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March 26, 1987 is the date of the original Air Max 1 release. Designer Tinker Hatfield draws inspiration from the architectural design of the Pompidou Art Center, which allows a large area of ​​Air Cushion Unit to be fully rendered by removing the foamed portion around the midsole. Every year, Nike will host a global Air Max Day celebration.

After three decades, Nike Air is "change, never stop", but also highlight the personality, show the fashion window. Air Max series has become a "destruction" and "innovation" synonymous, the field of sports shoes has become different.

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March is the day for the Air Max birthday, in order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the birth of Air Max 1, in order to allow more young people with their favorite way to express the love of Air Max. This year, Nike to "KISS MY AIRS disdain you how to see" attitude, to pay tribute to this classic series. Let the field leader with music, fashion modeling, documentary, shoe design and other forms of interpretation of the culture of AIR, cohesion of the AIR community, open the revolution of AIR. Nike hopes to inspire and inspire young people to challenge, break the stereotypes, in accordance with their own way to live, to create, and thus push the movement and culture forward, showing "change, never stop" vitality and vitality.

In order to celebrate this event, a series of retro, mixed and innovative products will be launched in March, complete Nike Air Max Day products will be the first in the Beijing Air Lounge debut, the series of new Air products reflect the unprecedented strong Nike Air Air cushion technology potential. Which also includes people long-awaited Nike Air VaporMax, it will be March 26 this year, that is, the annual Air Max Day released the same day.

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AIR MAX celebration plan

For the Air Max 30 anniversary of a series of activities will be carried out throughout the month in March, Nike will join the field leaders and contemporary young people to express the love of Air Max.

"KISS MY AIRS disdain how do you see" - REMIX MY AIRS

Music is the favorite "brave expression" and "self-realization" of the young people of the moment. Remix My Airs activities described the origin of Air Max and music, so that music has been flowing in the Air Max blood elements to show. Nike invited five musicians in the music field of rebellious character with Remix My Airs, with their well-known music genre to reproduce the story of Air Max. Each love Air Max friends can personally create exclusive music, create Air Max creative music. Beijing Air Lounge also combines five creative music works in Pioneer musicians.

With the expression "KISS MY AIRS disdain how do you see" - 30 FOR 30: AIR STYLE CELEBRATION

Sports shoes are never male patents, for the "destroyer" and "innovator" image turned out in the AIR MAX is even more so. From the stadium to the T stage show, from music to other areas, AIR MAX has become a part of the female way of life. 30 FOR 30 plan through different regions, the background to lead the trend of the female stylist perspective, interpretation of the AIR MAX as the infinite possibilities of modeling MUSE, showing these fashion leaders for sports shoes love.

With the lens record "KISS MY AIRS disdain how do you see" - REVOLUTIONAIRS: THE DIRECTOR SERIES leader documentary series

Through three leading Asian cutting-edge director of the lens, to show three music, culture, arts and fashion areas of global influence of the leaders to create their own way of life stories, to listen to their reputation is still demanding breakthrough Sentiment. For these leaders, AIR MAX a self-expression KISS MY AIRS attitude of the form, highlighting their "change, never stop" spirit.

With the design of shoes interpretation of "KISS MY AIRS disdain how do you see" - VOTE FORWARD vote forecast tomorrow legend

NIKE SPORTSWEAR from the world's leading players selected the most influential 12, open the "VOTE FORWARD vote forecast tomorrow legend" activities. In addition to exploring and understanding the history and design of AIR MAX story, while challenging, breaking the conventional KISS MY AIRS attitude, in accordance with their own way to create a new AIR MAX shoes, the final 12 pairs of AIR MAX in the highest votes in the shoes In the next year AIR MAX DAY listed.


In order to allow more people to participate in the March 26 AIR MAX DAY, enjoy the charm of AIR air cushion technology, express KISS MY AIRS attitude, pass "change, never stop" spirit. March 26, the grand 2017 AIR MAX CELEBRATION celebration will be held in Shanghai. Consumers can participate in music, street culture, fashion art and other areas of the project, and in-depth understanding of Nike AIR air cushion technology heritage, design and unprecedented potential, feel NIKE AIR VAPORMAX open new air cushion revolution. Together to pay tribute to the spirit of innovation and self-expression spirit, it is these innovations, created the Air Max series of success.

After nearly 30 years of continuous development, Air Max will usher in a leap - for the wearer to bring light and sustained cushioning performance, fully Air Air's mission.

The new breakthrough is due to the new technology that makes the Nike VaporMax Air alone as the outsole. Air cushion in the past must rely on an additional layer of rubber protection to ensure wearability, and the new technology so that designers can Air Air and the outer layer into a whole VaporMax Air cushion which; past air cushion needs to be molded into a fixed structure , While the flexibility of the new air cushion can guarantee its independent activities, and maintain the status quo.

Remove the extra rubber protection so that the air cushion can accommodate more air, and abandon the air cushion fixed shape to improve the deformation of the air cushion, allowing designers to place more air at the foot to enhance cushioning. Two innovations together make the VaporMax Air cushion in the performance beyond the traditional foam in the end.
The new midsole gets out of the bulky foam layer, achieving greater flexibility and flexibility while ensuring air cushion flexibility, while reducing weight and reducing material waste. Put the upper directly on the VaporMax Air cushion above the design will bring better comfort and stronger energy feedback.

In the Nike Air VaporMax, Air cushion with Flyknure uppers, to provide accurate support performance and further reduce the weight of shoes.

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