterproof material to create a special weave to make the upper has a good toughness, lining is used hollow lint fabric, feet feel very comfortable and warm. In the actual movement of the process, you can obviously feel the dough is very thick, but also really warm, but the lack of support for the upper, and heel position is also more soft, so that the legs in the process of jogging around.
In the end and do not have to say, boost the foot feeling a lot of people have experienced, and the middle of this should be used in the previous generation, foot feeling and no change. It is worth mentioning that the adidas ch rocket boost is not specifically designed insole, but the insoles and lined together, directly cover the bottom, so touch the feet feel very direct. During the movement, the front shell boost material is relatively thin, the effect can only be said to be quite satisfactory, and then the palm of the thick cushioning material is impressive, each step has obvious feedback.
In order to make boost technology to maximize the effectiveness of the outsole is designed into a large area of ​​hollow form, the advantages and disadvantages of this design are very obvious. On the one hand through the hollow boost can achieve maximum deformation, enhance the foot feel, on the other hand it also makes the bottom of the direct exposure, vulnerable to trauma, and the outsole rubber is also easy to tear, it can be said that the requirements of the sports environment is very strict The Jogging test, the outsole of the hexagonal Qi pin grip is quite good, the whole movement down the degree of wear is also minimal, these two are quite satisfactory.
Winter is not the jogging season, but the major brands will not give up this position. Adidas ch rocket boost by their own unique positioning, it is not suitable for production distance jogging, I wear more than 5 km will feel the bow was exhausted, but for the general short-distance jogging, or outdoor training and warm-up, it is indeed A very good choice, especially the warm ability is impressive.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Mizuno Wave Catalyst

This time for everyone's evaluation of the running shoes is Mizuno Wave Catalyst, a pair known in the lightweight at the same time without losing support and cushioning of the excellent running shoes, whether there is no so so marvelous? To be Xiaobian ravaged some tell you ~
Open the shoebox, a cool cool Sprite breath blowing, Mizuno Wave Catalyst toe that AIRmesh large hole breathable network looks so cool and comfortable. Eyes to the soles, a large MIZUNO WAVE very visual impact, after the palm horseshoe-shaped design and the end of the hollow is also a kind of "a cool" feeling, for some of the recent knees Xiaobian bring enough confidence.
Open the shoebox, a cool cool Sprite breath blowing, Mizuno Wave Catalyst toe that AIRmesh large hole breathable network looks so cool and comfortable. Eyes to the soles, a large MIZUNO WAVE very visual impact, after the palm horseshoe-shaped design and the end of the hollow is also a kind of "a cool" feeling, for some of the recent knees Xiaobian bring enough confidence.
After the feet, Mizuno Wave Catalyst gave me the first feeling is really light, but the large outsole gives a very stable feeling. Warm up heel high leg running, in the end of the U4ic technology, as always, keep the state, although it is not a sense of clouds, but the considerable comfort. But Xiaobian know, more feelings must be in the road to run to experience, can not wait on the runway!
Plastic road 5KM test began, at the same time will experience the bottom of the sense of advance in each corner, MIZUNO WAVE can support and cushioning to do a good balance, not because the role of centrifugal force to feet and The body has too much change. In addition to the protection of the patella belt, U4ic and MIZUNO WAVE and cooperation certainly no less, although the first run up feeling at the end of light and thin, but after the decline in 3KM power, The kind of light feeling still exists, and there is no procrastination. End of the test, the knee all normal, and the outsole X10 rubber is also very good, wearable remarkable.
If you have to give the whole pair of shoes to pick the wrong, then that is the toe position some of the presser foot, and the toe of the artificial leather shoes should be some relationship, it may be the evaluation of this pair of Mizuno Wave Catalyst size some of the reasons , It is recommended that you want to buy or go to the counter try.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Nike Free Run Motion Flyknit 2017

Socks shoes new choice Nike Free Run Motion Flyknit 2017
When Air Raid's X-straps meet Hypervemon's socks, what kind of sparks will be wiped? Nike Free Run Motion Flyknit 2017 gave us the answer. See the shoe name, we know the shoes are equipped with a pair of Flyknit uppers and Natural Motion Free cushion unit of the shoes, the upper cross-type strap for the shoe body to provide stability. The shoes will be on sale this month, 13, interested friends may wish to act as soon as possible.
Different styles of Nike Air Max TR17 and then a new color
As a "air cushion" family of innovative models, Air Max TR17 has a series of other shoes with a completely different design style: a large area of ​​suede shoes body, with WOVEN braided material embellishment, and the use of socks-style design. But has always been the full palm of the Air Max air cushion is still guaranteed an excellent wearing experience. It is reported that Nike Air Max TR17 will be on sale in the near future, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to our reports.
Mini Swoosh comes back again! NikeLab Air Force 1 Retro PRM "Jewel"
In a series of shaking ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY, the Nike Air Force 1 continues to prove that it's a long history, both in the trend and in the shoes, The show is in front of everyone is NikeLab Air Force 1 Retro PRM "Jewel" series, the shoe body with superior quality leather, and accompanied by a special texture of the translucent mini Swoosh, a total of white, light pink, light brown three options The It is reported that the series will be on April 13 sale.
"Socks" endless! Nike Current Slip-On new shoes
Today's sneakers market has long been occupied by the socks set more than half of the country, the major brands have been in innovation, whether it is professional sports shoes, or daily commuter funds are "escape" into the fate of socks. The new Nike Current Slip-On is one of them. Comfortable combination of foam and breathable mesh can give the wearer a more comfortable foot feel, elastic lace system and the same elastic spring boots can bring a more tight fit. It is reported that the shoes are now on sale.
After seven years of heavy return! Nike Air Max 97 OG "Metallic Gold"
In the eye-catching full of silver bullet after the return of color, the atmosphere of the important members of the family members Nike Air Max 97 once again brought back another popular color: Nike Air Max 97 OG "Metallic Gold". Shoes with a large area of ​​gold material to create, and retains the iconic 3M reflective material design. It is reported that the "Metallic Gold" will be officially on April 20 shelves.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Air Jordan CP.3 VI X

Today's Paul has been a new position in the league, he is no longer waiting for a public positive defender, and now the new "captain" has already started in Los Angeles belongs to their own new journey. The CP3 series also has a different product line, more mature technology support, and inherited the spirit of the design of the idea of ​​flying, so CP3 series is more full of fighting spirit. Now CP3.VI has officially landed the stadium, compared with the previous generation of shoes, the same and different points of the same obvious, the same low-speed appearance, different details presented, so that CP3.VI in the taste of the whole after a new positioning , This is likely to CP3 series since listing, feel the most outstanding one, this time Paul has a more worth looking forward to the new season and new boots.
Speed ​​sense has become the subject of CP3.VI highlights, and has been a great continuation, one of the molding of the upper cover material to CP3.VI more like from the future, in color and texture have a great Ascension.
If you remember the publication of the CP3.V for the introduction, then you will remember the author had its evaluation, a pair of tennis shoes look like the appearance of the new, and this time, CP3.VI return to our more familiar figure. CP3.VI with Hyperfuse similar to the hollow upper, this has a strong technological innovation of the upper, not only in the wearing experience has improved in the shape design, the same can be "teaching students" due to Hyperfuse uppers features , Hollow material design, so you can in this "sandwich" with the second layer of different colors with this design so that CP3.VI has a different visual effects, especially for Paul this highly personalized Players, a pair of shoes can be a variety of colors must be the most able to capture the hearts of fans.
CP3.VI in the details of the design, tongue with the current more common large area mesh material, and in order to ensure the tongue of the strong effect, in the middle of the tongue with a support belt, so CP3. VI tongue more attached to the foot surface, and in the tongue surface with a very joking design, with the form of a random mark for the wearer marked the identity of the sixth generation of boots. And in the top of the tongue with thermoplastic rubber material, the CP3's exclusive personal Logo to be decorated, so that the new captain Paul's stamped the top shoes. Compared to CP3.VI heel shape is too simple, somewhat similar to the shape of Air Jordan 2012 heel, but did not add any special decoration, had to make some sigh.
In the end of the design of the location of some people think of the older Air Jordan 13 shape feel, and turned outsole is very different, it is often said Air Jordan 13 has a spiritual cat's feet, and CP3.VI also this Feeling to continue, in accordance with the characteristics of the footsteps of the body of the characteristics of the adjustment on the shape of the foot force of the region were marked with different colors, although the use of similar fish bone outside the end of the pattern, but in the forefoot of the force area The color of the mark, this design had to let people began to miss Air Jordan 20 classic IPS cushioning system, which has been CP3 series has not changed a major feature.
CP3.VI is a pair of evolved so thoroughly shoes, in the parcel of the upgrade so that the pursuit of the speed of the shoes have a more solid play space, I believe that every pursuit of practical foot of the stadium players, want to make their own Shibu equipment refused to drag the water, CP3.VI is doing this.
The upper as the shoes of the skin, also played the responsibility for the escort of the feet, and as the skin permeability is necessary, CP3.VI using a high permeability of the upper, in the thickness of a certain reduction, and this At the same time, the upper support performance has also been weakened. Feet into the shoe warehouse, can clearly feel the effect of the package within the boots, using a half of the boots design CP3.VI, effectively improve the ultra-thin outer vamps of the stiff feet, and dense Of the cloth superimposed boots, also help to keep your feet "calm". Because CP3.VI with ultra-low to help the tongue design, so the shackles of the shackles of the same effect needs to be taken care of, six-hole shoelace design, may be some lack of sufficient binding foundation, so in the wear stability, you need The strength of the stronger shoelaces varies from person to person. Whether a pair of shoes "with the foot", it must pay attention to the configuration followed, although not as Jordan Fly Wade series is so for the ankle for a special care, but CP3.VI or in the heel with the more common Supporting the sponge pad, the difference is that the thickness of the pad has increased, and more paste the Achilles tendon of the body curve, so tighten the shoelaces, can clearly feel the heel with the shoes of a solid fit, This is a very practical package feel, so again and again the stadium flashing maneuvers more handy, dragging the water with the relaxation followed by a gone.
CP3 series of products and PODULON has become a logical hand in hand, this is different from the past in the end of the rubber so that more combat players feel its rapid, bid farewell to the air conditioning configuration of the guard boots still maintain a sense of foot , But in CP3.VI has been another upgrade, for the author, it is likely that the CP3 series so far, the foot of the most outstanding one, especially the forefoot of the flexibility to feel impressive, plus On the IPS inspired forefoot design, so that CP3.VI have a greater performance space. Emergency stop, get rid of, forefoot can quickly absorb the momentum, you can clearly feel the deformation of the forefoot material material, this material compression performance greatly help the feet to reduce the impact of pressure, and quickly back Let the player better prepare for the next duel. And then the palm of the performance is slightly mediocre, because there is no protruding soles of the design, the performance was not the forefoot is so obvious, but for a defender level players, with the forefinger fighting high frequency operations, will be far beyond all.
Speaking of CP3.VI technology components, it is indeed difficult to find it a very prominent bright spot, because the technology to contain each other as well as with a pair of pairs of shoes to debug the best combination, CP3.VI and not enough outstanding technology, but in Weight reduction, CP3.VI became the youngest member of the series of history.
CP3.VI biggest contribution than will once again CP3 series shoes weight limit refresh, a pair of sizes US9 CP3.VI weight, but eleven ounces, this ultra-light performance, but also benefit from each part of the weight loss contribution The The upper began to drift over Hyperfuse technology put on the body, more hollow area not only completed the internal and external ventilation needs of the shoes, the same weight to reduce the sandwich screen design will be more apparent appearance of the shoes, and also help to wear The feet enjoy a more lightweight experience. The midsole of the Podulon technology rubber, is a Phylon material based compression molding in the end of the cushioning material, especially the forefoot of the large area of ​​the use of Podulon material, greatly reducing the overall weight of the forefoot, and with the players Wearing habits, also reflects the full cushioning characteristics. The arch area is equipped with a hard material TPU support module, this common protection technology, once again become a flexible player's insurance equipment, effectively help the players to reduce the footsteps of a significant reversal of the damage caused. In order to let me more combat players to experience a new generation of CP3.VI, in the outsole with XDR rubber, this super wear-resistant rubber, greatly increased the field of combat life of the shoes, more effective to extend you and this Section CP3.VI cooperation period.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Jordan Super Fly Low

Jordan Super Fly Low ---- low-altitude take-off fire winning
To continue the light and breathable, in the trend of lightweight, we today's protagonist Jordan Super Fly Low came into being, with the former bedding, but also has its subtle changes. So our today's evaluation began with its change, the low version of the Jordan Super Fly look and did not appear in the appearance of too much change, should be reduced by the height of the upper. Will Jordan Super Fly excellent temperament perfect reproduction. The Jordan Brand not only in the upper height of the article, for the upper material and the bottom of the configuration have changed. Presumably the source of change must be carefully studied by the designer, and such changes will bring what kind of feelings, we will wait and see.
The Jordan Super Fly Low seems to be an old friend who has not seen it for a long time. Surprise in its body fully embodies, we can see the leather upper just right "return". In this modern society filled with plastic shoes, the appearance of the cortex will often give you a surprise. Jordan Super Fly Low's upper on the basis of the original "shy" to join a circle of patent leather material, material selection on the ease for the Jordan Super Fly Low brought more affinity. After the foot, the continuation of the traditional sense of parcel is still strong. Compared to the previous experience in the parcel is not too much, this is the cortex after the addition of the ups brought by Xiao, Xiaobian in the outdoor rubber field full of Jordan Super Fly Low full of the outstanding performance, fit the feet of the package Feeling, it is the primary guarantee of decisive success.
We can find the front of the Jordan Super Fly Low in the tongue mesh surface has a large ventilation hole, with the shoe body Hyperfuse upper technology use, double guarantee under the Jordan Super Fly Low brought the absolute competence of the stadium capacity. Summer temperatures rise, the field of basketball has become more "hard" feet within the sleeves need a refreshing environment to ease the negative pressure. After nearly two hours of field measurements, Jordan Super Fly Low breathable performance is high quality. The tongue hole large hole breathable mesh with the upper Hyperfuse material in the tighten the shoelaces, the delivery to the foot of the comfort is quite high. More tall and straight tongue to the summer in the Jordan Super Fly Low unique Reiki.
Will focus on the core of the Jordan Super Fly Low, midsole cushioning technology, Lunarlon continuation of the traditional in which, with a wealth of flexible claims should be arranged in the Jordan Super Fly Low forefoot. The use of basketball shoes with the Lunarlon and not running shoes as soft, the intensity of excess basketball and the movement of the movement characteristics, forefoot Lunarlon enough to play the important task for the wearer escort. Jordan Super Fly Low in the end of the focus on its back palm, in the selection of technology is different from the previous generation of products, but in which the use of Air Sole cushion.
Upper to reduce the height, flexibility doubled, so that low to help the shoes will naturally lead the star in this summer basketball war, the actual stadium on top, Jordan Super Fly Low to Xiaobian is a solid and robust wearing feelings. Feet within the shoes and then its "tight" package under. After two hours of actual combat, the texture is still excellent. This is a pair of modern products, still undeniable that it is with this era of plastic shoes, with a lot of intimacy. But which solid and solid reflected by the official Jordan Brand brand inherent strength. Not exaggerated inaccurate art, to bring you a pair of steady and steady combat to share, summer court it will make your best comrades in arms.
Throughout the front of the Jordan Super Fly Low, and then design ideas on the continuation of the style, the appearance of little change, and in the details of the carefully crafted to bring exciting surprises. Powerful parcels, high-quality breathable performance. The emergence of transformation of the cushioning technology, before and after the match, each to complete their own mission. Steady and solid wearing feelings, absolutely competent ability to cushion. Powerful performance makes this double Jordan Super Fly Low can not be ignored, reduce the upper, is reflected in the flexibility of a substantial increase in the summer to reduce the shackles of all aspects of the liberation of the feet, Belong to your basketball airspace.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 --- high pillow clouds
Stepping on the pillow
When Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 debut when Nike in the print ads with a pillow to express its core demands, very intuitive to express the soft shoes. Nike Running as the strongest quarter this season, running shoes, it is equipped with Zoom Air and Lunarlon two top cushioning technology, but such a rich technology overlay can achieve the desired results, we will be in this evaluation to the You reveal.
Family design
In recent years, product design popular family, most of the same category of products have a similar design, which is reflected in the automotive industry is particularly evident. After last year's efforts, Nike Running also gradually completed their own family, including Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10, including several main running shoes, have adopted a similar design, even if not carefully read are difficult distinguish. The benefits of family, of course, is the unity of the brand to maximize the sense of identity, and shortcomings, of course, is less personality, the specific people do not like to see everyone choose.
Homogenized vamps
The upper use of the Flymesh material, which is this year's uniform uppers material, this material is very soft and breathable excellent, in the application of running shoes is very ideal. Shoes on both sides were four Flywire fly line and shoelaces connected to tighten the package after the sense is still very good, but the first shoe hole position on the relatively high, foot front of the activities of the space slightly larger. In addition, the upper does not increase the additional support, in the course of the movement will have a certain shaking the situation, especially in the foot part of the obvious, but the heel stability can be trusted.
The pinnacle of softness
In the end is undoubtedly the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 Kung Fu under the most adequate place, before and after the palm of the two Zoom Air, and in the air outside the package is wrapped in the full palm of the Lunarlon. From the foot of the intuitive feel, Vomero 10 in the end of the texture is very soft, that some exaggeration is really "such as the step cloud". In the course of the test, almost every step can feel a strong rebound, whether it is with the forefoot or heel landing are equally comfortable. But after a long period of exercise, the arch position slightly tired, and may be too soft and have a certain relationship.
Integrated outsole
Outside the texture and nothing new, with all the running shoes this season, like the use of a family design, although the visual no surprise, but the performance can be said to be proven. Jogging process, the forefoot of the horizontal stripes help to start, foot pedal when the touch is very sensitive. The other parts of the forefoot are divided into multiple pieces of rubber, independent of each other, in the process of landing can be part of the pressure. After the palm texture and the first few consistent, the ring of the lines have similar effects of decentralized pressure, in addition to a centripetal design, the pace more easily. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 movement in the process of more common grip, which is Nike Running this season, a common problem, this pattern is more suitable for flat plastic runway or treadmill, hope to be strengthened next year.
The advantages to the extreme
Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 shoe last relatively large, basically the general foot type of friends can be worn, for the larger weight of the running friend is the gospel, light from the foot feeling it is no doubt that the comfort of the top The But Vomero 10 is not very suitable for long-distance jogging, more suitable for daily training, but also hope that running friends can choose, as appropriate. In general, this is a very characteristic running shoes, it is good at their own areas to do the ultimate, alone with this point is enough to attract us.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

adidas x Alexander Wang Run

Adidas in recent years can be said to be joint, to say the most dare to play, non-Alexander Wang none other! Inverted clover, the unique concept in the field of fashion, has long been popular in the north and south of the Boost footwear into more unruly trend of the gene!
Following the March 4 limited sale of two leading shoe type, the moment sold out, resale market prices also will rise. And previously failed to do so to start a friend, may wish to focus on the upcoming sale of these two new color!
Based on the naked Alexlander Wang Run Clean shoe type, add a limited frame, personalized shoelaces and multiple material injection, parcel feel and dynamic performance are upgraded.
Will be on sale in the near future, pricing is still ¥ 2099 RMB, whether APP is also limited to the registration of Shanghai has not yet announced, interested friends may wish to pay more attention!
Alexander Wang cooperation with adidas Originals shoes has long been exposed, and with the official picture of the release, and tonight Confirmed App suddenly push the news, suggesting that the upcoming sale of Alexander Wang Run Clean and Alexander Wang Run two pairs of shoes.
Which Run Clean shoes to simple and crisp socks body shoes to meet the CLEAN concept, equipped with a full palm Boost in the end, see from the running shoes family, and inverted clover logo is adidas by Alexander Wang this cooperation series of signs , The offer price is ¥ 1699 RMB.
Another Run shoes are added shoelace stability system, so that the overall look more like a running shoes, ¥ 2099 RMB pricing will also allow you to at the foot of the wind!
Alexander Wang cooperation with adidas Originals opened a new situation, in addition to the inverted clover logo people unforgettable, Wang Daren in the field of fashion unique ideas, but also through the cooperation of the two single details.
Equipped with full palm Boost in the end of the Alexander Wang x adidas Originals RUN CLEAN is the most recent bright star!
Simple visual design, the texture of the material itself and the contours of the unique charm of the body revealed. Inverted clover logo, the receipt of the socks design, are exudes a unique fashion charm.
But simple and pure this AW RUN CLEAN also continued the difficulty of driving a single product fashion, not a big long legs, not carefully planned wearing a match, I am afraid it is difficult to show its unique beauty Oh!
Kylie Jenner is on foot and looks at her wear!
This pair of shoes has been through the Confirmed App only available in Shanghai, China, the current market price of more than ¥ 3000 RMB, and difficult to spot.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Air Jordan 13 Flint

GiGi color regression! Air Jordan 13 "Flint" release date determined
Air Jordan 13 "Flint" as the classic AJ13 shoes, Air Jordan in the twenty anniversary of the year, of course, to return to perfection.
Gray and blue shoes, with the classic green leopard eye, so that Air Jordan 13 "Flint" in the pure and full of vitality. Once the Hongkong artist Gigi Leung (GiGi Leung) was in the program on the shoes and feet are also known as the GiGi color.
Cheap jordans for sale, Cheap jordans shoes, cheap jordans for sale, This time the pair will enter the shoes Air Jordan 13 Flint will be available for sale on September 2, 2017, the sale price of $$190.
Air Jordan 13 "Flint"
Release date: September 2, 2017
Offer price: $$190

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Air Jordan 1 Mid Sequoia

This is very similar to the Undefeated color Air Jordan 1, is 2017 Jordan Brand one of the sale plan.

This time Air Jordan 1 Mid "Sequoia" by the military green artificial leather and suede made of the upper, bring a different texture experience. Touching the orange jumpman Logo called the overall highlights.

It is reported that this pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid "Sequoia" will be available in the spring of 2017, the sale price of $ 110.

Air Jordan 1 Mid "Sequoia"
Item No .: 554724-302
Release date: spring 2017
Offer price: $ 110

As the Air Jordan 1 generation of shoes of the Year, in addition to the previous Yin Yang black and white combination of yin and yang, the new Air Jordan 1 OG High Perforated puncture texture version also brought this simple theme of the show.

With the previous yin and yang black and white with the program is different, the Air Jordan 1 OG High Perforated "Yin Yang" Pack were the whole black and all white to build the shoe body, only the outsole with a contrastive color.

And Perforated puncture texture in Swoosh, toe, upper to bring exquisite detail, I believe can capture a lot of small white shoes and small black shoes lovers of the favor!

Will be officially launched in February next year, interested friends may wish to pay attention.

Item: 555088-002 / 555088-100
Release date: February 2017