Thursday, May 11, 2017

D Howard 4

In today's shoe market, we have been very difficult to see a pair of pure inside the shoes, and indeed, because of their own positioning and design is difficult to allow the average consumer to accept, but since ancient times, "the center does not buy shoes," this The conclusion seems to be in this pair of D Howard 4 body does not apply, light weight, as defender shoes design and technology configuration, have inspired our interest in this pair of shoes, let us go to the stadium, to experience this pair of seemingly Not inside shoes shoes inside the shoes.
In this pair of D Howard 4 uppers, we see the familiar Sprintweb technology, this technology does not increase the weight of shoes at the same time, to ensure its breathability and support of the excellent, just a foot, very light weight Impressive, it is difficult to imagine a pair of shoes inside the weight even so light, and the upper Sprintweb technology instead of the traditional cortex, harder features can always support the ankle, to avoid injury. In addition to the upper, D Howard 4's tongue also uses the TechFit material, this material has been found to ensure that under the premise of breathable, you can close the foot muscles, improve the level of competition, so that the wearer feel unparalleled feet Department of fit, it can be said, D Howard 4's upper performance up, gave Xiaobian surprise, different from the traditional inside shoes, people look forward to more real shot after the live.
For D Howard 4 in the end, we are no strangers, completely relying on the previous Quick in the end of the structure, Quick technology concept will be the traditional outsole is divided into 15 independent areas, forefoot partition is mainly responsible for providing the necessary mobility, In front of the palm is responsible for balancing the left and right movement, the main palm to provide stability and grip, which also let D Howard 4 in the end feel more like a pair of outside shoes, cushioning performance is not strong, like Howard this mobility, Ability super players, so in the end of the design but to maximize the release of its advantages.
In terms of protection, Xiaobian's thoughts have finally been pulled back to the category of inner shoes, D Howard 4 on both sides of the upper design of a head like a protruding structure, this design can be ankle firmly in the upper , This feeling can give the wearer a strong sense of security, when you struggling to play in the paint area rebounds, you will feel the ankle is always in a very safe range, this feeling is outside the shoes Do not have, and this also really reflects the D Howard 4 as a pair of inner shoes performance essence.
D Howard 4 outsole although also uses the adidas patented Non-Marking technology, but taking into account the outer contours shallow, so Xiaobian here more recommended to often play in the indoor stadium friends, after all, this is a pair of high-end shoes Signature shoes, indoor stadium can maximize the extension of D Howard 4 service period.
Get rid of the inner shoes curse, D Howard 4 free in the traditional, excellent and close to the people of the design, coupled with greater for the public's high performance, is the big players of the preferred boots.

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