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Parker three generations of the integration of a wealth of French elements, 12 Avenue gathered in the center of Charles de Gaulle Plaza, meaning Parker in all directions with the support of the battlefield, located in the center of the square of the Arc de Triomphe to become the designer of the source of inspiration.


"Issued" inspired by the Arc de Triomphe on the group of reliefs "Marseille" (also known as "1792 volunteer departure expedition").

Lude de Paris for the Arc de Triomphe made this giant relief shows the French Volunteers in 1793 against the Austrian and Prussian army invasion and expedition of the scene. Which is the top of the arm shouting, wearing a wings of the characters image is the characteristics of the goddess of freedom, in her guidance under the volunteer army is forward, everyone burst out of unstoppable force. This group represented the French in the great revolutionary period of heroism and patriotism, as a song of the French national anthem "Marseillaise".

"Marseille song" is an epic poem of the French Revolution, is an unparalleled monument, its towering majestic momentum for a long time stirring. Lü De with his extraordinary imagination and artistic conception, will be a stone wall into a heroic epic fantasy, woven into a huge flame-like mood.

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The relief is placed on the great triumph of Edwardian Square in France, the French people love peace, the immortal symbol of freedom.


In France, iris is regarded as a symbol of light and freedom, so "set off" color Parker three generations, the shoe body selection of large iris purple, very eye-catching.

In 1792, the French Revolution has been out for three years. The French people in the motherland at the critical juncture, rise to defend the Republic, fighting for freedom and democracy. "Expedition" tongue LOGO red area sharp lines, a symbol of the armed forces set off the battlefield.

The geometric pattern of the color jumps constitutes an abstract pattern of the motherland street map, shaped like a French street map and displayed on the insoles, upper, and printed with the French-speaking "Le Départ de"
Stable, all-powerful "speed eagle three generations" boots design inspiration from the F-22 "Raptor" jet fighter, bringing strong fire support, the implementation of the full range of precision strike.

Carbon plate material FOOTHOLD c

In the traditional sense, the jet needs to use 110% of the rated power to make the fuselage off the ground, in order to achieve the required high power to take off, accelerate the "speed eagle three generations" need to maintain a stronger balance and stability , And to ensure adequate support, so the arch part of the FOOTHOLD anti-torsion unit configuration upgrade, the choice of lighter, thinner and more tough carbon fiber materials, soles before and after the palm force area equipped with Pick visualization "CUSHION-3 three slow Earthquake "technology unit, in the takeoff and landing to provide light and soft touchdown response and feedback.

Oblique belt system

In the fighter after the rapid rise in the raid, the use of seat belts is essential. "Eagle three generations" vamp design inspired by the fighter's seat multi-point harness device, the fast lace system ribbon through the hot melt process package, and ultimately into the upper, inline slanting system is more Fit the feet, in order to enhance the support of the upper and the intensity of the package, in the movement of the feet and shoes to achieve a seamless state.

Outsole easy bending system

"Speed ​​Eagle three generations" outsole design to increase the easy bending system, five groove equally distributed, the groove within the force of the protruding rubber structure, enhance the vertical movement of friction, reduce the energy consumption of each step, while reducing the weight of the upgrade start Speed ​​and running flexibility. Stamp staggered pattern can adapt to a variety of stadium situation, to create great grip.

Technical description

1, Foot Bow FOOTHOLD C (CARBON) carbon fiber support sheet to provide excellent support in the bottom, connecting the forefoot and heel, to prevent the arch in the exercise overturned to avoid movement damage.

2, equipped with Peak visualization core technology - CUSHION-3 "three slow shock", to the wearer to provide excellent cushioning experience.

3, soles easy to bend the system to reduce energy consumption, bringing beyond the imagination of the flexible sports experience.

4, fast shoelace system, hot melt process and fast carrying system innovation integration, with oblique collar more fit feet, increase the support of the upper and the intensity of the package.

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