Friday, July 21, 2017

Super Hero Elite 2.0 Chip Edition Gorgeous Gold Playoffs playoffs

In the launch of the "Super Hero" science fiction color elite 2.0 boots series, NIKE still continued last season's elite color main colors, with NIKE + sports tracking system with Elite Series 2.0 + suit, with LeBron X PS Elite +, Kobe 8 System Elite + and KD V Elite + three stars of the elite version of the signature war boots, with the white gold on such generous color, for everyone to continue the previous generation of elite series of classic color.

The launch of the LEBRON X PS ELITE +, KOBE 8 SYSTEM ELITE + and KD V ELITE + are the championship trophy for the design inspiration, the overall gold as a rendering. The combination of cutting-edge materials and design concepts, through the lightweight structure, enhance the comfort and dynamic protection.

The design of the Nike ELITE Series 2.0+ shows the way that every stadium has to win the championship. Elegant black and white color, supplemented by golden swoosh design, distinctive details appear in each of the different shoes: athletes exclusive logo, gold embellished Kevlar Kevlar fiber shoelaces, gold dynamic fly line, in the end of black and white inkjet design The

Nike ELITE Series 2.0+ built-in support for Nike + Basketball features, all-round record the competitiveness of athletes around the world. Nike + Basketball uses Bluetooth to access the iPhone client, measuring athletes in the game jump height, against the strength and speed (to be sold separately with the Nike + Sport Kit), through the information data to reproduce their own sports performance, with friends under.

Nike + Basketball app program has recently been upgraded, including sports intensity, game data analysis, historical records, etc. are included in the data analysis range.

NIKE Basketball Elite 2.0 Series combines lightweight construction, fit comfort and dynamic protection as one. The series of shoes introduced Kevlar Kevlar fiber and carbon fiber two special materials. As a cutting-edge material, Kevlar Kevlar fiber is widely used in body armor, the material has a very high strength and weight ratio, the use of this material to the shoes, no doubt for athletes to provide effective foot locking and protection. While the carbon fiber is light and resilient with the hinge foam, bringing compact protection and comfortable wearing experience.

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