Sunday, August 6, 2017


In the past 20 years, Tiempo has been synonymous with top leather shoes. The new Tiempo Legend 6 adheres to this tradition, while creating the best touch with innovative craftsmanship. "The athletes wearing Tiempo soccer shoes are the initiators of the attack," says Vianney De Montgolfier, a Nike soccer designer. "We put the touch and precision they rely on First in the Tiempo Legend 6 soccer shoes design, we challenge ourselves, through a new way to interpret this series of shoes have the legendary material.

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Tiempo series of shoes has been to suture the forefoot leather upper as a symbol. In the design of the Tiempo Legend 6, Nike seeks to keep the sewing touch under the premise of not allowing the needle thread to penetrate the leather. Shoes, both internal cushioning structure of the lock in maintaining the shoe at the same time, but also with its fine stitches to show the effect of the upper vane.

"This structure allows the Tiempo Legend 6 soccer shoes to provide a stitched touch while keeping the original appearance of the leather," says de Montgouvier. "By vacuum pumping, the foam lining is more fit with the leather, "After we have removed the suture - like vamps, we have reduced the possibility of soil and water penetrating the upper suture along the suture, thus avoiding the possible hardening of the leather.

The tongue is another symbolic element of the Tiempo series of shoes, and the Tiempo Legend 6 shoes are also innovative to achieve better performance. Tiempo Legend 6 Tiempo series of shoes in the continuation of the traditional tongue beauty at the same time, adopted both the protection and stability of the design, the tongue and lace together. Tiempo Legend 6 has a mid-foot box, molded heel and micro fiber insoles can help correct the foot position. The lower surface of the insoles has traction and interacts with the silicone structure inside the sole. The structure is also part of the traction system of Tiempo Legend 6 soccer shoes "shoe traction insole", "insoles traction socks". The inner side of the shoes is slightly higher than the outside, consistent with the skeletal features of the ankle. This detail is designed by the small Swoosh logo on the inside of the shoe.

Tiempo Legend 6 heel stabilizer is designed to provide ultimate locking comfort. "Tiempo" words eye-catching through the shoes heel, to pay tribute to the traditional series of shoes. The two main Swoosh marks on the shoes are around the back of the shoes - although there is no real intersection. The uppers are made of top-grade leather, and the Tiempo All Conditions Control (ACC) logo is noticeable at the intersection of leather and heel stabilizers.

"The Tiempo Legend 6 soccer shoe is a modern classic," concluded de Gomfer Faye. "This pair of shoes combines the unique material and beauty of the Tiempo series of shoes with the existing innovative craftsmanship."

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