Thursday, July 6, 2017

Nike Zoom Superfly R4

Local time on August 8 at 1:00, in the London Olympic women's 200 meters final, the US player Ellison Felix won the gold medal. Felix is ​​also wearing the Nike Nike Super Super R4 R4 this top nail comfortable fit, with excellent support and grip, can help athletes to play the best condition.

Nike Zoom Superfly R4: Nike Zoom Superfly R3 on the basis of success, Nike Zoom Superfly R4 improved. Combining revolutionary Flywire technology with lightweight backplane. The world's fastest athletes have demonstrated the excellent performance of these boards on the track. The cable moves with your feet to provide support and comfort for lightweight spikes. Each high-strength cable is surrounded by feet alone, and shoelaces connected to the nail shoes more in line with individual needs, more wrapped and tight sense. Acetate fabric lining makes the shoes smooth and seamless, close to the skin. The ultra-thin TPU film covers the key parts to provide more support while maintaining the ultra-lightweight feel of the shoes.

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The NikeZoom Superfly R4 uses extremely explosive and rigid Pebax® backplanes and replaceable spikes for maximum starting and gripping. At the same time, the thin Phylon midsole provides excellent cushioning effect while keeping the spikes lighter and close to the ground.

Recently New Balance took advantage of the New York Long Beach Agenda clothing trade show held at the occasion of the exposure of the 2013 two new 999 and 1600 spring and summer color.

In the first half of 2012 New Balance 999 with 99X series 30 anniversary of the potential pocketed the popularity and reputation, the two top joint product Concepts x New Balance 999 "Seal" and designer Ronnie Fieg together to create the KITH X NB999 STEEL BLUE roll out. Suddenly let NB powder pocket empty. The two rose red and lake blue release and let people feel free to parry. Shoe body to gray-based tone, supplemented by lake blue and rose red for spring and summer use, coupled with soft top suede and mesh cloth stitching the production of the upper, and recognized as the most comfortable ABZORB cushion in the end, People heart. PS: heel with anti-tear waterproof nylon fabric decoration. So that the shoe body function more substantial.

Another 1600, in this year can be described as twists and turns, because after the "Liberty, Justice & Freedom" 1600 shoes inexplicable death, so many fans disappointed for a long time. In 2013 New Balance brings this new series of 1600. The same selection of high-quality suede and mesh fabric material production shoes, comfortable and stable ABZORB cushioning system, the shoes enable the cool lake blue and red, smoke gray as the main tone. And well-known designer Ronnie Fieg in its official website home page also pushing this section 1600 series.

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