Thursday, August 31, 2017

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011

Summer hot, play if the feet are not hot, is a how happy things
Hyperfuse2010 was born revolutionary, from the major brands of shoes in a very long period of time embarked on the fuse of "no return."
But today's protagonist is not 10, but Zoom Hyperfuse 2011 probably from about 11 years or so began to pay attention to the Thunder from the university began a full attendance, play the explosion never hurt the "odd"
The playoffs, the Thunder backcourt core Westbrook has been wearing this pair of shoes played the playoffs, in the Western Conference semifinals and the Grizzlies in the fourth war alone cut 40 points. The final Wei Shao and Durant led the youth army into the Western Conference finals, eventually eliminated
At that time, regardless of home away color is very beautiful! This pair of Thunder color at that time by the seller said the Buddha less PE (then do not understand the tongue tag) because of his beauty did not hesitate.
After the PE tongue should be found that the star Wei Wei little personal logo, and this pair is not
Disappointed for some time this pair of tongue does not have any features, blue camouflage written "hyperfuse", but on the map and Wei less PE home really out of color, including the Thunder color camouflage what elements are the same.
Pdfbmc8340 , Pdfbrt8487 , Pdfbdy8128 , Pdfbjo8274 , Pdfbbj861 , Pdfbmj8347 , Pdfbs818 , Pdfbee8134 , Pdfbjv8281 , Pdfbpe8420 , Pdfbbq868 , Pdfbh87 , Pdfbmq8354 , Pdfbsg8500 , Pdfbel8141 , Pdfbkb8287 , Pdfbbx875 , Pdfbmx8361 , Pdfbes8148 , Pdfbps8434 , Pdfbhn8221 , Pdfbnd8367 , Pdfbez8155 , Pdfbki8294 , Pdfbcd881 , Pdfbff8161 , Pdfbkp8301 , Pdfbqf8447 , Pdfbck888 , Pdfbia8234 , Pdfbnk8374 , Pdfbkw8308 , Pdfbcr895 , Pdfbih8241 , Pdfbnr8381 , Pdfbac828 , Pdfbfm8168 , Pdfblc8314 , Pdfbcy8102 , Pdfbny8388 , Pdfbft8175 , Pdfblj8321 , Pdfbqt8461 , Pdfbde8108 , Pdfbio8248 , Pdfboe8394 , Pdfbaj835 , Pdfbiv8255 , Pdfbol8401 , Pdfbaq842 , Pdfbgg8188 , Pdfblq8328 , Pdfbrg8474 , Pdfbdl8115 , Pdfbjb8261 , Pdfbos8408 , Pdfbax849 , Pdfblx8335 , Pdfbds8122 , Pdfbji8268 , Pdfbbd855 , Pdfbmd8341 , Pdfbru8488
By the way, this pair of shoes tongue is too soft, too thin (and the same year the same design concept of hyperdunk2011) Although very light, but long-term wear will be uncomfortable, easy to deformation shoes streamlined very strong! Especially in the side of the bottom of the dragon material to do a curved upward extension, both the sense of speed also highlights the sense of power
Compared to 10 I think this is the most successful design of a whole shoe type is slender, but the front foot of the part will not be too narrow, wear off no pressure nor partial tongue tongue camouflage pattern, the middle thicker than the upper, Groove design more fine, there are many large punching.
But the permeability is mainly on both sides of the transparent fuse can be seen on both sides of the fuse is not a place where the mesh are breathable
Orange bottom part of the support material, in fact, is not breathable inside the body reflects the more obvious, you can see the ventilation hole is not large.
So, as a pair of basketball shoes is difficult in the excellent breathable and good support to do the coexistence of the upper is considered high, the side is a triangle, before the high and low.
In the protection of the premise of the stability of the heel continued after the part of the fuse body fuse style.
Although both sides are large area mesh, the middle part of the internal tpu fixed, the protection is not bad followed by the bottom of the crystal, the above marked "Nike zoom" technology.
But in fact, after the palm in addition to the dragon nothing, zoom obviously in the forefoot ah! That years did not less on Nike this when
Followed by no air cushion, cushioning effect is still can, once there is a feeling of bombs
According to the introduction of cushioning stronger than 2010 Overall, this is a very cost-effective pair of summer combat shoes, it is happy that this summer it can still serve, starting from last year
I heard that hyperfuse series was cut, can not help but regret it is a pity
Although I do not have every generation to buy
But this idea is quite good
Hope that Nike continues to work hard in the summer cool basketball shoes
The benefit of the heat under the ball friends

Monday, August 28, 2017

Nike Air Max 97 SK

Nigerian British rapper artist Skepta signature shoes Air Max 97 SK inspired by his love for Nike Air and away from London, his hometown of Morocco. Morocco Essaouira (Essaouira) is a 60 years rock star often come from a coastal city. In a journey on Essaouira, those wonderful colors, sounds and stories eventually shaped the cooperation of Air Max 97 SK.

Here, Skepta tells us why he went to Morocco, and how these shoes are showing who he is, from where.

I am so lucky enough to travel around the world and do what I want to do. After so many trips, I hope to be able to find the inner moments of peace.

I found Morocco, this is a perfect place. I've found everything that makes me feel calm. I like the building here, colored crayons, taxis. You can easily walk into a small market, open a door, you will immediately enter a beautiful new world, and before you have never had such a look forward to ah

From Skepta in December 2016 to Marrakech photos

Pdfasa31169 , Pdfaho3897 , Pdfwn27611 , Pdfapl31102 , Pdfabr3744 , Pdfagg3863 , Pdfkt27305 , Pdfpi27424 , Pdfacj3762 , Pdfagz3882 , Pdfid27237 , Pdfaow31087 , Pdfalo31001 , Pdfavb31248 , Pdfri27476 , Pdfaiz3934 , Pdfti27528 , Pdfamg31019 , Pdfvi27580 , Pdfqt27461 , Pdfajr3952 , Pdfst27513 , Pdfgj27191 , Pdfarb31144 , Pdfauj31230 , Pdfaas3719 , Pdfgm27194 , Pdfane31043 , Pdfyw27672 , Pdfaru31163 , Pdfpr27433 , Pdfxo27638 , Pdfaqm31129 , Pdfwg27604 , Pdfabk3737 , Pdfag331 , Pdfhe27212 , Pdfasm31181 , Pdfqj27451 , Pdfyg27656 , Pdfkm27298 , Pdfsj27503 , Pdfje27264 , Pdfxr27641 , Pdfahk3893 , Pdfvb27573 , Pdfaaf3706 , Pdfjh27267 , Pdfxe27628 , Pdfaci3761 , Pdfo2714 , Pdfzz3700 , Pdfagy3881 , Pdfq2716 , Pdfos27408 , Pdflk27322 , Pdfxx27647 , Pdfada3779 , Pdfwp27613 , Pdfhn27221 , Pdfpk27426 , Pdfmc27340 , Pdfgf27187 , Pdfarn31156 , Pdfxh27631 , Pdfjn27273 , Pdfov27411 , Pdfkf27291 , Pdfqv27463 , Pdfaao3715
This style reminds me of Nigeria, where people wear very casual but practical clothes. The embroidery on the clothes makes me feel like this is the noble royal dress, they all look like a king, queen, prince, princess. I would like to introduce embroidery elements in the street dress, although people feel that some specific elements should not appear in the street clothing. I want people to feel comfortable and comfortable.

"I found Morocco, it was a perfect place where I found everything that made me feel calm."

After Marrakesh, we set foot on the road to Essaouira to explore its charm and ambience. We talk to a lot of people and do things that the locals do every day and feel like they're back home.

In the design of Air Max 97 SK, we from the Moroccan color to draw inspiration, but also taking into account the 1999 Air Tuned Max color. This is what I have saved money to buy the first pair of shoes, so I want to put it into the Air Max 97, it is this magic so that my first time to see Air Max love at first sight.

Air Max 97 SK's upper with colored polyurethane coating and copper-like material, matched with black sandwich mesh material and high-frequency welding Swoosh logo (not embroidery Swoosh logo). It draws inspiration from the 1999 Air Tuned Max color, including the yellow air cushion unit.

I remember when I was going to sleep at night, I would put it somewhere in the room, so that when I was lying on the bed, I could see it clearly. Its color looks like some kind of oil, from the exotic green into dark red, and then gradually fade.

Nike Air Tuned Max (1999)

We added the Moroccan-inspired embroidery elements to the tongue and the back, and added prints to the insoles, which reminds me of what I saw and heard in Morocco.

Shoes on the SK logo as a British plug shape, and shoes on the classic small Air Max TN air cushion badge complement each other.

Use Nike Ultra soles mold, Air Max 97 SK than the original weight of the shoe has been reduced in the single layer of the upper highlight its iconic lines. It also uses a new design full palm air cushion, in the end of the foam density texture is more soft.

The print pattern on the insole is inspired by the Moroccan pattern and incorporates the Nike Swoosh logo. Tribute to the Air Max TN logo with the new SK logo in the shape of an English power outlet.

The printing of the tongue and the heel symbolizes Skepta's movement of the locals wearing a decorative pattern during the trip to Morocco.

From the time I was seven years old in the manor to play everywhere, I have been wearing Air Max. I feel like I know my Air Max. We are running in the streets with Air Max, whether you go to the club or play in the street, in short, wearing Air Max in London is a very comfortable experience. In my young age full of magic and fantasy, these things are deeply in my mind.

"I've been wearing Air Max since I was seven years old at the manor, and I felt like I knew my Air Max.

I know that each of us has to go through some things, including those on the street. They want to look like they are fashionable and they want to look cooler. When they dress themselves, they want their own glory. Everyone wants to wear their equipment, experience that kind of situation and situation.

Air Max is worthy of the museum to pay tribute to the shoes, even if they are close to the art and the station is no less. That is why it is not just a pair of shoes, it is the meaning of me and never more than that. When looking at Air Max 97, I just think of childhood, and then recollection of it brought me the feeling. When we feel it, it is perfect.

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This is a very interesting thing, like a meeting met a very profiteers, but for various reasons, there is no chance to communicate too much with him, wait a few years again met, then a meeting to an opportunity , The two chat very happy, from becoming a good friend ... ... and this period of time each other tacit, become closer to the communication link.
Jiucheng new for Jiucheng new, and friends for the Hyperfuse. In this way, stepping on it and started playing. I would like to say now Hyperfuse, a lot of friends must be very resonant, you must have the shoes at the foot of the shoes have been worn it, Oh ... ... did not choose it for the reason is very simple, too tight, the first foot, ... so we missed it. Because it is secondhand, so I do not care too much about its conservation, direct wear to the field ... ... but a ball down I found that the biggest problem is that it is the maintenance of shoes - as white running shoes, after being tampered with stains Stay on the net, it is a headache home ... .... Well, I only break the cans to break, continue to field ... ... completely wipe once after the inside, in short, I do not want it to play after a period of time or clean ... ... so, and that is your life ... ...

Super fusion uppers: Kicksology evaluation, Zac with two pairs of shoes to illustrate the degree of Hyperfuse fit: Cons's Chuck Taylor and Penny II. But also two pairs of shoes have a strong resonance I think almost everyone has a Cons canvas ... slender footwear, well wrapped around his feet, even "zero" support, but it is still comfortable fit; Penny II, is a pair of "zero" Breathable, but with a strong upper fit shoes, from the end of the "injection" process.

Pdfaac27704 , UDalyn28775 , Pdfal2737 , Pdfaig27916 , Pdfaii27918 , Pdfaeh27813 , UDamku29094 , UDamkw29096 , UDamgv28991 , Pdfaak27712 , UDalyv28783 , UDaml2349 , UDamgz28995 , UDamcx28889 , Pdfaep27821 , Pdfatn271209 , Pdfall27999 , Pdfais27928 , Pdfaaq27718 , UDamda28892 , UDalza28788 , Pdfcl2789 , UDamn2351 , UDalzc28790 , Pdfaev27827 , Pdfaau27722 , UDalze28792 , Pdfatt271215 , UDamr2355 , UDamdg28898 , Pdfapu271112 , Pdfalt271007 , Pdfatx271219 , Pdfafa27832 , UDamhm29008 , UDamdk28902 , Pdfapy271116 , Pdfabb27729 , UDamdm28904 , UDapv2437 , UDamhq29012 , Pdfauc271224 , UDana2364 , UDamdq28908 , Pdfda27104 , Pdfaqd271121 , Pdfaug271228 , Pdfaqf271123 , UDaqa2442 , UDamhw29018 , UDamdu28912 , UDalzu28808 , UDaqc2444 , UDang2370 , UDamdw28914 , Pdfami271022 , UDaqe2446 , UDalzy28812 , Pdfdi27112 , Pdfaql271129 , Pdfabp27743 , UDame2342 , Pdfdk27114 , Pdfauo271236 , Pdfauq271238 , UDaqk2452 , Pdfabt27747 , Pdfaqr271135 , UDamed28921 , Pdfamq271030
In fact, Hyperfuse did in the upper performance on my "fantasy" - wearing shoes to play basketball. I think this is still a great resonance, a lot of people like light shoes, like breathable people, would have thought, and done, wearing running shoes to the pitch ... ... but the upper in the horizontal movement in the poor support , Almost to your upper and midsole. Hyperfuse with three layers, formed a tough network, the cover of the cover, the exposed exposed, handsome to solve this problem. After the feet, bow to see their feet become slender, which is closer to the feeling of bare feet.
To say is that although the shoe body a lot of breathable windows, but the toe part of the package is very strict, and Hyperfuse upper surface material is not breathable, so the toe area is still boring, wearing a long time down, socks front wet.

Zoom Air + Injected Phylon This is not let everyone sympathize with the evaluation of pit father, so still tangled this thing on the students, you can go around to see other ... ...
The front of the Zoom Air is very common, the application of shoes is too numerous to mention, but Hyperfuse left me the impression is still in the upper. Compact package, so that the foot more clearly riding on the Zoom Air, feedback, not because of the loose shoes inside the only sense of the feet of a waste, and instantly turned into a driving force ... ... very agile.

And full palm of the Phylon in the end, providing the basis of cushioning. To my height and weight, running in the Hyperfuse did not let me notice that this is a pair of palm "pit father" shoes, that is, Phylon enough. But does not mean I do not want to thicken Zoom ... .... When more people complain about the price of this shoe and technology does not match, I have since then began to step on a step ... ... Now, Hyperfuse gave me the feeling is that cushioning enough. Run up light cable, never procrastination, and the whereabouts of no problem, play a little reaction after the knee, and I may not have a knee with a certain relationship. (In Sole's Kicksology evaluation, the cushioning aspect of Zac chubby gives a score of 4 stars and a half)
Other aspects of Hyperfuse ankle wrapped comfort, not high not low, and left the "V word collar" ... ... flexible without losing protection. Full palm of the word pattern is very practical, both inside and outside the field did not feel slippery. In the palm of the support is a small internal TPU, is now more common design. In the design of shoes more and more tend to this flat design, no longer leave a "soles of the feet", so that the bottom of the soles of the bottom area increases, but also more stable, the cost of the palm can be saved, the appearance is more concise ... ... We pay attention to the mainstream shoes in the past two years will find this problem, Hyperfuse is one of them Look at the picture, Swoosh has been out of the paint ... ... This makes me a little depressed, ready to buy what nail polish and the like, make up a fill.

I am the pair of "American color" encountered the biggest problem is the breathable window around the yellowing, and difficult to repair, friends give the answer is that the early oxidation of glue lead to yellowing phenomenon, so the whole shoe network looks yellow, the figure May not be obvious ... have the opportunity to take it again.


AIR JORDAN 1 PHAT continues the originator of many details, imitation carbon plate pattern of the upper, very attractive in the promotional materials, physical and imagination of the difference between more. For the beginning of the legend, it seems that the request is too high, it is undeniable Feizhi also so, the bottom of the relationship between the bottom, not up to the current standard, because the individual on the AJ1 selfishness, any pair of AJ1 are very sacred, Not suitable for actual combat does not matter, different colors on the feet to bring a variety of type, I heard a variety of primary colors will be engraved, people imagination.

With bright pink and sky blue to modify the low-key shoe body, line into the effect of high contrast is also very eye-catching, the latest color of the AJ1 Phat GS, black leather leather leather body with a variety of reflective effect of special patent leather material Modified, so that the details of the shoe full of wonderful. Pink lining and ankle flying basketball LOGO and the end of the line with the sky blue outsole, to create more dazzling details, so that children like you?

UDakgy27642 , UDaksk27940 , UDalpr28545 , UDakbw27510 , UDakhp27659 , UDalwb28711 , UDaktk27966 , UDalew28264 , UDaktt27975 , UDakzm28124 , UDalfe28272 , UDalqr28571 , UDakoi27834 , UDakub27983 , UDakuk27992 , UDalac28140 , UDakdn27553 , UDalal28149 , UDalrr28597 , UDakpi27860 , UDalau28158 , UDalbc28166 , UDalgw28316 , UDakjy27720 , UDakpr27869 , UDakvk28018 , UDakkg27728 , UDakqi27886 , UDakwb28035 , UDaltr28649 , UDakky27746 , UDakxb28061 , UDakrr27921 , UDaliw28368 , UDakgw27640 , UDakmy27798 , UDaksr27947 , UDakhe27648 , UDakbu27508 , UDakti27964 , UDaleu28262 , UDalkn28411 , UDakny27824 , UDakzk28122 , UDalfc28270 , UDalkw28420 , UDalfl28279 , UDakcu27534 , UDalaa28138 , UDalaj28147 , UDallw28446 , UDalas28156 , UDalme28454 , UDakpp27867 , UDakvi28016 , UDalba28164 , UDalbj28173 , UDalmw28472 , UDakfc27594 , UDakkw27744 , UDakwi28042 , UDalhu28340 , UDakfl27603 , UDakqy27902 , UDakwr28051 , UDakrg27910 , UDalil28357 , UDalon28515 , UDakry27928 , UDalpe28532
JORDAN series has become the eternal legend on the basketball court, today, AIR JORDAN 1 PHAT heritage AIR JORDAN 1 classic elements, while introducing advanced technology to bring you a pair of powerful, well-designed top basketball shoes. The distribution of deep curved grooves and concentric circular lines provides a different grip for different moving directions. The front palm of the front pocket gives the key flexibility for the feet, and the shoe collar and tongue pad pad provide more Multiple protection. A pair of impeccable basketball shoes AIR JORDAN 1 PHAT let your opponent lose at the starting point.

The playoffs are a place where writing a legend to witness miracles. The best players and their boots will be on this far-sighted stage to meet the challenge from the opponent with their own. Today, let us revisit the history of the 12 pairs of the most representative of the shoes, let us review them with the superstar experienced by the moment!

Sunday's NBA playoffs will begin, Nike for the playoffs and the launch of the elite series will also be listed in the playoffs on the day of the market. Operating series, including Nike LeBron 9 P.S., Nike Zoom Kobe VII and Nike Zoom Hyperdunk three shoes, each one has home and away two color version.

The first layer of leather and artificial leather combination of upper wearing soft and comfortable
The toe vent hole is designed to enhance the airflow in the shoe
Shoe collar and tongue lining foam pad brings top comfort and protection
Deeply curved grooves and concentric circular lines to enhance grip
The hard rubber combines the ingenuity of the front palm groove to provide the necessary flexibility for the critical area
Inspired by JORDAN series of the first pair of basketball shoes AIR JORDAN 1

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2005's twenty-third men's basketball championships is Yao Ming to participate in the last session of the Asian Championships. In the Asian Championship stage, Yao Ming is undoubtedly the most dazzling star, the presence of fans sought after, the field also by the opponent's special care. In the quarterfinals, the Chinese team's opponent is China's old enemy Lebanon team. Two pairs of scores for a long time, the players in the field of natural emotions more excited, relatively large action. In the second quarter to half of the time, the opponent in the basket when the elbow hit Yao Ming's chin, Yao Ming then fell to the ground, the chin is full of blood. Then stand on treatment. Yao Ming left after the departure of the Chinese team is still outstanding, easily won the game.

In the game, Yao Ming is wearing REEBOK PUMP technology return REEBOK ATR THE PUMP. At the same time wearing this pair of shoes there REEBOK number one spokesperson Allen Iverson.

htmfdnp883075 , htmfdkg882988 , htmfdpv883133 , htmfdfv882873 , htmfdbj882757 , htmfddp882815 , htmfcvv882613 , htmfecb883451 , htmfcmy882382 , htmfcjp882295 , htmfdzw883394 , htmfcpd882439 , htmfclv882353 , htmfdlk883018 , htmfdet882845 , htmfdbk882758 , htmfddq882816 , htmfcvw882614 , htmfecc883452 , htmfcut882585 , htmfcob882411 , htmfdwo883308 , htmfdtf883221 , htmfcpe882440 , htmfdvl883279 , htmfdnr883077 , htmfdh88103 , htmfdmo883048 , htmfddr882817 , htmfecd883453 , htmfcoc882412 , htmfduj883251 , htmfcjr882297 , htmfdpy883136 , htmfclx882355 , htmfdlm883020 , htmfdfy882876 , htmfcyd882673 , htmfcuv882587 , htmfece883454 , htmfcod882413 , htmfdrb883165 , htmfdse883194 , htmfdln883021 , htmfdie882934 , htmfdfz882877 , htmfdak882732 , htmfcsq882530 , htmfdvo883282 , htmfcoe882414 , htmfdxu883340 , htmfcnb882385 , htmfdkl882993 , htmfdhc882906 , htmfcyf882675 , htmfebd883427 , htmfcxc882646 , htmfdws883312 , htmfecg883456 , htmfcof882415 , htmfdum883254 , htmfdtj883225 , htmfdlp883023 , htmfdcs882792 , htmfcyg882676 , htmfctv882561 , htmfcnd882387 , htmfeab883399 , htmfdwt883313 , htmfcpj882445 , htmfcis882272
ATR THE PUMP can be regarded as REEBOK 2005 most important basketball shoes, which from the 04-05 All-Star Game Yao Ming, Iverson two superstar endorsements can be seen. Announced the significance of the return of PUMP technology since no need to say, more importantly, in this pair of ATR THE PUMP who embodies a REEBOK new "all-position shoes" concept. By Yao Ming, Allen Iverson two different characteristics of the characteristics of the players together endorsement of a pair of shoes is definitely a bold attempt, this move in the SNEAKER circle also caused a great controversy, many people think that this is just to promote new shoes A purely commercial behavior, but in fact this is indeed REEBOK a well-intentioned proof. Can be said ATR THE PUMP REEBOK is the most practical since 2000, the most practical basketball shoes, ATR series of iconic "grenade" shoe body with a large area of ​​PUMP inflatable belt provides excellent package, and rugged Fish bone pattern with the bottom of the hidden hidden in the deep pit pattern which makes this pair of ATR THE PUMP in flexibility, wear resistance and friction are amazing performance. Extended to the ankle of the PUMP airbag and PUMP pump at the enhanced block design for the ankle provides another reliable protection. This design did not increase the weight of the ATR THE PUMP, the weight of the shoes was controlled in the range of a pair of defender shoes - the weight of the center shoes and the weight of the guard shoes, ATR THE PUMP completed a seemingly impossible task The Of course, the shoes without shoes, in the end of the configuration is not equipped with special cushioning technology has become the biggest weakness of ATR THE PUMP, and too "tough" ankle protection is also an inevitable part of the sacrifice of the flexibility, but these two shortcomings for Yao Ming And Iverson such a typical player is not a serious problem. Breakout-based Iverson stressed that the start of the shoes more than cushioning, and more than the ground operation of Yao Ming also need to protect the ankle more than cushioning, ATR THE PUMP just to meet their respective needs, from this sense Said ATR THE PUMP for both types of players can be described as applicable.

Yao Ming from the preference for this pair of shoes can be seen, the ultimate ankle protection and agile outsole so that this pair of shoes from the All-Star game has been accompanied by Yao Ming moved to the north and south. In the next two years Yao Ming have chosen a different color of the ATR THE PUMP played, even in this pair of shoes because of his big toe injury was accused of the actual action with their own love shoes, ATR THE PUMP also Yao Ming has become the longest wearing a pair of shoes.

Friday, August 25, 2017

NIKE Air Hyperflight

Although this sounds a bit crazy, but it is indeed the tenth anniversary of the birth of NIKE Air Hyperflight. Carefully recall, from the June 16, 2001 has indeed been ten years time, then Nike Basketball's Flight series of products that marks the development of NIKE shoes, a new trend, it is the streamlined appearance and full of future Design also contributed to the development of the world shoes design and progress. Because of its bright color shell, at the same time completely by the imitation pearl effect material to create, Hyperflight a listing on the very high praise, and placed Hyperflight shelves have also been swept away. Even so many years later, this pair of shoes shape design is still unable to go beyond the classic one, then you can go everywhere to see its shadow.

It is precisely because Hyperflight in the performance of the entire 2000, proved that it is from it and started a new era of shoe industry design. Eric Avar as the designer of this pair of shoes, his design with his other design compared to his own input of the most energy, while his greatest significance. His design inspiration for these shoes is not the same as other shoes from a car, or purely from the needs of athletes, or from the complex story behind the shoes, he is simply a NIKE partner by one of the inspiration.

htmfbha881552 , htmfbob881735 , htmfauo881228 , htmfbfl881511 , htmfbmm881694 , htmfasz881187 , htmfbdw881470 , htmfbkx881653 , htmfarj881145 , htmfbry881836 , htmfayk881328 , htmfbjh881611 , htmfbqi881794 , htmfawv881287 , htmfbhs881570 , htmfbot881753 , htmfavf881245 , htmfbcg881428 , htmfbnd881711 , htmfapu881104 , htmfbar881387 , htmfblo881670 , htmfbsp881853 , htmfazb881345 , htmfbgc881528 , htmfbr8861 , htmfatq881204 , htmfben881487 , htmfbpk881770 , htmfasa881162 , htmfbcy881446 , htmfbjz881629 , htmfaxm881304 , htmfbij881587 , htmfavx881263 , htmfbgu881546 , htmfbnv881729 , htmfauh881221 , htmfass881180 , htmfarc881138 , htmfbrr881829 , htmfayd881321 , htmfbfe881504 , htmfbqb881787 , htmfawo881280 , htmfbdp881463 , htmfbom881746 , htmfauz881239 , htmfbc8846 , htmfbja881604 , htmfapn881097 , htmfbak881380 , htmfbhl881563 , htmfbsi881846 , htmfayv881339 , htmfbfw881522 , htmfbmx881705 , htmfatj881197 , htmfbeg881480 , htmfblh881663 , htmfaru881156 , htmfbcr881439 , htmfbjs881622 , htmfaqe881114 , htmfbqt881805 , htmfaxf881297 , htmfbic881580 , htmfbpd881763
"Although we had a team focused on the design of lightweight shoes, but the concept of this pair of shoes and inspiration are from Bill Bowerman, when he was the University of Oregon coach, and was also one of the partners of NIKE." Avar explained "When I was just a layman at NIKE, it was far from the success of those Bill, and I was just walking along the path of their predecessors.Bill's life was dramatic, his legacy, he had All of the goals he achieved in his life are left in the NIKE. I am today as a member of NIKE was Bill's story touched.

For most people, not familiar with Bill as the University of Oregon track and field coach when the legend. He was notorious because he was often able to help his athletes to reduce the weight of a little shoe and modified shoes, but this modification, obviously able to help athletes in the performance increase for a few seconds, it is this few seconds to let their team Finally won the victory. Finally, Bowerman coach and Phi Knight together to set up the NIKE company, Knight because he is extremely economic mind so responsible for the entire company's business and marketing, Bowerman's value lies in his possession of a large number of practical and professional knowledge, which also created him the whole The main framework of the company's product design.
For Eric Avar, the whole of 2000 he has been in the design of new shoes and brains, it is at this moment, he suddenly thought of Bowerman in NIKE when the story, it is this story lit He designed Hyperflight inspired sparks. "I have met Bill, I know how much of his significance for NIKE, but it was his story so that I have designed this pair of shoes inspiration, his contribution to this pair of shoes as much as he NIKE's meaning. "Avar stressed," his story inspired me, I also appreciate him this person, 'wow Oh, he is a track and field coach, and he also play football, he is very understanding of all the sports, "When this idea just appeared in my mind, I also asked myself, 'In today's technology and the context of the times, Bill Bowerman will design a pair of what kind of blue shoes?'"

At that time the basketball is also in continuous development, when the street ball culture broke out, hip-hop appearance, the players are constantly promoting their own personality, the existence of these factors also decided that the need for this mixed arrogance and Fearless spirit of the product - Hperperlight. Because Avar's mind has been the emergence of those speed-oriented shooting guard game screen, so he decided to design a pair of light as much as possible, but also the lightest weight of a pair of shoes. Thanks to Bowerman's lightweight guidelines, the final goal becomes clear. "We are as much as possible to give the shoes more fashionable and fancy look, but in essence, we still have to use the least material to ensure the lightest weight of the way, so that these shoes become a pair of shoes on the basketball field running shoes , Of course, it will still have to meet the needs of basketball players cushioning and ankle support effect.These these are just design this pair of shoes a broad idea, so our entire team around this idea lists all the details of the design of the product.

Although they have been designing this pair of shoes for ten years, Avar's design of Hyperflight is still in line with the requirements of modern product design methods. When you look back on the changes in the shoes of the decade, with the development of the manufacturing industry, many companies in the shoes on the use of a more plastic molding of the upper and dull physical buffer with Hyperflight series in the next few years because Old and failed colors and constantly damaged and tarnished the year Hyperflight established fame, no one and Avar was the design of the match.

Thursday, August 24, 2017


We saw yesterday's notice it! Know what we talk about today's shoes it!
That is
Lebron3's ad called "thousands of King of the king" is also called "King of the face"
James one person interpretation of 4 people! Are the players James, the childish James, the bad James, and the experienced and have the glorious history of the old James.
A total of seven, the beginning of the program to see a!

In January 2005, Nike launched LEBRON III for James
That was the 2005-2006 season, James came to the NBA's third season

The shoes are designed by Ken Link

Look at the shoebox first

First look at the shoebox, everyone's eye must be a huge shoe lace LOGO attracted it!
This is also the first of many James shoes, the first pair of such a large area of ​​the use of the lion head LOGO.
This lion head LOGO from:
The emperor's right arm on the tattoo, is a lion head, lion head LOGO above is KING, the following is JAMES, lion head above there are "Gloria" to commemorate his mother Gloria James. Then Nike on the design of the lion head LOGO.
LEBRON III also shoes shoes and tongue on the side of the use of the lion logo this time to talk about!

Shoe box as a whole followed the use of the previous generation of drawer-style shoebox, Xiao Bian has always felt that only this kind of shoe box in line with the identity of James Little Emperor.
The picture can be seen on the side of the shoe box is also written LEBRON words.

UDain2247 , UDajma27098 , UDaiyf26739 , UDaikj26379 , UDaity26628 , UDaiht26311 , UDajfc26918 , UDairh26559 , UDajcm26850 , UDaior26491 , UDaizx26783 , UDaima26422 , UDajjk27030 , UDaivp26671 , UDaixg26714 , UDaijk26354 , UDajgu26962 , UDaisz26603 , UDaigu26286 , UDajed26893 , UDaiqi26534 , UDajbn26825 , UDains26466 , UDajlb27073 , UDaiyy26758 , UDailb26397 , UDajil27005 , UDaiuq26646 , UDaiil26329 , UDajfv26937 , UDajde26868 , UDaipj26509 , UDajao26800 , UDaimt26441 , UDajkc27048 , UDaiwh26689 , UDaikc26372 , UDaitr26621 , UDajew26912 , UDajcf26843 , UDaiok26484 , UDajlu27092 , UDaixz26733 , UDaizq26776 , UDailu26416 , UDajjd27023 , UDaivi26664 , UDaihm26304 , UDaijd26347 , UDaiss26596 , UDajdx26887 , UDaiqb26527 , UDajbg26818 , UDainl26459 , UDajkv27067 , UDaix2257 , UDaikv26391 , UDajie26998 , UDaiuj26639 , UDajfo26930 , UDajcy26862 , UDaipc26502 , UDaiyr26751 , UDaimm26434 , UDajjw27042 , UDaiwa26682 , UDaiie26322 , UDaitk26614 , UDajep26905 , UDajah26793 , UDajbz26837 , UDaiod26477
Shoe box drawer above, using a plastic handle the design, quite human.
This handle design in the previous generation LEBRON2 there, but is a rope handle
But I do not know why, Nike in the back of several generations of James drawer shoe box to cancel the handle design!

Na, the entire shoebox was here only appeared at this time lebron abbreviation and 23 combination of LOGO
Can be said that LEBRON3 Nike deliberately weakened the LOGO

The whole double LEBRON3 full body with a perforated leather upper, like a hard metal carved from the general.
In other words, the full leather of this shoe will wear the upper will not be so comfortable.
Although it canceled the previous generation of the upper strap design.
But at first glance can let us feel that wearing this pair of LEBRON3 can give you a sense of security.

We see this pair of white gold color
Tongue on the abandoned at the time of James's 23LOGO directly using the lion's head LOGO, plus the white color is very expensive!

And before the LEBRON2 generation only on the map of this color will be removed after the band, in the upper at the laser lion head LOGO

Compared to the then was eight of the James LOGO was a little bit .......

Shoes on the outside of the leather strap, shoelace hole is the choice of metal material, shoe head also use the metal.
Show the quality of the same time also to enhance the sense of security, to provide better stability of the upper!
Some people say like "fly line technology" Xiaobian laughed! Is actually fixed to live.
In fact, Xiaobian feel like AJ10 and AJ11 lace system

In the foot to join the support of carbon fiber board, cushioning before and after the use of palm Zoom Air cushion.

Pebax heel material (which is a material between plastic and rubber), plus a built-in TPU design that provides perfect heel stability and safety protection.

Lebron3 equipped with Lebron2 the same cushioning technology, in the end by the phyion material composition.
But Lebron3 phyion material than Lebron2 thin a few centimeters, although only a few centimeters but after the foot you can quite obvious feel!
Lebron3's zoom outer cage material also reduces the thickness of Lebron2. This is also in order to achieve the demand for shoes ductility and reactivity.

The picture shows the Lebron2 ZOOM cushioning unit, Lebron3 used exactly the same, including the thickness of the same.

Outsole window exposed a large area of ​​carbon plate, the carbon plate area is quite large, suitable for James as the physical quality of the demand.
We can note that the left and right front of the foot engraved with James's name Lebron James.
Said back out of this outsole material is still quite weary!

James last time on LeBron 3 was on October 16 last year,
James was looking at the pair of LeBron 3 Superman PE when watching football
Xiao Bian found the original "LBJ23" into a "LJ" logo, whether it means to be commercially available?

In January 2006, Nike released the pair of LeBron 3 Low

The basic configuration of the shoe has not changed, the only is to remove the bottom of the carbon plate

James recently dressed in LeBron 3 Low was on September 27 last year
That day is the NBA media day James kissed Nike Zoom LeBron 3 Low, color is pure color navy blue, shoes tag is particularly eye-catching, can not help but think of Kobe's Fade to Black series.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Yeezy 350 Boost V2 ,Nike SF-AF1 ,Vetements x Reebok

Recently the major fashion show field bustling, let us turn the lens to Paris, France, look at the 2017 autumn and winter fashion week shoes on the feet, what are wonderful!

In addition to Yeezy 350 Boost V2 new appearance frequently, Nike SF-AF1 and Vetements x Reebok also did not show weakness, the influx of people on the feet of the visual impact of the full, let us glance in fact shot charm!

KT2 shoe box is still relatively beautiful and simple, shoebox is still the middle of the high popularity of the Warriors team marked in the middle of the golden Anta LOGO was very noble!
Anta to a pair of signature shoes for two consecutive use of the same shoe box ... ...
is this okay? 3 generation 4 generation how to do? Do you learn Adidas?
(Now Adi's Ross and Lillard signature shoes most of the shoebox are using the previous generation!
In contrast, Nike for the current design of the four players signature shoes shoe box is quite thoughtful, quite beautiful!

First look at the night of the storm color, although the feeling of the two is very appropriate, the design of the source or KT1 it.
Shoe printed on a lightning, the material is a metal PP film, coupled with the fuse process, so that the upper is more lightweight! But not breathable and in the future combat aspects of the fold will be more obvious.

Shoe body material is mesh, but the permeability is still no guarantee. Followed by hard TPU, and is very hard that kind of TPU is not built the kind of Minato. There is a detail is what I like, is followed by TPU to LOGO that place really like a hawk, you can see the designer really in the details of the heart

Look at the second pair - Warriors home color! This color is quite popular!
KT2 lining fabric with a considerable time! Feels feels inferior! Artificial leather tongue, the filler is not so enough ANTA you can not play this is a pair of signature shoes! The
Shoelace material is also so-so, but the shoes with the metal barely lifted the signature of the shoe grade! Xiaobian personal point of view in the actual combat shoes which use metal shoes is not necessary, but a bit redundant.
UDaiau26130 , UDaibb26137 , UDaibn26149 , UDahfu25584 , UDahrj25885 , UDahrn25889 , UDagwn25343 , UDahgj25599 , UDagwr25347 , UDahsc25904 , UDaick26172 , UDagwz25355 , UDahgv25611 , UDahsk25912 , UDagxc25358 , UDaicg26168 , UDagxg25362 , UDahhc25618 , UDagxk25366 , UDaico26176 , UDaid2237 , UDagxo25370 , UDaht2227 , UDaidh26195 , UDahho25630 , UDaidd26191 , UDaidx26211 , UDahjd25671 , UDahtx25951 , UDagyx25405 , UDahjt25687 , UDahum25966 , UDagze25412 , UDahka25694 , UDagzq25424 , UDaiey26238 , UDahvn25993 , UDaifn26253 , UDaifz26265 , UDaham25446 , UDahvz26005 , UDaigg26272 , UDahwc26008 , UDahln25733 , UDahwg26012 , UDahlr25737 , UDahlv25741 , UDaigk26276 , UDahlz25745 , UDahws26024 , UDahbz25485 , UDahno25786 , UDahxt26051 , UDaho2222 , UDagss25244 , UDahoh25805 , UDahyi26066 , UDahyq26074 , UDahdl25523 , UDahpa25824 , UDahpe25828 , UDahzb26085 , UDahdt25531
I always wanted to ask Anta: your shoes marked it? A pair of signature shoes you do not even a shoe standard!

We look at a pair of basketball shoes will focus on it in the end of the earthquake!
I think Adidas over the past few years by a BOOST crazy to make money, but also in the BOOST after the use of basketball shoes is to let Adi in the field of basketball shoes quickly stand up.

What about this pair of KT2?
Falcon series can be considered Ante main basketball series, as early as KT1 when the cushion is a big criticism, but KT2 seems to have no much improvement!
The front palm yellow area uses high resilience EVA material, thickness 5mm. After the palm (black area) using slow rebound EVA, the thickness of 8mm.
Xiaobian deliberately looking for a lighter weight of friends (friends 53 kg, jump is not high) put on KT2, playing more than 40 minutes later, or feel the knee with a trace of pain. In fact, can not be said to be rotten, after all, in the bottom of the footwear industry to become the main point of fierce competition, if Anta is willing to continue to tune the density of EVA materials, foot feeling should be different! After all, only the second generation, behind the generations of KT series or worthy of attention!

Look at the grip
Official said the five-wheel control technology, in fact, is a gimmick!
In actual combat, the grip is definitely an accident, this pair of KT2 in the change and emergency stop when the feedback from a good sense of grip! Only in the breakthrough when the slightly procrastination, the lack of a sense of paste! This is the reason why the soles are too thick. Do not blow not black, with a simple character pattern is there such a performance!

Wear resistance aspects
Wear me absolutely to 5 stars! Even if the configuration of this pair of crystal at the end of wear resistance did not say. Absolutely hanging those who wear indoor shoes hat and shoes and brand. Gymnastics field, playing cement everyone free!
There is a small series compared to the crystal base of Nike and Anta's crystal bottom and found Anta's crystal bottom soft, slightly cheaper, but Xiaobian to tell you so soft crystal base can provide better grip!

Protection and parcel
After the foot, the forefoot of the metal PP film material plus the front palm filled with foam less feet feel hard and empty! As the midsole on both sides of the sawtooth foam design and the two sides of the upper TPU parcel upgrade.

The overall upper soft or can! Can be less flexible. It can be said Anta put your feet in accordance with their design to arrange.
After the palm part of the filling sponge is more substantial, the feet and its soft and comfortable. Followed by TPU area, high hardness! High-heeled high-profile oblique shoelaces can be tightly tightly wrapped around the ankle, but without losing the flexibility.

to sum up
The whole evaluation can see me on the KT2 or black and more, I believe Anta fans will say that this is just a pair of cheap 499 cheap signature shoes, 300 in the ordinary Taobao you want to him how high it!
That for a pair of 499 shoes is really a pair of cost-effective shoes?
I think it is not, at the moment you can buy the shoes of the season there are a lot of cost-effective shoes and now the price is around 500, do not mention the brand, to force the grid, technology, at least the work and materials are not in terms of A grade!
So Xiaobian is not recommended KT2, but there are other cost-effective shoes optional.

Gossip on the back!
Now more and more gorgeous, craftsmen spirit, but from Thompson and Anta signed to today's KT2 I did not feel it! Not I used to wear other brands in this belittle domestic brands, really KT two generations of you can immediately feel it has a trace of thin feeling!
You do not want to stick with a shoe brand, I can think that Anta is not self-confidence! Feel that their products Putian people do not create?
The same domestic Li Ning's Wade Road! From the Wade Road 1 come out that work that work, listen to the buyer's reputation to know, and now to the 5 generation, since the generation of materials needless to say, the design is constantly improving it!
Not just domestic players now love foot Wade Road, foreign also praised its cost-effective!
Anta I do not believe you can not do it in technology and technology!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Nike Kobe AD “White”

Recently, NFL legend star Andre Johnson in the personal social network drying out their new Air Jordan 11 PE, luxurious texture highlights this AJ11 distinguished identity!

This Air Jordan 11 "Miami Hurricanes" PE patent leather and  upper are green, unique visual effects are memorable.

Uppers change the traditional nylon material, with the "devil" the same leather upper, luxurious texture perfect presentation. Orange outsole and green upper match, suction eye index naturally Needless to say!

In fact, the University of Miami hurricane team color

Somebody found J.R. Smith
Even in the Instagram reselling shoes
Or just on sale
Adidas Originals NMD_ R1 "Tricolor"
Original price of 170 US dollars
JR sells for $ 275

HtmGfpi804467 , HtmGgk80179 , HtmGfld804358 , HtmGfnq804423 , HtmGfgz804250 , HtmGhgo805591 , HtmGfht804270 , HtmGfqc804487 , HtmGhd80198 , HtmGfly804379 , HtmGfok804443 , HtmGfqx804508 , HtmGfms804399 , HtmGfpe804463 , HtmGfin804290 , HtmGhfq805567 , HtmGgg80175 , HtmGhgk805587 , HtmGfnm804419 , HtmGfpz804484 , HtmGfjh804310 , HtmGfog804439 , HtmGfhp804266 , HtmGgz80194 , HtmGhhe805607 , HtmGfqt804504 , HtmGhfm805563 , HtmGfmo804395 , HtmGfpa804459 , HtmGfij804286 , HtmGgc80171 , HtmGfni804415 , HtmGfjd804306 , HtmGhgg805583 , HtmGfhl804262 , HtmGfpv804480 , HtmGgw80191 , HtmGhha805603 , HtmGfoc804435 , HtmGfqp804500 , HtmGfjy804327 , HtmGfmk804391 , HtmGfif804282 , HtmGhfi805559 , HtmGhhv805624 , HtmGfox804456 , HtmGfy80167 , HtmGhgc805579 , HtmGfne804411 , HtmGfpr804476 , HtmGfj80152 , HtmGgs80187 , HtmGfnz804432 , HtmGfhh804258 , HtmGfju804323 , HtmGhgx805600 , HtmGfib804278 , HtmGfql804496 , HtmGhfe805555 , HtmGfot804452 , HtmGfu80163 , HtmGfko804343 , HtmGhhr805620 , HtmGfiw804299 , HtmGhfz805576 , HtmGfhd804254 , HtmGfpn804472 , HtmGgo80183 , HtmGfli804363
LeBron 14 second color exposure!
This time the simple black shoes body to bring out the large magic strap, white outline of the Nike Swoosh become a little bright spot of the shoe. Still continued Christmas color ink in the end and blue crystal outsole design, low-key yet delicate.

The United States Sneakerhead seemingly do not buy it.
Hope to save color

Yao Ming's jersey decommissioning ceremony will be delayed one day
Before the announcement time for the Rockets February 3, Beijing time
Beethoven color! Nike Kobe AD "White" next week

This pair of Nike Kobe A.D. to white overall body, silver Swoosh and TPU heel followed, and finally to the end of the light blue outsole. It is worth mentioning that the transparent design in the end, although the visual Lunarlon and Zoom Air cushion fiber are imitation shape, but so the configuration really holdings in the shoes, this design can be considered a feature of the shoes it.

This pair of Nike Kobe AD "White" will be on January 7, 2017 on sale, the sale price of $ 160.

Rockets compete with the Mavericks
Ariza collides with Salah Mejri
After the game, Trevor Ariza and his teammates even in the Mavericks locker room "door"

Low-key gorgeous

This pair of Nike Tiempo Vetta '17 new products have been available in China!

To undertake the Tiempo classic football shoes family of leather texture and texture performance, this pair of Nike Tiempo Vetta '17 is the precious metal into the details, bring outright luxury experience!

Shoes, exquisite gold Jewel Swoosh, as well as eyebrows eye-catching NIKE gold nameplate, are particularly eye-catching, in the context of high-quality leather shoes under the unique gorgeous temperament blowing.

The surrounding is equipped with a very high black dust bag, lace nameplate also has two versions available for replacement! ¥ 1599 RMB price also shows its extraordinary positioning, and as a cross-border luxury ranks of shoes, so I am afraid that the price has been extremely cost-effective!

Oregon Ducks' Nike LeBron Soldier 10 PE

Girls exclusive | Nike SB Dunk High "Oxford Pink"

This time Nike SB to create a chance to make up for their regret, brought this "Oxford Pink" color Dunk High, from the shoe body, shovel to the bottom are packed with pink, suede material body Greatly enhance the overall texture, and finally take raw rubber outsole end.

This pink shoe is now available for 881232-600 and is priced at $ 140.
After a lapse of 7 years to return again

Nike Air Foamposite One "Eggplant" last sale is in 2010, this time after 7 years to return again, presumably will make the shoes players are extremely excited!

Purple metal texture of the foam upper holding, distinguished mysterious temperament at a glance, people fascinated. I believe this re-engraved shoes players will bring surprises, Foamposite family's 20th anniversary will not let us down.
Item No .: 314996-051
Release date: June 2017 (to be determined)

Nike Air Force 1 Mid
But also girls exclusive color
This 750 will be available for sale at Confirmed App

Adidas Yeezy hot degree no doubt, before the burst of rugby shoes version 350 and 750 are particularly eye-catching.

Now Von Miller and Dak Prescott once again broke the black version of the Yeezy 750 football shoes, it is important that this pair of Yeezy 750 will be in adidas Confirmed App for sale, the specific sale of information has not yet announced the sale price of $ 300.

Adidas UltraBOOST 3.0 "Oreo"

Adidas UltraBOOST 3.0 "Gray Leather Cage"

Cortex of the three bars

Suede material with the bracket

Adidas UltraBOOST ATR Mid Primeknit
High tube socks sets of design, thick soles early 2017 sale

Adidas Samba ADV "Burgundy"

Monday, August 21, 2017

Air Jordan 16

You should buy a pair of bright shoes! To see what footwear information!

Yeezy may be available for sale every month next year

Yeezy 350 Boost V2 new shoes on the stage debut, has been commercially available 5 colors, there are a number of new colors in the queue market. Although the volume doubled, but the market price is still maintained at ¥ 4000 RMB or so, is the offer price of more than 2 times.

Rumors next year almost every month there will be Yeezy new sale, but the volume is not large, still will maintain a "eat" rhythm. In addition to the exposure has a number of color, next year's Yeezy design team in the color can bring back the desire of the market, I am afraid it is still very challenging!

Next year will naturally have Yeezy 750 Boost new sale, with 350 different, 750 volume is still "very small", and there may be Yeezy 750 Boost V2 new shoes!

A Bathing Ape "Transformers" to create a joint Optimus Prime model

Street brand A Bathing Ape recently rejoined "Transformers" (Transformers), launched a MP CONBOY Black Camo camouflage version of the Optimus model. The designer will A Bathing Ape signs of "ape Yan camouflage" into the Optimus Prime body on top of everyone familiar with the captain of the sky into a trace of interesting.

This MP CONBOY Black Camo camouflage version of Optimus Prime model toys will be on January 2 next year in the BAPE Japanese store sale, priced at 17,800 yen.
Gentleman style! Air Jordan 16 "Midnight Navy" will return on Thursday

The Air Jordan 16, built by Wilson Smith and Tinker Hatfield, aims to help MJ complete the transition from the stadium to the office. And this unique design of the actual combat basketball shoes will be on Thursday, December 22, the official return!

After Joe's retired, in order to give shoes a variety of occasions, the applicability of Air Jordan 16 is equipped with a unique shoe cover design and classic patent leather elements to meet the presence of the man's clothing needs.

UDafrc24526 , UDaghc24942 , UDafgt24257 , UDafml24405 , UDafwv24675 , UDaexn24017 , UDafde24164 , UDagjg24998 , UDafjz24341 , UDaetz23925 , UDaezr24073 , UDagfs24906 , UDaffi24220 , UDagki25026 , UDaewc23980 , UDagcd24813 , UDafrw24546 , UDaeyg24036 , UDagdf24841 , UDagiy24990 , UDafzs24750 , UDafaj24091 , UDagk2192 , UDafgb24239 , UDaglb25045 , UDafrn24537 , UDaeww24000 , UDafbl24119 , UDafmw24416 , UDafxf24685 , UDaeth23907 , UDagdz24861 , UDagip24981 , UDaftr24593 , UDaevl23963 , UDagak24768 , UDafaa24082 , UDagfa24888 , UDafll24379 , UDafre24528 , UDaexp24019 , UDafhx24287 , UDafmn24407 , UDafti24584 , UDafxz24705 , UDafza24732 , UDages24880 , UDagji25000 , UDafiz24315 , UDafka24342 , UDaewe23982 , UDagfu24908 , UDafgm24250 , UDaesq23890 , UDafxq24696 , UDafbw24130 , UDafcy24158 , UDafub24603 , UDafys24724 , UDagdh24843 , UDagkb25019 , UDafjs24334 , UDaeuu23946 , UDafzu24752 , UDafal24093 , UDaggn24927 , UDafgd24241 , UDagld25047 , UDafhf24269 , UDaflw24390 , UDaghp24955

Remove the shoe cover, Air Jordan 16 with breathable nylon fabric and leather combination, supplemented by the following Zoom Air and visual cushion of the innovative cushioning system. Whether it is comfort or recognition are unforgettable.

At present, this white blue show Air Jordan 16 "Midnight Navy" will be officially December 22, Nike China official website, the sale price of ¥ 1699 RMB.

Adidas Harden Vol.1 Christmas color "13 Below Zero" is on sale

Harden Vol.1 Christmas color, presumably everyone on this "Christmas snow" color impressive. And this time finally announced the name of this Christmas boots "13 Below Zero" means minus 13 degrees, on behalf of Harden can freeze opponents in the field of defense.

Blood 12 soul of the final BOSS finally debut!

As the mainland China's first sale of the Air Jordan shoes, Air Jordan 12 "Taxi" to become the first shoe fans first, but also the deepest shoes memory.

This is based on the "Taxi" the first year of color, the upper use of 3M reflective fabric to create, the iconic black side of the leather, imprinted a symbol of traditional Chinese bamboo weaving lines, will Modern technology and the perfect combination of traditional Chinese handicrafts.

Golden shoes and shoes on both sides of the Jumpman Logo are also used bamboo pattern. Tongue on the conspicuous "Er Shu" words, from both sides reflect the Air Jordan "12 generation" and Jordan brand into China "20 years" double meaning.

Air Jordan 12 GS "CNY"

And for women in particular to create the Air Jordan 12 GS "CNY", will be combined with pink and white, so that the color of the shoes full of vitality and feminine charm, people shines.

Stitching the cortex part and male models also use bamboo weave lines, the traditional Chinese handicraft elements for this pair of Air Jordan 12 GS added a knowledge and elegance.

Air Jordan 31 "CNY"
As the latest Air Jordan is on behalf of the shoes, Air Jordan 31 "CNY" to pay tribute to the first time into the domestic AJ12 "Taxi" for the color inspiration.

Will be the latest technology and traditional Chinese technology integration, in the heel around the engraved with FlightSpeed ​​and XXXI words of bamboo printing.

Transparent crystal outsole, bamboo weave texture clearly visible, so that it exudes an unprecedented elegance and noble temperament.

Air Jordan Chinese New Year Pack as the "Blood Twelve Soul" the last set, will take the lead on December 25 in and Shanghai NIKE Huaihai brand experience shop, Hong Kong Nike Hong Kong Kicks Lounge and Beijing Asia new, Shanghai WZK , Guangzhou XH55, Taipei PHANTACi shops and other special limited sale, and then on January 7, 2017 in and other designated retail stores on sale.

New Balance releases new shoes 247 LUXE

As the brand new launch of the shoe, the first wave debut of the New Balance 247 Luxe will be officially launched on January 7, 2017, the retail price of 899 yuan.

Crossover x Reebok Club C is on sale
With the help of The Crossover in Malaysia, the classic Reebok Club C is celebrating a new color design this weekend. The biggest feature of the joint shoes is that the production of pure white leather from the side of the shoe body has a unique perforation design.

In addition, in the joint insoles on the use of mesh graphics, and written inside the tongue of the Crossover slogan "BE REASONABLE, DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE" is also the characteristics of the shoes.

The shoe will be available online on December 23 and will be on sale at Crossover's shop on December 24th.