Sunday, July 23, 2017

FuTure Suede LiTe

The air is still a trace of summer heat, the cool breeze has been sent to the golden autumn, even if the personality of the graffiti interesting Tee will be hidden in the thin coat, the "natural players" who will not suppress their own play cell, Whether it is with friends and friends out of the street, or close friends hanging, even commute to commute, will always be able to fight and fight color "playing" between the hands. Internationally renowned dynamic brand PUMA since the autumn and winter of 2012 launched the "natural player" slogan, have repeatedly presented a series of trendy out to the IN with and stunning design, the "Fun every day," the music of the natural excitement Most vividly.

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Autumn PUMA again "play" heart big hair, the new launch of the sports and leisure series is also unconventional to the most fashionable elements of the city into the pattern of color design to go. With full of urban pulse atmosphere of the city track and road map as a large body of printing, with a very modern city landmark landmark silhouette as a chest pattern, using a visual impact of the gradual change hit color bar, simple and changeable use of camouflage elements, PUMA has always been exposed to the brand's unique "fun" perspective to interpret the exclusive spirit of the players and players equipment.

Players City Tours Walk between city rails

Morning and the girlfriend in the Xintiandi coffee, the afternoon to the gold center shopping, the night rushed to Tongren Road, drink, the natural city of the players are full of pulsating factors, easy to cruise in the city every hot Hotspot. PUMA fully explored the player attributes, will be put into the inspiration into the new product design, the city in the horizontal twists and turns, criss-cross the rail track for the design of the blueprint to the flow of the map coordinates as a site, will wantonly shuttle spirit Swung on the body. Players City Tour series also introduced men and women of different models of different colors, including woven jackets and LOGO Tee.

Woven coat with large area criss-cross the orbital coordinates of the pattern for the body, bright elements of the lines mix and match, coupled with the same color pocket cuffs and zipper design, with a foldable collection of portable features, highly practical and collocation. Men and women with a variety of short-sleeved compassion will be the city silhouette and PUMA CAT transparent watermark combination, or with Rock In City slogan printing, as the outside with a must take a single product.

Details of the urban camouflage

As the most fashionable elements nowadays, camouflage has been integrated into a variety of designs. PUMA this time launched the urban camouflage series is unconventional, cleverly into the camouflage elements and clothing every detail, inadvertently walked in the forefront of the trend. Whether it is a long holiday holiday, or leisure time with the couple out of the way, always find a comfortable and stylish camouflage single product allows you to take leisurely mood into the green, into the nature.

City camouflage series of knitted jacket will be urban rail pattern and camouflage blend, so that the original tough lines to increase the amount of soft feeling, and with the cool weather launched by the black, dark blue, pink or cotton are easy to take inside and mashup The Has always been popular hooded sweater also in the details of the big cap pocket with wave point and camouflage color make up the article, the same section of the knitted pants are also low-key highlights the hiding in the roll on the trousers above.

As a classic shoe brand culture, PUMA naturally will not forget to camouflage elements into the shoe design. Spring and summer attention of many light shoes are invariably put on camouflage coat. Future Suede brand time machine followed by the classic Suede modeling began in 1968 basketball and B-BOY cultural heritage, camouflage pattern graffiti in the texture of the soles of the sandwich; from the classic style PUMA CLYDE GLYDE Lite, is also low-key The future of the camouflage pattern painted on the inside of the shoe; rock to love the section of Tekkies this season to introduce new, Future Suede models in the tongue on the big camouflage color; spring and summer so that "born players" are busy playing with the Archive Lite and Zanthem Lite shoes Paragraph is not falling behind, bright color and shoe body runway camouflage dotted the spirit of the player to show the most vividly.

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