Thursday, March 30, 2017

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 --- high pillow clouds
Stepping on the pillow
When Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 debut when Nike in the print ads with a pillow to express its core demands, very intuitive to express the soft shoes. Nike Running as the strongest quarter this season, running shoes, it is equipped with Zoom Air and Lunarlon two top cushioning technology, but such a rich technology overlay can achieve the desired results, we will be in this evaluation to the You reveal.
Family design
In recent years, product design popular family, most of the same category of products have a similar design, which is reflected in the automotive industry is particularly evident. After last year's efforts, Nike Running also gradually completed their own family, including Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10, including several main running shoes, have adopted a similar design, even if not carefully read are difficult distinguish. The benefits of family, of course, is the unity of the brand to maximize the sense of identity, and shortcomings, of course, is less personality, the specific people do not like to see everyone choose.
Homogenized vamps
The upper use of the Flymesh material, which is this year's uniform uppers material, this material is very soft and breathable excellent, in the application of running shoes is very ideal. Shoes on both sides were four Flywire fly line and shoelaces connected to tighten the package after the sense is still very good, but the first shoe hole position on the relatively high, foot front of the activities of the space slightly larger. In addition, the upper does not increase the additional support, in the course of the movement will have a certain shaking the situation, especially in the foot part of the obvious, but the heel stability can be trusted.
The pinnacle of softness
In the end is undoubtedly the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 Kung Fu under the most adequate place, before and after the palm of the two Zoom Air, and in the air outside the package is wrapped in the full palm of the Lunarlon. From the foot of the intuitive feel, Vomero 10 in the end of the texture is very soft, that some exaggeration is really "such as the step cloud". In the course of the test, almost every step can feel a strong rebound, whether it is with the forefoot or heel landing are equally comfortable. But after a long period of exercise, the arch position slightly tired, and may be too soft and have a certain relationship.
Integrated outsole
Outside the texture and nothing new, with all the running shoes this season, like the use of a family design, although the visual no surprise, but the performance can be said to be proven. Jogging process, the forefoot of the horizontal stripes help to start, foot pedal when the touch is very sensitive. The other parts of the forefoot are divided into multiple pieces of rubber, independent of each other, in the process of landing can be part of the pressure. After the palm texture and the first few consistent, the ring of the lines have similar effects of decentralized pressure, in addition to a centripetal design, the pace more easily. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 movement in the process of more common grip, which is Nike Running this season, a common problem, this pattern is more suitable for flat plastic runway or treadmill, hope to be strengthened next year.
The advantages to the extreme
Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 shoe last relatively large, basically the general foot type of friends can be worn, for the larger weight of the running friend is the gospel, light from the foot feeling it is no doubt that the comfort of the top The But Vomero 10 is not very suitable for long-distance jogging, more suitable for daily training, but also hope that running friends can choose, as appropriate. In general, this is a very characteristic running shoes, it is good at their own areas to do the ultimate, alone with this point is enough to attract us.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

adidas x Alexander Wang Run

Adidas in recent years can be said to be joint, to say the most dare to play, non-Alexander Wang none other! Inverted clover, the unique concept in the field of fashion, has long been popular in the north and south of the Boost footwear into more unruly trend of the gene!
Following the March 4 limited sale of two leading shoe type, the moment sold out, resale market prices also will rise. And previously failed to do so to start a friend, may wish to focus on the upcoming sale of these two new color!
Based on the naked Alexlander Wang Run Clean shoe type, add a limited frame, personalized shoelaces and multiple material injection, parcel feel and dynamic performance are upgraded.
Will be on sale in the near future, pricing is still ¥ 2099 RMB, whether APP is also limited to the registration of Shanghai has not yet announced, interested friends may wish to pay more attention!
Alexander Wang cooperation with adidas Originals shoes has long been exposed, and with the official picture of the release, and tonight Confirmed App suddenly push the news, suggesting that the upcoming sale of Alexander Wang Run Clean and Alexander Wang Run two pairs of shoes.
Which Run Clean shoes to simple and crisp socks body shoes to meet the CLEAN concept, equipped with a full palm Boost in the end, see from the running shoes family, and inverted clover logo is adidas by Alexander Wang this cooperation series of signs , The offer price is ¥ 1699 RMB.
Another Run shoes are added shoelace stability system, so that the overall look more like a running shoes, ¥ 2099 RMB pricing will also allow you to at the foot of the wind!
Alexander Wang cooperation with adidas Originals opened a new situation, in addition to the inverted clover logo people unforgettable, Wang Daren in the field of fashion unique ideas, but also through the cooperation of the two single details.
Equipped with full palm Boost in the end of the Alexander Wang x adidas Originals RUN CLEAN is the most recent bright star!
Simple visual design, the texture of the material itself and the contours of the unique charm of the body revealed. Inverted clover logo, the receipt of the socks design, are exudes a unique fashion charm.
But simple and pure this AW RUN CLEAN also continued the difficulty of driving a single product fashion, not a big long legs, not carefully planned wearing a match, I am afraid it is difficult to show its unique beauty Oh!
Kylie Jenner is on foot and looks at her wear!
This pair of shoes has been through the Confirmed App only available in Shanghai, China, the current market price of more than ¥ 3000 RMB, and difficult to spot.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Air Jordan 13 Flint

GiGi color regression! Air Jordan 13 "Flint" release date determined
Air Jordan 13 "Flint" as the classic AJ13 shoes, Air Jordan in the twenty anniversary of the year, of course, to return to perfection.
Gray and blue shoes, with the classic green leopard eye, so that Air Jordan 13 "Flint" in the pure and full of vitality. Once the Hongkong artist Gigi Leung (GiGi Leung) was in the program on the shoes and feet are also known as the GiGi color.
Cheap jordans for sale, Cheap jordans shoes, cheap jordans for sale, This time the pair will enter the shoes Air Jordan 13 Flint will be available for sale on September 2, 2017, the sale price of $$190.
Air Jordan 13 "Flint"
Release date: September 2, 2017
Offer price: $$190

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Air Jordan 1 Mid Sequoia

This is very similar to the Undefeated color Air Jordan 1, is 2017 Jordan Brand one of the sale plan.

This time Air Jordan 1 Mid "Sequoia" by the military green artificial leather and suede made of the upper, bring a different texture experience. Touching the orange jumpman Logo called the overall highlights.

It is reported that this pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid "Sequoia" will be available in the spring of 2017, the sale price of $ 110.

Air Jordan 1 Mid "Sequoia"
Item No .: 554724-302
Release date: spring 2017
Offer price: $ 110

As the Air Jordan 1 generation of shoes of the Year, in addition to the previous Yin Yang black and white combination of yin and yang, the new Air Jordan 1 OG High Perforated puncture texture version also brought this simple theme of the show.

With the previous yin and yang black and white with the program is different, the Air Jordan 1 OG High Perforated "Yin Yang" Pack were the whole black and all white to build the shoe body, only the outsole with a contrastive color.

And Perforated puncture texture in Swoosh, toe, upper to bring exquisite detail, I believe can capture a lot of small white shoes and small black shoes lovers of the favor!

Will be officially launched in February next year, interested friends may wish to pay attention.

Item: 555088-002 / 555088-100
Release date: February 2017