Thursday, August 3, 2017


The new season in full swing, LeBron James getting better, fully demonstrated its superior superior ability, but also inspire teammates in various circumstances bravely lead, leading the team continue to move forward. James's latest boots LEBRON 12 is designed to further enhance James's amazing power, speed and comprehensive technology, and the shoes of sophisticated design and James all-round game style and personality fully integrated.

LEBRON 12 was born in the Nike Sports Research Laboratory, where scientific experiments and data analysis show that James needs his new generation of shoes with better cushioning, support and flexibility. As a result, the Nike design team brought the LEBRON 12 NSRL led by the three colors.

Htmbnm11721 , Htmatt11208 , Htmjz1278 , Htmawl11278 , Htmmr1348 , Htmbhg11559 , Htmdq1113 , Htmoo1397 , Htmblw11679 , Htmbrg11819 , Htmcu191 , Htmnt1376 , Htmauv11236 , Htmbql11798 , Htmau139 , Htmbpq11777 , Htmaws11285 , Htmbhn11566 , Htmbkf11636 , Htmayp11334 , Htmavx11264 , Htmbgs11545 , Htmbrn11826 , Htmip1242 , Htmbfx11524 , Htmbqs11805 , Htmaxu11313 , Htmfa1149 , Htmbpx11784 , Htmpb1410 , Htmbne11713 , Htmbbo11411 , Htmgz1200 , Htmatl11200 , Htmawd11270 , Htmbru11833 , Htmbmj11692 , Htmbdl11460 , Htmiw1249 , Htmbqz11812 , Htmfh1156 , Htmhf1206 , Htmbqd11790 , Htmben11488 , Htmmq1347 , Htmbbv11418 , Htmbmq11699 , Htmgk1185 , Htmbsa11839 , Htmbcx11446 , Htmbns11727 , Htmbke11635 , Htmbcb11424 , Htmbmx11706 , Htmbeu11495 , Htmbpp11776 , Htmou1403 , Htmbbg11403 , Htmbrm11825 , Htmnz1382 , Htmbal11382 , Htmblg11663 , Htmht1220 , Htmbfw11523 , Htmbci11431 , Htmbnd11712

The color of the "Nike Sports Research Laboratory" for the design inspiration, equipped with James tailor-made shoes technology to help him in the game more fully display their talent, and to meet its comprehensive basketball technology required cushioning, support Force and flexibility. The Nike Sports Research Laboratory provides an in-depth analysis of sports performance and scientific testing for the Nike Basketball team.

LEBRON 12 NSRL's adult and youth edition will be available on Nov. 28 at and will be available on December 1 at designated retail outlets in Greater China.


Basketball is already a sports game that attaches great importance to data analysis. Players, coaches and experts are paying close attention to the efficiency of the players. Nike has always attached importance to all kinds of game data research, data analysis has now become an indispensable part of winning the game. Data show that James in all aspects of the game have excellent performance, called today's most comprehensive players: scoring, rebounding, assists, blocks, etc., he dominated the game through a comprehensive data.

So, Nike design team to James Stadium on the amazing efficiency of inspiration, designed out of this color.

"The interesting place for this color is that I have always been a player who likes to read the game, analyze the game, the data can help me analyze the situation on the field, but also allows me to observe the efficiency of a player in the field level, I can More understanding of their own game. "- LeBron James

LeBron James's body will be beyond the speed of ordinary people, the perfect combination of agility and strength. At the same time, he also has a solid and comprehensive technology. On him, we seem to see the shadow of future players. This color design inspired by James legend's career, strong physique, concentrated his epoch-making comprehensive strength.

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