Saturday, April 22, 2017

adidas ch rocket boost

Winter and then upgrade
In the hot all year of the addas ultra boost debut, rocket boost is a large volume boost technology experimental field, and were launched in winter and summer version, also made good results. This is our evaluation of the protagonist adidas ch rocket boost, is the last year's winter version of the upgrade section, a winter weather and urban exercise needs to run the running shoes, after all, it is in this particular positioning which performance, we will be in the following shallow Analysis.
From the appearance point of view, the difference between the generation and the generation of obvious, it abandoned the reflective hot posts and material uppers, and heel shoes will be higher, but the overall lines still maintain a streamlined, in the end of the huge boost technology Exceptionally fried. The first feeling after the foot is very soft, which is undoubtedly the end of the credit, in addition to the upper is also very soft, lined with a piece of material, and has a good ductility, so that this shoe can adapt to more Foot type.
Adidas ch rocket boost which "ch" on behalf of Climaheat concept, but also applied to the core concept of the upper. The upper with a waterproof material to create a special weave to make the upper has a good toughness, lining is used hollow lint fabric, feet feel very comfortable and warm. In the actual movement of the process, you can obviously feel the dough is very thick, but also really warm, but the lack of support for the upper, and heel position is also more soft, so that the legs in the process of jogging around.
In the end and do not have to say, boost the foot feeling a lot of people have experienced, and the middle of this should be used in the previous generation, foot feeling and no change. It is worth mentioning that the adidas ch rocket boost is not specifically designed insole, but the insoles and lined together, directly cover the bottom, so touch the feet feel very direct. During the movement, the front shell boost material is relatively thin, the effect can only be said to be quite satisfactory, and then the palm of the thick cushioning material is impressive, each step has obvious feedback.
In order to make boost technology to maximize the effectiveness of the outsole is designed into a large area of ​​hollow form, the advantages and disadvantages of this design are very obvious. On the one hand through the hollow boost can achieve maximum deformation, enhance the foot feel, on the other hand it also makes the bottom of the direct exposure, vulnerable to trauma, and the outsole rubber is also easy to tear, it can be said that the requirements of the sports environment is very strict The Jogging test, the outsole of the hexagonal Qi pin grip is quite good, the whole movement down the degree of wear is also minimal, these two are quite satisfactory.
Winter is not the jogging season, but the major brands will not give up this position. Adidas ch rocket boost by their own unique positioning, it is not suitable for production distance jogging, I wear more than 5 km will feel the bow was exhausted, but for the general short-distance jogging, or outdoor training and warm-up, it is indeed A very good choice, especially the warm ability is impressive.

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