Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mizuno Frontier 8

Play a major professional running shoes
Mizuno brand since its inception in 1906, has gone through more than a hundred years, in the development of professional running shoes occupy a pivotal position. This year Mizuno launched a new professional anti-shock running shoes Frontier 8, the use of the core of the brand WAVE technology blessing, to provide superior shock experience, and in the traditional appearance of running shoes into a stronger sense of science and technology. In October the domestic friends will usher in the Beijing International Marathon, and in early November is the Shanghai Marathon, let us in the name of the marathon to test this new Frontier 8.
Adapt to common Asian foot type
Mizuno as an Asian brand, has long been the Asians as the main target groups, so the whole shoe last design is more suitable for the common Asian foot type. The palm of your hand is relatively wide, the arch is not very high, foot space is also more abundant, easy to wear for the first time to adapt. After the simple foot, you can immediately feel the end of the elastic, especially the posterior palm of the WAVE structure deformation is obvious, moving around the rebound is particularly prominent. But tighten the shoelaces, the upper sense of parcel in general, still have room for activity.
Main technology to ensure that wearing experience
Mizuno Frontier 8 of the upper is still using the brand's main DynamotionFit structure, multi-level fabric upper texture fluffy soft, in the exercise can effectively relieve the pressure on the foot when running the foot. The upper part of the filler is not a lot of wrapped feeling flat, but with the end of the package TPU material, you can still provide a more stable wearing experience. In the actual test, the upper breathability is indeed very solid, after a long time wearing a foot no fatigue, while the heel parts in the movement did not appear "swing" and other dangerous, and the overall sense of the upper is very high.
Lightweight tide under the tectonic structure
In the trend of lightweight shoes, Mizuno Frontier 8 can not be free, the standard number of orders under only a single 290 grams, the weight of the handle quite in place. In order to reduce the weight, Mizuno in the end of the building to do a lot of effort, forefoot using U4ic technology, the quality of the material than in the past 30% lighter. After the palm of the WAVE technology has a large area of ​​hollow, both to provide a deformation of the space, but also to reduce the weight made a further contribution. In the process of running the road, the forefoot of the U4ic material flexibility and not to mention excellent, but the toughness is very strong, after the palm of the WAVE structure flexibility superior, long after wearing did not feel tired, has been maintained in the movement is very impressive The sense of rebound.
Practical outsole lines effectively maintain stability
Outside the end of the lines at first glance will be more single, forefoot block of rubber particles partition is not very obvious, after the palm is simply divided into two parts, not using a special pattern. But in fact the outsole integration of two very core technology, first of all SmoothRide technology, it can be intense in the gait to adjust the range to a minimum, on the one hand can save energy, on the one hand can keep the soles and the ground smooth Smooth. Followed by X10 carbon rubber, this outsole formula wear resistance comparable to the tire, effectively extending the life of Mizuno Frontier 8.
Cost-effective high-shock boots
In general, Mizuno Frontier 8 is not the top product of the brand, but the performance gap will never have a large price gap, in the whole test always provides a smooth wearing experience, if you happen to be a The relatively large weight of the runners, this shoe will appear particularly suitable, taking into account the increasingly close to the marathon, I believe Mizuno Frontier 8 will think of a trusted partner.

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