Monday, July 17, 2017

Barkley Posite Max

Since 1984, Charles Barkley and Nike have been committed to the transformation of shoes, and from which to gain fun. Charles Barkley's basketball career for three decades, his influence has been far beyond the stadium. In the early 1990s, basketball began to spread and promote in the world, Barkley control and enhance the ability of the game is one of the key factors, and he dared to dare to go beyond the basketball game, until today.

In 1993, Barkley was named the world's best player, his basketball wisdom and personality in the sport is unprecedented, and this is the Nike basketball team tried to pursue.

"I will never forget to sign up with Nike in 1984. It was a pleasure to have such a thriving global company be able to sign my young town in the town of Alabama Leeds," said Barkley.

Attitude and self-confidence

He was on the pitch full of impunity, the presence of the show is the impeccable charm. 6-foot-5-inch tall Barkley, on the pitch but with the 7-foot giant confrontation, but Barkley has a fearless confidence to win the game.


Over the years, Nike basketball team together with Barkley launched a special signature boots. Barkley's iconic style is injected into the design of each shoe: teeth, tights and face are inspired by the unique design details.

Eric Avar, Tinker Hatfield and Wilson Smith and other Nike top shoes designers will meet regularly with Barkley, listen to ideas and inspire inspiration. Nike clothing team from Barkley distinctive personality to draw inspiration, design clothing series.

Parents should be an example?

Thanks to the boom of the 1980s and 1990s, Nike and Barkley in the television and print ads in a fun interaction, sparking in the world. "The moderates may be able to take over the earth, but they will never grab the basketball from my hands" (The Meek Will Inherit the Earth, but they Will not Get the Ball), "I am not an example" (I Am Not a Role Model and Charles's Tokyo commercials are just a handful of classic ad representations that Barkley can easily remember.

Barkley said: "Phil Knight (Phil Knight) to create Nike's deviant spirit at that time is difficult to find today, I really admire my life in many of the most memorable experience and Nike, until today I have always been honored to be a member of Nike.

Now, Nike Barkley dare to bold style for the launch of Barkley Posite Max sneakers. The new sports life shoes is both his tribute to his previous shoes, but also joined the future sense of the aesthetic design. Designer Marc Dolce (Marc Dolce) from a museum dinosaur exhibition visit to get inspiration, and these inspiration and the ancient Barkley shoes, the combination of the iconic elements.

Nike Barkley Posite Max in the world will have four colors to choose from, before August 2013 a month for sale. Nickname "rebounding ball" Buckley is proud of his new shoes.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Big canvas Jordan28 Wei Shao All-Star Weekend Shooting Star Boots

Joining the Jordan brand one of the Thunder Gemini Westbrook in this all-star weekend to enjoy the show Jordan leather season, the highlight of the year the main charm of the AIR JORDAN XX8, simple cloth jacket design so that Jordan XX8 has a lot of in the upper Play in the Saturday night's shooting star game, Westbrook wearing a specially tailored for his Jordan XX8 "Why Not" pe version of the debut to grab everyone's attention.

The design concept of the boots is reflected in the Jordan's ultra-high to help the design, pull the zipper is a pair of boots after the shape, a simple cloth can do a lot of articles, Wei Shao this pair of Jordan XX8 shooting star on the use of beautiful Of the Thunder color, blue with orange, the upper there are too few nicknamed "Mr.Why Not" inspired to create the Why Not font, shoe shape and light the overall composition of the concept of the concept of the advanced car like Jordan XX8 2013 Jordan brand flagship is the main generation.

Jordan XX8 Technical analysis:

1. The use of stretchable synthetic material of the upper shield with high-performance zipper design not only play a supporting role, but also showing a neat and agile and a unique appearance of the times.

2. Dynamic Fit technology using the elastic band, from the midsole has been stretched package, and with the lace system integration, both light and play a supporting role, and can be automatically adjusted with the action of the feet.

3. Full length boots made of three layers of mesh, not only more breathable, but also help to reduce friction.

4. Achilles tendon slot parts placed in the cushion, while enhancing the comfort at the same time also help to ease the heel parts sliding.

5. External molding heel can play a light support role, and provide bamboo fiber and carbon fiber two kinds of materials and color options.

6. Heel parts of the pull to make shoes more convenient.

7. 8-inch shoe collar not only play a supporting role, and its unique design so that athletes look more different.

8. The innovative Flight Plate technology uses Pebax as the raw material of the shock absorber, through the compression and bending Nike Zoom unit to maximize the shock absorption feedback, and thus play the best performance.

9. The Nike Zoom unit in the heel and forefoot plays a quick response to the rapid response and provides a closer feel to the ground.

10. Phylon stent brings stability and support.

11. In the rapid change, the carbon plate in the foot to bring torsional stiffness and light support.

12. In the hardwood floor on the court, and more to the outsole pattern can bring excellent grip and wear resistance.

13. According to different colors using hard rubber or translucent rubber material outsole, are very strong wear.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Nike to the black history of the month tribute 2013 national pattern black orange series

Nike BHM series of distinctive themes, to play to their influence, so that the world more exciting athletes pay tribute, including Didier Drogba, Serena Williams and Kevin Durant ).

"Black History Month" represents a wide range, including: civic leadership, social democracy, community organizations, and so on.

In order to highlight the extraordinary significance of the black history of the month, Nike launched BHM series of products, and as a basis for expanding the sports for the community's influence. 2013 Nike BHM series to "Be Bold. Be True" as a slogan praise three athletes fearless, unremitting pursuit of the dream of sports spirit.

2013 Nike BHM series will be officially on sale on January 26, the product includes: seven sports shoes, two T-shirts, Destroyer jacket, Nike Elite socks and 5-panel hat. Each product is a unified style to create, with black, gray, brown as the tone, accompanied by orange embellishment, this bright and bold color just with the "Be Bold" slogan echoes, also revealed that Nike since its inception in 1972 The bold gene.

Now, athletes at all levels are more powerful than ever before, and they expand their influence beyond the sport through their own unique abilities. Football star Drogba, tennis legend Serena and basketball legend Kevin 尠 灧 are committed to feedback community, for Nike

BHM series brings creative inspiration.

Nike for the three athletes were built their exclusive logo. Drogba's logo is a bulb that fuses with football to show that he is constantly working to promote solar bulbs in poor areas of Africa. Serena's logo is a flash of tennis to show how she promotes the empowerment movement of young women, especially through a secondary school she finances in Kenya. Durant's logo is a cloud-shaped basketball hoop that represents the hopes and dreams of young athletes and reflects his support for his hometown of Seat Pleasant, Maryland, where he says that he has helped him realize his dream. These three icons will be integrated into the Nike BHM's unique print pattern throughout the entire series.

Nike BHM series thanks to Nike Sportswear leisure products and Nike Basketball high-performance products together. Nike Sportswear BHM includes Nike Lunar Force 1, Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite Hi, Nike Dunk Sky Hi and Nike Air Force 1 Downtown. And Nike Basketball for the BHM series provides KD V, LEBRON X and KOBE 8 SYSTEM special edition; these three versions are used in black, gray and orange, and with Nike BHM signature pattern.

All shoes will be on January 21 (Monday) Martin Luther King (Martin Luther King Jr) anniversary debut.

To admit to the good tradition of contributing to society and motivating young people, Nike will donate a part of the sales from the Nike BHM series to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

About Nike:

Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike is headquartered in the industry for the design, sale and operation of various sports and fitness sportswear, apparel, equipment and accessories. Nike's wholly-owned subsidiaries include Converse, which designs, sells and operates sports footwear, apparel and accessories, as well as footwear, apparel and accessories that primarily design, sell and operate extreme sports and meet the lifestyle of young people. Hurley International.

Jordan Melo M9

The new JORDAN MELO M9 will be officially on sale on January 9, only 13 ounces of the M9 will be JORDAN MELO series of the lightest shoes.

Nike's JORDAN BRAND has officially launched a full range of JORDAN MELO M9 series boots. The new JORDAN MELO M9 to Cameron Tony Tony on the luxury watches and super hero armor love for its unique design inspiration core, and, as always, help today's basketball one of the most versatile athletes - Cameron East Nepal, the speed and strength of the perfect combination to the limit. The weight of only 13 ounces of JORDAN MELO M9 is the history of the lightest shoes in the series. JORDAN MELO M9 earlier to full of Christmas elements of the red, green, white color in the Christmas war debut, and will be officially launched on January 9.

JORDAN MELO M9 uses Nike Zoom cushioning technology to provide light support and enhanced response capability. In addition, JORDAN MELO M9 has a complete TPU cage angle will be wrapped in foot, enhanced lateral stability and support; use of dynamic bonding technology Flywire strap wrapped from the bottom to the shoelace part, to provide the fit of the foot light Support, give athletes a full sense of the fit. The design of this band also cleverly show the shape of the "M" alphabet on behalf of the Cameron 褠 Tony, making the shape of the shoes more observable.

"I think the shoes are able to protect my ankle at the same time, do not affect and limit my ability to cut.With the JORDAN, I want the shoes to be able to protect my ankle at the same time, BRAND team of close research and development cooperation, I look forward to the perfect war boots finally able to play with me.

JORDAN MELO M9 will be available on January 9, the first batch of products with four colors to choose from, more color will be met later this year with the fans. The sale of the color, including the New York Knicks inspired by the blue / black / orange / white, black / white / blue, black / white / bright orange.

More design details


During the 2011 - 2012 season, Anthony visited the Nike global headquarters in Beaverton, Ohio, and discussed the design of JORDAN MELO M9 with JORDAN BRAND's chief shoe designer Justin Taylor. In this visit, JORDAN BRAND staff also on Anthony's body and feet were re-scanned, this is Anthony since entering the NBA since the first experience.

"Cameron's foot is relatively narrow, so the focus of this shoe is fit, not only for Anthony a person, but also to the greatest degree for a variety of basketball players." Taylor said, "Cameron said his ideal Boots like a superhero tights like fit: smooth, fit and do not affect the action to see the superhero tights, and both have multiple design, but not bloated.For shoes, This is also a very clever idea, but the shape of the shoes need to have other inspiration and ideas.

Taylor began to talk with him about his hobby outside the stadium, hoping to inspire JORDAN MELO M9 shape design inspiration, and in the end they will look on the star for the luxury watch favorite.

"With the passage of time, gravity eventually stops all the components of the watch, and the time stops running." Taylor went on to say, "The Tourbillon is the eternal battery of the watch, which is able to counteract the gravity." We used the tourbillon as the upper As the surface of the watch, the shoes of the various levels are playing their own independent functions, but together, can constitute a strong overall increase in the degree of fit shoes. "JORDAN MELO M9 the same integration of the The other elements of the watch, including the heel on the dial, the left side of a trapeze pattern, the surface of the hour pointer to 3,6,9,12 four points.
JORDAN MELO M9 forefoot and heel configuration of the largest size of the Nike Zoom air cushion, can provide the corresponding cushioning function; full palm injection Phylon midsole can provide light cushioning and comfort; heel and forefoot with exaggerated people Word pattern, for athletes to provide a strong grip, while the heel to the transition to the toes more smoothly.

JORDAN MELO M9 has a number of exclusive imprints on Anthony. Shoes outsole has his signature, a symbol of his recognition and recognition; shoe box with Anthony team on the number 15; underneath the lace has nine holes, a symbol of this is Anthony's ninth signature shoes; shoes Tongue and heel have his logo.

Friday, July 14, 2017


Today, NIKE's Jordan Brand officially released the annual heavy product AIR JORDAN XX8, which is the AIR JORDAN shoes section 28 basketball shoes. This section allows the global fans to long-awaited basketball shoes will be in February 2013 in the United States and the global sale.
AIR JORDAN XX8 uses ultra-modern stealth design to achieve the elite-class performance, is the entire AIR JORDAN series contains the most advanced technology of a shoe. The new AIR JORDAN XX8 is not only the AIR JORDAN series of the lightest and experienced the most rigorous testing of the shoes, it also witnessed the birth of an industry change: JORDAN Flight Plate debut. JORDAN Flight Plate is a piece of Pebax as the raw material of the shock absorber, in a different compression and bending will Nike Zoom air cushion unit to maximize the ability to react, from the nature of the liberation of the forefoot and heel of the air cushion and fully release the Zoom air cushion Energy, in order to achieve the best performance.
AIR JORDAN XX8 Another highlight is the use of Dynamic Fit technology. By using the inner strap from the midsole to start wrapping and combining with the shoelace to provide light support, provide additional fixed support and comfort for the feet of the movement.

"AIR JORDAN XX8 fully demonstrated Jordan Brand in the performance of basketball shoes perseverance in the development and pursuit," Jordan Brand President Larry Miller said. "This latest generation of AIR JORDAN series products will further consolidate Jordan Brand in the industry uncompromising attention and focus on innovative positioning.

In addition, the use of carbon fiber raw materials outside the heel upper for the shoes to provide a lightweight support, multi-directional large end of the pattern in the hard wooden floor course can provide excellent grip and durability. AIR JORDAN XX8 also uses the Schoeller grid, a Swiss fabric that was previously used for top motorcycle jackets, to create a unique shield that provides athletes with additional support and stability while exhibiting exceptional appearance Modern and fashion sense.

AIR JORDAN XX8 inherited from Michael Jordan legend of the unique inspiration, while blending innovative technology and high-end materials, determined to perform for the best basketball players to provide a steady stream of inspiration and inspiration.

AIR JORDAN XX8 is designed by legendary basketball shoe designer, Nike special project / design vice president Tinker Hatfield and Jordan Brand developer Josh Heard. The two master-led team and Michael Jordan work closely together to create this highly anticipated AIR JORDAN XX8 basketball shoes.

"With the constant innovation of shoes, I encourage the whole department to work hard to drive design, technology and performance innovation," says Tinker Hatfield. "AIR JORDAN XX8 is the 'concept car' in the basketball industry.

About Jordan Brand

Jordan Brand is Nike's footwear, clothing and accessories of high-end brand, inspired by Michael Jordan's legend, vision and personally involved. Jordan Brand was first introduced in 1997 and has now grown into a complete range of brands with performance and lifestyle products. Jordan Brand is actively involved in community activities through its Corporate Responsibility Program WINGS for the Future to inspire and help young people participate in sports.

AIR JORDAN XX8 technical details

AIR JORDAN series of the most light and so far contains the most advanced technology shoes

Nike basketball shoes in the current family capacity to respond to the leading shoes
AIR JORDAN XX8 design inspiration comes from the mysterious "invisible" concept, and ultra-modern design to achieve superior performance excellence. In addition, AIR JORDAN XX8 using innovative Flight Plate technology, leading the industry changes, in order to help enhance the performance of the players on the pitch.

1. The use of stretchable synthetic material of the upper shield with high-performance zipper design not only play a supporting role, but also showing a neat and agile and a unique appearance of the times.

2. Dynamic Fit technology using the elastic band, from the midsole has been stretched package, and with the lace system integration, both light and play a supporting role, and can be automatically adjusted with the action of the feet.

3. Full length boots made of three layers of mesh, not only more breathable, but also help to reduce friction.

4. Achilles tendon slot parts placed in the cushion, while enhancing the comfort at the same time also help to ease the heel parts sliding.

5. External molding heel can play a light support role, and provide bamboo fiber and carbon fiber two kinds of materials and color options.

6. Heel parts of the pull to make shoes more convenient.

7. 8-inch shoe collar not only play a supporting role, and its unique design so that athletes look more different.

8. The innovative Flight Plate technology uses Pebax as the raw material of the shock absorber, through the compression and bending Nike Zoom unit to maximize the shock absorption feedback, and thus play the best performance.

9. The Nike Zoom unit in the heel and forefoot plays a quick response to the rapid response and provides a closer feel to the ground.

10. Phylon stent brings stability and support.

11. In the rapid change, the carbon plate in the foot to bring torsional stiffness and light support.

12. In the hardwood floor on the court, and more to the outsole pattern can bring excellent grip and wear resistance.

13. According to different colors using hard rubber or translucent rubber material outsole, are very strong wear.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Rose Howard Chinese Lunar Year Year Special Edition released

The footsteps of the Lunar New Year is getting closer, Adidas for the Chinese basketball fans in particular to create a series of costumes and shoes, the traditional Chinese totem - snake scales and clouds wrapped around the shoe body, accompanied by golden details to show the whole New Year is full Dynamic and dynamic, distributed trend temperament. Which Adidas Basketball Year series highlights the introduction of Derek Ross and Dwight Howard two star star series of products.

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Fit the 2013 water phase snake years, with turquoise blue-based color, and lined with gold followed by the TPU, with ubiquitous details reflect this limited edition Rose 3.5 snake years of the ultimate luxury. This limited edition version of the Rose 3.5 snake years compared to the ordinary version of the design of the toe in the use of the snake scale modeling Obscure, in the perfect combination of "snake years" of the Chinese elements at the same time, but also to consumers A stronger visual impact experience. Followed by the SPRINT FRAME also plated with a layer of golden luster,

In the course of the lighting under the lighting, sparkling with a glittering golden light. In addition, Adidas on the details of this snake is also intricate, the tongue inside the Rose LOGO outside the occasion with a pair of gossip figure, reflecting the Chinese culture in the harmony of yin and yang, LOGO outer ring there A snake around, dotted the theme of the snake years.

And Rose 3.5 is different from the New Year special section of the D Howard Light boots, these boots with traditional Chinese red as the main colors, and with black gold with a highlight of the extraordinary sense of luxury. The whole pair of upper are full of snake scales embossed, reflecting the snake years of this theme. It is worth mentioning that the shoes on the three bars are also cleverly integrated into the moire design, in providing the best vamp support at the same time, but also to reflect the Chinese elements most vividly. In the tongue, we are familiar with the Howard exclusive LOGO, tongue inside also embroidered with his signature, filling Adidas on the NBA's first center of attention.

Ross series, all the clothing this year changed the traditional red tradition, fit the 2013 water phase snake years, mainly to turquoise blue color, people shines. In addition, Adidas on the design of this series of years of dress is also quite ingenuity, Rose's personal LOGO outside the scene should be accompanied by a pair of gossip figure, reflecting the Chinese culture in the harmony of yin and yang, LOGO outer ring there is a Surrounded by the snake, dotted the snake years of this theme. I believe that wearing a Rose hood jacket with a Ross pullover or short-sleeved T-shirt, together with a Ross basketball shorts, will make you on the pitch full of personality, high-profile.

Howard series is still reflected in the Purple King of the spirit, black hoodie front to three-dimensional serpentine printing process printed red and gold Howard personal LOGO, domineering. In addition, Adidas also specifically for Howard launched a uniform style jacket, improved classic military jacket design with a lot of World of Warcraft personal details of the elements, so that the presence of the wearer also filled with tough and domineering.

Monday, July 10, 2017

fingercroxx x Billionaire Boys Club

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Fingercroxx, the earlier brand specially found the US popular cartoon characters THE SIMPSONS fired a series of cooperation products, a warm response, in this fall brand and then the next city, and Street Fashion icon characters Pharrell Williams led the United States Brand Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) for the first time the strong launch of the series, the implementation of the celebration of Fingercroxx 10th anniversary event!

Fingercroxx x Billionaire Boys Club

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This series by the two brands of design team planning together, the theme of "FBC Capsule Collection" for the life, the designer also specifically to join Pharrell Williams favorite red color, so that the whole series suddenly a lot of color. As the watch as the attention of cooperation, Pharrell Williams more personal interpretation of the series in a single product shooting photo modeling photos. Patterns, respectively, the two sides of the representative of the brand souls "BBC astronauts" and fingercroxx BIG FOOT combination, ghost horse BIGFOOT put on space suits, holding rocket skateboarding, interesting very strong; and BBC The running dog also ghostly biting the fingercroxx logo, easily bring out the characteristics of the two brands.

In order to meet the autumn, in addition to T-shirt single product, the series also includes sweater, denim trousers and double-sided feather vest; most of them with a single product BBC classic space logo for embellishment, colorful visual effects Autumn added a youthful atmosphere. Accessories, the design team sincerity to find another well-known US brand NEW ERA cooperation, for the series launched cap models, respectively, the red special edition and black choice, perfect for the two street brands for the whole package.

Customers who buy goods at the designated store over RMB1299 (including one or more fingercroxx x Billionaire Boys Club single product), you can receive free fingercroxx x Billionaire Boys Club rocket, a limited number, while stocks last.

Fingercroxx x Billionaire Boys Club series will be the first to arrive on November 15 the following

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Subcrew Made by Jahan x adidas Originals ZX 700

If you have to pay attention to Subcrewfacebook, Subcrewreact instragram and online magazines, should be noted that the recent Subcrew MADEby Jahan has a new job, but many news are reported on the limit of the details of the shoes, and ignore the cooperation project Behind meaning. In fact, this Subcrew Made By Jahan x Adidas cooperation, different from the general crossover. This cooperation is purely non-commercial cooperation, no sale, and the global limited edition of 40 pairs (there are 4 pairs of news has not yet been issued by the Singapore artist Jahan [microblogging], Subcrew [microblogging] the principal Sam [Microblogging], Frankie [microblogging] and Kobe [microblogging] the first collection in the private collection, that is, only 36 pairs of the world). This 36-pair limit is highly attention to the cooperation project, is to give some of our friends and some real "WORKINGCLASS HERO", to this class has been sparing no effort to pay tribute to the street culture to pay the characters. Because the real "Working Class Hero" is not worthy of the return, and do not care about personal fame and fortune, for their favorite culture to work out the cultural foundation. So this time together with Adidas to make this Subcrew Made By Jahan x Adidas gave the relevant units and friends, bring out Subcrew Made By Jahan series "Working Class Hero" really behind the meaning of the theme.

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This is the ZX-700, because the ZX-700 is not particularly well-known models, but both the functionality and comfort than the average Adidas shoes is better, is It is the main meaning of "WOKRINGCLASS HERO". In the design, follow the usual Subcrew style, use different materials, spell a pair of shoes. And this special selection of snakeskin, Jahan is one of the special elements, the two cooperation between the three parties on the Subcrew Made By Jahan x Adidas the highest attention of the shoes.

Create the MADE by Jahan series must not feel strange. And has always been to clothing design-led Subcrew back with Jahan to create Subcrew MADE by Jahan x adidas Originals ZX 700 shoes. The body is made of a variety of leather, embroidered with Jahan on the outside. At present this section shoes only to Subcrew friends and family to do collection

Saturday, July 8, 2017


Converse announced the launch of CONVERSE x MISSONI joint collection series. The new program, part of the Converse First String high-end line, will launch a series of 20 pairs of classic fabrics with Missoni's unique collection. And this limited 20 pairs of series will be September 28 (Friday) in the French fashion name Colette, by the artist Gary Card to create a unique installation art, in the Paris Fashion Week perfect debut.

Converse Jack Purcell and Premium brand vice president Penny Ericson said: "Converse Pro Leather and Auckland Racer two shoes in their own basketball and running in the field of sports shoes to lead the era of modern fashion into the modern fashion, so we are very excited to be able to These two classic designs are combined with Missoni, which has a rich history of fashion, and is working with Gary Card, an infinite creative artist.

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In order to celebrate the two brands of long-term cooperation in the design of planning, in this sixth of the creation of the selection of Converse Auckland Racer and Pro Leather Mid shoes and Missoni co-operation. Two classic sports shoes by the brand's long canvas into the brand provided by Missoni since 1994 to save the fashion show collection of cloth. These colorful, vibrant and eclectic street elements in the pattern of shoes showing an incredible charming texture.

This cooperation also invited the famous London artist Gary Card to participate in this series to create a ingenuity of the installation of art, presented in Paris, the most famous fashion concept store Colette. And as the designer and illustrator of the Gary Card Converse Pro Leather shoes classic star arrow logo as the inspiration, through the structure of the way three-dimensional, to create a star base, the rise of the tower-like device Sculpture art. He uses the star as the main design element, through the deconstruction of the way to highlight the extension of the characteristics of the same time to Missoni most well-known "zhi" shaped knitted fabric covering the entire installation of the art of the surface.

Special number of hardcover limited edition books will also be launched with the shoes at the same time, each will be a unique pottery red canvas wrapped with each pair of shoes together to show the overall texture and atmosphere.

Converse First String series is a focus on high-quality shoe-making process and very modern design concept of high-end limited series, but also from around the world, with a variety of backgrounds of creative cultural cooperation series. And CONVERSE x MISSONI joint collection of shoes will be in the September 28 formal in the French fashion name Colette exclusive sale. Each one is unique, only a pair of shoes priced at € 400.

Friday, July 7, 2017

adidas Barricade 7.0

2012 for the men's tennis one of the four giants of Andy Murray is destined to be a year of harvest, the local war aspirations to the Olympic men's singles champion, the US Grand Prix first Grand Prix, are juvenile famous British career add A heavy color of the pen. And the Shanghai Masters has been Murray's blessing in 2010 and 2011, he has been in the flag Zhong forest sports city tennis center for two consecutive championship trophy. In order to celebrate Murray's dazzling performance, Adidas special launch adidas Barricade 7.0 Chinese color, to bless Murray in 2012 to continue to rewrite history, and achieved good results.

Adidas Barricade 7.0 Chinese color to the ancient Chinese heroes for the design inspiration, with their heroic courage to reflect Murray in the field of brave and skilled image, in addition to ancient bronze weapons on the pattern as the whole section of the shoes Obscure, with gold lines, Highlight the nobility of the king and the soldiers of the heroic gas. Shoes and heel on the heel of the Peking Opera face, then the Chinese style interpretation of the most vividly, rich oriental style to become Barricade 7.0 Chinese color of the crowning touch. At the same time, left and right tongue were added to the Chinese font design elements, to wish Murray in Shanghai to achieve success.
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Barricade series as Adidas tennis star product witnessed the ancient Adidas tennis star legendary history. Adidas Barricade 7.0 inherited the eleven years of six generations of products to improve the comfort and performance, while maximizing the flexibility to ensure stability, wear resistance and wearing comfort under the premise of weight loss than the previous generation shoes 30 grams, In 2012 after the release of many top tennis players to become a game weapon.

Nike launched the latest AF1 XXX Pearl Collection shoes, show the Nike Air Force 1 past and present to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the birth of this classic shoes. Nike Sportswear choose to release the latest limited edition Nike AF1 XXX Pearl Collection in the fall, to pay tribute to the Nike Air Force 1.

Shoes to two different gold to be modified, respectively, a symbol of the past and now. Shoe side using a new metallic color highlights the "now" charm, and with a retro luster inlaid gold in the middle represents the "past". Decorated with gold spots with the AF1 with a lot of exquisite design details of the upper pattern combined with the full performance of this shoe will be excellent functionality and stylish appearance in a variety of features. The delicate details of this AF1 are also reflected in the work of the edge of its rolling leather, the tongue of the piercing process and the dotted leather wrapped in the bottom of the treatment.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

adidas NEO Label

This month the typical art of pop art - wave point continues to set off a boom, the continuation of the return of the last wave of the wave point, adidasNEO Label August re-wave point reproduction series of new products, wave point combined with fresh shape, in the three-dimensional pattern T-shirt, Knitwear on the use of unique details to create a new NEO youth dot style. This month adidas NEO offers a variety of different styles of shoes, from sports to feminine style series. Not only a single section more pick out, but also provide a mix of unlimited possibilities, so that you can reproduce the vitality of the summer easy interpretation of personal style!

Wave point reproduction - August men's wave point reproduction series in addition to simple wild T-shirt, but also season to join the knitted jacket, pullover and other early autumn must have a variety of styles of different styles of mashups to create a unique Fashion and sports leisure style. July hot elements of the wave is amplified to use in the wave point series coat, still fresh and natural, fresh people. This season is also a key shirt style, wave point shirt with smoke gray, dark blue-based color, with wave elements to enjoy low-key playful, and hoodie is a sense of the street must be a single product. As the wave point control their favorite, stripes and lattice is not to be missed this month, highlights, both wild and fresh colors, add unlimited with fun.

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Wave point reproduction - August girls series will be prepared for the cool autumn, fun patterns, meticulous wave points and vibrant colors, these are enough to make girls crazy playful design, so that girls play room And outdoor activities. Knitting cardigan series will be used with the apple pattern, even more ingenuity in the elbow to add a green apple patch, filling the lovely storm. The wave point transparent windbreaker is also a big picnic single product this season, printed with a reduced version of NEO Logo for the wave point of the three-dimensional pattern, but also can be folded into a small hand bag, light and convenient. New season will be applied to the extreme wave point, not only in the pants on the use of wave point printing, but also in the T shirt chest shoes printed on the pattern also used wave point for the shoe background, clever coincides with the trend of the season.

Wave point reproduction - slippers series

As the traditional style of the upgraded version of the Clemente Fresh series, in the help of the canvas and take the leather upper, while the black and white, dark blue color makes people shines, the design of the shoe at the end of the design of the wave point reproduction of the design details and color theme. In addition, as the adidas NEOLabel classic style Santa Rosa shell head series, in the continuation of the traditional three stripes at the same time, more in the inside and the sole into the wave point elements, classic and great trend. And this season Calneo Wrap series is a strong fashion sense of the strong help in the slippers, red background with white wave point, but also with the surrounding shoelace design, unique details of people never forget.

In August, the summer point continued to shine, filling NEO youth vitality and playful. Let the mysterious magic of the wave point, with us into the fresh and natural NEO world, get rid of monotonous and boring, play innocent and playful and light freedom. This summer, Live your style, let adidas NEO Label accompany you with Smart wave point!

Nike Zoom Superfly R4

Local time on August 8 at 1:00, in the London Olympic women's 200 meters final, the US player Ellison Felix won the gold medal. Felix is ​​also wearing the Nike Nike Super Super R4 R4 this top nail comfortable fit, with excellent support and grip, can help athletes to play the best condition.

Nike Zoom Superfly R4: Nike Zoom Superfly R3 on the basis of success, Nike Zoom Superfly R4 improved. Combining revolutionary Flywire technology with lightweight backplane. The world's fastest athletes have demonstrated the excellent performance of these boards on the track. The cable moves with your feet to provide support and comfort for lightweight spikes. Each high-strength cable is surrounded by feet alone, and shoelaces connected to the nail shoes more in line with individual needs, more wrapped and tight sense. Acetate fabric lining makes the shoes smooth and seamless, close to the skin. The ultra-thin TPU film covers the key parts to provide more support while maintaining the ultra-lightweight feel of the shoes.

63v92w5d1339 , 41t70u3b5348 , 2zr5ys291315 , 0xq3xr072415 , 0xp3wq074234 , 2zs5zt294742 , mjcqjdmt1518 , 74xc4y7f4922 , 0yq4xr071713 , 52u82v5d5519 , 2zr5ys29127 , 52v92w5d2259 , 30s60t3b1914 , 2zs5zt294719 , 0xp3xr071028 , 2zr5zs29432 , 30s6zt2a4015 , 74xb4y7f556 , 0xp3xq07104 , 41t70u3b5241 , 41u81v4c1923 , 1yq4yr181651 , 2zr5ys291218 , 0xq3xr072258 , 52u81v5d4728 , 0xp3xr07156 , 63v92w6e5538 , 30t60u3b233 , 30s6zt2a2533 , 0xp3xq07052 , 41t70u3b5221 , 52v92w5d2144 , 30s60t3b1758 , 31t70u3b112 , 52u82v5d5316 , 0xq3xr072211 , 0xp3wq072548 , 41u71v4c033 , 30s60t3b1750 , 63v92w6e5254 , 41t71u4c2234 , 52v82w5d1614 , 30s6zt2a2512 , 30t60u3b2251 , 74wb4y7f4959 , 1yr5ys181724 , 2zr5zs294239 , 0yq4xr071227 , 52u82v5d5130 , 30s6zt3b2410 , 1yq4yr181557 , 30s60t3b1749 , 1yq4xr18469 , 0xp3xr07031 , 52u81v4c1442 , 74wb4x7f442 , 1yr5ys181710 , 63v92w5d310 , 2zs6zt2a471 , 0xp3wq07248 , 1yq4xr18149 , 52v82w5d150 , 41t71u4c215 , 52u81v4c139 , 30s6zt3b2022 , 1yr4ys18152
The NikeZoom Superfly R4 uses extremely explosive and rigid Pebax® backplanes and replaceable spikes for maximum starting and gripping. At the same time, the thin Phylon midsole provides excellent cushioning effect while keeping the spikes lighter and close to the ground.

Recently New Balance took advantage of the New York Long Beach Agenda clothing trade show held at the occasion of the exposure of the 2013 two new 999 and 1600 spring and summer color.

In the first half of 2012 New Balance 999 with 99X series 30 anniversary of the potential pocketed the popularity and reputation, the two top joint product Concepts x New Balance 999 "Seal" and designer Ronnie Fieg together to create the KITH X NB999 STEEL BLUE roll out. Suddenly let NB powder pocket empty. The two rose red and lake blue release and let people feel free to parry. Shoe body to gray-based tone, supplemented by lake blue and rose red for spring and summer use, coupled with soft top suede and mesh cloth stitching the production of the upper, and recognized as the most comfortable ABZORB cushion in the end, People heart. PS: heel with anti-tear waterproof nylon fabric decoration. So that the shoe body function more substantial.

Another 1600, in this year can be described as twists and turns, because after the "Liberty, Justice & Freedom" 1600 shoes inexplicable death, so many fans disappointed for a long time. In 2013 New Balance brings this new series of 1600. The same selection of high-quality suede and mesh fabric material production shoes, comfortable and stable ABZORB cushioning system, the shoes enable the cool lake blue and red, smoke gray as the main tone. And well-known designer Ronnie Fieg in its official website home page also pushing this section 1600 series.