Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Jordan Super.Fly 2017

Equipped with Nike React technology Jordan Super.Fly 2017 is for all-round basketball players to create the ultimate boots, to help them keep pace smoothly.

"Our footsteps are important to every athlete, and our shoes need to be used for all the moves on the game," said David Creech, vice president of global design at Jordan. "The actual needs of the athletes in the competition led us to innovate.When we pursued the pursuit of innovation with the Jordan brand of DNA, the inheritance of the brand tradition and the obsession with basketball, we created the future of basketball.

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In order to allow shoes to support a variety of basketball games on the action, we must first assess the grip needs. In the design of Jordan Super.Fly 2017, the design team using the Nike Sports Research Laboratory pressure map accurate positioning of the four key pressure points, and to create this multi-shoe grip texture. Super.Fly 2017 outsole design based on the athlete's large database design, whether it turned around, turned into extraordinary or emergency stop jumper, its outsole to meet all the needs of athletes.

These moves are an indispensable part of the Jordan brand player Blake Griffin's most explosive game. Through the analysis of Griffin's needs, the Super.Fly 2017 is designed to achieve an ideal balance of comfort and responsiveness. To achieve this balance is the full palm of the Nike React core, this lightweight device can provide both cushioning and energy feedback. The stabilizer in the Nike React foam and outsole increases torsional rigidity.

"In the face of a whole season of the game, your shoes need to keep your feet fresh, but also make you take off more easily," Griffin said. "I need a pair of shoes that can help me take off and provide cushioning and support."

Whether it is horizontal cut into the basket or dunk before the full sprint, Super.Fly 2017 using Nike React foam optimized every step of the cushioning. "You will immediately notice the responsiveness of Nike React," Griffin said. "No matter what action you do, it is closely with you."

Comfort and responsiveness is also Super.Fly 2017 fit a piece of the important features of the upper. Regardless of the lace elasticity, this structure can provide a natural sense of fit, to support the different preferences of athletes and control the explosive force. So that the overall design can be complete to the Air Jordan IV and XI tribute to the details of the pattern, it also shows the shoes on the Jordan brand DNA inheritance.

"Our job is to create a beautiful shoe type, and to the appropriate pattern details for the polish in the Super.Fly 2017, we continue the Jordan brand design one of the core elements: smooth toe design. In addition, the handwriting "Flight" at the ankle commemorates the Flight series, "said Creech.

The products for sale in Greater China are designed to be more suitable for Asians. Forefoot widening design is more suitable for Asians wearing, the instep height to bring a more comfortable wearing experience. PFX version in the outsole with wear-resistant rubber, to enhance the wear resistance of soles. But also to provide consumers with better permeability Mesh version.

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