Thursday, July 6, 2017

adidas NEO Label

This month the typical art of pop art - wave point continues to set off a boom, the continuation of the return of the last wave of the wave point, adidasNEO Label August re-wave point reproduction series of new products, wave point combined with fresh shape, in the three-dimensional pattern T-shirt, Knitwear on the use of unique details to create a new NEO youth dot style. This month adidas NEO offers a variety of different styles of shoes, from sports to feminine style series. Not only a single section more pick out, but also provide a mix of unlimited possibilities, so that you can reproduce the vitality of the summer easy interpretation of personal style!

Wave point reproduction - August men's wave point reproduction series in addition to simple wild T-shirt, but also season to join the knitted jacket, pullover and other early autumn must have a variety of styles of different styles of mashups to create a unique Fashion and sports leisure style. July hot elements of the wave is amplified to use in the wave point series coat, still fresh and natural, fresh people. This season is also a key shirt style, wave point shirt with smoke gray, dark blue-based color, with wave elements to enjoy low-key playful, and hoodie is a sense of the street must be a single product. As the wave point control their favorite, stripes and lattice is not to be missed this month, highlights, both wild and fresh colors, add unlimited with fun.

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Wave point reproduction - August girls series will be prepared for the cool autumn, fun patterns, meticulous wave points and vibrant colors, these are enough to make girls crazy playful design, so that girls play room And outdoor activities. Knitting cardigan series will be used with the apple pattern, even more ingenuity in the elbow to add a green apple patch, filling the lovely storm. The wave point transparent windbreaker is also a big picnic single product this season, printed with a reduced version of NEO Logo for the wave point of the three-dimensional pattern, but also can be folded into a small hand bag, light and convenient. New season will be applied to the extreme wave point, not only in the pants on the use of wave point printing, but also in the T shirt chest shoes printed on the pattern also used wave point for the shoe background, clever coincides with the trend of the season.

Wave point reproduction - slippers series

As the traditional style of the upgraded version of the Clemente Fresh series, in the help of the canvas and take the leather upper, while the black and white, dark blue color makes people shines, the design of the shoe at the end of the design of the wave point reproduction of the design details and color theme. In addition, as the adidas NEOLabel classic style Santa Rosa shell head series, in the continuation of the traditional three stripes at the same time, more in the inside and the sole into the wave point elements, classic and great trend. And this season Calneo Wrap series is a strong fashion sense of the strong help in the slippers, red background with white wave point, but also with the surrounding shoelace design, unique details of people never forget.

In August, the summer point continued to shine, filling NEO youth vitality and playful. Let the mysterious magic of the wave point, with us into the fresh and natural NEO world, get rid of monotonous and boring, play innocent and playful and light freedom. This summer, Live your style, let adidas NEO Label accompany you with Smart wave point!

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