Monday, August 7, 2017

Nike Magista 2

If the feet are born to play football, then they will move in what direction?

Magista 2 football shoes is around the creation of this issue. Thanks to the scientific test analysis and efficient model study, we have brought this emphasis on precision ball and excellent grip system of football shoes.

"By reading the literature on evolution and morphology, I have learned that the soft palms and soles of the human body, which are evolved through evolution, are likely to evolve to enhance the grip on slippery surfaces and utensils. A hypothesis that I am very interested in. This makes me start thinking, if the evolution of the limbs will adapt to football as the first purpose, how will they evolve? "Nike football designer Phil Woodman said.

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Therefore, in the Magista 2 design process, Woodman has a high-heeled shoes and Nike Flyknit u's first generation of Magista football shoes were re-conception, through the sense of the ball to achieve further enhance the sense of the effectiveness of the shoes to optimize, Perfect connection between brain and football. "We focus on improving perceived efficiency by providing a better sense of touch, helping athletes to eliminate interference and making them more confident in playing on the pitch," Woodman said.

Woodman and Nike Sports Research Labs explored what was the most sensitive part of the footsteps and marked the most and most efficient parts of the foot by watching the player's slow motion video. The data collected in the study are visually presented in a foot model with a thermal profile, where the location of the thermal sensory distribution is the highest, most efficient and most effective part of the foot perception.

Based on this, Woodman brings 3D print test vamps to new shoes, and the multi-dimensional bulge and groove on the upper, this is a symbolic change compared to the first generation of Magista, which maintains uniform design with the upper. "We will think of Magista 2's upper as an organic extension of the foot," Woodman continued. "The shoes are similar to pods, and their material has a buffering function, and when the athlete touches the ball, the upper can effectively respond to the football "

The new shoes effectively reduce the remaining space between the upper and the foot, so although the upper than the first generation increased the bulge and groove, the use of the material is still flat with the first generation. The highest protrusion of the upper is located in the most important ball position, height up to 4.5mm.

"This is an upgrade to the use of Nike Flyknit material," says Woodman. "The high precision that Flyknit has allowed us to create a dimensioned shoe without increasing load and new cover." We used to be On the basis of the upper to add a new texture, and now it is to make the upper automatic molding.

The progress of the shoe structure is also reflected in the more consistent with the foot contour of the dynamic fit shoes collar. The design of the new shoe collar to enhance the comfort of the ankle bone at the same time, but also with a thick knit structure for the ankle to bring additional parcels. Achilles tendon parts of the height of the shoe is reduced, resulting in better comfort. This shoe with no tongue design, shoelaces with the bottom of the light pad for frequent touch the ball to provide protection.

Built-in heel lock so that Magista 2 football shoes compared to the past more stable fit. Nike Grip socks can enhance the stability of the shoes inside, so it is also part of the complete traction system shoes. Through the use of finite element analysis (Finite Element Analysis), the shape of foot soles have been greatly adjusted. This method is based on the scientific analysis of the best way to play, and then put forward the idea of ​​different grip mode. "The Magista 2 scientific grip system is a big difference from the past," Woodman said. "The pair of shoes uses a traditional conical spike, just as the black and white TV returns, and the athletes are immediately aware of this and This gives a positive response. "

In the new grip mode, it is critical that each spike does not work independently, but rather a different shape of the spike through the formation of a complete system. Magista players focus on the ball so that we decided to use the human foot nail in the forefoot, which is consistent with the limited element analysis data collected by the Nike Sports Research Laboratory. The middle of the soles of the feet and its surrounding semi-conical spikes, heel locking device and can provide the brake force of the spikes are to achieve excellent speed and build. The new soles (60g) with advanced grip systems have significantly reduced compared to the first generation (85g).

Magista 2 football shoes on the surface of the dynamic color design not only reflects the shape of the thermal map, but also soften the transition of the upper, especially the shoes to the foot of the curve is more smooth.

"All the Magista 2 soccer shoe models have a thermal pattern, which can be used not only to collect and integrate data, but also to bring a unique aesthetic color to the shoes," Woodman said.

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