Monday, April 24, 2017

New Balance M980

Hit the middle running shoes
Last year, New Balance strongly recommended FRESH FOAM technology to many people left a deep impression, this debut is the new New Balance M980. FRESH FOAM technology flagship midrange market, light and comfortable features to other brands caused no small impact. The M980 in the continuation of the original design features, modeling more agile, in the end performance is also more suitable for sports.
Comfortable light winning
New Balance M980 feet after the first feeling is still light, the movement of the process is not a sense of weight, thick in the end is full of flexibility, easy to move among the feelings can be compared to those professional running shoes slightly " Solid "foot feeling, can be regarded as an advantage. Shoe last aspect M980 is more generous, there is no obvious arch, common foot type can be adapted to the basic, but the soft feet do not recommend a person who has a taper foot type try.
Fashion vamps
The upper is the New Balance M980 change the larger part, abandoned the original large area of ​​hexagonal mesh and scattered thermoplastic stickers, changed to more fashionable geometric pattern lines and neat hot fit line , Shape more fluid. In the actual test, M980 wrapped feel quite good, the upper elasticity and parcel are more moderate, the movement of the foot there is no shaking the situation, tighten the shoelaces do not feel suffocated.
Elasticity runs through the midsole
In the end of science and technology directly determine the foot feeling, is a most important part of running shoes, New Balance M980 is no exception. FRESH FOAM technology gives the shoes a soft foot feeling, but in the actual running process, it's feet feel too soft, although the movement is comfortable but support slightly worse. M980 uses a full-chip in the end of the structure, FRESH FOAM technology through, so that the foot can be done before and after the unity.
Exclusive honeycomb outsole
Outsole is almost no change compared to the former, New Balance M980 outsole with a unique hexagonal lines, and according to the outsole of the area is divided into different sizes of particles. In the actual use of the process, M980 outsole is very flexible, offset by the midsole brought about by the lack of. Grip M980 can also be a good job, but this single pattern is not too complicated road conditions, it is recommended in the flat asphalt or plastic runway use.
Suitable for jogging training
The new test down, New Balance M980 performance is satisfactory, especially in the comfort of the sport is particularly satisfactory, New Balance century design is indeed no doubt. But frankly, the M980 uses a narrow range of jogging and in-house training for short distances, and the performance of the M980 is slightly thinner for runners who pursue professional sports experiences and high-intensity games.

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