Friday, June 30, 2017

ClimaCool BOAT SL

When the 2012 summer temperature along with the East Asian monsoon infiltration to the body, hot and irritable rainy season, the pressure of the skin was breathless, blue and transparent sea, into a good boy are the most desirable playground. The fish jumped over the water, the waves beat the feet faded, leaving only the toes in ClimaCool®BOAT SL shoes naughty stretched lazy. Following the season conversion, Adidas in the early summer of May for the beach juvenile timely introduction of a new ultra-lightweight concept of multi-functional outdoor cross-country shoes ClimaCool®BOAT SL, clever movement and hydrophilic combination, with water flow and fast Dry clear. The classic ClimaCool® technology always keeps the feet clean and refreshing.

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In addition Adidas also introduced a variety of different materials, fresh short-sleeved T-shirt, rapid perspiration and soft cotton material to minimize the discomfort caused by skin friction, in the outdoor movement to ensure the comfort of the wearer. Put ClimaCool®BOAT SL into the backpack, facing the horizon that blue waters!
Ultra-light concept multi-purpose outdoor cross-country shoes ClimaCool® BOAT SL, outstanding performance in breathable and wading, insoles with large mesh mesh, environmental design can quickly remove the water from the upper and the bottom, providing extra fast Dry performance.

The shoe upper features ClimaCool®, a 360 degree ventilated design that keeps the feet dry and comfortable; the unique Traxion outsole makes it the best ground grip on the slippery ground to avoid wrestling; : Drainage system can maximize the performance of the shoe body drainage capacity. At the same time, with the summer fun, launched a blue, black, yellow, orange four colors, an increase of the shoes themselves playful sense of movement.
Fabric: 60% organic cotton 40% recycled polyester, knitted jersey,

Function: BETTER PLACE uses environmentally friendly materials to help protect the environment; CLIMALITE ® COTTON: by sweating from the skin surface to the outer surface of the fabric to quickly evaporate, so mediate the body temperature, so that it is always in a natural body temperature state. At the same time, the fabric with cotton touch, wearing comfortable.
Fabric: 85% recycled polyester 15% organic cotton, knitted jersey, 165g

Function: Dri-Release®Cotton; 4 times the speed of ordinary cotton fabric to help quickly sweat, while anti-odor to prevent odor generated function; BETTER PLACE using recycled materials, contribute to environmental protection; round neck design.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Onitsuka Tiger X-Caliber GT

There are two pairs of running shoes opened the prelude of the eighties, and almost defined the next 20 years running the direction of running shoes, but also to choose the running shoes once became the same as with fine glasses learning. These two pairs of shoes is Onitsuka Tiger X Caliber GT and Brooks Chariot. They are also more familiar with your name, ASICS flagship models Kayano and Brooks flagship section Beast, this year can be bought the first 23 generations and 16th generation.
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In the last decade after the groping, running shoes brand seems to find a technical aspects of the broad road: the attitude of the correction. And the "runners of the world" timely introduction of running shoes classification, the concept of posture to quickly promote to the public runners, "buffer type (or called shock type, cushioned), stability (stability) and control ( (Hereinafter also added the "lightweight") is still a lot of runners on the running shoes of the cognitive framework, the face of a pair of running shoes, must first be attributed to one of them.
Brooks' first pair of "explosions" Vantage, by increasing the support at the arch to control the spin, sparked other brands to follow suit, Brooks own bear the brunt of the first. Chariot in the running shoes inside the bottom of the increase in the density of the bubble, the structure is like a knife into the running shoes wedge, so that the inside of the shoes slightly higher than the outside. This harder foam provides more support to the inside of the feet, correcting the angle of the ankle when landing, and reducing the pressure on the knees. Onitsuka Tiger's X-Caliber GT uses the technology called Stability Pillar at the heel and arch, and at a glance the characteristics of running shoes, and Brooks' Chariot. Now the stability of running shoes still follow this structure, although the high outside the low tilt angle is not obvious, but intuitive to see inside and outside the material or structure is not the same, specific to the running is different materials or structures to provide different support efforts Hardness is different), thus correcting posture.
If you are a street tide shoes lovers, that for the New Balance 990 series is certainly no stranger to, and even has its various versions of the emptiness of the purse. Of course, digging the purse is 990's good show, because it is the history of the first pair of pricing 100 dollars running shoes, 80's 100 dollars ah friends, that is a billion ah (I nonsense). 990 is also the famous president of running shoes, although I do not have a cold on its value, but also have to admit it is New Balance in the eighties deserved flagship, and so far New Balance marketing peak.
In the brand and the media boost, the runners are naturally running posture and injury linked together, in turn, also promote the brand to meet the public awareness, continue to dig on the classification of running shoes. Bid farewell to the earliest non-discriminatory flat running shoes, into the shoe store ordinary people began to help in the sales staff to determine their own posture, and choose the appropriate running shoes, the same process with the same glasses, and sales staff can give professional advice , Has also become a judge shoe and brand index. The Phidippides, opened in 1975, is known as the world's first professional running shoe store, and will still provide performance testing for customers entering the store and recommend the corresponding shoes.
Because the system is very self-consistent, the brand and runners are from the benefit, so in the next twenty years, there is no disruptive new technology. Material may have been evolving (ASICS Gel is the birth of this time), every year there are different called the new technology was used in the new year, but the technical foundation of each running shoes and the original Chariot and X-Caliber GT is not too Big difference. Most of the brand's energy used in marketing, one of the best is Nike.

Monday, June 26, 2017


March 26, 1987 is the date of the original Air Max 1 release. Designer Tinker Hatfield draws inspiration from the architectural design of the Pompidou Art Center, which allows a large area of ​​Air Cushion Unit to be fully rendered by removing the foamed portion around the midsole. Every year, Nike will host a global Air Max Day celebration.

After three decades, Nike Air is "change, never stop", but also highlight the personality, show the fashion window. Air Max series has become a "destruction" and "innovation" synonymous, the field of sports shoes has become different.

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March is the day for the Air Max birthday, in order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the birth of Air Max 1, in order to allow more young people with their favorite way to express the love of Air Max. This year, Nike to "KISS MY AIRS disdain you how to see" attitude, to pay tribute to this classic series. Let the field leader with music, fashion modeling, documentary, shoe design and other forms of interpretation of the culture of AIR, cohesion of the AIR community, open the revolution of AIR. Nike hopes to inspire and inspire young people to challenge, break the stereotypes, in accordance with their own way to live, to create, and thus push the movement and culture forward, showing "change, never stop" vitality and vitality.

In order to celebrate this event, a series of retro, mixed and innovative products will be launched in March, complete Nike Air Max Day products will be the first in the Beijing Air Lounge debut, the series of new Air products reflect the unprecedented strong Nike Air Air cushion technology potential. Which also includes people long-awaited Nike Air VaporMax, it will be March 26 this year, that is, the annual Air Max Day released the same day.

# AirMax #

AIR MAX celebration plan

For the Air Max 30 anniversary of a series of activities will be carried out throughout the month in March, Nike will join the field leaders and contemporary young people to express the love of Air Max.

"KISS MY AIRS disdain how do you see" - REMIX MY AIRS

Music is the favorite "brave expression" and "self-realization" of the young people of the moment. Remix My Airs activities described the origin of Air Max and music, so that music has been flowing in the Air Max blood elements to show. Nike invited five musicians in the music field of rebellious character with Remix My Airs, with their well-known music genre to reproduce the story of Air Max. Each love Air Max friends can personally create exclusive music, create Air Max creative music. Beijing Air Lounge also combines five creative music works in Pioneer musicians.

With the expression "KISS MY AIRS disdain how do you see" - 30 FOR 30: AIR STYLE CELEBRATION

Sports shoes are never male patents, for the "destroyer" and "innovator" image turned out in the AIR MAX is even more so. From the stadium to the T stage show, from music to other areas, AIR MAX has become a part of the female way of life. 30 FOR 30 plan through different regions, the background to lead the trend of the female stylist perspective, interpretation of the AIR MAX as the infinite possibilities of modeling MUSE, showing these fashion leaders for sports shoes love.

With the lens record "KISS MY AIRS disdain how do you see" - REVOLUTIONAIRS: THE DIRECTOR SERIES leader documentary series

Through three leading Asian cutting-edge director of the lens, to show three music, culture, arts and fashion areas of global influence of the leaders to create their own way of life stories, to listen to their reputation is still demanding breakthrough Sentiment. For these leaders, AIR MAX a self-expression KISS MY AIRS attitude of the form, highlighting their "change, never stop" spirit.

With the design of shoes interpretation of "KISS MY AIRS disdain how do you see" - VOTE FORWARD vote forecast tomorrow legend

NIKE SPORTSWEAR from the world's leading players selected the most influential 12, open the "VOTE FORWARD vote forecast tomorrow legend" activities. In addition to exploring and understanding the history and design of AIR MAX story, while challenging, breaking the conventional KISS MY AIRS attitude, in accordance with their own way to create a new AIR MAX shoes, the final 12 pairs of AIR MAX in the highest votes in the shoes In the next year AIR MAX DAY listed.


In order to allow more people to participate in the March 26 AIR MAX DAY, enjoy the charm of AIR air cushion technology, express KISS MY AIRS attitude, pass "change, never stop" spirit. March 26, the grand 2017 AIR MAX CELEBRATION celebration will be held in Shanghai. Consumers can participate in music, street culture, fashion art and other areas of the project, and in-depth understanding of Nike AIR air cushion technology heritage, design and unprecedented potential, feel NIKE AIR VAPORMAX open new air cushion revolution. Together to pay tribute to the spirit of innovation and self-expression spirit, it is these innovations, created the Air Max series of success.

After nearly 30 years of continuous development, Air Max will usher in a leap - for the wearer to bring light and sustained cushioning performance, fully Air Air's mission.

The new breakthrough is due to the new technology that makes the Nike VaporMax Air alone as the outsole. Air cushion in the past must rely on an additional layer of rubber protection to ensure wearability, and the new technology so that designers can Air Air and the outer layer into a whole VaporMax Air cushion which; past air cushion needs to be molded into a fixed structure , While the flexibility of the new air cushion can guarantee its independent activities, and maintain the status quo.

Remove the extra rubber protection so that the air cushion can accommodate more air, and abandon the air cushion fixed shape to improve the deformation of the air cushion, allowing designers to place more air at the foot to enhance cushioning. Two innovations together make the VaporMax Air cushion in the performance beyond the traditional foam in the end.
The new midsole gets out of the bulky foam layer, achieving greater flexibility and flexibility while ensuring air cushion flexibility, while reducing weight and reducing material waste. Put the upper directly on the VaporMax Air cushion above the design will bring better comfort and stronger energy feedback.

In the Nike Air VaporMax, Air cushion with Flyknure uppers, to provide accurate support performance and further reduce the weight of shoes.

Friday, June 23, 2017

ECCO innovation and technology new outdoor series to lead the natural movement wave

Early spring in March, turned warm again, millions of young and dynamic heart began to imagine the freedom of outdoor life. And strive to be the perfect combination of comfort and fashion Nordic Danish footwear brand ECCO, this time to bring its sports and outdoor series of new products debut in the seventh Asian international brand sporting goods and sports fashion fair (ISPO). On the same day, Nikolai Rabæk Christensen, product manager of ECCO Global Sports, shared the latest concept of ECCO brand and the trend of sports fashion in 2011. A spring full of infinite vitality is aroused in the "natural rhythm".

All along, the ECCO series of shoes in the style of adhering to the simple classic, the pursuit of excellence in the extraordinary quality of technology to the best comfort experience to enjoy outdoor sports. In the current ISPO exhibition, bright and transparent booth layout followed the brand has always been natural and Smart, open design allows consumers and the media can be intimate contact with the product, more models are vivid interpretation of a variety of sports, and leisure time , And sometimes rhythm run, also move also quietly proud of the brand will be proud of the peak technology performance no doubt.

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"It is good to see that China's outdoor sports industry is growing and more and more people are joining and enjoying outdoor sports.ECCO's commitment, as always, that every pair of ECCO shoes will continue to continue excellent quality, providing the best protection and Performance at the same time, the release of the infinite charm of feet, so you can better enjoy the wonderful feeling brought about by the movement. "ECCO global sports product manager Nikolai Rabæk Christensen said. Has a wealth of experience in the operation of outdoor sports market, the use of unique expertise and the sharp sense of the trend, the scene to share with you ECCO 2011 sports series of new technology and design concepts.
No matter when and where, free to move freely

BIOM series of sports shoes rooted in the "natural rhythm" concept, so that your feet in the most natural way to exercise. Its rich product line, from BIOM RUN, BIOM WALK to BIOM GOLF, can meet your travel, running, hiking and golf and other sports different needs. In the summer of 2011, the ECCO BIOM series also launched a new BIOM Trainer training shoe, its structural design in the BIOM series of running shoes on the basis of the adjustment and improvement. Sole structure is more flexible and lightweight, but also to reverse, so that your feet as much as possible to achieve free movement, while strengthening the strength of the foot and lower limbs, which lasted longer exercise. As a pair of multi-functional training shoes, the product will cause those who love indoor and outdoor sports people's attention. BIOM series of sports with its excellent flexibility and support, and then with a bright and brilliant color theme, so that every moment of exercise to become fun.
ECCO outdoor series of sports shoes reflects the brand has always been the design concept, exquisite workmanship, smooth lines, fashion and practical, both seductive and comfortable. 2011 ECCO sports shoes, in full consideration of market demand and modern life under the premise of the re-launch of innovative products with new products, the great outdoor life experience presented to the busy city people. Xpedition Lite expedition lightweight series of sports shoes and sports boots at the same time shocked the appearance of fine yak leather material, more than three times more tough than ordinary leather, can cope with the challenges of outdoor environment; Montagna has an impeccable fashion appearance, also set There are GORE-TEX ® lining with 100% waterproof structure, can make the feet always keep dry; of course you will fall in love with masculine full hybrid, its exceptionally comfortable direct injection molding in the end, and in line with the principles of human anatomy With a lasting damping function, to the entire foot to provide the perfect support. ECCO outdoor series of rich features, can easily meet the difficult outdoor environment in the various needs of walking, but also for no time to go to the rural people outing the daily life of the people.

ECCO adhering to the "everything from the foot of the demand", with "natural rhythm" to stimulate the infinite potential of sports enthusiasts, accompanied by all kinds of sports in the bloom endless vitality. At the same time, outdoor shoes with superior technology have become ideal for urban adventure, light footsteps and any activities between the two. Let ECCO continue to continue his consistent quality, in the extraordinary comfort in the release of feet charm, leading the new wave of movement!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey

Michael Jordan .. the greatest professional basketball player in human history ...
His career only played two teams ... of course, we talked about and can not forget for a long time, is the Chicago Bulls ... ...
But God's career is old, is spent in the Washington Wizards ... ...
During that time, the Wizards became the focus of attention around the world ... although Jordan did not bring the Wizards into the season, but the world's MJ fans, it is not important ... ...
Can look at Jordan to play, rather than a few years later to see those documentaries ... may be a lot of people's real desire .....

Jordan in the Wizards for two years, left us a lot of precious memories ... ...
We can see the 40-year-old Jordan in the same year with the Kobe Bryant, Carter, TMAC those years of the year to hold against .. we saw the thirty thousand points .....
2003 Atlanta All-Star Game is the pinnacle of all this ... we see a warm farewell feast .....
In this banquet, everyone is a supporting role ... MJ is the protagonist of course ... that moment, the world countless Jordan fans tears ... ...

In the field of shoes, it is precisely because of this comeback ... let us have more feelings of Jordan shoes .....
Whether it is back in the first AJ16, or the last one of the white blue AJ18 ... Jordan shoes seem to wear only Jordan's feet, only with that legend ... ...
Of course, this comeback .. also let us see a lot of new with the Jordan shoes .....
Before that, all the Jordan shoes are black and red color as the first main color ... this is the Chicago Bulls color, which is the color of Jordan ....
But starting from the 17 generation, this thing has quietly changed ... accompanied by MJ comeback and transfer, black and red color is no longer the exclusive color of Jordan shoes .....
Especially AJ18, Wizards color of the white blue AJ18 accompanied by Jordan finished his life last a NBA game .....
This color is also with this game, with Jordan together ... forever loaded the history of human basketball shoes ... ...

The same is the comeback, so many old models of Jordan shoes have a new life ... and AJ11, is undoubtedly one of the best ... ...
Jordan during the Wizards through a lot of shoes ... but the cold gray AJ11 is one of the most compelling pair of .....
Accompanied by the status of AJ11 rivers and lakes, accompanied by the number of AJ11 scarce and the high price ... this pair of Jordan in the Wizards to create the shoes of the advent of a wide range of concern.
Of course, he also has a nice name ... Air Jordan 11 "Cool Gray".
By the end of 2010, this pair of shoes belonging to the late career of Jordan was once again engraved ... with the previous AJ11 air dunk version using the same packaging ....
Miss the people of MJ, like AJ11 people ... this is the fourth AJ11 color engraved since 2008 ...
Although it is not the first year of color matching .. but also worth the first year of color .... MJ's career, you miss it?

Monday, June 19, 2017

Five pairs of popcorn shoes to see who is a real shoes

Popcorn is not really popcorn, so it just because it looks like a bit in some form.
At the beginning of 2015, adidas launched UltraBOOST running shoes, full palm of the BOOST in the end brought excellent buffer and rebound performance. This piece of TPU foam made of the end of the material with the traditional EVA material has a bad day, it is this piece of the end of the opening of the popcorn running shoes prelude.
After that, each running brand has launched its own popcorn in the end, PUMA IGNITE technology, Saucony's Everun technology, Altra's Ego technology and Salomon's Opal technology. They are similar to the BOOST technology is also different, and in order to figure out the difference between the different popcorn at the end, we choose to open them to see.
52u81v4c3850 , 41u81v4c3752 , 63va3w6e5156 , 63wb3x6e5225 , 52u81v5c5838 , 74wb4x7f31 , 63v92w5d5818 , 42u81v4c5155 , 63va3x6e4719 , 64wb3x6e5744 , 41t70u4b4243 , 52u82v5d13 , 63wb3x6e3837 , 52u81v4c5621 , 41t71u4c5655 , 63wa3x6e3654 , 42u81v4c3121 , 74wb3x6e4732 , 41t71u4c298 , 52u82v5d3811 , 64wb3x6e3351 , 52v92w5d3033 , 41t71v4c5921 , 41u81v4c5626 , 53v92w5d231 , 64wb3x6e258 , 63va3w6e3013 , 52u81v5d3744 , 41t71v4c4348 , 63wa3x6e5726 , 63v92w6d427 , 52u81v4c3742 , 41t71u4c3254 , 74wb3x6e225 , 41t70u4c328 , 63va3w6e5021 , 52u82v5d32 , 41u71v4c399 , 63wb3x6e516 , 63v93w6e3042 , 52v82w5d4414 , 74wb4x7f158 , 41t71u4c415 , 63va3x6e3910 , 53v92w5d5150 , 41u81v4c252 , 41t70u4b029 , 63va3w6e3844 , 52u81v5d5940 , 63wb3x6e3348 , 63v92w6e3322 , 63wa3x6e395 , 63v92w5d442 , 41t71u4c042 , 63va3w6e3044
We found five pairs of popcorn shoes on the market today, PUMA Speed ​​IGNITE NETFIT, Salomon S-Lab Sonic 2, Saucony Freedom ISO, Altra Escalante and adidas UltraBOOST 3.0.
The process of shoe removal is not simple, the upper of the hard support material, the upper and the bottom of the connection in addition to the car suture in addition to glue, there are strong in the bottom of the single-layer / double net. In terms of dismantling difficulty, adidas UltraBOOST 3.0 was the most difficult, followed by PUMA Speed ​​IGNITE NETFIT, followed by Salomon S-Lab Sonic 2, Saucony Freedom ISO and Altra Escalante.
In fact, these five pairs of popcorn shoes to fake the truth after the look far beyond our imagination, and even a lot of our impression is completely different.
Such as Sonic 2 popcorn material only exists in the back palm part, similar to the past Nike in the end of the use of single air cushion design; and then, such as Escalante in the end of the box in the form of a box, completely different from the other four pairs of running shoes; Everun and BOOST do not look the difference.
If it is more obvious than their cross-section, Everun and BOOST and Salomon Opal in the form are quite close, are a single TPU foam and then stitched together, and IGNITE and Ego is with the traditional EVA The material is close to the conventional form of popcorn material.
Although the same as TPU foam material, but the five pairs of popcorn running shoes, the weight is still very different. Speed ​​IGNITE NETFIT weighs 165 grams, Sonic 2 weighs 132 grams (including midsole EVA material), Freedom ISO weighs 141 grams, Escalante weighs 136 grams, UltraBOOST 3.0 weighs 184 grams.
In terms of weight performance, Escalante's Ego weight control is the best, followed by Freedom ISO Everun, and IGNITE and BOOST these two brothers are relatively heavy material.
Of course, in the end of the weight and their thickness has a great relationship in our dismantling after the end of the thickness of the test, UltraBOOST 3.0 after the palm thickness of staggering 28.47mm, forefoot thickness of 13.14mm; ranked second Freedom ISO rear palm thickness of 20.05mm; behind the Escalante, Sonic 2, Speed ​​IGNITE NETFIT after the palm thickness of 17.65mm, 17.25mm (single Opal thickness of 5.8mm), 15.35mm.
It seems that BOOST material has 184 grams of weight is not unreasonable, after all, in the case of thicker thickness of the material it uses more. The Speed ​​IGNITE NETFIT performance is not ideal, in the end of the thickness of the five pairs of popcorn shoes is the thinnest, but the weight is second only to BOOST, of course, it is used with the double density IGNITE in the end there is Big relationship.
In contrast, Freedom ISO Everun clearly in the weight and thickness to do the best balance, both to control the overall weight of the shoe, but also to maximize the thickness of the end to ensure its cushioning performance.
In addition to measuring these objectivity data, we also tested the elasticity of a simple midsole material. The test is very simple, the same weight of the ball at the same height free fall, look at the hit in the end after the rebound height.
The results of the test are basically proportional to the previous thickness and weight tests. UltraBOOST 3.0 is still in a position to shake, and its rebound height is 17.3cm, which is the best performance in the five pairs of shoes. And in the previous test has not been dominant in the Escalante and Speed ​​IGNITE NETFIT rebound test results and Freedom ISO is not bad up and down; the weakest performance for the Sonic 2, which is only a little bit of popcorn material it is not unrelated.
The results of the rebound test can be a direct reflection of running shoes in the actual running performance, on this point with our previous evaluation of running shoes are consistent. BOOST material is the best elasticity, the actual rebound performance is quite good; Everun and Ego material buffer is excellent, rebound performance is slightly less; IGNITE material buffer and rebound in the middle level; Opal material is due to the test area is too small Can not be intuitive expression, but the integrated point of view or have a certain resilience.
The introduction of popcorn material to a large extent changed our feet experience, past the traditional EVA material hard, dead experience, have been greatly improved. In the running shoes we can also experience the efficient buffer and excellent rebound feeling, but also through the running shoes brought about by the change and enhance our running ability.
But we dismantled the five pairs of popcorn wear shoes, as the veteran of the adidas in the material is very willing to pay, whether it is thickness or very willing to use materials, which also makes UltraBOOST 3.0 comprehensive performance of the most outstanding. Brothers PUMA made IGNITE materials, in the past love of burning evaluation received a lot of praise. This is the Speed ​​IGNITE NETFIT for speed players, the double density IGNITE used in the pure IGNITE may be slightly less than a rebound in the rebound, but still showed a very good level.
From the initial trial Everun material insoles to this year's full-length Everun material, Saucony's more skilled use of Everun materials is the reason why Freedom ISO got so much praise this year. Put aside Freedom ISO running shoes on the other, Everun material may be Saucony cut off the current best in the end of the material.
And Altra, like Saucony, is the same, and Ego is the midsole material that Altra has built this year, and so far only in several running shoes, but the strength of Ego's material is not overlooked by other brands. As for Salomon's Opal material, it is still a long way to go before the test phase, looking forward to the moment it becomes the sole material.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Adidas TS Beast Commander

Dwight Howard ... the best center of the NBA today, can be expected ... he is also one of the best centers of the times ...
Ou fat old ... Yao Ming half of the waste (of course, not waste is also the game) ... in the center scarcity of today, Howard some lonely seeking defeat ... ...
But this does not mean that he has no opponents ... at least he is also empty-handed, and even a MVP has not yet ... ...
Horizontal comparison, no one will deny Howard's dominance in the NBA ... but if the vertical comparison, he can be more than the same age of football it?
Of course, Ogilvy is also in their own 28 years old when the first championship ... only 25-year-old Howard, there are opportunities to go beyond this great predecessors ....

In the field of shoes, from the day into the NBA ... Howard has been wearing ADIDAS brand ... ...
But unfortunately, he did not catch up with the best days of ADIDAS basketball shoes ... plus the first entry of the league he did not show amazing strength.
So at the beginning, ADIDAS just gave him some style such as bromium and midrange A3
With the passage of time, Howard gradually showed his basketball talent .. he also began to the league's first-class star forward footsteps ... ...
But because at that time ADIDAS star like clouds ... Howard has always been shrouded in TMAC, KG and others under the shadow of .....
Especially Garnett and Duncan two inside predecessors ... Howard wear a long time their endorsement of the shoes ... ...
Even if ADIDAS into the team basketball TS era, Huo Chao Man is not the most important player ADIDAS ... ...

Change should appear in 2008 ... in the All-Star Game, Howard by virtue of their superman shape in one fell swoop won the slam dunk contest champion ...
Not only that, he is full of joy of the performance will also show their business value of the most vividly ... ...
At his feet, but only wearing a pair of ordinary ADIDAS TS PROMODEL shoes ... in the world's largest basketball shoe show field, ADIDAS lost a chance to show ....
So in 2008, we saw Howard wearing ADIDAS specially prepared for him TS BOUNCE Commander "Superman" to defending the dunk contest.
Although the final win more eyeball is Nate Robinson pair of "krypton giant" version of the Foamposite lite .. but the Warcraft "Superman shoes", but also attracted a lot of people's attention.

If the All-Star game is not really a real turning point ... then this moment, finally started in the 2009-2010 season .....
In the Garnett, Duncan, Chauncey Billups gradually grown ... TMAC is already away from the ranks of the star ... Howard and Ross these two young scholar show pick up ADIDAS basketball shoes revival Flag ..... is also from this year onwards, Howard became ADIDAS the world's first spokesperson .......
By him and Ross endorsement of the TS Supernatural Commander and TS Supernatural Creator became the focus of this year ADIDAS force .....
Resembles the foot of the soles of science and technology, coupled with the control and creator of the concept of confrontation ... so that these two pairs of shoes become ADIDAS reputation in recent years, quite two shoes ... ...
In the 2010-2011 season, Howard put on ADIDAS for him to create the new shoes ... that is, the protagonist of our story today .....
Adidas TS Beast Commander .... and this pair, also frequently appeared in the TV ads we have recently seen
The upper is not much to say, the continuation of the ADIDAS the last two years of plain style ... but compared to the previous generation, I personally feel that some look good .....
Focus on that soles ... just get this pair of shoes, I was very surprised that: "This is too fooled, headed star shoes even a bottom do not change" ....
And then carefully looked at, and took out last year's Supernatural Commander compared a bit ... found: "Oh, the original in the end" is not the same ........
In the end of the side wall height and paint or there is a significant difference ... ...
The blue midsole is last year's Supernatural Commander, Black for this year's Beast Commander
And then take pictures of the time, I was found ... the original outsole is not the same ........
Although the difference between the two generations or some, the end of the flower is not the same ... may be due to PureMotion location exactly the same relationship ... ...
The outsole of two pairs of shoes looks very similar ...
It seems Howard for this most primitive form of the foot soles ... five bump shape - toes, forefoot two points, the palm of the palm of the side and followed by the way is still very satisfied with the ...
The first picture above is TS Beast Commander, the second picture is TS Beast Commander

Saturday, June 10, 2017

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V3

A pair of running shoes to get the hand, at first glance certainly or appearance, as the speed of running shoes, New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V3 from the shape will be filled with the speed of the runners want everything. Engineering mesh concentrated in the front foot area, and pointing to the tip of the toe, in the visual will create a sense of the impact of speed, carefully look at the other parts of the shoe body by the irregular lines formed by the fine arrangement is very nice. Gradient "N" logo and the heel of the shoe name echoes, to simplify.
Speaking of appearance, that the performance of the foot is the most important thing. A cushioning technology mature performance is applied to each category of sports shoes, New Balance's Fresh Foam midsole cushioning technology is such a large number of running large data developed by the excellent technology, this pair of New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V3 is the application with this. For the speed of running shoes, we have always been the impression that the thin and thin feet of the foot feeling, but Fresh Foam technology or to enhance the sense of speed apart, the buffer to do the best.
In the 10Km road test, New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V3 almost no need to run, each step can feel a strong propulsion. Although the appearance can only see the bottom of the honeycomb-like Fresh Foam cushioning technology, but the foot position of the support or commendable, can be described as small broad. Half palm boots design with the memory of the heel, so that comfort and stability are good protection.
Said so much good words, inadequate or to point out that the test went to about 3Km fatigue period, the cushion did not have a big change, but the feeling of weight is a bit too large, there is a strong sense of presence. And the outsole and we have evaluated a number of New Balance Fresh Foam series running shoes similar, not much change, although the wear resistance is still very safe, can not help some aesthetic fatigue.
New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V3 official price of 758rmb, can be considered extremely cost-effective, if you are interested in the counter may wish to try.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Balance 1260 V2

It is love the people who love the most like the weather, this weather is not only not hot feeling, a little cool weather can also let our body get the best exercise, do both. But a lot of time, we can not find a decent venue to run, the road has become our most running place, running through the station, building, through a road, this is a highway runners all, and the playground Running is more boring, the scenery along the way will let you move forward until the end of the road. But because of the road conditions are relatively poor road, the general running shoes often can not afford such a "torture", we are the protagonist of today's road runners and born - New Balance 1260 V2 will not let you down.
Light breathable breath on the road
New Balance 1260 V2 breathability no less than any professional running shoes, the upper mesh and the fabric of the lower fabric can make you feel comfortable in the running feet, in the hot sun on the road, car exhaust, outdoor air conditioning Machine, which will make you very hot, but this can breathe a new Balance 1260 V2 can make your feet will run when the heat generated quickly out of the shoes, 5 km away though not often, but the author's feet But still refreshing incomparable, compared to the major brands of high-end technology, New Balance 1260 V2 upper mesh and fabric with the original match has played a surprising effect, in fact, sometimes, the more ancient technology is often more stable and reliable.
Feet out of the Mercedes-Benz in the road
New Balance 1260 V2 in the shock absorber quite satisfactory, followed by the New Balance damping technology N2, this placement in the end of the shock absorber rubber can ensure that the wearer in the long run of the feet, knees and other parts from injury, New Balance 1260 V2 and most of the running shoes, shock absorption concentrated in the heel position, the front palm is more flat, put it running, you will not help the center forward, try to use the front palm landing, which is the standard running posture. Followed by N2 damping technology is full of flexibility, this elasticity is generally rubber can not give, but also to the wearer in the way of running, feet will not be too tired and damaged.
Stereo support on the highway
Support is a highlight of this pair of New Balance 1260 V2, the foot of the Tbeam technology for the shoes to bring excellent resistance to torsion, and with the arch at the Tbeam technology is connected to the New Balance famous Stabilicore support system, which The system is located in the back of the shoe heel made of a TPU material, compared with the traditional rubber material, Stabilicore material harder and lighter, so the support effect is even better. Stabilicore and Tbeam in the New Balance 1260 V2 in the back of the formation of a three-dimensional support system, even if you are the foot of the runners, it can also fully meet all your needs.
Super wear and tear lasting on the road
Before we said that this pair of New Balance 1260 V2 is for the road running shoes, so wear is also outstanding in the running shoes wear the most serious heel New Balance 1260 V2 using the N-Durance technology, which is widely The wear-resistant rubber used in the New Balance running shoes is made of a rubber mixture of the same type of chariot crawler, which is 3000 times more resistant to the general outsole rubber, which directly extends the service life of the New Balance 1260 V2. In the wearing process, sharp as a knife asphalt road on any pair of shoes is a test, but the New Balance 1260 V2 is gracious, the most commendable is the grip is very powerful, it seems New Balance 1260 V2 is indeed The Gospel of Highway Runners.
Throughout the new Balance 1260 V2, in addition to the general running shoes breathable, shock and support, as a road running shoes, in the wear resistance is also extremely powerful, whether you are on the road, campus, or street park, it must be your Best partner.

Friday, June 2, 2017


In recent years, the pace of development of domestic sports brands can be described as rapid, more and more in the international arena to see their shadow, signed international sports stars, embarked on the international development track. As the ANTA brand KG series boots, now has launched the third generation of products, in the ANTA KG series of shoes to be more reflected in the whole brand of intentions, with Kevin Garnett campaign NBA, the achievements of some of the column of the king The boots.
King of the boots in the domineering
Get this pair of ANTA KG 3, law-abiding appearance, introverted through its domineering, as if Kevin - Kevin Garnett sharp striker performance, infinite power emerged from it. As we all know, Kevin - Kevin Garnett has always been on their own shoes have a strict request, not only requires the appearance of superior, but also requires the absolute guarantee of comfort, ANTA use mature design for the Green Giant escort, this simple appearance How does the ANTA KG 3 do it? Today Xiaobian feet ANTA KG 3 took to the stadium, enjoy its domineering.
Uppers hidden mystery achievements outstanding package
In the upper covered with KG pattern decoration part, is made of powerful thin TPU material. Will be placed in their feet, tighten the shoelaces, the superior sense of parcel can be said to enjoy the level of treatment. Large area of ​​ultra-thin TPU in the tightening at the same time, through the shoelace traction, forming a good TPU protection space, so that the feet can be achieved from the upper full range of parcel protection. Now the eyes aligned with the tongue, double tongue design is very novel, feet have a good package, ankle is not alone, double tongue, the same tie in the lace and the upper form of a body , While providing high quality comfort at the same time, improve its protection performance. In the parcel and the upper support on the ANTA KG 3 can be erected absolute thumb.
Dominate the performance of excellent performance
Equipped with the ANTA brand today's strongest cushioning technology A-jelly stretch plastic, Kevin - Kevin Garnett in the game on top of a flexible pace with excellent bounce. A-jelly strong injection, enough to cope with the dramatic changes in the pace of the pressure brought about by the rise from the ground to see the impact from the ground. So comfortable ANTA KG 3 is Xiaobian did not think before, for some time inside the field movement, from A-jelly's feedback is still obvious, this is a relatively thick feeling, after the palm is relatively soft in the forefoot, bring Xiao Bian absolutely full of foot feeling. I believe this is the designer's heart, for Kevin - Kevin Garnett to do a full escort work.
Robust performance comes from the support of the guarantee
ANTA KG 3 in the midsole design will be the necessary stability of the design, in the middle of the arch position implanted a large area of ​​TPU for stable support. The effective support from the midsole provides a higher level of protection against the unnecessary damage that the shoes are bent from in the high-intensity movement to the wearer. Effective support, the collection of superior support package, forming a 360-degree all-round protection.
At the foot of the ANTA KG 3 is definitely the heart of the ANTA brand, the appearance of law-abiding, with a unique surprise again and again designed. Now active international stadium ANTA brand products, so that basketball enthusiasts on the domestic brand basketball shoes, more than a look forward, today is more of a sure. Hope ANTA KG 3 can be accompanied by the Hulk in the new season, get a more brilliant record.