Monday, July 10, 2017

fingercroxx x Billionaire Boys Club

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Fingercroxx, the earlier brand specially found the US popular cartoon characters THE SIMPSONS fired a series of cooperation products, a warm response, in this fall brand and then the next city, and Street Fashion icon characters Pharrell Williams led the United States Brand Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) for the first time the strong launch of the series, the implementation of the celebration of Fingercroxx 10th anniversary event!

Fingercroxx x Billionaire Boys Club

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This series by the two brands of design team planning together, the theme of "FBC Capsule Collection" for the life, the designer also specifically to join Pharrell Williams favorite red color, so that the whole series suddenly a lot of color. As the watch as the attention of cooperation, Pharrell Williams more personal interpretation of the series in a single product shooting photo modeling photos. Patterns, respectively, the two sides of the representative of the brand souls "BBC astronauts" and fingercroxx BIG FOOT combination, ghost horse BIGFOOT put on space suits, holding rocket skateboarding, interesting very strong; and BBC The running dog also ghostly biting the fingercroxx logo, easily bring out the characteristics of the two brands.

In order to meet the autumn, in addition to T-shirt single product, the series also includes sweater, denim trousers and double-sided feather vest; most of them with a single product BBC classic space logo for embellishment, colorful visual effects Autumn added a youthful atmosphere. Accessories, the design team sincerity to find another well-known US brand NEW ERA cooperation, for the series launched cap models, respectively, the red special edition and black choice, perfect for the two street brands for the whole package.

Customers who buy goods at the designated store over RMB1299 (including one or more fingercroxx x Billionaire Boys Club single product), you can receive free fingercroxx x Billionaire Boys Club rocket, a limited number, while stocks last.

Fingercroxx x Billionaire Boys Club series will be the first to arrive on November 15 the following

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