Monday, July 24, 2017


Internationally renowned dynamic life brand PUMA ushered in its classic logo shoes - PUMA Suede 45 anniversary of the birth. To commemorate this landmark day, PUMA heavy show Suede Sapphire sapphire advanced custom limited edition, its name and color are from the representative of the 45th anniversary of the rare birth stone. As part of the 45th anniversary of Suede's birthday, Suede Sapphire shoes will be available on November 8, 2013 in the global limited edition 450 pairs, the mainland will be sold in the NPC shop and PUMA Sanlitun Taikoo black standard shop.

Uabcczm2717 , Uabccuf2580 , Uabcbz78 , Uabccmg2373 , Uabccja2289 , Uabcchj2246 , Uabcccl2118 , Uabccrj2506 , Uabcdjd2968 , Uabcckw2337 , Uabccjf2294 , Uabcdbv2778 , Uabcda105 , Uabccte2553 , Uabccro2511 , Uabcdaz2756 , Uabcdhm2925 , Uabcdcd2786 , Uabccep2174 , Uabccwr2644 , Uabccva2601 , Uabcbzo2043 , Uabcdlk3027 , Uabccqe2475 , Uabcegt3582 , Uabcdgb2888 , Uabcbvm1937 , Uabccgj2220 , Uabccev2180 , Uabccvf2606 , Uabccbj2090 , Uabccto2563 , Uabccry2521 , Uabccqj2480 , Uabcefn3550 , Uabcdjx2988 , Uabcetf3906 , Uabcbxf1982 , Uabccll2352 , Uabccju2309 , Uabccgo2225 , Uabccyx2702 , Uabccbo2095 , Uabcctu2569 , Uabcbzz2054 , Uabcdlv3038 , Uabccqp2486 , Uabccoy2443 , Uabcdgl2898 , Uabcclq2357 , Uabccjz2314 , Uabccfe2189 , Uabccvp2616 , Uabcctz2574 , Uabccsj2532 , Uabcewc3981 , Uabccpc2447 , Uabccnl2404 , Uabcddb2810 , Uabcdbf2762 , Uabccgz2236 , Uabccud2578 , Uabccso2537 , Uabcbyt2022 , Uabccpi2453 , Uabcdip2954 , Uabccnr2410 , Uabccdw2155 , Uabcdfc2863 , Uabcddg2815 , Uabcciv2284
PUMA Suede was born in 1968, today is still the most watched PUMA shoes. Track and field star TommieSmith and basketball master Walt 'Clyde' Frazier were his fans. In the 1970s, Hip-Hop, B-boys and Funk popular in the 1970s, PUMA Suede fame. With excellent soles craftsmanship and simple and smooth classic style, by the world-renowned B-Boy group New York City Breakers and Rock Steady Crew, including many street groups favor. When the underground music began to take the streets, PUMA Suede gradually become a microcosm of street culture, and even achievements in 1984 about the street culture of the famous film "Beat Street" in the classic shape. Towards the early 90s, Suede was still the most common style of street skateboarding and alternative rock musicians.

In order to pass the essence of PUMA Suede, PUMA carefully designed Suede Sapphire, and by the craftsmanship of the famous PUMA Japanese factory carefully polished. Sapphire uppers are made of specially tailored high quality frizzy, followed by laser engraved "Sapphire" mark. The tongue pattern is made up of PUMA Logo and symbols symbolizing early mining tools. Each pair of specially customized version of the Sapphire tongue behind the sewn "Made in Japan" leather nameplate.

PUMA Suede PUMA brand is the origin of the interpreter, is also PUMA products from the stadium swept the streets of witnesses. In the 45 years after the birth, in the introduction of hundreds of color and has millions of global sales, PUMA Suede still continue to write the history of the development of sports shoes.

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