Friday, May 5, 2017

LI-NING Way of Wade 2

In the NBA has an unwritten rule, that is, when a team won three consecutive NBA championship, it can be called the dynasty, experienced last season's defending, Wade and his Miami team this season The goal is very simple, that is to take a championship, the establishment of their own dynasty, even if the road leading to the dynasty thorny, difficult, but Wade never afraid, day after day hard practice, let him become The most important part of the dynasty, and his shoes with the success of last year, after this year, the new Way of Wade 2, such as about to meet with us.
Way of Wade 2 uppers with a large area of ??leather material, which is rare in today's shoe market, excellent leather not only in the texture of the outstanding, in the comfort of wearing is also worthy of our praise, in the upper The Way of Wade 2 gave the author no small surprise, the appearance looks very generous Way of Wade 2 in the package so good, careful observation, in addition to the design of the boots outside, Way of Wade 2's upper It is very thick, especially in the ankle, thick sponge is not only comfortable, but also provide excellent package performance, breathable, the use of large area of ??leather material Way of Wade 2 performance quite satisfactory, toe at the vent hole design can be rapid The Way of Wade series of iconic W-type lace design is designed on both sides of the shoelace buckle, on the basis of the original, so that the shoes tied more secure and reliable, full of beauty.
Way of Wade 2 in the end with the Phylon material with forefoot Bounse rebound technology and the back palm Cushion cushioning technology, this match not only to ensure the excellent boot speed of the shoes, but also to the heel of the cushioning is satisfactory, in addition to In addition, followed by parcel IP injection EVA cushioning structure and mold insoles to join is to make this pair of Way of Wade 2 in the end of the performance to enhance a grade. In the actual evaluation, the author whether to fight rebounds, or accelerate the break, Way of Wade 2 can always maintain high performance, forefoot Bounse rebound technology excellent resilience allows you to accelerate confidence in the acceleration, and then palm Cushion cushioning technology and IP injection EVA cushioning structure can ensure that the wearer's heel to be excellent protection, 2 hours after the end of the evaluation, the author's foot and no pain phenomenon, Way of Wade 2 in the end performance Worthy of our trust.
Before we mentioned, Way of Wade 2's upper with a large area of ??leather material, thick stuffing and boots can make your feet feel more comfortable at the same time, the same excellent protection, and in the end, the carbon fiber board Of the area is very impressive, extended to the front of the design can provide more excellent support and rebound function, and exposed part of the TPU protective shell in the protection of carbon fiber board at the same time, but also in the shoes on the bottom of the formation of a double protection, The actual wear, the large area of ??the carbon fiber board so that the anti-twisting force of the shoes outstanding, especially when the breakthrough, the strong torsion can help you in the pedal when the force is more rapid.
Way Out of Wade 2 in addition to the meaning of the text in addition to the actual performance is also commendable, first of all, the unique strip lines according to the actual exercise in the foot of the design, you can turn, break and other actions more fluid, And the front palm of the round Wade Logo is in the start to provide a strong friction, which can also be seen as the power of the whole pair of shoes source, and the texture of soft rubber material, the author here or recommend to the indoor or Is a plastic ground wearing.
Way of Wade 2 With the comfortable wearing experience and strong combat performance, has become the establishment of Wade on the road the most important helper, coupled with rich and very meaningful details, Way of Wade 2 will become the classic in our hearts , Whether Way of Wade 2 can reign, let us wait and see.

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