Saturday, August 5, 2017

Air Jordan 1 MidHare

Michael Jordan and rabbit starling this group of perfect partner as early as 1992 Jordan brand television advertising has been famous. The two international stars to the world witnessed their friendship: a period of 23 years of experience, gains six championships and beat countless challenges from the cartoon world role friendship.

Recently, Jordan brand of good friends, sports media legend Ahmed Rush on the cartoon star rabbit starling interview, talk about it with Michael Jordan and Jordan brand latest cooperation. Rabbit starlings in the interview to revisit the friendship with Jordan for many years, revealed some of their most fascinating adventure details.

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Then, friends, on these ... ... of course not!

In addition to video interviews, Jordan brand will also launch this weekend, a Hare Jordan anniversary products - Air Jordan 1 MidHare.

Air Jordan 1 MidHare vamps by the white and silver colors, reflecting the rabbit's starling lively naughty, colorful tongue is marked by the rabbit starling carrot color inspired. In addition to the iconic rabbit starling pattern tongue, heel parts are also printed with "Hare" words.

For more than a decade, Nike Free series through the shoes designed to master the natural rhythm of athletes feet. This shoe allows the wearer closer to the ground, more fit the body's natural rhythm. This idea stems from running, and now it has extended beyond the runway. Nike Sportswear to the performance into the lifestyle design, to female models Nike Free Viritous sneakers and men's Nike Free Socfly sports shoes to pay attention to Nike Free.

Nike Free Viritous was born in Nike Free before the popular running shoes - 1991 Nike Air Huarach draw inspiration, reshape the Free contour to adapt to the hot weather. Uppers with breathable mesh, reinforced with Nike Flywire, flexible, comfortable and breathable, secure fit. Ankle at the breathable openings to enhance the charm of the shoes, shoes, the inner sleeve design easy to wear off.

Nike Free Socfly sports shoes very simple and smooth. And its predecessor, that is, in 1986 launched the pioneering shoes Nike Sock Racer, this product to give up all the unnecessary elements, so that the natural extension of the feet as. Velcro instead of shoelaces, making wearing more convenient. The seamless breathable mesh upper design provides comfort and breathability. Iconic Free 3.0 flexible outsole, known for natural rhythm, perfect fit with the feet.

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