Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Puma evoSPEED 17 SL-S

International sports brand PUMA today released the latest color evoSPEED 17 SL-S boots. Bold yellow upper with green outsole, fusion gradient geometry design - the new evoSPEED 17 SL-S with a new look "excellent" match dazzling debut. Boots will be headed by PUMA "speed" players, such as Antoine Griezmann, Sergio Ag├╝ero and Marco Reus, , The new evoSPEED will help the players kicked, won the sound.

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As the latest member of the PUMA SPEED series, the evoSPEED 17 SL-S boots inherited the "faster, more flexible" design concept of the series. With Japanese microfiber upper material, SL-S shoes wear soft and comfortable, while enhancing the foot touch the ball feel. The latest laser cutting SPEEDFRAME structure further optimizes the design of the boots with the minimalist style of the external heel stabilizer for the players in the forward acceleration and rapid turning process to provide the perfect support. In addition, SL-S on the outsole also added a number of functional features. The SPEEDTRACK ridge helps to achieve a perfect balance between stability and forefoot flexibility, both for speed and flexibility. Light outsole with a blade-like and conical mixed spike, but also enhance the stability of the shoes, grip and acceleration.

Talked about this pair of new boots, Atletico Madrid star players Anthony Grizeman said: "I am honored to take the lead in this new color evoSPEED SL-S boots play, SL-S shoes color combination is very bold, I think the young players will be very fond of it, and I am also looking forward to the second half of the season because there are still a lot of key competitions waiting for us to challenge our excellent results in the Champions League group stage, so I am very Want to wear this new shoe into training, try to come up with the best performance, once again to meet the victory.

With fresh yellow and green to create the evoSPEED 17 SL-S shoes

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