Sunday, July 9, 2017

Subcrew Made by Jahan x adidas Originals ZX 700

If you have to pay attention to Subcrewfacebook, Subcrewreact instragram and online magazines, should be noted that the recent Subcrew MADEby Jahan has a new job, but many news are reported on the limit of the details of the shoes, and ignore the cooperation project Behind meaning. In fact, this Subcrew Made By Jahan x Adidas cooperation, different from the general crossover. This cooperation is purely non-commercial cooperation, no sale, and the global limited edition of 40 pairs (there are 4 pairs of news has not yet been issued by the Singapore artist Jahan [microblogging], Subcrew [microblogging] the principal Sam [Microblogging], Frankie [microblogging] and Kobe [microblogging] the first collection in the private collection, that is, only 36 pairs of the world). This 36-pair limit is highly attention to the cooperation project, is to give some of our friends and some real "WORKINGCLASS HERO", to this class has been sparing no effort to pay tribute to the street culture to pay the characters. Because the real "Working Class Hero" is not worthy of the return, and do not care about personal fame and fortune, for their favorite culture to work out the cultural foundation. So this time together with Adidas to make this Subcrew Made By Jahan x Adidas gave the relevant units and friends, bring out Subcrew Made By Jahan series "Working Class Hero" really behind the meaning of the theme.

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This is the ZX-700, because the ZX-700 is not particularly well-known models, but both the functionality and comfort than the average Adidas shoes is better, is It is the main meaning of "WOKRINGCLASS HERO". In the design, follow the usual Subcrew style, use different materials, spell a pair of shoes. And this special selection of snakeskin, Jahan is one of the special elements, the two cooperation between the three parties on the Subcrew Made By Jahan x Adidas the highest attention of the shoes.

Create the MADE by Jahan series must not feel strange. And has always been to clothing design-led Subcrew back with Jahan to create Subcrew MADE by Jahan x adidas Originals ZX 700 shoes. The body is made of a variety of leather, embroidered with Jahan on the outside. At present this section shoes only to Subcrew friends and family to do collection

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