Friday, April 7, 2017

Jordan Super Fly Low

Jordan Super Fly Low ---- low-altitude take-off fire winning
To continue the light and breathable, in the trend of lightweight, we today's protagonist Jordan Super Fly Low came into being, with the former bedding, but also has its subtle changes. So our today's evaluation began with its change, the low version of the Jordan Super Fly look and did not appear in the appearance of too much change, should be reduced by the height of the upper. Will Jordan Super Fly excellent temperament perfect reproduction. The Jordan Brand not only in the upper height of the article, for the upper material and the bottom of the configuration have changed. Presumably the source of change must be carefully studied by the designer, and such changes will bring what kind of feelings, we will wait and see.
The Jordan Super Fly Low seems to be an old friend who has not seen it for a long time. Surprise in its body fully embodies, we can see the leather upper just right "return". In this modern society filled with plastic shoes, the appearance of the cortex will often give you a surprise. Jordan Super Fly Low's upper on the basis of the original "shy" to join a circle of patent leather material, material selection on the ease for the Jordan Super Fly Low brought more affinity. After the foot, the continuation of the traditional sense of parcel is still strong. Compared to the previous experience in the parcel is not too much, this is the cortex after the addition of the ups brought by Xiao, Xiaobian in the outdoor rubber field full of Jordan Super Fly Low full of the outstanding performance, fit the feet of the package Feeling, it is the primary guarantee of decisive success.
We can find the front of the Jordan Super Fly Low in the tongue mesh surface has a large ventilation hole, with the shoe body Hyperfuse upper technology use, double guarantee under the Jordan Super Fly Low brought the absolute competence of the stadium capacity. Summer temperatures rise, the field of basketball has become more "hard" feet within the sleeves need a refreshing environment to ease the negative pressure. After nearly two hours of field measurements, Jordan Super Fly Low breathable performance is high quality. The tongue hole large hole breathable mesh with the upper Hyperfuse material in the tighten the shoelaces, the delivery to the foot of the comfort is quite high. More tall and straight tongue to the summer in the Jordan Super Fly Low unique Reiki.
Will focus on the core of the Jordan Super Fly Low, midsole cushioning technology, Lunarlon continuation of the traditional in which, with a wealth of flexible claims should be arranged in the Jordan Super Fly Low forefoot. The use of basketball shoes with the Lunarlon and not running shoes as soft, the intensity of excess basketball and the movement of the movement characteristics, forefoot Lunarlon enough to play the important task for the wearer escort. Jordan Super Fly Low in the end of the focus on its back palm, in the selection of technology is different from the previous generation of products, but in which the use of Air Sole cushion.
Upper to reduce the height, flexibility doubled, so that low to help the shoes will naturally lead the star in this summer basketball war, the actual stadium on top, Jordan Super Fly Low to Xiaobian is a solid and robust wearing feelings. Feet within the shoes and then its "tight" package under. After two hours of actual combat, the texture is still excellent. This is a pair of modern products, still undeniable that it is with this era of plastic shoes, with a lot of intimacy. But which solid and solid reflected by the official Jordan Brand brand inherent strength. Not exaggerated inaccurate art, to bring you a pair of steady and steady combat to share, summer court it will make your best comrades in arms.
Throughout the front of the Jordan Super Fly Low, and then design ideas on the continuation of the style, the appearance of little change, and in the details of the carefully crafted to bring exciting surprises. Powerful parcels, high-quality breathable performance. The emergence of transformation of the cushioning technology, before and after the match, each to complete their own mission. Steady and solid wearing feelings, absolutely competent ability to cushion. Powerful performance makes this double Jordan Super Fly Low can not be ignored, reduce the upper, is reflected in the flexibility of a substantial increase in the summer to reduce the shackles of all aspects of the liberation of the feet, Belong to your basketball airspace.

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