Tuesday, March 28, 2017

adidas x Alexander Wang Run

Adidas in recent years can be said to be joint, to say the most dare to play, non-Alexander Wang none other! Inverted clover, the unique concept in the field of fashion, has long been popular in the north and south of the Boost footwear into more unruly trend of the gene!
Following the March 4 limited sale of two leading shoe type, the moment sold out, resale market prices also will rise. And previously failed to do so to start a friend, may wish to focus on the upcoming sale of these two new color!
Based on the naked Alexlander Wang Run Clean shoe type, add a limited frame, personalized shoelaces and multiple material injection, parcel feel and dynamic performance are upgraded.
Will be on sale in the near future, pricing is still ¥ 2099 RMB, whether APP is also limited to the registration of Shanghai has not yet announced, interested friends may wish to pay more attention!
Alexander Wang cooperation with adidas Originals shoes has long been exposed, and with the official picture of the release, and tonight Confirmed App suddenly push the news, suggesting that the upcoming sale of Alexander Wang Run Clean and Alexander Wang Run two pairs of shoes.
Which Run Clean shoes to simple and crisp socks body shoes to meet the CLEAN concept, equipped with a full palm Boost in the end, see from the running shoes family, and inverted clover logo is adidas by Alexander Wang this cooperation series of signs , The offer price is ¥ 1699 RMB.
Another Run shoes are added shoelace stability system, so that the overall look more like a running shoes, ¥ 2099 RMB pricing will also allow you to at the foot of the wind!
Alexander Wang cooperation with adidas Originals opened a new situation, in addition to the inverted clover logo people unforgettable, Wang Daren in the field of fashion unique ideas, but also through the cooperation of the two single details.
Equipped with full palm Boost in the end of the Alexander Wang x adidas Originals RUN CLEAN is the most recent bright star!
Simple visual design, the texture of the material itself and the contours of the unique charm of the body revealed. Inverted clover logo, the receipt of the socks design, are exudes a unique fashion charm.
But simple and pure this AW RUN CLEAN also continued the difficulty of driving a single product fashion, not a big long legs, not carefully planned wearing a match, I am afraid it is difficult to show its unique beauty Oh!
Kylie Jenner is on foot and looks at her wear!
This pair of shoes has been through the Confirmed App only available in Shanghai, China, the current market price of more than ¥ 3000 RMB, and difficult to spot.

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