Saturday, August 12, 2017

NB Fresh Foam 1080

To get Sina running back New Balance first launch, with flagship cushioning performance Fresh Foam 1080, my heart is very excited, can not wait to open the box evaluation.

New Balance through the continuous collection of a large number of sports data, including biomechanics, the pace of force and runners wear shoes habits, to create Fresh Foam more comprehensive large data cushioning technology for different types of runners to provide the right shoes. The traditional EVA through the combination of multiple density, the end can have a lighter weight, and good softness, and get good cushioning and rebound effect. As a pair of main shock, for long distance, high-load runners tailored flagship running shoes, the entire uppers using engineering mesh, so that your feet more breathable, making the runners in the running when the feet more comfortable; Both sides of the increase in the protection of the foot section of the TPU to strengthen and stabilize, for the two foot escort, and the end of the large base of the design based on the design of the curved groove, the running shoes to bring more flexibility. Both sides of the upper and heel logo reflective design, but also for the night runners to improve the safety factor.

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Wearing experience:

The entire shoe while the front palm is relatively generous, but the package is very good; start, the bottom of the hexagonal small cell module can give a large coefficient of friction to facilitate racing speed and adapt to different road conditions; feet landing can clearly feel the whole Soles in the touch of the moment, the impact quickly very good dispersion, stability and cushioning performance is very good.


I am related to the situation

Height: 175cm

Weight: 68KG

Foot type: normal arch

Running habits: the majority of night run

Running environment: street running, road running (because the surrounding living environment is limited, this evaluation are carried out in the road, the road is very representative, cement road, asphalt road, small section of sand road, and cement brick channel)

Running parameters logging tool: phone

Running software: plump tulips (this selection of plump data)

Measured into three groups, the first five kilometers speed, the second group of ten kilometers speed, the third group of 18KM in the long-distance uniform run. as follows:
Wear fresh Foam 1080 short distance (five kilometers and ten kilometers) racing, cushioning and stabilizing effect is amazing. In the course of running, Fresh Foam 1080 exhibits good coefficient of friction, cushioning and stability in cement road, cement road, asphalt road and brick roadway. Originally in April, individuals participated in three marathons, knees, ankles are in continuous high-intensity, long-distance movement, slightly tired, for fear of racing in the assessment of injury, but the two racing down, with the speed to reach Personal expectations, knee ankle feeling very relaxed. Fresh Foam 1080 based on the feet when the force of the dynamic, in the end of the number of honeycomb protection of the scientific arrangement of the midsole in the back and forth, the moment you will not naturally will focus on the transfer to the outside of the shoe body, Do not underestimate the shock of the excellent "soft" effect, it brings the foot experience greatly reduced due to road resistance or bumpy road conditions caused by foot adverse reactions. Short to wear Fresh Foam 1080 is easy to score.

In the long distance of the evaluation, I chose a little slow 540 with speed, fairly light body (double shoes measured weight 630g), so I have no sense of weight in the long run. Fresh Foam 1080 midsole 6mm before and after the height difference, very good to give the power of feedback. In the end of the density and the bottom of the intelligent honeycomb structure, its concave honeycomb particles can quickly absorb the impact from the ground to enhance the cushioning effect, convex honeycomb particles will help to stabilize the support, to provide rebound, in line with running time The force of the force changes, providing better stability, better protection of both feet and knees. In the hard cement road, feet touch the moment, did not feel a great impact; in the asphalt road, Fresh Foam 1080 full-foot hexagonal honeycomb soles, can give a good friction and start speed, suitable for Pull up the speed; in the sand land cement brick auxiliary road, good grip, good stability, run through the rain after the wet sections, shoes do not slip. Long-distance running process is still able to personally feel the top of the Fresh Foam 1080 cushioning, long-distance running down the knee, ankle, etc. do not feel any pressure and discomfort, it is easy, the whole shoe breathability, stability are awesome.

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