Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Balance 1260 V2

It is love the people who love the most like the weather, this weather is not only not hot feeling, a little cool weather can also let our body get the best exercise, do both. But a lot of time, we can not find a decent venue to run, the road has become our most running place, running through the station, building, through a road, this is a highway runners all, and the playground Running is more boring, the scenery along the way will let you move forward until the end of the road. But because of the road conditions are relatively poor road, the general running shoes often can not afford such a "torture", we are the protagonist of today's road runners and born - New Balance 1260 V2 will not let you down.
Light breathable breath on the road
New Balance 1260 V2 breathability no less than any professional running shoes, the upper mesh and the fabric of the lower fabric can make you feel comfortable in the running feet, in the hot sun on the road, car exhaust, outdoor air conditioning Machine, which will make you very hot, but this can breathe a new Balance 1260 V2 can make your feet will run when the heat generated quickly out of the shoes, 5 km away though not often, but the author's feet But still refreshing incomparable, compared to the major brands of high-end technology, New Balance 1260 V2 upper mesh and fabric with the original match has played a surprising effect, in fact, sometimes, the more ancient technology is often more stable and reliable.
Feet out of the Mercedes-Benz in the road
New Balance 1260 V2 in the shock absorber quite satisfactory, followed by the New Balance damping technology N2, this placement in the end of the shock absorber rubber can ensure that the wearer in the long run of the feet, knees and other parts from injury, New Balance 1260 V2 and most of the running shoes, shock absorption concentrated in the heel position, the front palm is more flat, put it running, you will not help the center forward, try to use the front palm landing, which is the standard running posture. Followed by N2 damping technology is full of flexibility, this elasticity is generally rubber can not give, but also to the wearer in the way of running, feet will not be too tired and damaged.
Stereo support on the highway
Support is a highlight of this pair of New Balance 1260 V2, the foot of the Tbeam technology for the shoes to bring excellent resistance to torsion, and with the arch at the Tbeam technology is connected to the New Balance famous Stabilicore support system, which The system is located in the back of the shoe heel made of a TPU material, compared with the traditional rubber material, Stabilicore material harder and lighter, so the support effect is even better. Stabilicore and Tbeam in the New Balance 1260 V2 in the back of the formation of a three-dimensional support system, even if you are the foot of the runners, it can also fully meet all your needs.
Super wear and tear lasting on the road
Before we said that this pair of New Balance 1260 V2 is for the road running shoes, so wear is also outstanding in the running shoes wear the most serious heel New Balance 1260 V2 using the N-Durance technology, which is widely The wear-resistant rubber used in the New Balance running shoes is made of a rubber mixture of the same type of chariot crawler, which is 3000 times more resistant to the general outsole rubber, which directly extends the service life of the New Balance 1260 V2. In the wearing process, sharp as a knife asphalt road on any pair of shoes is a test, but the New Balance 1260 V2 is gracious, the most commendable is the grip is very powerful, it seems New Balance 1260 V2 is indeed The Gospel of Highway Runners.
Throughout the new Balance 1260 V2, in addition to the general running shoes breathable, shock and support, as a road running shoes, in the wear resistance is also extremely powerful, whether you are on the road, campus, or street park, it must be your Best partner.

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