Wednesday, May 24, 2017

LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low

Hot summer, sweaty basketball court above, attack, defense, run is essential to the movement, sharp run, both in the offensive end or defensive end are the fundamental guarantee of your victory, with the speed in this summer to prove Own, through a flexible running shine basketball field. We remember the depths of the classic animated image of the hedgehog Sonic has extraordinary speed of ordinary people, it is so extraordinary speed in our minds left a deep imprint. The Li Ning brand designers to the hedgehog Sonic as the inspiration to create a new shoe Li Ning sonic low version (LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low) with the speed to start from it, the following Xiaobian will wear this pair of new Speed ​​boots came on the basketball court a try.
Dominate the stadium with speed
Dazzling basket of upper, as if the real Sonic possessed in the basketball court on the beginning of a battle on the speed. The LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low, which is positioned at the speed of basketball shoes, first reduces the weight throughout the shoe body, which will provide the wearer with a lighter weight and reduce the energy loss. According to the official data US9 single LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low only has a weight of 325g, Li Ning is currently low to help shoes in the lowest quality products. Reduce the weight of shoes is one of the most favorable guarantee of speed shoes, wear in the feet LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low weight is really small, by the light shoe body to bring more is running up the impulse.
Refreshing wearing feelings
We can find that the shoes in the LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low have a large area of ​​breathable mesh material, feet in the shoes, tighten the shoelaces, From the upper to the shoe body area throughout the breathable mesh, feet free breathing within the shoes, high-quality breathable performance, can bring high quality shoes in the environment, in the comfort of a good guarantee. Not only the shoe body, in the leather of the toe parts of the same breathable hole design, so this pair of LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low overall breathable performance called high quality, while the leather of the toe wrapped in the fierce course of confrontation also Can protect the toes.
Feedback from Bounse + cushioning technology
In front of the LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low uses the full palm of the Bounse + cushioning technology, which is characterized by the cushioning technology to highlight the rebound feedback, can provide an additional 27% of the energy rebound, for the start of the moment Will be out of the opponent's magic weapon. With superior resilience feedback, plus lightweight body weight, ride on the pitch, with the LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low, you will be more handy. Bounse + foot feeling is satisfactory, moderate soft and hard degree, suitable for daily combat needs.
Outstanding design
Speed ​​basketball shoes product grip requirements are also high standards, the following we will look at the LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low outsole design, with dense outsole is its biggest feature, which has three palm Groove design, this design can make shoes more fit the wearer's feet, in the running process is more flexible. Covered with full palm of the outer edge of the line makes this pair of LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low has a very excellent performance of the grip, the process of running through the outer edge of the road to the ground full feedback on the feet, feet fit shoes , Outsole fit the venue, all-round fit to bring enough to win the performance of the performance of the stadium.
Looking at this pair of Li-NING BB Lite Sonic Low, we opened the memory of the hedgehog Sonic, the littleman it is like the speed of the game on top of the players, shuttle on the pitch above, with great speed advantage dominate the basketball court. The front of the LI-NING BB Lite Sonic Low is your best combat partner. Lightweight design concept, high-quality breathable performance, excellent feedback cushioning technology, as well as the design of the outer outcrop lines, the new speed magic, decisive battle this summer basketball court, the protagonist belongs to it.

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