Wednesday, July 26, 2017


David Obadia and Nelson Hassan's French brand Brooklyn We Go Hard started his career with well-known street brands in the early days of 2010, and the two-year-old love for PUMA contributed to this exciting collaboration. This cooperation, they will BWGH Paris style and PUMA long brand heritage perfect combination, has been popular R698 called a new look. At the same time, a classic backpack was remodeled for both BWGH exquisite design and PUMA movement elements of innovation.

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Trinomic technology was runners recognized as professional running shoes in the 90's, R698 can be described as the birth of PUMA running a great innovation. R698 is undoubtedly one of PUMA's most popular shoe type, on this basis, PUMA's design team and BWGH's David Obadia together to create this limited edition shoes.

For Obadia and Hassan, BWGH represents all of the two. Obadia has a passion for art and fashion, and since childhood it has explored the urban culture. He will own experience into the soul of BWGH, the details of the focus for this cooperation shoes to bring a little sense of the city.

David Obadia in charge of BWGH design direction, in the design is not difficult to see his obsession with heavy color and solid color. David Obadia often draws inspiration from the works of American painter Mark Rothko, who is known for his expertise in large pieces of painting. Rothko firmly believes that color is the real language, which in the dark blue tone of the BWGH x PUMA R698 get the right embodiment.

R698 can be described as Rothko's canvas came into being, it combines the essence of PUMA and BWGH elements, and make the perfect fusion of the two. Turned fur, mesh and lace material composition of the blue shoes body, blue and white shoelaces exquisite highlights the blue tone. Obadia's fine blend of PUMA aesthetics, for the R698 has given a unique character.

Limited skateboard only special channel to send, and the highly anticipated R698 will be with the backpack on December 6 at exclusive starting, December 7 global designated shops will also be sold. R698 release can be described as PUMA and BWGH in 2014 before and after the winter co-operation for the test.

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