Friday, July 7, 2017

adidas Barricade 7.0

2012 for the men's tennis one of the four giants of Andy Murray is destined to be a year of harvest, the local war aspirations to the Olympic men's singles champion, the US Grand Prix first Grand Prix, are juvenile famous British career add A heavy color of the pen. And the Shanghai Masters has been Murray's blessing in 2010 and 2011, he has been in the flag Zhong forest sports city tennis center for two consecutive championship trophy. In order to celebrate Murray's dazzling performance, Adidas special launch adidas Barricade 7.0 Chinese color, to bless Murray in 2012 to continue to rewrite history, and achieved good results.

Adidas Barricade 7.0 Chinese color to the ancient Chinese heroes for the design inspiration, with their heroic courage to reflect Murray in the field of brave and skilled image, in addition to ancient bronze weapons on the pattern as the whole section of the shoes Obscure, with gold lines, Highlight the nobility of the king and the soldiers of the heroic gas. Shoes and heel on the heel of the Peking Opera face, then the Chinese style interpretation of the most vividly, rich oriental style to become Barricade 7.0 Chinese color of the crowning touch. At the same time, left and right tongue were added to the Chinese font design elements, to wish Murray in Shanghai to achieve success.
a7ze60ah5319 , b70f71bi1326 , 74wb4y7f5027 , 96yd5z9h210 , 63wa3x6e1233 , b70e71bi5957 , c80f71bi2159 , c80f81cj1551 , 63va3w6e1257 , 63wa3x6e1128 , 64wb3x6e020 , 74xb4y7f2415 , b70e71bi491 , 74wb3x7f537 , b70e71bi5521 , 74wb4y7f258 , 85xc5z8g1656 , a6yd609h129 , nkcqkenu338 , b7ze60ah5144 , c80f81cj31 , eb3hb4el5230 , 96yd5z9g2048 , 74wb4y7f1255 , 63va3x6e2342 , b7ze60ah2310 , 96yd5z8g5036 , 63va3x6e1926 , b7ze71bi4726 , c80f71pv2037 , 85xc5y8g4344 , 85yc5z8g5010 , 96yd6z9h4149 , he6ke7ho2236 , b7ze60ah1457 , 85xc5y8g2551 , 85yc5z8g4438 , 63va3x6e192 , 63wb3x6e1232 , b7ze71bi2430 , 74xc4y7f1456 , 85xc5y8g2352 , 96yd6z9h1953 , 74xb4y7f5532 , c80f82cj1135 , 96yd609h2524 , b80f71bi1311 , c80f71cj1512 , 63va3w6e5144 , 74wb4x7f1637 , 74xb4y7f4343 , 85xc4y7f1954 , c80f81cj5253 , 85yc5z8g1913 , 74wb3x6e1246 , 74wb4x7f325 , 85yc5z8g1640 , 96yd5z8g1019 , 64wb3x6e4528 , 85yc5z8g1452 , b70f71bi344 , 63va3w6e2353 , 63wa3x6e2449 , a6yd609h4855 , a7ze60ah2242 , c80f81cj2411 , 63wa3x6e1925

Barricade series as Adidas tennis star product witnessed the ancient Adidas tennis star legendary history. Adidas Barricade 7.0 inherited the eleven years of six generations of products to improve the comfort and performance, while maximizing the flexibility to ensure stability, wear resistance and wearing comfort under the premise of weight loss than the previous generation shoes 30 grams, In 2012 after the release of many top tennis players to become a game weapon.

Nike launched the latest AF1 XXX Pearl Collection shoes, show the Nike Air Force 1 past and present to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the birth of this classic shoes. Nike Sportswear choose to release the latest limited edition Nike AF1 XXX Pearl Collection in the fall, to pay tribute to the Nike Air Force 1.

Shoes to two different gold to be modified, respectively, a symbol of the past and now. Shoe side using a new metallic color highlights the "now" charm, and with a retro luster inlaid gold in the middle represents the "past". Decorated with gold spots with the AF1 with a lot of exquisite design details of the upper pattern combined with the full performance of this shoe will be excellent functionality and stylish appearance in a variety of features. The delicate details of this AF1 are also reflected in the work of the edge of its rolling leather, the tongue of the piercing process and the dotted leather wrapped in the bottom of the treatment.

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