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Today, NIKE's Jordan Brand officially released the annual heavy product AIR JORDAN XX8, which is the AIR JORDAN shoes section 28 basketball shoes. This section allows the global fans to long-awaited basketball shoes will be in February 2013 in the United States and the global sale.
AIR JORDAN XX8 uses ultra-modern stealth design to achieve the elite-class performance, is the entire AIR JORDAN series contains the most advanced technology of a shoe. The new AIR JORDAN XX8 is not only the AIR JORDAN series of the lightest and experienced the most rigorous testing of the shoes, it also witnessed the birth of an industry change: JORDAN Flight Plate debut. JORDAN Flight Plate is a piece of Pebax as the raw material of the shock absorber, in a different compression and bending will Nike Zoom air cushion unit to maximize the ability to react, from the nature of the liberation of the forefoot and heel of the air cushion and fully release the Zoom air cushion Energy, in order to achieve the best performance.
AIR JORDAN XX8 Another highlight is the use of Dynamic Fit technology. By using the inner strap from the midsole to start wrapping and combining with the shoelace to provide light support, provide additional fixed support and comfort for the feet of the movement.

"AIR JORDAN XX8 fully demonstrated Jordan Brand in the performance of basketball shoes perseverance in the development and pursuit," Jordan Brand President Larry Miller said. "This latest generation of AIR JORDAN series products will further consolidate Jordan Brand in the industry uncompromising attention and focus on innovative positioning.

In addition, the use of carbon fiber raw materials outside the heel upper for the shoes to provide a lightweight support, multi-directional large end of the pattern in the hard wooden floor course can provide excellent grip and durability. AIR JORDAN XX8 also uses the Schoeller grid, a Swiss fabric that was previously used for top motorcycle jackets, to create a unique shield that provides athletes with additional support and stability while exhibiting exceptional appearance Modern and fashion sense.

AIR JORDAN XX8 inherited from Michael Jordan legend of the unique inspiration, while blending innovative technology and high-end materials, determined to perform for the best basketball players to provide a steady stream of inspiration and inspiration.

AIR JORDAN XX8 is designed by legendary basketball shoe designer, Nike special project / design vice president Tinker Hatfield and Jordan Brand developer Josh Heard. The two master-led team and Michael Jordan work closely together to create this highly anticipated AIR JORDAN XX8 basketball shoes.

"With the constant innovation of shoes, I encourage the whole department to work hard to drive design, technology and performance innovation," says Tinker Hatfield. "AIR JORDAN XX8 is the 'concept car' in the basketball industry.

About Jordan Brand

Jordan Brand is Nike's footwear, clothing and accessories of high-end brand, inspired by Michael Jordan's legend, vision and personally involved. Jordan Brand was first introduced in 1997 and has now grown into a complete range of brands with performance and lifestyle products. Jordan Brand is actively involved in community activities through its Corporate Responsibility Program WINGS for the Future to inspire and help young people participate in sports.

AIR JORDAN XX8 technical details

AIR JORDAN series of the most light and so far contains the most advanced technology shoes

Nike basketball shoes in the current family capacity to respond to the leading shoes
AIR JORDAN XX8 design inspiration comes from the mysterious "invisible" concept, and ultra-modern design to achieve superior performance excellence. In addition, AIR JORDAN XX8 using innovative Flight Plate technology, leading the industry changes, in order to help enhance the performance of the players on the pitch.

1. The use of stretchable synthetic material of the upper shield with high-performance zipper design not only play a supporting role, but also showing a neat and agile and a unique appearance of the times.

2. Dynamic Fit technology using the elastic band, from the midsole has been stretched package, and with the lace system integration, both light and play a supporting role, and can be automatically adjusted with the action of the feet.

3. Full length boots made of three layers of mesh, not only more breathable, but also help to reduce friction.

4. Achilles tendon slot parts placed in the cushion, while enhancing the comfort at the same time also help to ease the heel parts sliding.

5. External molding heel can play a light support role, and provide bamboo fiber and carbon fiber two kinds of materials and color options.

6. Heel parts of the pull to make shoes more convenient.

7. 8-inch shoe collar not only play a supporting role, and its unique design so that athletes look more different.

8. The innovative Flight Plate technology uses Pebax as the raw material of the shock absorber, through the compression and bending Nike Zoom unit to maximize the shock absorption feedback, and thus play the best performance.

9. The Nike Zoom unit in the heel and forefoot plays a quick response to the rapid response and provides a closer feel to the ground.

10. Phylon stent brings stability and support.

11. In the rapid change, the carbon plate in the foot to bring torsional stiffness and light support.

12. In the hardwood floor on the court, and more to the outsole pattern can bring excellent grip and wear resistance.

13. According to different colors using hard rubber or translucent rubber material outsole, are very strong wear.

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