Friday, August 4, 2017

Proprietary exposure

Honeycomb technology and breathable mesh passion collision Reebok again push shoes

London's well-known brand Garbstore, together with Reebok, launched the fourth phase of cooperation to focus on Reebok's patented technology in the early 1990s.

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This time joint shoes designed to highlight the technical characteristics of shoes, to take the brand of design strategy. This approach will be the technology of the brand pushed to the stage. Such as Hexalite honeycomb technology and "Ventilator" breathable mesh between the passion of the collision, the greatest degree of emphasis on the originality of technology.

In the design, the joint series to remove a lot of the original attached to the shoes on the decoration, the shape of the shoes were reorganized to retain the most original details of the shoes and lines. This is the focus of this plan to highlight the theme of science and technology complement each other. And in order to make the retro style and technology theme to get a better presentation, the two sides selected the first pair of suede and leather structure shoe body, and with the most authentic and pure color scheme.

Common Ventilator has a velvet texture with a luxury suede, while the end of the classic color is also carried, and equipped with Hexalite honeycomb technology and visible arch unit. Design, the two brands of shoes were simplified and adjusted to show the shoe side of the "Ventilator" breathable area, and in the region, printed on the Hexalite honeycomb technology logo, reflecting the beauty of science and technology. The same time as

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