Thursday, August 10, 2017

NewBalance Vazee Rush

The word Vazee that we are no longer strange, it is NewBalance in the past two years launched a new series of products, Vazee the word from the French, roughly means "Let's go" believe that we can understand here The meaning of it. Our protagonist is the latest version of this year's NewBalance Vazee Rush, the appearance of its overall characteristics have been very obvious, first of all it is the end of the night, there is a look at the overall very strong upper system.

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In this pair of NewBalance Vazee Rush, I recall about half a year NewBalance in the field of professional running shoes, with particular emphasis on the external form is NewBalance is very keen to do one thing, such as 3M reflective uppers System, and then to our hands in the end of the luminous effect.

Then these seemingly surface works in the practical application of what will be the effect, you can understand from the big ideas that this is NewBalance in full consideration of running shoes at night or under certain conditions with the ability to run outside the non-running ability, the night Running more brilliant, more secure is perhaps the most primitive starting point, so the show is still interesting enough.

Feel the NewBalance Vazee Rush the upper system and the visual effect of the same, the integrity of the strong, it is NewBalance in the design of more comfortable package and fit the use of integrated seamless upper. Feel the upper because of the composition of the composite material is slightly larger but in the foot after such a feeling does not exist, tighten the shoelace composite mesh material through the entire shoe body, so there is a breathable ability The most basic guarantee.

Another package feel the integration of seamless body with a natural advantage, the standard size of the NewBalance Vazee Rush in the actual use of their feet and the upper system will not have too much space exists, the other in the shoelace with the help of The overall package is stronger.

In the bottom part of the NewBalance Vazee Rush is one of the core, Rapid Rebound rapid feedback in the end to become the main fire. Can be given in the name of the brand clearly, the bottom of the system more emphasis on feedback, as well as the process of running the response speed, which is precisely fit the NewBalance Vazee Rush positioning in a pair of speed shoes characteristics.

After the foot, the brain in advance with a preparation, I guess the toughness should be Rapid Rebound rapid feedback in the end of the most prominent features, the actual process also confirmed this point, especially the front palm of the feedback is very obvious, and with The shape of the outsole to push forward the design of the forward, the overall effect of the midsole system in the running process will not dragging its feet, clean and neat auxiliary runners to complete every step in the running.

Outsole design has not changed, followed by the Vazee series of running shoes products in the outsole shape, so there is no big bright spot or to maintain the original bionic design to provide good grip and have a strong wear resistance The

Integrated NewBalance Vazee Rush overall feeling, seamless seamless system has a strong comfort, wrapped feel strong, do not belong to the feet in the shoe body has a lot of space to wear the feeling, the other surface material surface Big breathable ability no doubt. In the middle of the toughness is Rapid Rebound rapid feedback in the end of the characteristics of where, both from the comfort or functionality have a good performance. Outsole is relatively traditional, basic design follows, not to attract the eye but enough to apply.

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