Saturday, July 22, 2017

LI-NING WoW Encore

2012-13 season NBA playoffs, Li Ning brand for the Miami Heat star Dwyane - Wade to create a new boots - Li Ning Wade return (LI-NING WoW Encore)! Li Ning Wade return to the "Announcement", "Overtown", a total of 2 color, will be on June 25, 2013 sale.

As a result of the 1.5-generation product of Li-Ning Way of Wade, Li Ning Wade returned to Wade and Miami Heat to 66 wins and 16 losses after the end of the regular season, after a brief break, once again on stage to pursue the ultimate Goal of ambition. The upper by the leather material to build, in the end to join the carbon fiber board, forefoot with Bounse rebound technology, after the palm to join the Cushion cushioning technology, the whole pair of shoes full of strong Dwyane - Wade personal style, also contains numerous Personal elements, the price of 849 yuan, do not miss!

Function perfect support performance

Bounse technology: the front of the palm of your hand embedded Li Ning traditional Bounse technology to ensure maximum energy rebound.

Cushion Technology: Li Ning classic Cushion technology, increase heel damping.

TPU support structure: followed by the outer edge of the TPU support structure, supplemented by the shoe wrapped in the heel Femack suture technology for Wade's feet to provide a good package and stable support.

Medium carbon fiber board: for Li Ning Wade return to provide excellent foot support and toughness.

Personal style wonderful expression

The ZZDG on the inside of the heel is the name of Zaire, Zion, Zion, Dada, and Gabrielle's first letter, the central 11105 11-year-old son Zaire, 10-year-old nephew Dada, 5-year-old son Zion; soles 91, representing the age of Wade grandmother.

Personal logo is full of meaning

Wade personal logo: Wade grew up in Chicago slums, from small as Michael - Jordan as an idol, can not afford Jordan shoes, his favorite painting of the personal logo, but because too complex always painted bad. Small Wade secretly determined, looking forward to one day fame, his Logo allows children to easily draw.

After the fame, Wade and the personal team together to design Logo, and invited the famous singer Kanye - West to participate. Eventually, a just 7 pen can be painted a good logo baked, simple but not simple. Logo on the left and right around the four regions, on behalf of the letters W, A, D, E, also represents Wade's most cherished life of the four parts: family, basketball, charity, fashion. Surrounded by the outer ring, in any case flip, Wade's world has always been the same.

W-type striped shoelaces: two-color W-shaped striped lace in the toe to form a huge W-type design, not only its signature shoes important design elements, but also for the forefoot parts to provide a protective strap system.

Wade blocks logo: composed of four blocks, on behalf of the letters W, A, D, E, which is Wade as a father for the children to retain a childlike. DW font shading: soles a lot of DW font shading, resembles the shape of the bow tie, the perfect fit Wade gentleman temperament.

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