Saturday, August 19, 2017

adidas J Harden 1 and more

In the exposure of the official picture, James Harden's first signature boots adidas J Harden 1 ushered in a formal release, a variety of color also show a physical photo, so that we can see the details.
First look at advertising!
J Harden 1 equipped with a full palm of the Boost in the end, the shoe body is used Primeknit weaving material to build, and the toe is wrapped in leather, texture experience even better!

The first J Harden 1 "Pioneer" color with white and red three-color match, in creating a rocket atmosphere at the same time, and quite trendy temperament, overseas will be officially released on December 3, priced at $ 140.

In addition, Home Rocket home color, Cargo, Gila Monster color is also released the day appeared, although not surprisingly, low to help the body of different dress show, in the value of the value of it is good performance.

HtmGgmk805067 , HtmGfxe804671 , HtmGele803683 , HtmGxh80618 , HtmGgck804807 , HtmGgyi805377 , HtmGgjb804980 , HtmGfzo804733 , HtmGehw803597 , HtmGgsp805228 , HtmGww80607 , HtmGgby804795 , HtmGgxw805365 , HtmGgdj804832 , HtmGfxr804684 , HtmGfzc804721 , HtmGgwk805327 , HtmGgsd805216 , HtmGgip804968 , HtmGgto805253 , HtmGeob803758 , HtmGgcx804820 , HtmGgnw805105 , HtmGfyq804709 , HtmGgab804746 , HtmGgvy805315 , HtmGeju803647 , HtmGgrr805204 , HtmGfxf804672 , HtmGgjo804993 , HtmGgfh804882 , HtmGfzp804734 , HtmGenp803746 , HtmGglz805056 , HtmGgcl804808 , HtmGgnk805093 , HtmGgjc804981 , HtmGgvm805303 , HtmGgdk804833 , HtmGegm803561 , HtmGfvi804623 , HtmGgln805044 , HtmGeoo803771 , HtmGgbz804796 , HtmGgoj805118 , HtmGgtp805254 , HtmGgwl805328 , HtmGfuw804611 , HtmGghf804932 , HtmGgse805217 , HtmGgjp804994 , HtmGemr803722 , HtmGgxl805354 , HtmGgfi804883 , HtmGw809 , HtmGgcm804809 , HtmGgnl805094 , HtmGfsz804562 , HtmGgdx804846 , HtmGgow805131 , HtmGemf803710 , HtmGenq803747 , HtmGgyk805379 , HtmGfvj804624 , HtmGghs804945 , HtmGyh80644 , HtmGgrg805193
What is the actual performance of the stadium, suitable for what the style of the players, we look forward to our future section!

Nike released a pair of "Fire and Ice" mandarin duck version of the KD9

But will only sell children's size! Adult size only KD player version ...

Kevin Hart feet pink "breast cancer foundation" Nike Hustle Harts

Scratch music! Air Jordan 6 "Chameleon"

Black tannin to create a shoe body with silver blue crystal outsole, smoked style metal shoes lead and heel hexagon "Jumpman" Logo will be the details of the interpretation of more refined.

It is noteworthy that, in the black shoe body dress, but also with a "scratch" the unique effect, through the treatment can show the second color of the lake green, really people look forward to.

Black and red color of the Nike Air Max Zero

Nike Dunk SB Hi "Silver Shoes Box"

FIIL CARAT fashion sports headset for sale
Launched FIIL Carat, FIIL Carat Pro, FIIL VOX three high-quality sports models headphones, priced from 499 yuan to 1299 yuan range.
Heavy! Come on!

Full leather body Air Jordan XXXI "Battle Gray"

31 on behalf of the Air Jordan XXXI will bring a full leather upper to create a new color, and did not use Flyweave with the leather upper stitching way, this Air Jordan XXXI "Battle Gray" to crack the whole body covered with ice, Color under the visual impact is extremely extraordinary!

Shoe body Swoosh by the impression of the way presented, and finally to the end of the blue crystal outsole, is expected to be officially on sale on October 29.
In addition there will be a bright spot! Is a function! Want to know what? Pay attention to our public number.
Note the end of the article Oh! ---- information continue to slightly, look down!

Is about to re-engraved the blue spray was spy photos

John Wall has been wearing Nike, the new season will change?
Today Vans ask you to eat "crabs" and "little cream"!

Shanghai's first professional skateboard shop FLY and the birthplace of Chinese shoes, ACU starting. Shoes reported Jun also came to the two shops early, witnessed the attention of this series of sale.

Shanghai KAFFIEND trend shop, the store on display in the series of a Vans x ACU Slip-On. In order to cater to the design theme of the crabs, just as the crabs will be discolored after cooking, this Slip-On the upper only need to wipe the wipe, it can be gradually revealed by the black orange, very interesting;

In addition, the shoes of the insole, followed by the location are printed on behalf of the ACU brand Logo and classic acupuncture and moxibustion patterns, people can not help but think of the first time queuing to buy shoes in the year ...
With the Shanghai FLYSTREETWEAR skateboard shop, where we have prepared a big wave of "cream small side" and the joint series of another major protagonist - Vans x Fly Sk8-Hi Reissue.

As the name suggests, this Vans x Fly Sk8-Hi Reissue from Shanghai's famous "ruby cake" is commonly known as "cream small side" in the draw, all white leather shoes with milk yellow waffle outsole, supplemented by tongue tag At the level of a red, the cream of the small side of the charm embodies a glance.
The Vans "Shanghai classic" series of cooperation in the afternoon from the two cooperation units in the limited starting, but did not buy friends do not worry, because the series will be in the October 29 day in the country designated Vans Counter shelves! Each shoe priced at 820 yuan.

Women's exclusive color Air Jordan 3 "Purple"

Camouflage adidas originals adi-Ease

UNDEFEATE × Fred Segal Tokyo offers Pop-Up Shop

New Balance Fresh Foam Paradox Boot

Narrow Swoosh, the latest member of the 4KB family!

Kobe 11 Elite Low 4KB new members appear! This Kobe 11 Elite Low 4KB "Liquid Lime" to create a shoe body in bright colors, unique as a shoe Swoosh disappeared, with a minimal black embroidery standard replacement!

This design makes the overall feeling more prominent, bright color of the shoe body is even more eye-catching!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Asics GT-2000 2 from scudrac

Asics GT-2000 / Asics Gt-2000 is one of the best-selling running shoes for Asies, and the price of the Ast GT-2000 / Asics Gt-2000 is very suitable. / Asics Gt-2000 running shoes price of 990 yuan, female models Asics GT-2000 / Asics Gusi Gt-2000 running shoes priced at 890 yuan, while equipped with Asics Arthur housekeeper GEL shock absorber Material, so Asics GT-2000 / Asics Gusi Gt-2000 running shoes to become a pair of high-cost mid-range running shoes. This article Asics GT-2000 2 / Asics Ghosch Gt-2000 2 running shoes evaluation from running friends scudrace.

I started running in August 2013, when the initial reason for the run may be guessed (there may be fellow people with my original running the same reason), because there was a lot of Nike & Adidas running equipment, from the coat To the pants and then have shoes, and buy the equipment because of the reasons for the impact of television advertising, of course, these equipment is really comfortable to wear. Bought so much equipment but did not officially start running career seems to be justified, then in August 2013 one night came to the shore of the cement road began my first run. After the start of running, the understanding of running began to become different from the previous.

HtmGjsm807253 , HtmGjyp807412 , HtmGvp80574 , HtmGjot807156 , HtmGrw80477 , HtmGjgg806935 , HtmGjiq806997 , HtmGjex806900 , HtmGkbz807500 , HtmGoc80379 , HtmGjhg806961 , HtmGjm80259 , HtmGvf80564 , HtmGli80307 , HtmGjkq807049 , HtmGjqt807208 , HtmGjn80260 , HtmGjzf807428 , HtmGqc80431 , HtmGkbp807490 , HtmGuw80555 , HtmGkaf807454 , HtmGmj80334 , HtmGjlq807075 , HtmGjhx806978 , HtmGjo80261 , HtmGrc80457 , HtmGkbf807480 , HtmGnj80360 , HtmGjmq807101 , HtmGlz80324 , HtmGsc80483 , HtmGjhn806968 , HtmGjzw807445 , HtmGtc80509 , HtmGjsj807250 , HtmGko80287 , HtmGn800 , HtmGjgd806932 , HtmGjr80264 , HtmGjin806994 , HtmGjtj807276 , HtmGjzm807435 , HtmGlp80314 , HtmGrt80474 , HtmGjvt807338 , HtmGqj80438 , HtmGjpq807179 , HtmGjfu806923 , HtmGjlx807082 , HtmGjs80265 , HtmGvc80561 , HtmGlf80304 , HtmGrj80464 , HtmGjwt807364 , HtmGjzc807425 , HtmGjpg807169 , HtmGjvj807328 , HtmGkbm807487 , HtmGsj80490 , HtmGjrq807231 , HtmGjwj807354 , HtmGoq80393
     And later learned that the world of running shoes brand - Asics, began to run in the brand of running shoes, because my city is not Asic Monopoly, so while the opportunity to travel out of Southeast Asia in October, lost a pair of K19 (when there are in the GT -2000 and K19 hesitated, because the general weight of 80 + KG, and before running have felt knee pain, so bite the top of the K19). This year ASICS GT-2000 out of 2 generations, for me this small equipment for the party, it must be recruited under the command. Said far, and then back to the topic, Asics GT-2000 2 evaluation better.

        Men have three kinds of color: yellow silver color, blue and green color, black and red color. Which is a good look, and ultimately because of my running shoes in the absence of yellow, so start the ASICS GT-2000 2 and 1 generation compared to the shoe and the appearance of the change is very small, but updated into the technology But full of this pair of new generation of ASICS GT-2000.

        First of all, GT-2000 uses a large area of ​​mesh fabric material to ensure that the ASICS GT-2000 breathable and can be isolated from the outside of the dust, and can clearly feel the flow of air.

      There are many running friends also reflect ASICS GT-2000 has a small situation, I usually Nike, Adidas running shoes to wear 41 yards (8 yards), ASICS K19 41.5 yards (8 yards), while the GT-2000 I still wear 41.5 (8 Code) and K19 the same. The first try on the GT-2000, the feeling is tight on both sides, I feel like a small, but the length is appropriate (according to ASICS official online choice running shoes size method and instructions), ran back twice in fact no feeling To both sides of the tight, but feel the support on both sides. I think this is because the GT-2000 on both sides of the use of a hard TPU material, which can be a good support foot, to avoid injury.

        Since it is a member of the ASICS family, ASICS GT-2000, of course, the housekeeping GEL shock absorber silicone. Think of last year to buy K19 before running knee pain, put on K19, knee pain basically did not appear, we can imagine GEL this technology is really very useful. When the ASICS GT-2000 feet to walk, did not feel the flexibility of GEL silicone, but when running up, the pressure on the feet increased, GEL's flexibility will be very obvious that feeling no NIKE LUNAR series Step on the SHI sense so soft, it will not feel hard, in my opinion, the degree of soft and hard just right. And ASICS GT-2000 GEL than the previous generation to be more thicker, it is relatively kind of Asics. If you have through Nike Lunar Gilde this kind of low-heeled low-heeled running shoes, wear ASICS GT-2000 will obviously feel the middle of the ASICS GT-2000 is relatively flat, forefoot and the back of the high and low contrast is not large , Especially in the road when running, forefoot can obviously feel the road sense. ASICS GT-2000 on another important change is the use of FLUIDRIDE in the end of the structure, which I have not too deep experience, later added.
        Speaking of the grip is responsible for the soles, ASICS GT-2000 is still using the Asics top and sub-top one of the design, followed by the inside of the DUOMAX double density anti-tilt device, through the palm of the pocket design of the center of gravity guide system, Of the resin material stabilizer, here is not elaborate. According to the experience of wearing K19, Asics soles are very wear-resistant rubber, usually if the cement road, asphalt road to run, ASICS GT-2000 basic 1000 + km are no problem.

        41 yards ASICS GT-2000, a single weight less than 300g, it can be said in the lightweight than the previous generation also made some improvements. According to experience, the higher the shock performance of the shoes, the lower the weight, the two always need a perfect balance, I see, ASICS GT-2000 shock performance to meet my requirements, but light Quantitative aspects I hope to be less 20 ~ 30g.
       ASICS GT-2000 appearance It is worth mentioning that the tongue of the yellow and black color, a little eye effect, so that the whole pair of shoes more full of strength and running desire.

    ASICS GT-2000 has a more balanced performance, running faster and more refreshing The

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Asics GEL-Kayano 19

As the 13th generation of Asik's GEL-Kayano series, Asics GEL-Kayano 19 completely inherited all the advantages of predecessors, and more lightweight, although not as attractive as the appearance of running shoes, but this is the professional Running shoes attitude, all designed for the needs of runners, Asics Arthur GEL-Kayano 19 is a pair of shoes you need to wear running, it redefines the standard professional running shoes.

The structure of this paper is as follows:
One, Asics GEL-Kayano 19 running shoes - running shoes breathable performance
Second, Asics Jesse GEL-Kayano 19 running shoes - running shoes cushioning performance
Three, Asics GEL-Kayano 19 running shoes - running shoes support performance
Four, Asics GEL-Kayano 19 running shoes - running shoes durability

UDabxw21998 , UDacdb22133 , UDacii22270 , UDabya22002 , UDabyf22007 , UDacdl22143 , UDacin22275 , UDacis22280 , UDabyk22012 , UDabyp22017 , UDacdq22148 , UDacdv22153 , UDacix22285 , UDacjb22289 , UDabyu22022 , UDace282 , UDacjg22294 , UDabyz22027 , UDabzd22031 , UDacej22167 , UDacjl22299 , UDacjq22304 , UDabzi22036 , UDabzn22041 , UDaceo22172 , UDacet22177 , UDacjv22309 , UDack288 , UDabzs22046 , UDabzx22051 , UDacey22182 , UDacke22318 , UDacaa22054 , UDacfh22191 , UDackj22323 , UDacko22328 , UDacaf22059 , UDacak22064 , UDacfm22196 , UDacfr22201 , UDackt22333 , UDacky22338 , UDacap22069 , UDacau22074 , UDacfw22206 , UDaclc22342 , UDacaz22079 , UDacgf22215 , UDaclh22347 , UDaclm22352 , UDabwc21952 , UDacbd22083 , UDacbi22088 , UDacgk22220 , UDacgp22225 , UDabwh21957 , UDabwm21962 , UDacbn22093 , UDacbs22098 , UDacgu22230 , UDabwr21967 , UDacbx22103 , UDachd22239 , UDabxa21976 , UDaccb22107 , UDaccg22112 , UDachi22244 , UDachn22249 , UDabxf21981 , UDabxk21986

Asco GEL-Kayano 19 running shoes - running shoes breathable performance
Like many professional running shoes, GEL-Kayano 19's upper also uses a sub-regional design, this seemingly traditional design in the support and ventilation have a very good performance, in the actual wear, large area mesh material To ensure that the GEL-Kayano 19 strong breathability, 10 km in the running, the feet did not feel the slightest hot, according to ergonomic design of the mesh position, can be quickly and effectively the foot due to movement of hot air discharge.

Asco GEL-Kayano 19 running shoes - running shoes cushioning performance
Asics is the reason why many people called the king of running shoes, largely because of its damping technology GEL's existence, this silica damping technology compared to the traditional air cushion damping technology more durable than the structural shock more Comfortable and stable, according to the study found that an egg from the 20-meter high altitude on the GEL's mat, the eggs intact, which also proved the GEL's shock absorption, this pair of GEL-Kayano 19 in the end equipped with a GEL shock Glue and SOLYTE in the end of science and technology, two technologies with each other, played a double insurance role. Although the volume is not large, but GEL silicone has a just right cushioning experience, and SOLYTE in the end of light and has a certain degree of flexibility, in the course of running, Xiao Bian feel an unparalleled step in the foot of a foot feeling, forefoot Of the GEL shock absorber volume smaller, in the provision of excellent cushioning feel at the same time paste the same feeling is also excellent, and then the palm of the GEL shock rubber larger, can meet any people's cushioning needs, especially after 5 km, GEL cushioning getting better, 10 km running down, the foot did not soreness of the phenomenon.

Asco GEL-Kayano 19 running shoes - running shoes support performance
Before we say, GEL-Kayano 19's vamps with a sub-regional design, a large area of ​​mesh design to ensure its permeability, and the use of man-made material to ensure the support of the upper performance, man-made material has a strong hardness , Can be like "cage" in general, tightly wrapped feet at the same time support the foot, plus the upper side of the Asean Logo, GEL-Kayano 19's upper support is commendable, in the end, the arch used TPU skeleton support, after the force can quickly rebound, do not lose any energy, 10 km running though not long, but its consistent support or gave Xiaobian a surprise, GEL-Kayano 19 support and Not because of the use of time is too long and the slightest change, coupled with the inside of the dynamic Duomax dynamic double density anti-tilt device, very suitable for light foot valgus runners wear.

Aswear GEL-Kayano 19 running shoes - running shoes durability
On the outsole of GEL-Kayano 19, we met the familiar AHAR + outsole rubber, which used a sponge with a certain damping effect, and had the same grip as the traditional outsole, And the wear resistance is super, the study found that, compared to the general outsole rubber, AHAR + outsole rubber wear resistance is much higher than five times, so, GEL-Kayano 19 not only to meet your daily running needs, even in the High-intensity running, GEL-Kayano 19 can still easily deal with.

As the world's four major running shoes brand Asics, we almost do not see any publicity and speculation, but Asics is the world's many professional runners of the first choice, in its long history, Asics offer us a And one of the professional running shoes, today our protagonist Asics GEL-Kayano 19 is one of them, Kayano series also by virtue of excellent performance and excellent design, many people call the king of jogging shoes, let us wear The latest GEL-Kayano 19, to experience that unparalleled running experience.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 17

Arthur ASICS 15 years heavy new products struck, NIMBUS 17 new exposure, take a look at NIMBUS17 what innovative technology, nimbus17 exposed more color, together expect. Among the many ASICS shoes, the Nimbus series is one of the most important training shoes after Kayano, because of its reasonable price, stable performance, was included in the recommended purchase of the first choice. The new Nimbus 17 is also one of the newest joggers, 15 years of N17 running shoes, we look at:

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 17, which was expected to be available in May 2015, recently revealed a lot of information, in addition to the various changes mentioned in the article "New Transformations - Asics GEL-Nimbus 17", the new Gel-Nimbus 17 The new color has also appeared.

HtmGeew803519 , HtmGivc806645 , HtmGeem803509 , HtmGhzr806088 , HtmGicz806174 , HtmGiuu806637 , HtmGhlm805719 , HtmGijx806354 , HtmGhld805710 , HtmGhvs805985 , HtmGiyb806722 , HtmGeed803500 , HtmGhsb805890 , HtmGhvj805976 , HtmGine806439 , HtmGich806156 , HtmGedm803483 , HtmGiqm806525 , HtmGifp806242 , HtmGhkd805684 , HtmGibz806148 , HtmGixb806696 , HtmGipv806508 , HtmGibq806139 , HtmGje80251 , HtmGhnl805770 , HtmGhy80219 , HtmGjaj806782 , HtmGhmu805753 , HtmGiln806396 , HtmGieg806207 , HtmGjdi806859 , HtmGhqb805838 , HtmGisl806576 , HtmGhlu805727 , HtmGikw806379 , HtmGigx806276 , HtmGhll805718 , HtmGidg806181 , HtmGhw80217 , HtmGigo806267 , HtmGicy806173 , HtmGhzh806078 , HtmGiqu806533 , HtmGixj806704 , HtmGije806335 , HtmGiby806147 , HtmGimm806421 , HtmGjeh806884 , HtmGibp806138 , HtmGipu806507 , HtmGipl806498 , HtmGegc803551 , HtmGilm806395 , HtmGjdh806858 , HtmGiwa806669 , HtmGihw806301 , HtmGizr806764 , HtmGisk806575 , HtmGhtr805932 , HtmGhwz806018 , HtmGhti805923 , HtmGefc803525 , HtmGiag806103 , HtmGhzy806095
Can now see the four colors, although it is not very different, but the structural changes have been very surprising, a comprehensive three-dimensional printing without sewing 3D shoes to the overall temperament is completely different, in addition to the function of light And comfortable, there will be completely different foot experience.

The new uppers Fluidfit craftsmanship and the bottom fluidride technology make the shoe shoes as light as a whole 10g. Two exclusive in the end of the material combination, so that this shoe damping capacity increased by 20%. Weight is reduced by 15%.

ASICS 's last shape is ideal for Asian footwear, especially with respect to the protection of the heel, which is inversely proportional to its performance.

GUIDANCE LINE and TRUSSTIC are also challenged in detail, and the two-piece TPUTRUSSTIC ensures mid-range stability while improving stability.

X 40 COMFORDRY inside and insoles are new materials and technology enabled by ASICS in 2015, so that the shoes are more dry and comfortable.

Foreign part of the site has begun to accept reservations, China may be to the end of 2015 to the market.

Shoes from Oregon sent over, I thought it would be full of thick sports style, because when it comes to Arthur's father Otsuka Tiger, Nike's birth and development story is here to start staged, but to the side of a look, Origin. But also, the shoe factory has been moving to the country of labor cost.

Before wearing Li Ning is CN43,270 running shoes, very comfortable. Not long ago bought a pair of Adi basketball shoes 275, but also wear very appropriate. Buy no 275 yards, but also very fond of, so the election of the 280, has been worried too much to wear, but after the first thing is to try the size of the purchase is also just thought. It is reasonable to say that the feet are considered centimeters, but very strange is so appropriate.

Packaging is very simple, but after a lot of links guess the hands of buyers, which is too much information on the shoes it? Or I have a good logistics service, wrapped tightly ...
Nimbus is black and white color, but this kind of black and white do not know how to call, this is also attracted to my place.

Nimbus is still relatively light, the specific weight did not find, but a little test about 45 ° plastic slide on the slide did not slide down.

This is the first to attract me a little design, but that this pair of shoes is too expensive, I also deliberately look at a similar design evate 3:
At first glance is the most attractive to me, is the forefoot heel equipped with Asics masters of the high level of high impact anti-shock GEL, although the beginning is unknown so, but you will think it is very soft, very play. So I experiment a bit, with your fingers, nails press, really can feel very soft, but I doubt this thing is not intolerable, and then I took the scissors to try it ...

In fact, did not pierce, remove the squeeze to restore the original, although there is a little trace, I may be too much force, a little meat pain, my new shoes ah.

Outsole design I am very satisfied, because more suitable for my road running needs, although this will not be too lightweight.

Ultra-wear-resistant rubber

Soles I have done a little test, because the outsole is also very soft, I worry about wear and tear resistance, but also do not have to worry about the stone will pierce the situation, rapid rebound.
In the end
A black and white, you can see is a double in the end. I will not introduce the specific technology.

Upper tongue

The upper is thin, you can see the light, but the wind is also good, and now the winter of Beijing came out do not feel the feeling of wind blowing, other similar weaving running shoes I have. Tongue part of the relatively thick, can be very good to prevent the process of running the heel off the ground to the foot of the oppression of the feet. Put on a good package after the package.

Other heel reinforcement is very strong.
Insole is also cushioning
The soles are very stable and can not be bent or twisted
to sum up
You can see the Nimbus series of shoes in many places in the design of the twist can not move the three principles of motionless, from the soles, inlaid GEL gel to double in the end, and then to cushion the insole , Have a cushioning function, is a very protective and comfortable running shoes. From the foot feel, really rebound effect is obvious, and because in the force when the soles of the feet can feel the ground, there is a good grip, if the soles of the Queen, the running will be tired, wear basketball shoes running to know The In addition the toe of the degree of upside in the running process can give some sense of advance. I think this is a pair of running shoes that have been running for a certain time every week, like an aerobic jogger, because it gives you a good jogging to enjoy. If you need more protection, you may also need to consider it again.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

ASICS GEL—FujiTrabuco 2 Neutral

For a person who has a morning running habits, get up early is inevitable. In order not to affect the family to sleep, morning before the morning I will run the necessary clothing, pants and equipment in order in order, and then the next day you can boldly dressed up to wear out. My running socks, in the left and right feet were marked L and R, but unfortunately such a clear feature for my mother, completely turn a blind eye. Today, the socks in the foot are always feeling strange, by the weak light, I found that the original two socks are R. Oh, just give me a barefoot shoes to run the reason.
        Today I wear the famous ASICS running shoes, and this is a pair of cross-country running shoes, its name is GEL-FujiTrabuco 2 Neutral. When I was in front of my colleagues to open the package out of these pairs of running shoes, they are issued "This shoe is beautiful," the praise sound, Oh ... ... for those who do not run, but the appearance of the first choice Oh!
        I carefully look at the front of this pair of ASICS shoes, usually the size of the shoes on the market logo is divided into the European code (EURO), China (mm), the US code (US), compared to my previous running shoes, Mizuno, Li Ning, ASICS In the size of the mark or there is a certain difference.
ASICS shoes, marked: Euro code 42 (EURO), China 265 (mm), US code 8H or 8? (US);
Mizuno shoes, marked: European code 42 (EURO), China 270 (mm), the United States code 9 (US);
Li Ning shoes, marked: European code 42 1/3 (EURO), China 265 (mm), the United States code 9.5 (US).
        I have tried to run shoes in the past, different brands will be different areas of the foot type (Egyptian feet, Rome feet, Greek feet, etc.) for a special design, so if you want to buy shoes, it is best to go to the store test shoes The As for the very popular sea dig, my personal advice, either you try a friend over there, or you know this shoe very well, or is likely to buy a pair of shoes are not suitable for your foot! (This is also my barefoot shoes today to run another reason: (size is too small)
        March of Hangzhou, there are slightly cold, but this cold is absolutely in the range you can bear. Trot one or two kilometers, the body gradually slowly warm up, watch the heart rate value is slowly rising, take off the windbreaker, running began ...
        In the river bank sidewalk, I first ran with his forefoot. Tiles paved sidewalk occasional damage, a glance over the past potholes. Tiptoe run just stepped on those good tiles, but this running posture, need to have a stronger lower limb strength, but the speed will be much faster. Upper body to keep correct, arms close to the body on both sides to make effective before and after the pendulum movement. Every time you move forward, the little winds from the running will be drilled from the ASICS Artificial Leather + Knitted Synthetic Upper Shoe, brushed over my instep and then drilled from the shoe with the feet. Large particles on the soles of the floor when I will clearly remind me that this is a pair of running shoes with off-road function. So the soles do a little hard point is not surprising, of course, this is just hard relative to walking shoes, hiking shoes soles only. I use this running attitude to adhere to a few kilometers, the right foot at the end of the palm began to feel a little bit of pain, it seems that the master's posture is not me and other ordinary people can easily learn!
        Since the foot pain, then I changed to the asphalt road to change the heel to run. Heel step down the first feeling, it seems like sitting in a large surrounded by leather sofas. With the distance of running longer this feeling more clear. When you sit down, the sofa can hold your body very well, but when you want to stand up, the sofa will immediately follow your action to help you stand up and give you a resilience. I think it must be, the bottom of the shoe T-GEL play a role in running the moment to reverse the power to fully shock the shock, and improve the ease of the front foot and ankle wrapped, this design not only greatly improved Comfort, and increased stability. This is ASICS's unique killer - raw eggs from 18 meters high (6 floors) fall unscathed. With such a function, I think, in the slope is not only a confidence in the runners to enhance, but also a guarantee for the runners, this is definitely a weapon ah!

HtmGct8084 , HtmGdgz802898 , HtmGdif802930 , HtmGdsc803187 , HtmGdqb803134 , HtmGdtj803220 , HtmGec80119 , HtmGdzz803392 , HtmGcut802580 , HtmGczh802698 , HtmGcqr802474 , HtmGdfx802870 , HtmGdxd803318 , HtmGdao802731 , HtmGddw802817 , HtmGdvc803265 , HtmGdyk803351 , HtmGdfc802849 , HtmGdik802935 , HtmGdwj803298 , HtmGdzr803384 , HtmGcwm802625 , HtmGddb802796 , HtmGdui803245 , HtmGcrd802486 , HtmGdgj802882 , HtmGdei802829 , HtmGdvp803278 , HtmGdyx803364 , HtmGece803449 , HtmGcz8090 , HtmGctr802552 , HtmGdof803086 , HtmGdfp802862 , HtmGddo802809 , HtmGdpm803119 , HtmGebk803429 , HtmGecr803462 , HtmGdcu802789 , HtmGdgb802874 , HtmGdjj802960 , HtmGdmr803046 , HtmGdc8093 , HtmGdtg803217 , HtmGctj802544 , HtmGdip802940 , HtmGddg802801 , HtmGdun803250 , HtmGdsm803197 , HtmGcsp802524 , HtmGdnd803058 , HtmGcvx802610 , HtmGdcm802781 , HtmGdql803144 , HtmGdtt803230 , HtmGdxa803315 , HtmGcqo802471 , HtmGctw802557 , HtmGdlc803005 , HtmGdok803091 , HtmGdjb802952 , HtmGddt802814 , HtmGdha802899 , HtmGdyh803348 , HtmGcvc802589 , HtmGdbs802761

        With the end of the running, I passed the grass on the river bank slope, gravel road, and the sidewalk on the sidewalk road and the embankment asphalt road, in this way to run that is really a pleasure. Do not have to consider what kind of position, do not consider your heart rate, the only thing to do is to stare at the front of your eyes, maybe when in front of you there will be a big stone, you must consider it from it Above the leap in the past; or from a slope with a certain slope of the river run on the slope; more likely to cat waist into the bushes ... ... of course you can completely rest assured that your feet on this pair of shoes, socks-style shoe body structure (Forefoot), it not only strengthens the comfort of running the field, but also ASICS also designed to prevent sand and stone into the shoes of the sand to prevent the tongue system. Configuration in the tongue on the laces storage bag, it is to prevent you in the running process because the shoelaces loose or lower by the small branches and stopped the pace of things happen. The barefoot shoes after the end of the shoes, feet did not appear to be worn by the shoes. It should be said that this pair of shoes is still more suitable for my foot type!

Time: 5:50 am.
Location: Riverside (Qiantang River south bank embankment).
Temperature: 5 ° C.
Air index: haze, 159 moderate pollution.
Line: Qianjiang Bridge near - Qianjiang Bridge near the back and forth 16.5 km.
Road conditions: asphalt road, grass slope, sidewalk stone road.
Use: 1: 43: 44.
Matching speed: 6'15 ".
Calories: 1274c.

        After checking the feet, the first time to wear new shoes and did not worn my feet. Check the soles intact, and the upper left a little dew on the grass, just in the running I did not feel the feeling of moisture inside the shoe, perhaps the dew is not much, perhaps more has been done splashing processing of special shoes Face material blocked it! In the sunlight, the light through the shoes told me that the upper is very breathable, thin. Curious I took out my napkin into the shoes, against the upper, and then to the upper spray a big mouthful of water, Oh, it seems heavy rain this shoe is unbearable!

       Summary: Neutral, Neutral. Through the barefoot try GEL-FujiTrabuco 2 Neutral, I think this pair of shoes is a good embodiment of the "neutral" character. Suitable for road running, but also for cross-country run; soles soft and hard just; shoes moderate weight. It is a pair of shoes that are well suited for participating in training activities and everyday wear. Of course, if you have to let me find out its shortcomings, that is, it is not waterproof (if you want to waterproof, you can choose another GEL-FujiTrabuco 2 Neutral G-TX)!

Monday, August 14, 2017

UA Curry 3 1269279

Andreas Under Armor 3 years of basketball shoes is the biggest highlight of the Threadborne fabric technology, put on the feeling after a lot better than the previous breathable, and the upper feel very strong, look at the rejection of a brand of flying line several street! Built-in carbon board support is also good, anyway, I think more than JORDAN SUPER.FLY like a lot of comfort.

Start to see the Internet to say that the value of this library 3 3 is not good, in fact, also good, but only seen several classic color is good, but also new shoes, color style and certainly not the same Several generations. If only consider the actual combat, even more need to consider the value of the problem ~

HtmGchx802246 , HtmGcnm802391 , HtmGcch802100 , HtmGbqq801797 , HtmGcaj802050 , HtmGcea802145 , HtmGbof801734 , HtmGcir802266 , HtmGbx8062 , HtmGblv801672 , HtmGcpa802431 , HtmGcdj802128 , HtmGchn802236 , HtmGbse801837 , HtmGbmc801679 , HtmGcmd802356 , HtmGbgn801534 , HtmGbpu801775 , HtmGbuk801895 , HtmGcjt802294 , HtmGbty801883 , HtmGcoj802414 , HtmGbyo802003 , HtmGbsm801845 , HtmGccs802111 , HtmGbxc801965 , HtmGcey802169 , HtmGbdl801454 , HtmGcjo802289 , HtmGbnr801720 , HtmGcmg802359 , HtmGbgq801537 , HtmGbri801815 , HtmGcfs802189 , HtmGcpy802455 , HtmGcet802164 , HtmGboy801753 , HtmGcjw802297 , HtmGbua801885 , HtmGcna802379 , HtmGcci802101 , HtmGbwg801943 , HtmGbvh801918 , HtmGcnv802400 , HtmGcis802267 , HtmGbhf801552 , HtmGcbr802084 , HtmGclk802337 , HtmGbvp801926 , HtmGbfu801515 , HtmGbwb801938 , HtmGbiz801598 , HtmGcdx802142 , HtmGcnq802395 , HtmGbxv801984 , HtmGcia802249 , HtmGccl802104 , HtmGbmq801693 , HtmGbgo801535 , HtmGbww801959 , HtmGcgp802212 , HtmGbqu801801 , HtmGcb8066 , HtmGclf802332 , HtmGbvk801921 , HtmGbeq801485 , HtmGbzo802029 , HtmGcer802162 , HtmGciv802270
Curry 3 is full of Curry's personal elements, such as Kuri's autographed, followed by the library Motto "I CAN DO ALL THINGS", and then to the soles of the TCC (Curry tattoo, that is, his college basketball team motto Abbreviation Trust, Commitment, Care), as well as the soles of the Golden State Warriors on the Gulf Bridge.

After the actual feeling of the biggest bright spot or the upper breathability, other aspects than the 1,2,2.5 each have little difference between the degree of wear and history is almost, probably because of the protection than the previous 2 and 2.5 good relationship, that When the disguise is a little bit less than ever. Overall it is good.
This double purchase from the United States to buy shoes, out of the box to see the soles of the time, my heart is very comfort. Can be said CURRY3 can control the indoor, plastic, paint the pseudo-plastic venues, CURRY3 relative CURRY1 / C2 / C2.5, to Lv concrete, then, will be very weary.
Soles are hard rubber soles are very thick, very deep lines are also wide. In short, the feel of the soles of the United States is the quality of the United States Anta!

I am normal feet, the foot comfort is great, shoes lean some longer. This time because of anxious to buy 45 yards, 46 on the direct (really big, the elite towel socks put on much better)

On the feet soft and hard moderate, slightly Q bombs feeling, UA this insoles thickened, left and right sides of the carbon plate protection and the end of the heel in the upward extension, soles carbon version of the support, in the protection, the specific configuration Do not repeat them one by one. Shoes do not look great, but very light without losing the protection of performance, UA this is to force. Shoelaces without losing flat and round, is surrounded by a small square, this design is not easy to release.

Knee injury did not heal, could not help but hit a painting of the pseudo-plastic field more than two hours, the grip is quite good, the ground is a little dust which means which play?
Cushioning ~ ~ ~ ~ really can not jump, so not much evaluation. (Before worrying about the kind of soles of the foot of the heel with the outer side of the curved arc of the arc do not have to worry about, before the heart of the injury after the self - protection role.

CURRY3 shoe code is not partial code, feet fat brothers can be large 0.5-1 yards

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Anta Challenge 100 experience sharing will be held in Beijing Capital Gymnasium Anta flagship store. Chen Pengbin, who has just completed the challenge of Baima, has come to the scene with his own Challenge 100 running shoes, and the heavyweight guests and running people in the capital to share the ups and downs of life and life insights. And accompanied him to complete the feat of the Anta Challenge 100 running shoes, but also become a circle of people focus on the focus and experience the day.

Over the past three months, Chen Chenbin from Guangzhou, with 100 days time ran 4219.5 km, and finally in July 10 in Beijing to complete the red line, so that the world witness this challenge with the human feat. The whole process to accompany him to create the legendary horse Anta Challenge 100 running shoes, also in the day challenge to withstand their own harsh test.

HtmGaef80798 , HtmGanl801038 , HtmGaid80900 , HtmGazf801344 , HtmGaxw801309 , HtmGaks80967 , HtmGaac80691 , HtmGaji80931 , HtmGahz80896 , HtmGagp80860 , HtmGaxr801304 , HtmGabh80722 , HtmGatt801202 , HtmGawh801268 , HtmGbaf801370 , HtmGasj801166 , HtmGauy801233 , HtmGanb801028 , HtmGahu80891 , HtmGayw801335 , HtmGals80993 , HtmGagk80855 , HtmGbbk801401 , HtmGato801197 , HtmGafa80819 , HtmGbaa801365 , HtmGabc80717 , HtmGase801161 , HtmGawc801263 , HtmGahp80886 , HtmGaln80988 , HtmGaut801228 , HtmGakd80952 , HtmGaew80815 , HtmGaiu80917 , HtmGazw801361 , HtmGadm80779 , HtmGauo801223 , HtmGaym801325 , HtmGbba801391 , HtmGate801187 , HtmGaxc801289 , HtmGaip80912 , HtmGarv801152 , HtmGaer80810 , HtmGavt801254 , HtmGahf80876 , HtmGadh80774 , HtmGauj801218 , HtmGapb801080 , HtmGaju80943 , HtmGat8032 , HtmGans801045 , HtmGafw80841 , HtmGaik80907 , HtmGaao80703 , HtmGaem80805 , HtmGavo801249 , HtmGadc80769 , HtmGabt80734 , HtmGafr80836 , HtmGarl801142 , HtmGbar801382 , HtmGaeh80800 , HtmGavj801244 , HtmGazh801346 , HtmGaku80969 , HtmGau8033 , HtmGaos801071
Anta Challenge 100 Experience Sharing Meeting Chen Binbin and running up to talk about running. Anta Challenge 100 Experience Sharing Meeting Chen Binbin and running up to talk about running.
Sharing the scene, watching Anta for their own hundreds of horses to challenge the elaborate documentary, Chen Pao Bin eyes moist. "This hundred days all the way to run, experienced too much hardship and pressure." Chen Binbin said, "but when I cross the finish line of the moment, everything has become so good. Thank you runners have been to me Of the concern and support, thanks to so many guests and support the team, thanks Anta Challenge 100 running shoes, to protect me to complete the life of another limit challenge.

In order to allow more runners to enjoy and experience the Challenge 100 running shoes advantage and characteristics, Chen Pengbin and Anta R & D team to explain the birth of the running shoes, and detailed analysis of its equipped with the latest technology platform. "I need a running test that can withstand the limit." Chen Bubin recalled: "Anta's R & D team repeatedly do data collection, designers countless times with me to listen to my request, made a careful The final proof of the Anta Challenge 100 this shoe is a success.

In order to allow more runners to enjoy and experience the Challenge 100 running shoes advantage and characteristics, Chen Pengbin and Anta R & D team to explain the birth of the running shoes. In order to allow more runners to enjoy and experience the Challenge 100 running shoes advantage and characteristics, Chen Pengbin and Anta R & D team to explain the birth of the running shoes.
"Anta has always been committed to the runners to provide more professional running shoes and equipment." Anta shoes vice president of goods Zheng Minglian said, "up to 59 core research and development team, 84 material validation test, more than 500 human testing, tens of thousands of rounds Times the machine test, Chen Bangbin 5 actual evaluation, only to create this pair of legendary Challenge 100. "

After repeated precision measurement and calculation, Anta Sports Science Department according to Chen Zhaibin forefoot to the ground running habits, to strengthen the strength of the rubber parts of the force, so that the degree of wear and tear has been greatly enhanced, especially the use of thicker foam foam , To ensure durability on the basis of enhanced cushioning performance. Sole in the waist position is TPU stability design to ensure support and anti-torsion. At the same time, the entire soles part of the use of layered structure design, especially in the middle of the embedded A-core core technology materials, providing excellent shock buffer function, to minimize the impact from the ground when running, protect Chen Pengbin's knee After 100 consecutive marathons can be intact. The upper is the distribution of engineering mesh, light fit, to provide breathable and wrapped, in the waist of the application of leather materials to make the shoe more support the more perfect.

After repeated precision measurement and calculation, Anta Sports Science Department according to Chen Pengbin front foot to the ground running habits, to strengthen the force of the strength of the rubber parts. After repeated precision measurement and calculation, Anta Sports Science Department according to Chen Pengbin front foot to the ground running habits, to strengthen the force of the strength of the rubber parts.
In order to allow runners to have a more intuitive understanding of this pair of legendary running shoes, at the conference site, running up to people to experience the running foot test, witnessed tailored to create a pair of top professional professional running shoes. Subsequently, Chen Pengbin and Anta R & D team, accompanied by the scene of the running up to the common on the Anta Challenge 100 running test run experience. On the way, Anta R & D team while running to understand the actual experience of the runners, combined with the road and the environment, introduced Challenge 100 outstanding performance and characteristics.

At the end of the sharing session, every runner has filled out an experiential questionnaire. "The trainer's feedback and advice, for Anta are pen valuable financial." Anta Marketing Senior Director Mr. Zhu Huijie said: "Anta has always been committed to creating the most suitable for Chinese runners running equipment, runners of the proposal Will become Anta constantly self - improvement, for the runners to provide better service power.

Challenge 100 running shoes details. Challenge 100 running shoes details.
Running up to live experience running shoes. Running up to live experience running shoes.
In order to allow runners to this pair of legendary running shoes have a more intuitive understanding, at the conference site, running up to people to experience the running foot test. In order to allow runners to this pair of legendary running shoes have a more intuitive understanding, at the conference site, running up to people to experience the running foot test.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

NB Fresh Foam 1080

To get Sina running back New Balance first launch, with flagship cushioning performance Fresh Foam 1080, my heart is very excited, can not wait to open the box evaluation.

New Balance through the continuous collection of a large number of sports data, including biomechanics, the pace of force and runners wear shoes habits, to create Fresh Foam more comprehensive large data cushioning technology for different types of runners to provide the right shoes. The traditional EVA through the combination of multiple density, the end can have a lighter weight, and good softness, and get good cushioning and rebound effect. As a pair of main shock, for long distance, high-load runners tailored flagship running shoes, the entire uppers using engineering mesh, so that your feet more breathable, making the runners in the running when the feet more comfortable; Both sides of the increase in the protection of the foot section of the TPU to strengthen and stabilize, for the two foot escort, and the end of the large base of the design based on the design of the curved groove, the running shoes to bring more flexibility. Both sides of the upper and heel logo reflective design, but also for the night runners to improve the safety factor.

HtmFhn60210 , HtmFqw60453 , HtmFwb60588 , HtmFxv60634 , HtmFlc60303 , HtmFfe60149 , HtmFgz60196 , HtmFqi60439 , HtmFsb60484 , HtmFxh60620 , HtmFkp60290 , HtmFtv60530 , HtmFza60665 , HtmFcec602149 , HtmFkb60276 , HtmFcdp602136 , HtmFva60561 , HtmFno60367 , HtmFcfi602181 , HtmFhs60215 , HtmFjn60262 , HtmFsu60503 , HtmFun60548 , HtmFcev602168 , HtmFou60399 , HtmFcgo602213 , HtmFy6013 , HtmFqn60444 , HtmFdo60107 , HtmFzt60684 , HtmFiz60248 , HtmFsg60489 , HtmFku60295 , HtmFceh602154 , HtmFvt60580 , HtmFog60385 , HtmFcga602199 , HtmFxm60625 , HtmFzf60670 , HtmFrt60476 , HtmFev60140 , HtmFgq60187 , HtmFm601 , HtmFpm60417 , HtmFeh60126 , HtmFus60553 , HtmFhx60220 , HtmFcf6072 , HtmFwl60598 , HtmFoz60404 , HtmFdt60112 , HtmFzy60689 , HtmFfo60159 , HtmFue60539 , HtmFhj60206 , HtmFje60253 , HtmFkz60300 , HtmFzk60675 , HtmFms60345 , HtmFry60481 , HtmFiq60239 , HtmFcfs602191 , HtmFxd60616 , HtmFkl60286 , HtmFem60131 , HtmFgh60178 , HtmFpr60422
Wearing experience:

The entire shoe while the front palm is relatively generous, but the package is very good; start, the bottom of the hexagonal small cell module can give a large coefficient of friction to facilitate racing speed and adapt to different road conditions; feet landing can clearly feel the whole Soles in the touch of the moment, the impact quickly very good dispersion, stability and cushioning performance is very good.


I am related to the situation

Height: 175cm

Weight: 68KG

Foot type: normal arch

Running habits: the majority of night run

Running environment: street running, road running (because the surrounding living environment is limited, this evaluation are carried out in the road, the road is very representative, cement road, asphalt road, small section of sand road, and cement brick channel)

Running parameters logging tool: phone

Running software: plump tulips (this selection of plump data)

Measured into three groups, the first five kilometers speed, the second group of ten kilometers speed, the third group of 18KM in the long-distance uniform run. as follows:
Wear fresh Foam 1080 short distance (five kilometers and ten kilometers) racing, cushioning and stabilizing effect is amazing. In the course of running, Fresh Foam 1080 exhibits good coefficient of friction, cushioning and stability in cement road, cement road, asphalt road and brick roadway. Originally in April, individuals participated in three marathons, knees, ankles are in continuous high-intensity, long-distance movement, slightly tired, for fear of racing in the assessment of injury, but the two racing down, with the speed to reach Personal expectations, knee ankle feeling very relaxed. Fresh Foam 1080 based on the feet when the force of the dynamic, in the end of the number of honeycomb protection of the scientific arrangement of the midsole in the back and forth, the moment you will not naturally will focus on the transfer to the outside of the shoe body, Do not underestimate the shock of the excellent "soft" effect, it brings the foot experience greatly reduced due to road resistance or bumpy road conditions caused by foot adverse reactions. Short to wear Fresh Foam 1080 is easy to score.

In the long distance of the evaluation, I chose a little slow 540 with speed, fairly light body (double shoes measured weight 630g), so I have no sense of weight in the long run. Fresh Foam 1080 midsole 6mm before and after the height difference, very good to give the power of feedback. In the end of the density and the bottom of the intelligent honeycomb structure, its concave honeycomb particles can quickly absorb the impact from the ground to enhance the cushioning effect, convex honeycomb particles will help to stabilize the support, to provide rebound, in line with running time The force of the force changes, providing better stability, better protection of both feet and knees. In the hard cement road, feet touch the moment, did not feel a great impact; in the asphalt road, Fresh Foam 1080 full-foot hexagonal honeycomb soles, can give a good friction and start speed, suitable for Pull up the speed; in the sand land cement brick auxiliary road, good grip, good stability, run through the rain after the wet sections, shoes do not slip. Long-distance running process is still able to personally feel the top of the Fresh Foam 1080 cushioning, long-distance running down the knee, ankle, etc. do not feel any pressure and discomfort, it is easy, the whole shoe breathability, stability are awesome.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

NewBalance Vazee Rush

The word Vazee that we are no longer strange, it is NewBalance in the past two years launched a new series of products, Vazee the word from the French, roughly means "Let's go" believe that we can understand here The meaning of it. Our protagonist is the latest version of this year's NewBalance Vazee Rush, the appearance of its overall characteristics have been very obvious, first of all it is the end of the night, there is a look at the overall very strong upper system.

HtmFbuq601903 , HtmFcbs602087 , HtmFbpm601769 , HtmFbrk601819 , HtmFbym602003 , HtmFcak602053 , HtmFbti601869 , HtmFbvg601919 , HtmFcci602103 , HtmFbqc601785 , HtmFbsa601835 , HtmFbzc602019 , HtmFbov601752 , HtmFbtz601886 , HtmFbvx601936 , HtmFcba602069 , HtmFccz602120 , HtmFbqt601802 , HtmFbsr601852 , HtmFbzt602036 , HtmFbup601902 , HtmFbwn601952 , HtmFcbr602086 , HtmFbpl601768 , HtmFbrj601818 , HtmFbth601868 , HtmFbyl602002 , HtmFbvf601918 , HtmFcch602102 , HtmFbs6059 , HtmFbxd601968 , HtmFbzb602018 , HtmFbou601751 , HtmFbty601885 , HtmFbvw601935 , HtmFccy602119 , HtmFbsq601851 , HtmFbxu601985 , HtmFbzs602035 , HtmFbpk601767 , HtmFbuo601901 , HtmFbwm601951 , HtmFbtg601867 , HtmFbyk602001 , HtmFcai602051 , HtmFbve601917 , HtmFbxc601967 , HtmFbqa601783 , HtmFbtx601884 , HtmFbza602017 , HtmFcaz602068 , HtmFbot601750 , HtmFbvv601934 , HtmFbqr601800 , HtmFbxt601984 , HtmFbzr602034 , HtmFcbp602084 , HtmFbpj601766 , HtmFbun601900 , HtmFbwl601950 , HtmFbrh601816 , HtmFbyj602000 , HtmFcah602050 , HtmFbq6057 , HtmFbvd601916 , HtmFbxb601966 , HtmFccf602100
In this pair of NewBalance Vazee Rush, I recall about half a year NewBalance in the field of professional running shoes, with particular emphasis on the external form is NewBalance is very keen to do one thing, such as 3M reflective uppers System, and then to our hands in the end of the luminous effect.

Then these seemingly surface works in the practical application of what will be the effect, you can understand from the big ideas that this is NewBalance in full consideration of running shoes at night or under certain conditions with the ability to run outside the non-running ability, the night Running more brilliant, more secure is perhaps the most primitive starting point, so the show is still interesting enough.

Feel the NewBalance Vazee Rush the upper system and the visual effect of the same, the integrity of the strong, it is NewBalance in the design of more comfortable package and fit the use of integrated seamless upper. Feel the upper because of the composition of the composite material is slightly larger but in the foot after such a feeling does not exist, tighten the shoelace composite mesh material through the entire shoe body, so there is a breathable ability The most basic guarantee.

Another package feel the integration of seamless body with a natural advantage, the standard size of the NewBalance Vazee Rush in the actual use of their feet and the upper system will not have too much space exists, the other in the shoelace with the help of The overall package is stronger.

In the bottom part of the NewBalance Vazee Rush is one of the core, Rapid Rebound rapid feedback in the end to become the main fire. Can be given in the name of the brand clearly, the bottom of the system more emphasis on feedback, as well as the process of running the response speed, which is precisely fit the NewBalance Vazee Rush positioning in a pair of speed shoes characteristics.

After the foot, the brain in advance with a preparation, I guess the toughness should be Rapid Rebound rapid feedback in the end of the most prominent features, the actual process also confirmed this point, especially the front palm of the feedback is very obvious, and with The shape of the outsole to push forward the design of the forward, the overall effect of the midsole system in the running process will not dragging its feet, clean and neat auxiliary runners to complete every step in the running.

Outsole design has not changed, followed by the Vazee series of running shoes products in the outsole shape, so there is no big bright spot or to maintain the original bionic design to provide good grip and have a strong wear resistance The

Integrated NewBalance Vazee Rush overall feeling, seamless seamless system has a strong comfort, wrapped feel strong, do not belong to the feet in the shoe body has a lot of space to wear the feeling, the other surface material surface Big breathable ability no doubt. In the middle of the toughness is Rapid Rebound rapid feedback in the end of the characteristics of where, both from the comfort or functionality have a good performance. Outsole is relatively traditional, basic design follows, not to attract the eye but enough to apply.