Saturday, July 15, 2017

Jordan Melo M9

The new JORDAN MELO M9 will be officially on sale on January 9, only 13 ounces of the M9 will be JORDAN MELO series of the lightest shoes.

Nike's JORDAN BRAND has officially launched a full range of JORDAN MELO M9 series boots. The new JORDAN MELO M9 to Cameron Tony Tony on the luxury watches and super hero armor love for its unique design inspiration core, and, as always, help today's basketball one of the most versatile athletes - Cameron East Nepal, the speed and strength of the perfect combination to the limit. The weight of only 13 ounces of JORDAN MELO M9 is the history of the lightest shoes in the series. JORDAN MELO M9 earlier to full of Christmas elements of the red, green, white color in the Christmas war debut, and will be officially launched on January 9.

JORDAN MELO M9 uses Nike Zoom cushioning technology to provide light support and enhanced response capability. In addition, JORDAN MELO M9 has a complete TPU cage angle will be wrapped in foot, enhanced lateral stability and support; use of dynamic bonding technology Flywire strap wrapped from the bottom to the shoelace part, to provide the fit of the foot light Support, give athletes a full sense of the fit. The design of this band also cleverly show the shape of the "M" alphabet on behalf of the Cameron 褠 Tony, making the shape of the shoes more observable.

"I think the shoes are able to protect my ankle at the same time, do not affect and limit my ability to cut.With the JORDAN, I want the shoes to be able to protect my ankle at the same time, BRAND team of close research and development cooperation, I look forward to the perfect war boots finally able to play with me.

JORDAN MELO M9 will be available on January 9, the first batch of products with four colors to choose from, more color will be met later this year with the fans. The sale of the color, including the New York Knicks inspired by the blue / black / orange / white, black / white / blue, black / white / bright orange.

More design details


During the 2011 - 2012 season, Anthony visited the Nike global headquarters in Beaverton, Ohio, and discussed the design of JORDAN MELO M9 with JORDAN BRAND's chief shoe designer Justin Taylor. In this visit, JORDAN BRAND staff also on Anthony's body and feet were re-scanned, this is Anthony since entering the NBA since the first experience.

"Cameron's foot is relatively narrow, so the focus of this shoe is fit, not only for Anthony a person, but also to the greatest degree for a variety of basketball players." Taylor said, "Cameron said his ideal Boots like a superhero tights like fit: smooth, fit and do not affect the action to see the superhero tights, and both have multiple design, but not bloated.For shoes, This is also a very clever idea, but the shape of the shoes need to have other inspiration and ideas.

Taylor began to talk with him about his hobby outside the stadium, hoping to inspire JORDAN MELO M9 shape design inspiration, and in the end they will look on the star for the luxury watch favorite.

"With the passage of time, gravity eventually stops all the components of the watch, and the time stops running." Taylor went on to say, "The Tourbillon is the eternal battery of the watch, which is able to counteract the gravity." We used the tourbillon as the upper As the surface of the watch, the shoes of the various levels are playing their own independent functions, but together, can constitute a strong overall increase in the degree of fit shoes. "JORDAN MELO M9 the same integration of the The other elements of the watch, including the heel on the dial, the left side of a trapeze pattern, the surface of the hour pointer to 3,6,9,12 four points.
JORDAN MELO M9 forefoot and heel configuration of the largest size of the Nike Zoom air cushion, can provide the corresponding cushioning function; full palm injection Phylon midsole can provide light cushioning and comfort; heel and forefoot with exaggerated people Word pattern, for athletes to provide a strong grip, while the heel to the transition to the toes more smoothly.

JORDAN MELO M9 has a number of exclusive imprints on Anthony. Shoes outsole has his signature, a symbol of his recognition and recognition; shoe box with Anthony team on the number 15; underneath the lace has nine holes, a symbol of this is Anthony's ninth signature shoes; shoes Tongue and heel have his logo.

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