Friday, June 30, 2017

ClimaCool BOAT SL

When the 2012 summer temperature along with the East Asian monsoon infiltration to the body, hot and irritable rainy season, the pressure of the skin was breathless, blue and transparent sea, into a good boy are the most desirable playground. The fish jumped over the water, the waves beat the feet faded, leaving only the toes in ClimaCool®BOAT SL shoes naughty stretched lazy. Following the season conversion, Adidas in the early summer of May for the beach juvenile timely introduction of a new ultra-lightweight concept of multi-functional outdoor cross-country shoes ClimaCool®BOAT SL, clever movement and hydrophilic combination, with water flow and fast Dry clear. The classic ClimaCool® technology always keeps the feet clean and refreshing.

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In addition Adidas also introduced a variety of different materials, fresh short-sleeved T-shirt, rapid perspiration and soft cotton material to minimize the discomfort caused by skin friction, in the outdoor movement to ensure the comfort of the wearer. Put ClimaCool®BOAT SL into the backpack, facing the horizon that blue waters!
Ultra-light concept multi-purpose outdoor cross-country shoes ClimaCool® BOAT SL, outstanding performance in breathable and wading, insoles with large mesh mesh, environmental design can quickly remove the water from the upper and the bottom, providing extra fast Dry performance.

The shoe upper features ClimaCool®, a 360 degree ventilated design that keeps the feet dry and comfortable; the unique Traxion outsole makes it the best ground grip on the slippery ground to avoid wrestling; : Drainage system can maximize the performance of the shoe body drainage capacity. At the same time, with the summer fun, launched a blue, black, yellow, orange four colors, an increase of the shoes themselves playful sense of movement.
Fabric: 60% organic cotton 40% recycled polyester, knitted jersey,

Function: BETTER PLACE uses environmentally friendly materials to help protect the environment; CLIMALITE ® COTTON: by sweating from the skin surface to the outer surface of the fabric to quickly evaporate, so mediate the body temperature, so that it is always in a natural body temperature state. At the same time, the fabric with cotton touch, wearing comfortable.
Fabric: 85% recycled polyester 15% organic cotton, knitted jersey, 165g

Function: Dri-Release®Cotton; 4 times the speed of ordinary cotton fabric to help quickly sweat, while anti-odor to prevent odor generated function; BETTER PLACE using recycled materials, contribute to environmental protection; round neck design.

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